Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: The Invasion of the Rajita
Ford1114 chapter 28 . 4/22/2015
This is it, the final chapter of Invasion of the Rajita, what a ride it has been. Ten years have passed since this fanfic is uploaded. Yami Houou is your favorite battle since forever, well since Dawn of Chaos is finish and with future stories in stored, your favorites have change. On to the story of what lies ahead in the road.

The real Houou feels apologetic for her actions, even though it last consequences in this season. Ah, Suzaku has know the Houou well and shown to be lovers. Thank god that those that are killed are being revived and the landscape repaired. The Sovereign are free from the Rajita’s control.

Indeed, humans are the most flawed creatures on Earth as the Houou reminds us, this concept will be explored much further by the time Defiants comes. I remember, Morrigana is the one who made the Beast Cards in the first place. After that, Rei is finally brought back to life. The damage is still done for Takato…

It’s back to normal for the Duelists, and Morpheous decides to join the good guys. Joey shapes himself anew with his girlfriend while Yugi/Atem reclaims the God Cards. Only the Ceremonial Battle is left for the Pharaoh’s spirit to rest in piece, and we remember the legendary duel well, Yugi defeating the God Cards in just one turn proves that the world is free and don’t rely much of ancient magic and move on for the next generation to flourish.

The Digidestined resume their lives with Kotori returning back to the afterlife, but she will return definitely. Takato and Rei have their moment, much to Uranus and Neptune remain distrustful.

Hahaha, BlackGuilmon is piss that the God Cards are missing. Choking SkullSatamon reminds me of the Simpsons. Then Madoudramon appears and things are taking an interesting turn for Demon’s group.

Meanwhile, the rise of the Neo-Rajita shows that there will be hybrids of the Rajita/Digimon and the birth of the successor. Oh dear, the shrieks is a bad sign to come.

Oh yes, this is the same prophet who observes the events in his cavern. But that scene is in the original timeline as of this year. For the main timeline, he is tag along with a certain dark senshi.

December comes, to which 2003 shows the release of LOTR: Return of the King, and we remember back it was a great movie to end the trilogy and won a lot of oscar awards. It is that moment for the audience to remember.
The same goes for our heroes. Glad that Atem enjoys the holidays before venturing to the afterlife. Nice Abridged reference you put for Seto and Lyn. Glad that Gallantmon becomes a Royal Knight, but not before Takato throws away the Suzaku card to the pond (at least until a few stories later). We also learn about Sedna and Ryo for the dimensions throughout the multiverse, which a few years later, you and Chaos made Across Dimensions to begin its foundation of crossovers. They are entering the year 2004.

It ends with the white goddess and the Ora Guardians. The mention of Millenniummon and Chaos. And the fact with the Digimon Villains and Rajita are making a comeback by the time Dawn of Chaos rolls. This leaves the impression as the story ends.

