Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: The Invasion of the Rajita
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 28 . 2/1/2008
It's over. The Rajita saga is finally over. Hard to believe we've come this far. This was a good way to end the story.

I'm sad to see Takato getting rid of the Suzaku card. But glad to see that the Senshi have forgiven Takato - except Uranus and Neptune. _ I hope Takato and Rika do hook up later. I'm a Rukato supporter all the way. Can't believe that Sedna is a cross-dimensional traveler like Ryo.

I liked the Christmas reunions. The party over at Hikawa Shrine was a nice touch. Good ending and you leave us little hints of what's to come in the future stories. Ah, I'm glad to know there will be more stories for this series! This loyal fan is giddy about that wonderful news! _

Seriously, I'm happy. You're the reason why I signed up on this site. I wish to find other fic authors on your caliber or even better writers. Not to say you yourself aren't a great fanfic writer... you are without a shadow of a doubt.

Let's answer your survey then, shall we? _b

To be honest, I don't think I can write seven for every category but I'll do what I can.

Top Male Characters: Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, Takato, Kuwabara, Himura and Takuya.

Top Female Characters: Rei, Rika, Nagah, Makoto, Minako, Cammy and Yui.

Top Digimon Characters: Inumon, Renamon, Guilmon, Omegamon, Terriermon, Athenamon and Imperialdramon.

Top Male/Female Villains: Yami Houou/Dark Phoenix, Kuiiza, Ghidorah, Nagah, Kiba, Rhea and Kujiko.

Top Favorite New Characters: Kotori, Phillipe, Aoshi, Okami and Morpheous

Top Comedy Moments: Chapter 7 seems to be the popular pick... so that one.

Top Sad/Angst Moments: Rei's death (I cried during this!), Ghidorah taking Usagi-chan and the Senshi watching in horror... Hmm, and Takato rejecting Suzaku. Oh, the deaths of several of the characters. Glad they came back though.

Top Overall Favorite Moments: The old Digi-Destined appearing and the Sailor Senshi getting their Valkyrie power.

Top Battles: Dunno. Yami Houou vs everyone. Ghidorah vs everyone. The attack on Leviathan. Sailor Mars vs Hiei (kick-butt fight!). Yusuke and company vs. Kuiiza.

Top Unexpected Twists: 01/02 Digi-Destined appearing

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Yami Houou appearing and destroying everything in her path. Ghidorah's execution by Y. Houou. The overall Rajita invasion. o.o

Top Duels: Nemesis vs Yui

Favorite Couplings: Takato/Rika, Usagi/Mamoru, Joey/Mai, Inumon/Renamon, Serenity/Morpheous, Aoshi/Yui and Athenamon/Omegamon. I would list Rei/Hiei but they don't seem official to me yet... but I can see you're building up to it.

Thoughts on the upcoming stories: I look forward to them all! Your Kuiper Senshi story, the movie fic and most of all... SEASON 3! '08 is looking good for this series. _b

Final Thoughts on this season: Kick-butt! I enjoyed reading this overall. Definitely a top notch crossover. The sequel surpassed the predecessor, imo. Know that this loyal fan will continue to enjoy your stories.

This is Haruhi-chan signing out! _
Titan Thanos chapter 28 . 2/1/2008
Excellent ending. You wrapped up everything nicely. I'm glad the Senshi (most of them) and Takato are on some good terms again. Everyone prepares to move on as Christmas arrives. That was a nice touch to end this story on a special holiday.

I liked when everyone got together to celebrate. Though, I was shocked to see Takato throw the Suzaku card in the lake and severe his ties with his beast. Rika just might be onto him. I wonder how Rei will react to this if she ever finds out. Interesting to find out that Gallantmon has accepted a spot into the Royal Knight court.

You've really left quite a bit of teasers leading up to future sagas. I can't wait to see how they unfold.

All right, now to answer your survey.

Top Male Characters: Takato, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Himura, Joey and Atem. Honorable mentions: Kuwabara, Henry, Nate Escobar (Wish we can see more of him), Kazu and Omegamon.

Top Female Characters: Rei, Rika, Cammy, Yui, Mizuno, Artemismon, Nagah and Minako. Honorable mentions: True Houou, Athenamon, Makoto, Sailor Galaxia and Hotaru.

