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Titan Thanos chapter 27 . 1/21/2008
My word.

What an emotional yet captivating chapter. Truly one of your best chapters that you've ever written and I've had the honor to read this great piece of work. You've adapted the Dark Phoenix Saga well, my friend. Congratulations on what was truly your best efforts in a long time.

The wait was worth it. I understand you had other priorities that has put this story on hold. But, it finally has paid off.

The battle, the intense struggle to save their friend and attempting to overcome their most powerful enemy. Yami Houou, although short-lived, made her presence felt and is the best villain you've created. She's officially my favorite villain in all of the fanfics you have written. You've captured the essence of her twisted, evil mind.

Despite their best efforts, not even Susanoomon, Imperialdramon, Omegamon, Athenamon, the Starlights, the Valkyrie Sailor Senshi, Spirit Detectives, Beast Tamers and their partners... they couldn't bring her down. Not even Sailor Saturn could do it. Even help from the Imperium people didn't make much of a difference. Although, it was nice to see Galaxia in action. The entire battle was truly unforgettable and the war on the moon was a nice touch.

Once Sailor Moon entered Yami Houou's mind, she reached out to Mars and got her to fight again. And what a comeback by that girl. Her devotion to her fellow Senshi and friends was astounding. That alone won my respect for her.

Of course, the twist even I couldn't have predicted... Suzaku forcing Takato to take Sailor Mars' life. The poor boy will be mentall scarred over this for a long time. Fortunately, the true Houou emerged and (along with Sailor Moon) restored everything damaged by the Rajita. I was to see Kuwabara, Cammy, Okami and Mars being revived.

Now, I see some form of friction between the Senshi and Tamers because of this. Though, Mars and Cammy thanked Takato. I wonder where this will lead. Will Takato ever trust Suzaku again? One has to wonder. Hopefully Rika will be the one to pull him out of his funk. And you're certainly alluding to a future Hiei/Sailor Mars relationship... very interesting.

I actually read this chapter twice. That just shows how much I enjoyed it. In fact, I think this chapter was better than the final Zeed battle in your D-Fusion series. Now as much as I enjoyed D-Fusion, this series is truly your best fic work. I just wish this series was an actual anime. I think it would be immensely popular. Of course, I would be one of those to watch it. I am that big of a fan for this series.

Have you improved as a writer since starting D-Fusion in 2002/2003? Oh, absolutely but you can only improve. Do not give up writing. You've certainly expressed creativity and you have the potential to become a great author when you put all of your ideas together. In my view, D-Fusion helped to gain you recognition in the Digimon fandom and you created a perfect Digimon/DBZ fusion series. This ultimate crossover series has catapulted you to becoming one of the best on

Thank you, author. Also, regards goes to your beta and your supporters. They helped you to produce one of the most epic crossover stories posted on

And this chapter itself deserves a lot of reviews. It's all you could ask for. Action, drama and suspense. And we're only beginning the '08 year with a bang. I hope your future stories will be just as great. However, I don't expect another epic chapter of this calibur for a long while.

What else can I say? I think I speak for everyone else who's had the honor to read your entire series. At this point, the series has hit its peak or is at least close to it.

I, for one, look forward to seeing how the story all ties together in the final chapter of this saga. Thank you for this wonderful piece and stay in good health. Farewell thy well.

- Thanos of Titan
Belletiger chapter 27 . 1/21/2008
that was a awesme chapter!

Yami houou is has a scary power, and the battle scenes were pretty cool! I liked the return of Sailor Galaxia. Poor Takato, Suzaku shouldn't had do that to the poor kid. Takado's trust on him is broken. I hope they can fix their bound. I am so happy that Rei, Cammy , Okami and Kuwabara are back from the death. I am so happy _

I can't wait for the last chapter of the rajita series; D
SlothKeeper chapter 27 . 1/20/2008
*Cries mournfully* Sailor Mars...Why. *cries* so good. Need tissues. I can't wait for you to update. But seriously, Takato killing Mars, never saw that coming. That had to be the biggest plot twist in history. Update soon.
Silver Warrior chapter 27 . 1/20/2008
my my my, what a chapter! What a story! An awesome battle, really put me in mind of the fights against the Dark Phoenix (though to be truthful I'm only familiar with the cartoon, as the comics were a LONG time ago). But man, that's just harsh what happened with Takato and Suzaku. His trust in Suzaku is broken, and the trust of most of the Senshi in Takato is broken. Truly rough on them.
jetblack1979 chapter 27 . 1/20/2008

I read all of the chapters of your YuYugiDigiMoon fanfics series and I found it very exiting. I also like the last chapter in which Rei Hino is finally saved after a long and intensitive battle, one of great emotional struggle. I want to talk to you about idea for future YuYugiDigiMoon stories. We all know that the heroes will have to fight BlackGuilmon, Madoudramon and the rest of the evil Digimons before confronting the Digimon Demon God himself, Valmarmon. But that's only half of their problems. Because they will confronting 2 group bent on their destruction.