Top Male Characters: Takato, Kaiba, Yugi, Joey, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei
Top Female Characters: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Lyn, Sailor Pluto, Mai Valentine, Serenity
Top Digimon Characters: Gallantmon, Omegamon, ChaosGallantmon, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, Kuzuhamon, Flamedramon
Top Male/Female Villains: Ghidorah, Yami Houou, Emag Oediv, Dark!Joey
Top Fave New Characters: Ditto, the characters that first appear in this fic.
Top Comedy Moments: The cosplay fair, Minako and Saya arguing, Takato beign the human torch, Emag Oediv, BlackGuilmon’s funny moments (even though he’s more serious when confronting his brother), Ghidorah pleading for his life, “Irony is a bitch”
Top Sad Moments: Joey yells at Mai before regetting his mistake, Seto lose to one of the Grandra siblings (and saying his generation is over), Sailor Moon’s death, Joey turning to the dark side, Kuwabara and Cammy’s deaths, Sailor Mars’ death
Top Overall Fave Moments: The invasion in general, Ghidorah conquering the Sovereign, Seto and Joey patching up, Yami Houou conquers Ghidorah
Fave Battles: Sailor Mars vs Hiei, Sakuyamon vs Kuzuhamon, Duelists vs Dark!Joey, Yui vs Nemesis, Spirit Detectives vs Kuiiza, Heroes vs Controlled!Sovereign and Leviathan, Heroes vs Ghidorah, Yami Houou vs Ghidorah
Fave Unexpected Twists: Tamers becoming Beast Tamers, Victory Tamers, Sailor Moon’s death, Sedna’s appearance, the return of Kotori, Yami Houou’s awakening, Madoudramon’s appearance, the Neo-Rajita’s imminent return, the prophet cameo, the last scene of the story
Fave Dark Moments: The real (and fan) history of Orichalcos and relation to the Rajita, the invasion in general, Ghidorah in general (and the first real complete monster in the series), again Sailor Moon’s death, Ghidorah becoming Godzilla, Kuiiza planting nightmares on Joey, Kuwabara and Cammy’s deaths, Yami Houou’s awakening, Yami Houou meet Rei’s father, the little girl inside Yami Houou’s mind
Top Duels: Duelists vs Grandra Siblings, Yui vs Nemesis, Beast Tamers vs Controlled!Chimeras
Fave Couples: Sailor Mars x Hiei, Takato x Rika, Henry x Sara, Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Kamen, Yugi x Tea, Seto x Lyn, Joey x Mai, Sailor Jupiter x Mako Tsunami
Final Thoughts on the season: It’s nice that after some rereads, I finally officially review all the chapters to fill in the middle ground between WoP Redux and DoC, it has come full circle that my voice finally completes the whole season trilogy. Most of my thoughts show my comparisons from this old fanfic up to current pop culture references, time indeed changes us. While WoP is a simple shonen story, this one begins to take a step up a notch. This is the only one of the season trilogy that has a bittersweet ending feel to it.
Thoughts of upcoming stories: Well, most of the stories listed including Dawn of Chaos are officially done. You see how your writing style (and maturity to be honest) has change overtime. The main contributors have change (Old: Ninetalesuk, Lazerwulf, and Belletiger. New: Myself, Lazerwulf, and Belletiger). Ten years have pass since Youkai Yoko’s passing… Hindsight shows that Invasion of the Rajita inspires much of the future plotlines such as my GCLK, Sedna’s influence that led to Across Dimensions, and more. I’m looking forward to read Neos United and West Coasters this May!
Ford1114 chapter 27 . 4/22/2015
Starting this chapter, you are now using ‘xxxxx’ to transition into the next scene. Another change from your writing skills.

Sailor Moon is gathering most of her allies in order to stop Yami Houou. Yes, the fate of the universe is at stake again. As the heart of the YYGDM heroes, you know why Usagi is an important figure.

I remember how the Houou came to being with Earth and that sorceress named Lady Morrigana, which turns out to be Mars’ ancestor. The Houou is corrupted by humans being the ‘cruel monsters’, but yes, Yami Houou is still destructive without reason.

Rei’s father meet the Yami Houou and it’s not a happy reunion at all. Just as she’s doing the deed, it’s interrupted with the arrival of the YYGDM heroes. Their changing battle locations to the moon, the former home of the Silver Millennium kingdom. What irony.

The heroes are fighting with their attacks, it’s too much just like Dawn of Chaos’ final day upon comparing the similarities. Saturn is about to sacrifice herself only that Yami Houou interrupts the attack. And then Galaxia’s forces arrive.

Rei is resisting, to which Sailor Moon goes inside her mind. The little girl that Yami Houou disguise is creepy. Yami Houou herself is beyond crazy while fighting Moon. After many images of her friends, Rei begins resisting further.

However, it ends badly when Suzaku of all people, possess Takato into killing Sailor Mars! Holy shit! The distrust from the other heroes is put in place. Even though it’s Suzaku, it’s still Takato, and we still understand why the Senshi (especially Uranus and Neptune) are distrustful to the Tamers’ actions. Apologizing, well this is a big deal for the boy at this point.

Then, the real Houou makes her appearance for the first time. What does she want for the final chapter I’m rereading!

Yes, you have come a long way of being a legendary fanfic writer in inspiring us, and have your hopes to continue with recent anime and popular culture come to play in inspiring generations to come.
Ford1114 chapter 26 . 4/22/2015
Welcome to 2008, where it’s your fifth anniversary of YYGDM, the release of The Dark Knight and Iron Man (which kicks in the MCU), Super Smash Bros Brawl (oh yeah, since 2001 is where the original D-Fusion is release, it’s also when Melee first came out), the rise of Teamfourstar/Dragonball Abridged, and how 2007-08 was the start of being a high school freshman.

