Reviews for Twisted Fate
Veronica The Mischievous chapter 3 . 5/9/2006
VTM: Dude...for the love of everything warm and fuzzy...(pulls out mega-phone Yells into it) UPDATE ALREADY! XD ROCK ON!
Nokturnal Augury chapter 3 . 4/4/2006
Even if I don't know the characters, I enjoyed these :)
Terra89 chapter 3 . 1/20/2006
i love pyro slayn

hm update soon
Droiture LeReve chapter 2 . 1/17/2006
Okay, not that you aren't an awesome writer and all, but there are two problems wrong with your story:

1) Slayn isn't this emotinial or talkative. He hardly ever says a word in the game , and

2) Slayn isn't a pyro. Trust me, I know pyromaniacs, being one myself, and Slayn just isn't one.

Veronica The Mischievous chapter 2 . 10/25/2005
VTM: XD Yay! Nice update! Hugh gets stuck with Slayn, nice work! Oh, and I loved the funny disclaimer...Keep up the great work! Rock on! XD
Vin-the-Mazoku chapter 1 . 10/1/2005
Mwahahahaha Rump roast...

cant wait to read more, update soon!
Veronica The Mischievous chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
VTM: Whee! I story dedicated to me! I special... I love it! XD I'm laughing at the Slayn burning down houses! XD And spaztic Yayoi! Hugh all the way! _ Rock on and update soon! Whoo! _~
Dark drow chapter 1 . 9/29/2005
XD lol great story so far please continue when ever you can because trust me its worth the wait