The first group is a group of Digimon Haters known as Defiants. This group's soul purpose is to eradicate Digimon from the surface of the earth in order to preserve the survival of humankind. What makes this group even more dangerous is that they possess state-of-the-art technologies and mutant powers capable of even killing an Mega level Digimon. This group is founded by a former Hypno scientist Akihiro Kurata who has an intense hatred for Digimons ever since they killed Akihiro's wife 2 years ago. He quits Hypno ever since Yamaki became a good frriend to the Tamers. Right after the Pharaohmon incident, he founded Defiants, a group dedicated in the extermination of all Digimon. All the group member has a reason to see the Digimon exterminate. Some of them has lost their love one, either friends or family, due to the Digimon. Some of the group blame the Digimon has turn their love one into freaks of nature. Akihiro, with his great genius, create state-of-the-art weapon, gave mutant power and cybernetic implants to some of his followers and train his group hard to fight the Digimon. With the exception of Akihiro, all member wears costumes that conceal their identities. Their costumes is a fusion of the Obelisk Blue student uniforms and the Hellfire Club soldiers (in The Dark Phoenix Saga) from the X-Men.

Even though they are a threat to the heroes, they will play only a minor role in The Return Of Valmarmon Saga.

Here's a list of their anti-Digimon attacks:

Stole Hypno and Kaibaland technologies.

Murder of over 200 Digimon (30 Mega level, 30 Ultimate level, 40 Champion level, 60 Rookie level 20 In-Training level and 20 Baby level).

Wiping out half of the Rajita survivors in the Digital World.

Try to kill Valmarmon group and Heroes group while the 2 group are fighting each other.

At the end of The Return Of Valmarmon Saga, we will learn the identities of all Defiants members at the end of the saga.

The members are:

(Digimon Savers):

Kouki. Powers: Fire manipulation

Ivan. Powers: Earth Manipulation

Nanami. Powers: Powerful telapathy.

Kouki, Ivan and Nanami were the first 3 members to join Defiants because they lost their family due to a Digimon attack, 1 year and a half ago. Thanks to Kurata's expertise on genetics, the each obtain their own mutant powers. They now obtain the power to avenge the death of their family.


Siegfried Von Schroider (Rival of Kaiba). Powers: None. Rely on Dueling to fight.

Siegfried has joined Defiants because a Digimon attack has put his little brother Leon into a deep coma in which he might never come out of it, 1 year ago. Now, by using his technologies to Akihiro's service, Siegfried hope to make the Digimon pay for what they did to Leon.

Weevil Underwood (Rival of Yugi and gang). Powers: Psychic control over the insects. Also rely on Dueling to fight.

Rex Raptor (Rival of Yugi and gang). Powers: Transmorph able to assume the form of a dinosaur-like creature. Also rely on Dueling to fight.

"Bandit" Keith Howard (Rival of Yugi and gang). Powers: Healing factor and superhuman senses. Also rely on Dueling to fight.

Weevil, Rex and "Bandit" joined Defiants because they think that Digimon popularity is going to replace Duel Monsters, making them be forgotten by the dueling fans that are craving for more Digimon cards. Thanks to Kurata's expertise on genetics, they each receive a mutant power of their choosing. Now, with their new powers, Weevil, Rex and "Bandit" hopes to save Duel Monsters by eliminating the Digimon.

Vivian Wong (Cousin of Henry, Suzie and Jaarin. Rival of Yugi and gang). Powers: Wind manipulation and flight. Also rely on Dueling to fight.

Vivian, with her cousin Rinchei, joined Defiants because she blame the Digimons for transforming her other cousins into freaks and for the murder of her family, 1 year and a half ago. She was given the mutant power of wind manipulation and flight thanks to the genetic expertise of Akihiro. Now, with new powers at her fingerstip, Vivian hope to obtain vengeance, even by killing her other cousin.

Miho Nosaka (Tristan's former girlfriend). Powers: Cold and Ice Manipulation, transforms whole body into living ice. Also rely on Dueling to fight.

Miho joined Defiants because, 1 year and a half ago, a Digimon attack has claimed the life of her entire family. Thanks to Akihiro's expertise on genetics, she was given the power of cold and ice manipulation with the addition of transforming her whole body into living ice. Now, she can have her revenge on the Digimon, even at the expense of her former friends' lives.