Elfen Lied song plays. The prelude begins with Sailor Mars not resisting the evil might of the Yami Houou, as she takes over her body.

Ghidorah alongside the heroes are surprise to see Mars’ new dark appearance. Takato urge the Houou to kill Ghidorah, but she also likes to do so for the thrill of it. “Do not anger the black phoenix”, four times the charm that it bites Ghidorah to the ass. Ghidorah is secretly scared, and Yami Houou is going to prove it by ‘taking him for a ride’ (Marvel vs Capcom reference). She goes around the place and tars down Ghidorah many times.

At this point, Ghidorah is crying for his life by saying “Please have mercy.”. Shit sherlock, he’s like a bad actor reminding me of the narm seen in most movies in the early 2000s such as Anakin saying “I HATE YOU!”, some of the original Spider-Man trilogy moments, and Vader going “NNNOOOOO!” I still laugh of how it ‘stands out’. Yami Houou goes Super Buu (and Super-Reaper in D-Reaper’s Fury) by going inside Ghidorah and making him explode (another Elfen Lied reference of the bloody moments). The Rajita Warlord is finally dead, oh and Yami Houou burn his head. Indeed, irony is a bitch. :)

Same goes for the Leviathan’s downfall, and with that, all the souls are free, including Sailor Moon. However, Yami Houou is the only opposition left in this story.

Indeed, Yami Houou attacks the heroes, to which they try everything, but it’s no use. Nagah is not surprise that Ghidorah is dead, hence she’ll start the foundation of the Neo-Rajita alongside the successor. Another cameo of Sensui and Itsuki (wait, I forgot to mention that I remember Kuwabara using the Dimensional Sword early just before the Chapter Black arc!).

The dark Houou is near space and is sending a painful mind attack to the population. It’s a nightmarish moment to the point we can feel the pain as well. At least Sailor Moon reveals her valkyrie form at last alongside the return of Pegasus (Sailor Moon).

Oh god, the Yami Houou can eat suns. :O Meanwhile, we get to see the Imperium Empire and Sailor Galaxia (the strongest golden senshi thus far). Back to Yami Houou, she’s planning to kill Sailor Mars’ father soon, can anyone stop the chaos?

This is the first time the fanfic franchise shows no previews (it will be use more often by the time Neos United/West Coasters starts). I can understand how you enjoy Ghidorah’s character and want to get back into him, me once doing that Dawn of Ghidorah fic back in 2013 reignites your decision in the long run (alongside the South Park boys become Beast Tamers, which is use in House of Madoka), even though that fic is meh. After a few years, you finally have him in a Gaiden alongside Nagah/Morpheous/Rhea’s backstories. Yami Houou is one reason why my Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms fic tributes it with Inori and Mana (and also Homura of all people, especially that alternate ending).

So yeah, both Kaiser Ghidorah and Yami Houou are two important fan-characters that inspire our future ideas to come.
Ford1114 chapter 25 . 4/22/2015
To think I review this chapter before the beginning of 2008.

Heroes are still holding off against the Leviathan, who is a tough beastie to beat. (A POTC reference, and 2007 is where At World’s End is released to complete the original trilogy)

Ghidorah likes to rant a lot of being the strongest. :P He curbstomps every opponent who stands in his way. He reveals his intention to find the Romulus Source.

The Beast Tamers become their beast modes and they alongside their allies hit Ghidorah with everything they got. We thought it’s over until….


Ghidorah has the power of regeneration, like I remember you told me that his power level is similar to Perfect Cell and Virus.

Enough about that, the Black Phoenix, after 25 chapters, the time has come for ‘her’ to awaken. Yami Houou, the dark version of Sailor Mars, is here.

I’m going to give the full details in the next chapter. The preview from only Rei is short to show it means serious spoiling business. Thank the Dark Phoenix Saga of X-Men to you (and making this much better than X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2006).

Three more chapters to go!
Ford1114 chapter 24 . 4/22/2015
Kujiko battle is going on, while Aoshi is furious in attacking Sailor Pluto. After some back and forth, Aoshi realizes the truth. With Kujiko and Kuiiza finally disposed (and only Nagah survives to care for Ghidorah’s main egg), our heroes are reaching to the throne at last.

