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katierobin23 chapter 23 . 3/19/2006
uh oh, Steph is starting to act like a pregnant woman! hehe

I liked how you switched back and forth and didn't concentrate on one couple for the whole chapter.

good chapter! cant wait for more (Of this and "The Beginning" and "The Princess and The Duke") You have so much talent and I think your stories are great!

DCFanatic4life chapter 23 . 3/18/2006
It wasn't confusing, don't worry. Of course, you just love to make me all nervous. Stephanie eating a ton of food? Red flag right there. Methinks that someone has a little something inside of them. It also seems like Chris and Stephanie and H and Trish are just on collision courses to each other. H already suspects she's with someone named Chris (and how dense does he have to be to not realize that it's 100 percent Chris Jericho), and he seems to know that his marriage is over. Trish wants H just as bad, and I feel like when they both know that's the truth, H is going to drop Stephanie, and not a moment too soon.

As for Chris and Stephanie, there were so many things in their conversation that made me worry and set off little bells in my head. First off, how sad is Chris when he was asking her not to say H's name? That was like so bittersweet, Chris doesn't even want to hear about that. So sad. Then Stephanie said that "if everything works out" that Chris would be able to tell the world about them. Now this seemed weird because what has to work out? I'm suspecting that Stephanie has some sort of plan (my theory goes that maybe, maybe she is trying to get pregnant to give her an excuse to leave her marriage and not feel like a total failure, instead she has an out that would give her a viable excuse to leave her marriage rather than actually fail her marriage). Then she goes on to say that they'll find out someday, which again, makes me suspect the above theory, but then there's always the chance she's pregnant and she tries to pass it off as H's, which is SUCH a scary prospect (I still don't know if she and H used protection, BUT even if they did, and she does get pregnant it would be REALLY easy for Stephanie to tell Chris that it could be H's because they didn't use protection, whether or not they did not being a factor, and then she's just using Chris to keep H, which would absolutely devastate Chris in the story and me in real life lol).

So many directions it could go and I want to hope that things work out for Chris and Steph, and to a much, much smaller extent H and Trish. But then I have this gut feeling that Stephanie could be using Chris in all of this, which would suck so bad, but given your track record of liking Chris and Stephanie together, I'm hoping that means that it'll all end well. But then I read the part where she wants to take it slow and my brain is like thinking that she's saying that because she knows that she isn't going to have Chris for much longer, but then it could be that she's just in love with him and wants that intimacy. Man, could I love this story any more than I already do? Lol, I don't think I can, awesome job though, you're definitely keeping my interested, and I certainly can't wait for more. :)
ECW1NightStand chapter 23 . 3/18/2006
Nope, didn't confuse me. You really should update this one more I love this story. Steph is...ah love her! She's one of the top two best acting divas in the WWE and she deserves an Oscar.

Anyways, story! You're good, I admit it lol And this story is fantastic. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next chapter
alia chapter 22 . 3/13/2006
i really liked it. they seem really good together.
sarahblue23 chapter 22 . 3/12/2006
Another great story. I'm addicted to reading your stories.
katierobin23 chapter 22 . 3/10/2006
I liked this chapter! I hope Steph and Paul get a divorce so she can be with Chris!

Y2Jen chapter 22 . 3/10/2006
that's what I don't like about writing stories sometimes... they can go one of many ways you know, lol. but I like this I was scared the whole time reading the second half that Triple H was gonna come down and see them
KeeKeeBaby chapter 22 . 3/10/2006
wow, i really like this story!
Nina chapter 22 . 3/10/2006
I was reading this again, and I noticed something that I had to mention. When Chris says that she should just get a divorce, Stephanie says that she can't, that it isn't an option, and she says, "I'm... I can't consider that right now." It's the "I'm..." part that got to me. I wonder what she was going to say, I'm kind of nervous now lol.
DCFanatic4life chapter 22 . 3/9/2006
You know, I keep saying that every chapter is the best chapter, and I think, "Well there's no way it can get better," and then you go and make a better chapter. This is by far, unequivocally, totally and completely the BEST chapter yet, and I have no fear that all the following chapters will be just as good. This story is just amazing, the feelings between them and the progression of their relationship is just top-notch. Everything about it is perfect, and I loved this chapter so much because it had everything, it had the angst and it had love, and it was amazing.

