Reviews for Over the Hills and Far Away
Sarah Riddle Potter chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
Wow! Awesome update. Can't wait for the next one.
Freeloaderz chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
hm, nice story and i would really look forward to seeing what happens after this, but just wondering are you follwing some of the events in the real naruto verse, cos if you are, obito is suppose to be dead, in case you forgot, as thats where kakashi got his sharingan from.
BunnyNinjaEmoPerson chapter 2 . 10/30/2005
um a small mistake... Mt. Hiei... Hiei means mountain
BunnyNinjaEmoPErson chapter 1 . 10/30/2005
why hello. i like the idea, its kinda cool. anyways here is one of my idears. That harry's scar is a Horocrux.
Ran Hoshino chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
This was great. Another excellent new chapter that displayed more character insight and development. Although one must now ask, will Harry's loyalty remian with the wand wavers or with the infant who's care he has been entrusted with?
Coffee and Twinkies chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
okay now, when you mentioned The umino's, that would be iruka's parents right? u think harry might take in iruka to replace his mom? or is naruto going to learn about magic? update soon!
loz chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
nice...wonder if harry's going to adopt naruto or something like that.
Tsurai Shi chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
*insert long whistle* I'm impressed! This fic is really great. And ORIGINAL! I look forward to the next chapter. Please update soon!
FireAngel8723 chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
*cheers* Yay! Naruto! I'm interested in seeing how you handle the Nine-tails fox demon.

Once again, this was a great chapter. Update soon!

anti-thule chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
japanese-jew chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
so... this is an AU... (for naruto) . . . (I thought you might do some kind of mass-obliviate like in HP6) so... how is the village of sound created in the naruto-verse?
korrd chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
Great fic. Does this mean that Harry will be raising Naruto like a son? If so how far off from the storyline will it be? I mean will they constantly travel until Naruto takes the Genin exam or something? Update soon.
Arkeus chapter 8 . 10/30/2005
very good. now i just hope that you aren't going to have orochimaru possessing harry, and then naruto swearing vengence, that would be a bit too bovious, and damn angsty too Y_y

Good work, continue like this please :-)

liked the hermione bit, at least it's not character bashing like i thought it may get. too bad she doesn't get to be a ninja.
CrimsonReality chapter 7 . 10/29/2005
Candidus-Lupus-Full-Moon chapter 7 . 10/28/2005
good chapter i did ceach the mase huges refrance

the picture gave me the clue
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