Oh look, Imperialdramon fuses with Mega Ultra Chicken to become his God Mode. Fusing with the most powerful Egyptian God Card is a nice opportunity.

At last, the Senshi and Spirit Detectives have come face to face with the Big Bad himself. Planet Kratos, I see you reference God of War till Ghidorah blew it up. Yes, for an OC villain stand out, Ghidorah realistically has no honor. Battle royale against the Warlord begins! And the Beast Tamers are joining the fun. But how would it last? Find out!
Ford1114 chapter 23 . 4/22/2015
Wow, even the Spirit Defense Force is no match for Ghidorah.

Joey remains depress, but Kaiba begins to walk, to which everyone such as Yugi/Atem sees this. People do change, to which the Pharaoh/Yugi is right. Seto and Joseph begin to relate to one another, even though both are at different social classes. It’s done, now the Duelists are going to fight the Rajita.

“Heh, loser” – Nemesis gets that dialogue from Darkseid in the Justice League episode (Twilight) before her death. Oh god, Draco becomes a cyborg and turns out Taiyoukai have more than one heart inside their bodies. The original Spirit Detectives are fighting Kuiiza now.

Sailor Pluto and the others are shock to see Okami under control by the Rajita. They have to fight for his freedom. Figures that ChaosGallantmon is spawn from the remains of Megidramon, no wonder why Takato & Gallantmon don’t want to remember that and hating their evil brother. Alas they retreat.

Back on Earth, the heroes (alongside the Duelists joining) figure out that they are going to fight the brainwash Sovereign. Interesting.

Draco is finally killed by his brain blown up. Okami is free from control, but not before he dies and confess his love to Aoshi to Pluto. If that wasn’t bad enough, Aoshi gets pissed and Kujiko returns.

Ahah! Fusions of Spirit Detectives such as Yuwabara to turn the tide.

Oh no, the Leviathan is summoned by Ghidorah and is going to bring calamity to the world.
Ford1114 chapter 22 . 4/22/2015
This chap marks the fourth anniversary, 2008 was the fifth (with the tenth anniversary of your time as a writer, and also the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), 2013 was it’s tenth anniversary, and we will see 2018 will have it’s fifteenth anniversary (MCU’s tenth anniversary and the release of Avengers Infinity War). We’ve come a long way to make this fanfic crossover stand out. Just like the originally WoP, I finally make reviews to this story as of today. I’d say one reason why 2007 is one of my fav years is when I first officially come to this site and DA..

With the Digidestined joining the cast, we figure out that Omegamon and Imperialdramon are indeed the same ones, so does the Three Celestial Angels. The mention of Millenniummon and his history with Ryo is here, and your right, he is the Digital World’s cockroach!

Kuiiza is making Kujiko his experiment to become stronger, even Kujiko has standards. With that said, the labyrinth happens for the heroes to separate. Seeing the Rajita Shinobi duo last longer gives a hindsight that we chosen them to be part of the Opposed Rajita in our Abridged series. :P

Yui and Nemesis finally meet separately and the commence a duel, with Zombie duel monsters appear on the field. Yata-Garasu, thanks for saving Yui to win the duel! Nemesis is a sore loser that she decides to fight Yui.

Another favorite part is that BlackGuilmon meets his good counterpart. Things get serious as he becomes ChaosGallantmon, one of the most famous villains in the series.

Joey wakes up and he feels distraught unlike Marik’s control, then Mai slaps him to get some sense.
Ford1114 chapter 21 . 4/22/2015
Chapter 21 begins with two Red Eyes Black Dragons duking out, Serenity is determined to free Joey at all cost. As Serenity reaches out Joey’s mind, I like how his voice surprises the Duelists and the readers. The rest of the Duelists help out as well (Tristan is surprise to see he has Gaia the Fierce Knight, makes him valuable instead of being useless in the Abridged series). Joey struggles, even pissed when hearing about Kaiba, but does it work in the long run? All those memories up to the sword defeating Dark!Joey and revert to normal.

The emotions hold up with Mai slapping Serenity before Joey is still alive yet unconscious.

