Reviews for Dumbledore was pretty firm with him
tall oaks chapter 3 . 11/4/2017
Gosh, I am sorry that there was never more written to this story. I was browsing though friends favorite and saw your story. Very nicely thought through.
riverrat chapter 3 . 5/15/2012
Another great story! Poor Sev. Everybody is just using him and he knows it. He is even calling himself a tool. What a pathetic way to exist...
Delaine chapter 1 . 6/30/2007
This fic was awesome, and Snape calling Albus, master and begging not to be punished was chilling. I loved how Albus left it up to him in the end. This story seems a very realistic take on their relationship. Nice work.
Prieda Solo chapter 3 . 2/28/2007
probably the best look into hagrids thoughts i've ever seen.

and thank you, thank you so much for sticking with the ideas and words and not attempting the accent. you've managed it beautifully.
Prieda Solo chapter 2 . 2/28/2007
This is brillient. Really really brillient.

Amazing, my ghod you have snapes character so well, and his interaction with dumbledore and I feel so sorry for him.

I think that is what i like best about your stories. snape is clearly a complete git but i can still feel so so sorry for him.
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
''Harry is both king and queen, both the most powerful and the most vulnerable piece''

that is so true. Wonderful metaphor.

“When the shit hits the fan, they send for the sons-of-bitches,”

You are so good at this. You just use completely appropiate phrases all the time.

''moral development of a six year old and the emotional development of a sixteen year old '' dammit you've done it again! If I quote all the perfect phrases in this i'll end up copy/pasting the whole thing.
Mariag Brie chapter 3 . 2/2/2007
The poor Snape...would he have a happy moment some day in his pathetic life? Dumbledore's comparison between Harry and Snape was really hard, but true. Can't blame Dumbledore, he's wizard with a good heart not Jesus Christ.

But the top of the ice cream is the end, Snape's knelt down in front of Dumbledore really touched me.

Derannimer chapter 3 . 7/13/2006
After my glowing enthusiasm - at least, I hope it comes off as glowing enthusiasm, 'cause that's what it is - over the first two chapters, I have to crit this one a bit. I suppose my main problem with it is just that I feel the first two are perfect in themselves. Of course, I know you always have a three-part structure, and since Hagrid actually *was* a bystander in this scene it makes perfect sense to include him... but still, I just always feel like this one's an after-thought. Normally the three parts are better balanced. I'm also not crazy about the magical creatures comparisons; that just seems slightly forced.

Having said that, though: you seem to understand Hagrid's character as well as you do everyone else's, he's wonderfully IC. His humility, and his optimism, and his trust in Dumbledore, and his surprising perception. I love that he's not mad at Tom for exposing him, and that he considers "things couldn’t have turned out better." It's such a complete contrast to Snape's bitterness. (Hagrid's such a sweetheart it's a surprise - a delightful one - when he calls Umbridge "the horrible bitch." Heh. Yes, so she is.) So Hagrid is very well-done, and after we've been stewing in Snape's poisonous thoughts he's a nice character foil... but I still feel this story could probably have stood alone with the first two parts.

But oh well. The first two chapters are so magnificent I hardly care.
Derannimer chapter 2 . 7/13/2006
This is also perfect; it's so different from the first chapter, in that Dumbledore can look at the entire situation and see it clearly, and Snape's just so trapped in his own head, in his own rage and panic, that he can hardly see *anything.* In the first chapter, we see Snape's situation from the outside, and here we see it from the inside. This is in some ways a nice corrective - a reminder that while yes, Snape is certainly loyal and tragic and (in his way) noble, he is also an emotional and spiritual disaster area. (I mentioned in my review of "Snape never eats here" that he hadn't hit bottom yet. Well, he's getting there.) The poor thing. He's positively radioactive.
Derannimer chapter 1 . 7/13/2006
I cannot review this chapter, because it is perfect. I don't think there's a better chapter in all of your fics. So I can't find anything *specific* to praise; if I tried to enumerate the things I love about it, I would just cut-and-paste the entire chapter in this space. Dumbledore's perfect, Snape's perfect, the scenario's perfect, your understanding of "the game" as it now stands is perfect... if I ever forget why I've been in love with Snape's character for the past (yikes) five years, I will just reread this.

Oh, but, having said that: let me just mention the two quotes which have always stood out to me: "Severus has the moral development of a six year old and the emotional development of a sixteen year old... but he is as loyal as a phoenix." And even more, this: "Though if he were to be honest – more honest than he cares to be – he pities Severus, he cares for him, his heart aches for the poor damaged creature and the ruin he’s made of his life – but Harry he loves, truly loves, how can he not love such a magnificent unspoiled person?" That distinction breaks my heart, and yet I cannot disagree with it.

