Reviews for Schitzophrenia
Computerfreak101 chapter 1 . 10/10/2005

Bakura: I didn't.

YAY! *hugs 'Kura* YOU'RE ALIVE!

Bakura: *choking* Breathe...can't breathe...

Oh, sorry! Lil' too short, but still good, very good.

I can be your co-writer. I admit I've never done it before, and I doubt my over-portective paretns would let me give out my e-mail adress. *pouts* But I could give you ideas via lots of anonymous reviews so I can keep sending them, and I can always send the occasional GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WORK! review when needed. And if I see any spelling/grammer mistakes when you post, I can tell you via (you guessed it, review) and you can change it. I'd love working with you, so if you can excuse the no e-mail giving policy Kelpy, and don't mind conducting buissness through reviews like we've been doing, I'd love to be your co-writer for this.