Yep, nice connection of the Royal Knights to King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, I remember that, and now the group is complete with Jesus being the final touch. We get to meet the mighty golden dragon himself, Huanglongmon. The first time I saw him back when I was young in official profiles makes me wow, there’s a fifth sovereign that’s higher than the previous four?!

Oh, Shinobu Sensui makes a cameo!

We see Ghidorah showing his expendable to weak followers, yet is confident of eggs about to be hatch to new warriors.

Back at the Central Realm, Granasmon’s spirit makes his full appearance in front of the Digi-heroes. Ah, Elemental Hero Neos’ appearance shows a sign of Yugioh GX about to happen in a few years.

The full history between Granasmon and Valmarmon is shown in glory. Showing the Demon Beast Generals that are the counterparts of the Chinese Sovereign (and the Beast Tamers soon). It shows how BelialMyotismon regress to Myotismon, Pharaohmon’s betrayal, and the end where the Demon God splits himself to seven pieces, this is just the beginning up to this point.

The end shows the original Digidestined from the first two seasons appear! Confirming that they indeed exist. I can thank Lazer for putting this plot twisting retcon because this was the chance of using the canon versions of these characters instead of the D-Fusion AU versions. I feel like rereading this wants me to patch up my past mistakes of being mature to help out the franchise.
Ford1114 chapter 20 . 4/22/2015
The final duel of the Beast Tamers settles with Takato and Mika.

Rhea dies by the Amazons much to Nagah’s shock. Yes, it’s confirm that Nagah and Rhea are lesbians. Nagah is angry and want revenge, even using Venus’ love chain (I guess I recall of her use to absorb this technique). Perhaps the heroes are showing respect to Rhea.

The voice of Granasmon is heard and we get the fan-introduction of Digimon and Duel Monster combine. We get the first one: Omegamon fuse with Buster Blader to made an awesome warrior and takes down the Rajita forces.

Back with the Duelists, they are hesitant to fight Joey especially with Atem being pissed at Kuiiza. To make matters worse, he becomes the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon! One of my favorite scenes I reread, and good reference to connect it to dinosaurs (since Rex Raptor use to have it). Morpheous is determine to stop this cruel madness, but is badly damage by the dragon and is then killed. Big surprise, in which Serenity steps in to summon her ka. She’s going to return the favor after her big brother save her eyesight!

Kotori is surprise that Grani grows up to even the odds and restore Seadramon back to normal.

Kuzuhamon is shock to see Sakuyamon’s true face because they are data creature of beauty. The rivalry is personal than ever, and it’s the last. So much regret after the winner decides, Kuzuhamon concedes before death, may her soul finally have peace.

All the remaining knights are gathered, including the reformed Dynasmon and Crusadermon.

Takato finally summons Suzaku to end the duel with Mika. Oh cool, Chuu and his friends arrive to help the Legendary Warriors. Maya is restored to normal and patch up with Kurama. Cool, a cameo of Raizen.

With the word of Granasmon comes to mind, every Digidestined is gathering together for a meeting. Likewise, Spirit Detectives and Senshi are entering the mothership for the first time.
Ford1114 chapter 19 . 4/22/2015
Demon’s forces appear and are not happy with Ghidorah taking over the Digital World. Spirit Detectives and Senshi are still fighting Kujiko and Digimon villains. Next it’s Himura facing Hayata in a duel. Kotori reappears and becomes Brunhilde (unaware of her true destiny), while having a little horse as her partner, the myth will be revealed in the future (which I can’t wait for Valkyrie Advent).

Amazons are seen fighting Nagah, nothing new.

But this one is important. Dark!Joey arrives to confront his friends much to their full shock. It’s not just a battle, it’s a massacre, especially seeing Joey having his payback at Kaiba. It’s like what the fans really want to see that they didn’t get the chance in canon. Oh god, it makes my day.

Ah, a Kiryu yugioh card I remember (then there is a Taiyoukai named Kiryu. I think I remember having an old OC young man with the last name/surname as ‘kiryu’ that his story was about encountering japnese mythology before I scrapped him, what an amateur idea back then…). Byakko is summoned and Himura wins the duel, one more to go!

Kotori is back in front of the Tamers, only to find shock that Seadramon is under control and becomes UriaSeadramon. Oh, Armeddramon has become WarGreymon X!