Chris and Stephanie are just the best in this story. They love each other and they said it and it's awesome. I know that she thinks it's complicated, but it isn't. Chris was right in that she should just get a divorce and be done with it. I'm sure Hunter would actually be relieved if she were to divorce him. He's probably already suspicious. PLUS, they're having unprotected sex AGAIN, and what that means, I'm still a little wary, but if Stephanie were to get pregnant, she would HAVE to break it off with Hunter, have to. Great, fantastic chapter, and I cannot wait for more because I freaking love this story! LOL :)
Y2Jen chapter 21 . 2/27/2006
OH NO, she slipped up.

...can't wait for more in Princes & Duke
DCFanatic4life chapter 21 . 2/26/2006
OMG, you do NOT spring a chapter like that on an unsuspecting person! I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. That chapter had so many emotions going on at once it was scary. You had me all happy, then all scared, then happy again, then scared, and then happy, and then scared again! Crazy, crazy stuff going on in this chapter.

In the beginning, I was sort of feeling bad for Trish, surprises all around. Then Chris's little fantasy was all sweet, and then he went in there, and I was totally happy that she understood and was going to let him go. That was all good. Then you had Chris realizing she was crying and upset, and I swear to God, I thought he was going to buckle and not break up with her and stay with her because he felt bad for her. And I was like, "NO!" because he belongs with Stephanie and only Stephanie. But thankfully he was just there as a friend. But then he IMed Stephanie, and her reaction was worrisome because she seemed all upset, and I was afraid that Chris is going to ruin what he has with Stephanie.

And then Stephanie is jumping to conclusions about what is going on with Chris and Trish (although if you can clear this up, it'd be great, did Stephanie get the last part where Chris said he had good news or had she already signed off? I was wondering because I know that sometimes you sign off after someone says something, but you still don't get the message). She thought they were sleeping together, and I knew that was going to call Hunter, and then I started getting scared again because calling Hunter can bring nothing good.

Then I got all relieved when she said she didn't want to have sex with him, but just wanted to sleep with him. I still don't like the idea of that, especially after Hunter dumped Trish earlier. Hunter's an idiot, he loves Trish, she FINALLY admits she loves him and he runs away even though he loves her. You're an idiot Hunter, a really big idiot. So now I'm afraid of two scenarios: 1. Chris ends up getting away from Trish earlier and heads on over to Stephanie's only to find that Hunter is there, in his boxers, and think the worst or 2. Hunter tells Stephanie that he really wants to work on his marriage and she accepts because she's so desperately clinging to this idea of the perfect marriage, and that's scary because where does that leave Chris. Overall, my stomach is dropping because I have a feeling, either way, Chris is going to jump to the wrong conclusion about what is happening in that suite. Please, PLEASE prove me wrong.

Of course we have that ending where she says she loves Chris, which made me happy because she loves him and technically, she said it first, even if he isn't there. I only hope that Hunter DID hear it clearly enough that he realizes Stephanie is over him and he finally just leaves her for good and gets with Trish or something. Yet, nothing is that easy, so I'm expecting turmoil and I can't wait for it. I just have this strange feeling that Chris is going to find out about Hunter and Stephanie and jump to the wrong conclusion. I'll be waiting anxiously for the next update. :)
katierobin23 chapter 21 . 2/26/2006
HAHA! that was great, steph calling hunter chris! hehe! I KINDA feel bad for trish...almost! lol. chris is such a sweet guy!

good chapter

Kaitlin chapter 20 . 2/23/2006
Hey, I just found your story. I had alot of spare time so I got through all of what you have so far and I must say that its excellent. I love the plot and the characters and how even Hunter and Trish are the evil ones that they still have feelings to. Whatever you do in the next chapters to come I dont really think this story can be screwed up, you've done it so perfectly. Not to mention the fact that Im a smoochy dreamer too! Good luck with the rest of this story,and I hope you update it soon.
xxxk chapter 20 . 2/21/2006
Fantastic chapter , they're so cute and I wonder if shes pregnant, update really soon!
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