Reviews for Oil and Water and Other Things That Don't Mix
bec chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
It was great! Gonna read the sequel now. Love when team does "normal " things and trouble finds them, especially Daniel.
pstibbons chapter 1 . 5/19/2009
best lines:

“You’re certified in SCUBA?” Jack asked incredulously.

Black is really your color.”

“I thought so.” The colonel straightened his posture as he smirked and brushed some sand from his baggy black swim trunks.

“It makes such a drastic contrast to the top of your head,”

The archaeologist smiled serenely. “I’ve heard that. I prefer my choice.” Here he gestured to the blue trunks he wore. “I was told by an old girlfriend that they bring out the color of my eyes.” His smile turned wicked. “We didn’t talk very much for a long time after that announcement.”

“You’re such a dog, Daniel,” Jack replied after a brief, surprised silence, recovering faster than Sam.

Misty’s grey-green eyes widened as she took in the Jaffa’s form. It was obvious she’d just found her favorite of the bunch. “For you, anything,” she enthused then turned her attention to Jack. “And you, sir?”

These signals weren’t nearly as easy as the ones they used in the field. Of course, “don’t let Daniel drink that drink” was a lot harder concept to get across than “two guards around the corner to your left”.

“Hi, fishies!”

“when I said he was as high as a kite, I didn’t think it was literally.”

Not that I wouldn’t like spending time that way with you, because you’re a beautiful woman and everything, but we’re friends so I wouldn’t and I try not to think of you that way since I don’t want to be uncomfortable and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so don’t worry I’m usually really successful at not thinking about you that way and I feel really guilty when I do because I know you don’t think of me that way and I’m still not quite over Sha’re but I think she liked you when she met you on Abydos and I think she just would have liked you more had she gotten a chance to know you better like I do and I don’t think she’d have a problem with me moving on now that she’s gone and, and, and... well, you know.”

Sam herself had shoved away thoughts like that about Daniel after Sha’re had planted that incredibly possessive kiss on him after the physicist had been introduced to the scientist she’d only read about previously.
Dreamer22 chapter 1 . 5/16/2006
tehe I love it, very well done, I was actually reading it on your site and felt the need to review. I love Daniel on the drink and all the laughing, fantastic
OffTheGrass chapter 1 . 9/25/2005
This was a cute remake on Bill Engvall's routine. Will there be more?