(Digimon Tamers):

Rinchei Wong (Brother of Henry, Suzy and Jaarin). Powers: Psychic illusions. Also rely on weapon to fight.

Rinchei, with his cousin Vivian, joined Defiants because he blame the Digimons for transforming her sisters and brother into freaks and for the murder of his college friends, 1 year and a half ago. He was given the mutant power of psychic illusion thanks to the genetic expertise of Akihiro. Now, with new powers at his fingerstip, Rinchei hope to obtain vengeance, even by killing his brother and sisters.

Ayaka Itou (Friend of Jeri Katou). Powers: Water manipulation.

Miki Nakajima (Friend of Jeri Katou). Powers: Transmute into indestructible diamond form.

Ayaka and Miki joined Defiants because they lost their family due to a Digimon attack 1 year and a half ago. They also blame them for turning Jeri into a freak and leaving them alones to join her new friends. Thanks to Akihiro's expertise on genetics, they receive each their own mutant powers. Now, they hope to get their revenge on the Digimon, even by killing Jeri and her new friends

(Digimon Frontier):

Yukata Himi (Brother of Tomoki). Powers: None. Rely on weapon to fight.

Yukata joined Defiants because they blame them for turning his adorable little brother Tomoki into a freak of nature. He trained very hard with each weapon capable of even killing an Mega level Digimon. Now, by joining Defiants, he will make them pay for what they did to his brother.

Katsuharu (Rival of Takuya and gang). Powers: Psychic control over the plants and flowers

Teppei (Rival of Takuya and gang). Powers: Teleportation. Also rely on weapon to fight.

Teruo (Rival of Takuya and gang). Powers: Magnetism manipulation

Chiaki (Rival of Takuya and gang). Powers: Create a psionic whip composed of bio-electric energy.

Katsuharu, Teppei, Teruo and Chiaki joined Defiants because they were extremely jealous of Takuya and friends' courageous heroics act and wish to be better heroes than them. Thanks to Kurata's expertise on genetics, they receive each their own mutant powers. Now, Katsuharu, Teppei, Teruo and Chiaki can prove to be better heroes by killing all the Digimon. Including Takuya and fiends' Digimon forms.

(Yu Yu Hakusho):

Kirishima (Friend of Kuwabara). Powers: Metablolizes kinetic energy into greater physical attributes.

Okubo (Friend of Kuwabara). Powers: Able to increase gravity.

Sawamura (Friend of Kuwabara). Powers: Solar absorption and rechanneling, projection of heat and light and concussive blasts.

Kirishima, Okuba and Sawamura joined Defiants because they think the Digimons stolen their friend Kuwabara and make him forget about them. Thanks to Akihiro's expertise on genetics, they each obtain their own mutant powers. Now, with their new powers, they will slaying all the Digimon in hope of getting their friend back.

(Sailor Moon):

Naru Osaka (Friend of Usagi and friends). Powers: Shapeshifting and power mimicry.

Gurio Umino (Friend of Usagi and friends). Powers: None. Rely on weapon to fight.

Naru and Gurio joined Defiants because a Digimon attack has put Gurio's parents into a coma and made Naru's mother lose the ability to use her legs, 1 year and a half ago. While Naru gains her mutant power of mimicry thanks to Kurata while Gurio decide to train himself by using any kind of weapon that kill even Mega level Digimon. Now, Naru and Gurio will get their hope of avenging their family, even by killing the Sailor Senshi in which they think they betray them by siding with the Digimon.

Unazuki Furuhata (Friend of Usagi and friends). Powers: Sonic screams and concussive blasts.

Unazuki has joined Defiants because, 1 year and a half ago, a Digimon attack has permanently scarred her brother Motoki for life due to intense heat and burning. She has obtain her mutant power of sonic screams and concussive blasts thanks to Akihiro. Now, she hopes to obtain vengeance for her brother's burned scar, even by killing the Sailor Senshi in whichshe thinks they betray her by siding with the Digimon.

Naruru Osaka (Friend of Usagi and friends). Powers: Light manipulation, flight and superhuman speed and durability.

Ruruna Kobe (Friend of Usagi and friends). Powers: Light manipulation, flight and superhuman speed and durability.

Naruru and Ruruna joined Defiants because they think the Digimon has paralysed Naru and Naruru's mother for life and killed Chibi-Usa. Thanks to Akihiro, they obtaintheir mutant powers of light manipulation, flight and superhuman spped and durability. Now, they have the power to destroy the Digimon by any mean necessary. Even by killing the Sailor Senshi in which they think they betray them by siding with the Digimon.