One other thing: "Severus knows what he will have to do, commit crime after crime in the service of the Dark Lord until it’s over, until the prophecy is fulfilled." He must sell his soul to save it. At least, that's how I privately describe Snape's position to myself, and this line - this whole chapter, really - resonates with that near-impossible dilemma.

I love this. Thank you.
Catmint chapter 3 . 5/29/2006
"my heart tells me he will have some further part to play, for good or ill, before it is over" - been watching/reading Lord of the Rings?

I like the way Hagrid compares Snape to different creatures - it really highlights his affinity for them and how he prefers them to people, and it's excellent imagery.

The Dumbledore and Severus chapters had me in tears. My entire being ached with pain for Severus. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes - you've captured Severus so, so well in those 2 chapters. This is fantastic fantastic writing. my only complaint is that you put a 't' in"leching" and there isn't one - a pretty minor quibble, really!
Jobey in Error chapter 3 . 5/17/2006
So do you have a difficult time with Hagrid? This chapter was shorter than usual.

I liked everything EXCEPT what everyone else liked - him comparing Snape to various magical creatures. It made Hagrid sound entirely too childish. "Professor Snape is something like a unicorn, ‘cause he prefers women and girls to men and boys." Please oh please.

I much preferred various references to other HBP things, and, of course, "But they don’t see Snape with Dumbledore in staff meetings, when he can’t hide how much he likes it when the Headmaster comes in and stands behind his chair and puts his hand on his shoulder, yep, Snape gives McGonagall a look that means, plain as day, you’re the Deputy Headmistress but I’m his favourite."
Jobey in Error chapter 2 . 5/17/2006
Right. Favouritest thing about this chapter, this whole fic, and perhaps all of your fics I've read so far (I think there's only on or two I haven't read) is the paragraph where Snape applies his elegant expertise to musing on the Unforgiveables. Great stuff, that. "It's a siletto, not a club." And, of course, talking about his attraction to Avada Kedarva is excellent set up for future canon. That's the sort of intimacy with Wizarding stuff I wish I could imitate, but I'm horrible unimaginative.

"and sometimes he gets a bit snarky with him, it’s practically a game between them, he snarls and grumbles a bit, sometimes he even threatens to resign, and then he lets the Headmaster soothe him, calm him down, offer him one of his blasted sweets."

I think I've already raved enough over how you do this relationship, no?

I liked their conversation better the first chapter, with what Snape is yelling contrasted with what Dumbledore can tell he's thinking, which is quite an emotional blow, and spot-on for anyone in a tantrum.

And thanks for the spot of humor. "but if the Dark Lord gave you a job to do you bloody well did it and you didn’t bitch – well, you were careful about who you bitched to, anyway."
Jobey in Error chapter 1 . 5/17/2006
"his desire to be loved is only outweighed by his determination to be unlovable"

Well, there's nothing more to be said, now is there? Hell of a clincher. Amen.

I'm not sure I can handle the drama - fully suspend my disbelief, as is my duty as reader. I think I've mentioned that I don't hold with the "Dumbledore's man through and through" theory. And I've mentioned that I'm getting to be a prggish stickler about canon. Still, if there's ever a reason to abuse canon, it's for purposes of creating delightfully awful situations like this. The position you've forced them all into is very powerful. It's a playground any writer would want to play in.
Agrarrevolution chapter 3 . 4/16/2006
Well, that’s certainly one of my favourites in your series. Severus crossing the border to psychopathy, Albus contemplating Severus’ state of mind and Hagrid comparing him to all sorts of creatures (you do like to include Hagrid in your fics, don’t you? He isn’t the brightest lad, but there’s always a great truth in his musings). The part about Snape being like a Hippogriff for example shows a deep understanding of Snape’s personality by Hagrid and I enjoyed the notion that someone like Hagrid who likes to deal with animals other consider monsters also knows how to deal with a human monstrosity.

Then, there’s Albus who – I feel – is compared to Voldemort. Of course he does care about Snape and he has a noble goal (freeing the earth from some power-wrecked maniac and not taking the power over like Voldemort wants to), but he’s using Snape to achieve his aims, although he knows that he’s ruining his younger colleague and spy. Also, he doesn’t take precautions to prove to the Order that Snape will have killed him on his order.

Snape is the twisted and wrecked creature I’ve grown used to in your fics. The contrast between the normally controlled man and him loosing every ounce of control he possesses in this scene is rather striking. His confusion and angst about what Dumbledore is demanding from him illustrates clearly Dumbledore’s statemant that Snape’s judgement of good and evil is a little "shaky" (nice understatement, by the way), but to be fair to Snape his situation is extraordinary and difficult enough to confound anybody.

When reading your stories I often get the impression that you know the characters better than JKR does. You give them the depth I sometimes miss in canon and they’re always in character and I think I’ve got a better understanding of their characters, relationships and how they got to be what they are (not only Snape).
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