Top Digimon Characters: Imperialdramon, Omegamon, Gallantmon/Guilmon, Artemismon, Athenamon, Sakuyamon/Renamon and Inumon/Youkai Inumon. Honorable mentions: Mega Gargomon/Terriermon, Seraphimon, Beelzebumon and Felinismon.

Top Male/Female Villains: Yami Houou, Ghidorah, Nagah, Kuiiza, Draco, the two Rajita Shinobi and Kujiko. Honorable mentions: Medusamon.

Top Favorite New Characters: Aoshi, Okami, Amazoness Swordswoman, Tai, TK, Davis and Lyn. Honorable mentions: Lyn's brothers, Mika, Chronos and the Imperium Empire.

Top Comedy Moments: Chapter 7 overall with Minako shining once again. Anything crazy with her is comedic gold. Oh and mostly everything involving Black Guilmon and his crew. That Simpsons and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged references in the final chapter.

Top Sad/Angst Moments: Sailor Mars' death, Okami's death, Ghidorah taking Sailor Moon from the Senshi, Morpheous' fall, Takato throwing the Suzaku card in the lake, Rhea's death and overall the end result of the Yami Houou battle.

Top Overall Favorite Moments: Can't decide. Maybe the battles and the emotion brought into this whole story. Top to bottom... epic.

Top Battles: Yami Houou vs the heroes, Sailor Mars vs Hiei, Ghidorah vs the heroes, Kuiiza vs the Spirit Detectives, the bridge battle, Imperialdramon and company vs Leviathan and Nagah vs Athenamon. Honorable mentions: Sailor Mars vs Yami Houou mental battle and the Chameleo battles

Top Unexpected Twists: The Adventure/Zero 2 Digi-Destined debut, Yami Houou being overall ruthless, Spirit Detective fusions, Okami's past with Queen Serenity, Ghidorah having an heir, the deaths of Cammy and Kuwabara and the revelation of Houou's link to Rei along with Morrigana being the creator of the four Beast cards.

Top Darkest/Scariest Moments: Yami Houou's awakening, the deaths of Cammy, Kuwabara, and Morpheous, Ghidorah's ultimate power revealed, Joey turning to the darkside, Kiba turning into a werewolf and the inside of Ghidorah's mother ship (creepy stuff going on in there).

Top Duels: Nemesis vs Yui, Takato vs Mika and Himura vs Hayata

Favorite Couplings: Takato/Rika, Makoto/Mako, Rei/Hiei (this is a first), Joey/Mai, Aoshi/Yui, Athenamon/Omegamon and Serenity/Morpheous. Honorable mention: Nagah/Rhea (some yuri is ok IMO) and Lyn/Seto.

Thoughts on the upcoming stories: I am looking forward to these newly announced stories. I'm very pleased the series will continue. The Kuiper Senshi arc, the Gaiden stories, this movie fic and the third season are all something to look forward to. 2008 looks to be YuYuGiDigiMoon's biggest year and I, for one, look forward to it.

Final Thoughts on this season: Excellent. Although, most of the chapters were too long but that added the epic theme overall to this story. It was a fun ride. It appears we're not even close to an end. I hope you have enough creative ideas to keep this series going for a while longer. IMO, it has already surpassed D-Fusion in popularity.

I see the YuYuGiDigiMoon universe having more room to be expanded upon. The Gaiden stories should be an interesting experiment to try this out. That is what I hope you do.

With that said, the Invasion of the Rajita has finally come to an end. I look forward to the Kuiper Belt Senshi arc, Gaiden, the Taiyoukai movie and the third season.

Stay in good health and take care, author.

- Thanos of Titan
Belletiger chapter 28 . 2/1/2008
Well, sure thing this is one of the most emotional chapters,

Too bad the series is over now.I really loved the end of the rajita arc and I am very eager for the mega crossovers gaidens and the Belt Senshi mini-saga

Once more you did a well done work.