(Original character):

Rukia Orimoto (Cousin of Izumi). Powers: Camouflage. Also rely on weapon to fight.

Rukia is the same age as Izumi. She has black hairs and green eyes. She lost her family due to a Digimon attack, 2 years ago. Since then, she vows to see the Digimon completely eradicate to avenge the death of her family. She joined Defiants and receive her mutant power of camouflage thanks to Akihiro's genius expertise on genetic. Now, she can have her revenge on the Digimon, even by killing her own cousin.

Thomas Longshot. Powers: Cyborg body and superhuman strength, spped and reflexes. Pairs of 3 retractable adamantium claws on each cybernetic arm.

Thomas Longshot is a young man of 22 years. He has blond hairs and brown eyes. He has lost his family, arms and legs due to a Digimon attack almost 1 year and a half. Ever since that day, he vows to have revenge on the Digimon, whatever the cost. He joined Defiants and thanks to Kurata, he has receive new cybernetic arms and legs. In the 2 new cybernetic arms, each carries 3 retractable adamantium claws specially design to kill even ultimate level Digimon. Now, fully restored with arms and legs, Thomas can hope to achieve his revenge.

The second group is the diversified multinational corperation CainCorp, founded by Cain Bearer, an american in his early thirties. His corporation is the most powerful company in the world in terms of scientific research, advanced medical research, technology advancement and weapon research. He was once a happy man with a great life and a wife. Until Galaxia's henchwoman arrives and kill his wife. Since the henchwoman had Sailor in their names, he came to the conclusion that all Sailor Senshi are evil. He then decide to spent his life to destroy the Sailor senshi in hope to avenge his wife's death.

With the help of his assistant and bodyguard Grace Groves and robotics and weapon designer Victor Trask, Cain designed the perfect machine to hunt down the Sailor Senshi. They are called the Souja. Their appearance is like a fusion of the Borg in Star Trek and the Sentinels in X-Men. Cain has designed them after seeing Sailor Mars' terrifying powers (while she was Yami Houou) and came to the conclusion that the Sailor Senshi will become so powerful they'll become a very threat to the Earth. The Souja possess superhuman strength, speed and endurance. They have laser eyes, metallic tentacles that comes out from the palms of their hands, jet rocket from the palms of the feets and missiles lanchers on their shoulders. They even have a program that helps them detect Sailor Senshi at very long range. Cain even designed a Master Mold-like Souja Creator to help him create even more Souja in his quest to eradicate the Sailor Senshi.

As for Sailor Uranus, her attitude towards the Tamers is almost like that of Sasuke Uchiha. I wonder if you could give her a history and destiny that is almost like that of Sauke Uchiha, giving her some sort of a Sasuke Uchiha complexe. If you have the entire Naruto manga, you'll know that Uranus will follow the same path as Sasuke. I hope you'll like this idea about Uranus in future stories.

The two group decide to unite after learning that the Digimon and Sailor Senshi will become a devastating force if they joined together. The combine efforts of Defiants and CainCorp will give our heroes a very hard time and they will force our heroes to go into hiding in hope to survive when the whole world is out to get them. I don't know if you'll like or not my ideas. But, at least, I give my best to gave you ideas to continue your stories. Thanks.

Francis Doyon
Jeffrey chapter 27 . 1/20/2008
Your best chapter ever! I can't belive what transpsired here. It was so much and how Takato deliverd the blow to mars it brought me to the point of tears. I liked how you connected so many links with Houho and Suzaku. I do wonder if the sailor senshi and the beast tamers will ever get over this hardship how Takato did what he did (I really hope they can). I trully loved this chapter. And I wonder what's going to happen next. I'm glad that the casulties were reversed and Cammy and Kauma came back to life. I trully liked how Houoh asked Hiei to look after Cammy and rei. You did a very good job with this story. See ya on the next update dude. Later
Chaosblazer chapter 27 . 1/20/2008
Very Intresting finish to this fight I gotta say, and I gotta admit I did not see Takato..or should I say Suzaku killing Yami Houou as Mars finally got back in control like that coming, poor Takato's gonna be mentally scared for a while now it would seem, hope it works out for them, and I like the slight x men cartoon dark phoenix saga reference with how they brought Mars back to life.

Since there's too much else to mention i'll just sum it up with this, this is one awsome story, and i'm glad i got to read it, heh I can't wait to see what happens next cause each chapter is just another suprise.