Sakuyamon and Kuzuhamon reunite and begin to fight once more in their Priestess forms.

Wow, Omegamon is NOT HAPPY to see his headquarters destroyed by the Rajita. Did BlackGuilmon just mention a Powerpuff Girls reference? So Athenamon just meet Garudamon and Artemismon is born. Athenamon VM reappears.

Oh my, Kurama reunites with Maya, and not in a good way. The big one, Ghidorah controls the four Sovereign to reign havoc! Not to mention himself in his kaiju form observing the planet with glee.

We get to see the character wanting to revive Valmarmon named Madoudramon. Yes, I remember Ninetalesuk made him is due to seeing Power Rangers Mystic Force. You would have made a different OC if it weren’t for that certain event.
Ford1114 chapter 18 . 4/22/2015
Ah, even though an early promise said this fanfic should end in 2007, it already ended in 2008. Naruto Land of Darkness, it’s going to be deleted soon upon looking back. I remember the Ultimate Edition of D-Fusion till it’s deleted and replace it with the MUCH BETTER Digimon Fusion Kai (which is a long lasting success to revive the interest for new readers just like DBZ Kai (that renews ourselves as well)).

Yes more parody quotes. Another good thing in 2006 is IT’S OVER 9000, which this meme now becomes meta already and has even appear in a MAD episode when they did an anime parody. Quotes from Yugioh Abridged.

Kaiba’s group finally meet with Yugi’s gang. Oh right, Lyn’s full name is Lynae. Pluto finally frees Beelzebumon from the Orichalcos, thank goodness. Sailor Senshi are fighting Digimon villains, Scorpionus is not happy when Pharaohmon is dead.

Rika summons Seiryuu to defeat Larry, two more to go. Oh I remember the hatchlings near HYPNOS, so the Legendary Warriors are fighting these monsters. Sakuyamon drove Kuzuhamon off, but it’s not over yet. Kuzuhamon is piss so Nagah give her the treatment in mode change to a shadow priestess, now I’ll see the rivalry getting bigger in hands.

Raphael, Valon, and Alister make their appearance. A Rajita named Berus, well years later a Dragonball character named Beerus appears in Battle of Gods (I can see originally Beerus is suppose to be a villainous lizard that infected Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans before it’s totally change.) :P

This is a big scene here of Joey having nightmares thanks to Kuiiza and telling how nobody loves him and Kaiba being a douchbag to Joey. It’s like something out of a typical trope use in works. The hurtful dialogue from the characters feels some emotion, too bad Joey becomes a dark knight with bloodthirsty eyes.

Kotori is seen to be temporary revive and is given the power of the Valkyrie. Finally, Ghidorah makes his speech that’ll make Darkseid proud.
Ford1114 chapter 17 . 4/22/2015
More quotes, including Transformers and the Hulk. At least one thing is good for 2006, Yugioh the Abridged series and the foundation of all ‘Abridged series’ in general.

Joey is rescuing his sister from Morpheous. Kuiiza is spying on them and have plans for Joey. Just as the Duelists arrive, Kuiiza kidnaps the Brooklyn Rage knight. After some convincing, Seto and group decides to go outside the city, about time. Morpheous begins to have second thoughts.

Beast Tamers are dueling with the four Chimeras. Ah, the Seal of Orichalcos appears for the first time.

Meanwhile, two bug groups of Digimon and Duel Monsters are squabbling each other, I saw Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (a difficult monster to summon in real-life). No conflicts allowed! I see the interaction between Imperialdramon/Omegamon and Buster Blader having potential. This will be the first unification between Duel Monsters and Digimon.

Henry duels with Sara and summons the Genbu card, while switching its ATK and DEF points to win the duel. At least Sara didn’t get her soul taken. For what I see, both Henry and Sara will be a couple in your stories.

Holy cow, Seadramon and Flamedramon are being controlled by the Rajita. Armeddramon that is an expy of Armed Dragon, while Seadramon becomes one of the Seven Great Demon Lords (though its not the real deal).

Kuzuhamon founds Inumon and Renamon fights her dark counterpart again. Nagah spies on this and sees potential within Kuzuhamon. Oh no, not Beelzebumon too (and he’s fighting Sailor Pluto)!