Well, lets go to the 7 top list.:

*Top Male Characters:

Hiei, yusuke, Morpheus, Takado, Himura, Kurama, Okami

*Top Female Characters

Rei, Yui, Cammy, Rika, Minako, Nagah, Athenamon

*Top Digimon Characters

Inumon, Seadramon, Athenamon, Omegamon,Renamon, Anubimon, Jaguarmon

*Top Male/Female Villains

Dark Phoenix, Nagah, the ninja brothers, Medusamon, Kuiiza, Gihdora

*Top Comedy Moments

All the ones from the chapter 7, and Minako /Saya catfight in the cosplay event.

*Top Sad/Angst Moments

Okami's death, Rei's death, Aoshi's revelation, Morpheus'death, Usagi's being captured by gihdora, Takato blaming suzaku and throw its card on the lake.

Top Battles:

Mesuamon vs the amazones, the brigde battle, draco vs the spirit detectivs, heroes vs gidora, fusion spirit detectices vs Kuiiza, heroes vs dark phoenix, digimon vs leviatham, athenamon vs Nagah.

*top Darkest/Scariest Moments

Dark Phoenix, Joey's dragon form, Morpheus death, gihdora's power self.

*Favorite Couplings:

Rei/hei, rika/takado, Omegamon/Athenamon, Aoshi/Yui, Himura/Jery, Okami/Queen Serenity, Mai/Joey, Serenity/Morpheus.

Thats all for my top list.

I think it will be pretty good the stories of the pre-rajita and the pre and afther pharaohmon stories. We will see some stuff of our fav characters. And I am pretty eager to see how will be Karin and the new senshi group; sure thing its soming some good stories fics. _
Silver Warrior chapter 28 . 2/1/2008
well well well, its finally at an end. Great work, here. Seriously, good stuff. Surprise info on Karin. A dimension jumper like Ryo, eh? Takato's tossed Suzaku's card? Yowch, most unexpected.

Top Male Character: Takato.

Top Female Character: Rei and Rika

Top Digimon Character: Guilmon and Inumon

Top Male/Female Villain: Nagah

Top Favorite New Character: Kotori

Top Comedy Moment: I really can't say for sure. Likely involves SkullSatamon.

Top Sad/Angst Moment: When Cammy died, or when it was revealed that Chibi-Usa was vanished from existence

Top overall Favorite Moment: When the REAL DigiDestined (Tai, Matt, Tk, Kari, Davis, Kenb, and Willis) made their appearance.

Top Battle: the assault on Leviathan

Top Unexpected Twist: Nemsis' return

Top Darkest/Scariest Moment: When Yami Houo was tearing apart Ghidorah. Only due to the gore

Top Duel: Takato's duel, Yui's duel against Nemsis

Favorite Couplings: Renaman/Inumon

Final Thoughts on the season: A good piece of work, overall. I was surprised to see the Renamon/Kuzuhamon rivalry brought to a permenent end.
LazerWulf chapter 24 . 1/28/2008
I must admit, the YYH fusions were a little too Deus ex Machina for my taste, but they did kick butt. It seems like everybody's fusing now. The YYH gang, the Yuugou Shinkas, the Senshi and their spirit beasts. Where will it end?


Silver Moon Princess chapter 27 . 1/28/2008
Ack... my review didn't go through? Oh well, I'll try again. I loved this chapter. Top to bottom. The battle with Yami Houou, everything. I thought the Mars and Yami Houou mental battle was kick ass. I nearly teared up when Rei-chan died but relieved to see her, Cammy, Kuwabara and Aoshi's dad being revived!

I found Houou's connection to Rei interesting as well as that Morrigana lady being related to Mars. Wow, and Morrigana created the four Beast cards? Thats shocking.

Great battle and nice way to end the Yami Houou story. Just one more chapter and this story is done, right? Can't wait to see how this all wraps up! _
LazerWulf chapter 23 . 1/24/2008
"Hey, Kari, look! I'm an action figure!"

That line still makes me laugh.

Ghidorah better beware the Black Phoenix...


HevnoAngered chapter 27 . 1/23/2008
This was a nice big battle. Like how Takato ended it. Good job.
LazerWulf chapter 22 . 1/23/2008
Yatta! I gotta admit, the Yui vs. Nemesis duel was my favorite to create. The fact that she used Sam's CED to Yata-lock Nemesis was a dream to set up!


LazerWulf chapter 21 . 1/22/2008
At last, the culmination of my dream to bring in the original DD comes to fruition!