Keep up the great work dude.
P. Labyrinth chapter 26 . 1/15/2008
Woah. It's not often a fanfic leaves me thinking about it long after i've switched the PC off. Good work.
Super Goku987 chapter 26 . 1/15/2008
Great story. I enjoyed Digimon Fusion but I'm liking this series more thanks to this story. I want to see how they beat Yami Houou and save their friend Mars! Is it really just two chapters left?
avatoa chapter 25 . 1/12/2008
Is the Dark Phoenix Saga a fanfiction or is it a comic book series?
Silver Moon Princess chapter 26 . 1/12/2008
Whoa... that was intense. Yami Houou is an even greater monster than Ghidorah. I never thought it'd be true. Poor, Rei. I hope she can conquer the monster that's possessed her! C'mon, Rei-chan!

This chapter was just overall awesome sauce. I loved the whole Yami Houou entrance and Ghidorah finally dies! HOORAY! But, we shouldn't celebrate long with Yami Houou set free.

Sailor Moon returns and gains her Valkyrie form! That was neat. Oh and I was surprised that Helios/Pegasus showed up! Even more surprised that Galaxia appeared! I hope she will be enough to help our heroes save Rei.

Overall, awesome chapter. I can't wait to see how this unfolds with only two chapters left. I want to see how this Yami Houou conflict ends! I love this story and your whole series. _
Gallantmon of the Hazard chapter 26 . 1/10/2008
Sorry that I took so long to review, but I've been busy as my final semister at Penn State is going to start on January 14! But it is my bad totally!

Anyway, I would to say that this story was exciting before this chapter and now, it gets even more exciting.

Ghidorah is dead and Sailor Moon and Princess Kakyuu are revived, but Sailor Mars has been taken over by the 'Dark Phoenix'.

Now, Sailor Moon gains her Valkyrie form and her Spirit Beast is Helios in his Pegasus form . . . for now.

And now, with the powers of the Silver Crystal and Moon Heart Crystal, Sailor Moon's power have reached a new peak.

And now, the group of heroes and heroines prepare to take on their possessed friend while Galaxia and others also prepare to battle the evil within Sailor Mars.

However, Galaxia is prepared to do what it takes to save the universe, even it means taking Sailor Mars' life.

While our heroes and heroines back in the Sol System plan to save Mars from the 'Dark Phoenix' with all of their power.

This story is only 28 chapter based on what you said, so, this means that there are only two chapters left!

I can't wait to see the final two chapters! Hope you update soon!

Later and best wishes!

PS: By the way, I wish to ask three questions:

1) Since Pegasus/Helios is only a temporary Spirit Beast for Sailor Moon, will Sailor Moon get a new Spirit Beast when Sailor Mini-Moon becomes a Valkyrie?

2) And what kind of new Spirit Beast will Sailor Moon get in the future?

3) Finally, I'm curious about something. You called Yami Houou's attack a mental 'rape'. Why didn't you call just a mental 'attack' or 'assault' and a mental 'rape'? Just curious.
Chaosblazer chapter 26 . 1/10/2008
Wow, just wow and here i thought Ghidorah was a monster powerwise both figuratively and literally, and now we've got Yami Houou who's even more deadly, ouchies for the good guys cause it's gonna take one heck fo a group effort to beat her.

Tempted to think someone's gonna pull a Jaden and go inside her mind somehow and get Mars out, but that's just me personally.

Lol as a side note it's worth mentioning that if you had waited one more day this would've been posted on my birthday, but hey it's close enough and it was a great inadvertain gift dude lol.

Keep up the good work and let's see how this finishes up, the last two chapters should be awsome.
Dark Qiviut chapter 26 . 1/9/2008
*shivers* I'm not a part of the battle (thank heavens), and I can *still* feel the evil in Yami Houou.

Houou was, to say the least, a monster. The way she killed off Ghidorah was just BRUTAL! Blowing off parts of his body to where even HE begged for mercy... My heavens!

And go, Rei, go! Stand up to this blood-thirsty monster of yours! Make sure she pays for murdering all those innocent lives on Earth and in the galaxy far, far away! (Must admit, your Star Wars tribute made me chuckle a little. _)

Very good chapter, and I anticipate your next update. Keep it up!
Power-Of-Light chapter 26 . 1/9/2008
Whoa...I never thought Rei's dark side had a grander power than Pharaohmon but if teh enxt battle going to be VERY intense, I'll have to control my excitement -restrains it- And why do I have a strong feeling that Takato's going to be in a special role in the battle again Yami Honou as Gallantmon & Cammy did the finishing blow to Pharaohmon

-Cheers- GO HEROES, SAVE REI! -leaves quickly before I get embarrased-
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