Reviews for Trust and Betrayal Haiku
Warg chapter 1 . 6/18/2006
These are AWESOME..

Each deserves a separate review methinks :D

1.. the images that come to mind from this are strong and touching.. "He will now learn swords" need i say more..

2.. once more the ending is perfect.. powerful and evocative. But "helepd" dosen seem the best choice of.. eh hehe i'm no poet so i'll shut it.. :)

3.. "He will kill for new era".. says it all.. scar arises?.. slightly conlicting but good all the same..


5.. For the sake of not being repetpitive.. wow! "Even a sad child can kill" touching..

6.. This is another wonderful one with a stunning ending.. strong!

7.. Ah.. this is.. umm.. i actually thought Tomoe did not start to "find solace" till she reached Otsu wher she didn't have to align Kenshin and Battousai evrynight.. so a little chrono discord in my opinion.. also "town"? .. but a nice haiku all the same..

8.. Beutiful.. simple and sweet

9.. U can hear the ominous music in the background.. u can see the "brother".. great piece..

10. Oh.. well.. umm.. this one does not do complete justice methinks _

11. Perfect.. what a note to end.. the entire haiku is punchy and charged, GREAT!

WOW! Trust and Betrayal in vivid flashes, this was interesting and very very well-wrought.. And an original .. AWESOME(yeah yeah.. i kno) read.. thanx for this :)
MabuiMiyoko chapter 1 . 11/25/2005
i don't think it's stupid i'm actually quite amazed that u were able to put his 'old' revolution life into a bunch of haikus...

there is something i would like to point out.

:Student leaves teacher:

if u put "deshi leaves sensai" it'll still be a 5 syllable line and include more japanese in it...

also another thing i wanna point out is "Realization" as one line, well... it's only 4 syllables...

hope i didn't offend u, but i do like these haikus quite a bit. ;; just want them to be the best they can be.
ronshaberry chapter 1 . 10/5/2005
Aw, this is so sweet!

This makes me want to do a one-shot on Tomoe being... his... you know... um...

Shoot, I need to go watch the OVA again. I can't remember that- that~!
SiriusFan13 chapter 1 . 9/25/2005
Oh... I like it. I'm glad you decided to post these, and I like the way you did it, with the set of haiku creating the complete story from the OVA... which is unique and different from my own haiku... which are each individual. Good idea and good job:)

Sirius (who wants to fix her computer so she can check out the manga and pick a page!)
lolo popoki chapter 1 . 9/22/2005
Child molestation? (*looks confused*) I don't understand where anyone would get that idea here...

Anyway, I'm glad to see you finally posted your haiku :) I think you did a really good job on these.
MysticFirefly chapter 1 . 9/21/2005
Hey, these were totally original. SiriusFan13 connects her setences as opposed to writing seperate lines each time. Really nice job. I like.