JXu chapter 27 . 1/22/2008
Is it just me or did I sense a bit of a double standard from the Sailor Senshi? They regard Suzakato's explanation as an excuse, yet readily excuse Sailor Mars' own actions as Yami Houou. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I see some moral dissonance here.
Dark Qiviut chapter 27 . 1/22/2008
Oh, my heavens!

Wow, that was LONG! Took me a while to read this. X_X Now that I have, I can give my review.

My lord, your chapter was INTENSE! Very detailed battle. Not fast-paced at all; you took as much time as you needed to create this detailed battle and weave a conclusion. Great twists, too, leaving me on the edge of my chair, even with the chapter now over.

Your conflict at the chapter's conclusion makes a great cliffhanger and makes me look forward to the next chapter. Normally, I dislike the fact that characters are revived, but I love your way of reviving them and how you *not* made it into a cliche; you kept in tension among the casts, especially inner-torment with Takato and his conflict with Suzako. Poor Takato, being forced to do such a thing. :(

The characters that I know are IN-character, from the Digimon characters, Sailor casts, to the (4Kids) Yu-Gi-Oh group, etc. I can see them acting the ways you presented them, even Takato.

Did you improve? Oh, DEFINITELY! I've read some of your older fics, where you sometimes had three chapters posted as one. I can really see a difference, and how you pay very close attention to pace.

I await your next chapter and see how you end your "Rajita" saga. Keep it up!
Super Goku987 chapter 27 . 1/22/2008
whoa. This was a great chapter. Awesome battle. It was better than the Pharaohmon one. I didn't expect Takato to do that. Glad to see Mars revived and can't wait to see final chapter.
Gallantmon of the Hazard chapter 27 . 1/22/2008
Hey, it's me! Sorry for not reviewing when you got the chapter posted out! I've been pretty busy this weekend.

Anyway, I would like to see that this was quite the dramatic chapter!

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi with their allies in the Tamers, Dragon Knights, Spirit Detectives, and all the rest uniting together to stop Yami Houou.

The evil force proves to be quite powerful and our heroes and heroines are hard-pressed, but Sailor Mars manages to get back in the fight!

However, Suzaku is the one ending this battle because out of fear of Yami Houou returning one day, he forces Takato to kill Yami Houou/Sailor Mars, which puts a major rift between the Spirit Beast, created by the first 'friend' of the REAL Houou, and our unoffical leader of the Tamers.

However, Rei and Houou can never be seperated until Rei dies . . . well, dies and isn't reborn I should say.

Peace has returned to the universe, but it makes us wonder what will happen next.

Can't wait to see the ending! Hope it comes out soon!

Later and best wishes!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 27 . 1/21/2008
Awesome. That's just one word to describe this chapter. O_O;

There's nothing else to be said. That was awesome but sad. *cries along with a few others* Mars-chan, I love you so much! You managed to conquer that witch and kicked her sorry butt! But... you had to die by Suzaku? Oh, Takato. That poor boy. Being forced to take her life. I honestly cried during Mars' death and when Usagi cried. I rarely shed a tear during a fanfic but you managed to capture this poor girl's heart. ;_;

The battle was overall awesome. From top to bottom. Nearly all of Earth's top players got involved with a few new arrivals like Galaxia.

Definitly this is the best chapter of the whole story. Hands down. Second best was probably the one before this one. You managed to pull off a really powerful event. I don't know many who could have adapted a great graphic novel like the Dark Phoenix Saga but you did. I salute you and I will favorite you/your stories soon! _ b

Though, what happened to Helios? I guess he sat out with the others as Moon confronted Yami Houou. Just wondering what happened to him. But, I was glad to see Galaxia fight cause she's one of my favorites in the anime/manga. And I was happy to see Kakyuu turn into a Senshi! All of these characters... makes me want to watch SM all over again! Ah, childhood memories. You've made me a fan again, SSJ4Takeru. BTW, who are your favorite SM characters? You can email me if you want. _

That said, a wonderful chapter. You've won me over and I will be subscribing to your stories from now on!

I can't wait to see how this all ends. One chapter left to go! I hope whatever new stories you have planned for this series will be great. Though, I know they will be! _

Bye for now! This is Haruhi-chan signing out!
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