Ghidorah has become Godzilla! Now Earth is going to feel the true wrath of the Rajita’s power. “Let them fight.” - a recent meme to blend in the past..
Ford1114 chapter 16 . 4/22/2015
Breather episode. I remember you put quotes for the fun of it.

Just like the Beast Tamers, the rise of the Victory Tamers are granted spirit animals. Meanwhile, Ghidorah just free Nemesis, Nemesis is going on a tantrum till she figures that Ghidorah is more perfected than Pharaohmon, Nemesis is going to have her revenge.

Now we see more of the Duel Monsters meeting the Digimon, they are unsure and conflict with each other at first, can they achieve co-existence (which leads to chap 17)? I see two groups of dragons trying to get along.

Mai finally reunites with Joey. When Mai mentions Joey’s father, he is upset, but accepts to tell the truth that Yugi and his friends knew (especially that Mai is upset of Joey’s abusive father throws that stupid beer to them). I feel this is a good way to teach young readers about abusive parents in real-life..

Oh wow, BlackGuilmon and his group are amaze to take a tour at the Rajita’s mothership, with their technology being highly advance.

This is the first meeting between Serenity and Morpheous, the Rajita general is showing some honor.
Ford1114 chapter 15 . 4/22/2015
Haha, that story is revived years ago, till it’s already been complete.

Mai has to return to reunite with Joey. Mokuba doesn’t want to be useless that long and summons Paladin of White Dragon. One thing we readers like to see most minor characters having screen time. Good thing Seto does not want to see a Toon monster.

The ruins of the Phoenix Arena, the place where the Shadow Tournament use to be. Ghidorah conquers, then he mentions some sort of a prophet of not angering the phoenix. Yeah, a fifth realm of the Digital World exist.

Phillipe stands up for Jaguarmon to digivolve and together with the Amazons, they defeat Medusamon by chopping her head like in the myths.

Omg, Ghidorah meets the four Sovereign. I repeat, Ghidorah faces off the Sovereign and act so superior. Ghidorah teaches them who’s boss.

Wanting to be leader, and insulting Sailor Moon like that, no wonder why everyone is offended at Hiei. This is the fight we’ve waiting for, Sailor Mars vs Hiei, someone should do an art commission! Now I remember the details ever since I first look at it on the tropes page saying this important battle is a deconstruction of shonen battles. Before they become a couple, they are at odds to each other (It’s interesting to see how they look back as they get older). :P Dragon of the Darkness Flame vs Phoenix attack, good one.

It’s been cooled down for rest, but Day 2 will start, and these rest of the chapters with the same Day will have details and spoilers.
Ford1114 chapter 14 . 4/21/2015
So yeah, he should be called ‘Atem’ before and onward, and the reminder of Data Squad being shown years ago.

Beelzebumon appears alongside Calumon in fighting off the Rajita. Uh oh, I saw alien eggs near Yamaki’s group and are ready to hatch.

Jaguarmon figures out that Phillipe is a boy, least the confusion is settled. Oh I see Orochimon and a DarkTyrannomon.

Kuiiza plans to turn the victims into soldiers is in the process, starting with Maya regaining her memories (and being controlled).

Lyn and Seto’s group are seen near Kaiba Manor and fights more Rajita. Seto and Lyn spend their time with each other. I feel bad for Lyn’s past growing up in the streets (it relates to one certain Kuiper), from Egypt seeing Duel Monsters to her time with Genkai.

I see San Francisco, CA is being invaded by aliens. We get to see the debut of the American soldier, Nate Escobar. A rewatch bonus is that one of the Rajita ships is taken out, and I hear future plots in mind since you and Lazer plan them out.

Duelists and Beast Tamers are seen fighting Kujiko. Ghidorah meets the Digimon characters and faces them. Ghidorah is tough.

Wow, Neptune uses her water attack in making a Rajita explode. This is the first we see the Senshi with their unnamed spirit partners.

And we get to see the potential ‘victory’ tamers fighting Medusamon’s forces. Medusamon sees Phillipe’s potential, but the boy denies her. Jaguarmon takes a liking to Phillipe.

Mizuno reappears much to Hiei’s dismay.

This ends with the Rajita entering the Digital World. Oh my goddramon.
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