Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon: The Invasion of the Rajita
Ford1114 chapter 14 . 4/21/2015
So yeah, he should be called ‘Atem’ before and onward, and the reminder of Data Squad being shown years ago.

Beelzebumon appears alongside Calumon in fighting off the Rajita. Uh oh, I saw alien eggs near Yamaki’s group and are ready to hatch.

Jaguarmon figures out that Phillipe is a boy, least the confusion is settled. Oh I see Orochimon and a DarkTyrannomon.

Kuiiza plans to turn the victims into soldiers is in the process, starting with Maya regaining her memories (and being controlled).

Lyn and Seto’s group are seen near Kaiba Manor and fights more Rajita. Seto and Lyn spend their time with each other. I feel bad for Lyn’s past growing up in the streets (it relates to one certain Kuiper), from Egypt seeing Duel Monsters to her time with Genkai.

I see San Francisco, CA is being invaded by aliens. We get to see the debut of the American soldier, Nate Escobar. A rewatch bonus is that one of the Rajita ships is taken out, and I hear future plots in mind since you and Lazer plan them out.

Duelists and Beast Tamers are seen fighting Kujiko. Ghidorah meets the Digimon characters and faces them. Ghidorah is tough.

Wow, Neptune uses her water attack in making a Rajita explode. This is the first we see the Senshi with their unnamed spirit partners.

And we get to see the potential ‘victory’ tamers fighting Medusamon’s forces. Medusamon sees Phillipe’s potential, but the boy denies her. Jaguarmon takes a liking to Phillipe.

Mizuno reappears much to Hiei’s dismay.

This ends with the Rajita entering the Digital World. Oh my goddramon.
Ford1114 chapter 13 . 4/21/2015
Chapter 13, we get to see the Dra-Warriors alongside Imperialdramon of sensing the alien threat. At the same time, there are rumors of Duel Monsters.

Aw man, Earth has become a warzone due to the invasion. Oh yeah, Okami and his wife are kidnapped as well. Rei is going to have a word with the shorty. That’s a lot of spying for both Sailor Mars and Hiei, someone should commission an art piece.

Kuzuhamon is back, and Renamon is not surprise. It seems the Amazon Kingdom is under threat by an ancient enemy, I remember who she is.. Kuzuhamon thinks that Phillipe should be her partner. Jaguarmon is mentioned for the first time.

Finally, Kaiba’s project is complete, he surpasses Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. :P The Duelists arrive and Kaiba ignores only the Brooklyn underdog. More convincing that the threat is real. Digimon characters are surprise at the project. Kaiba is always stubborn as a mule.

Oh wow, Nagah, Kujiko and Morpheous are having a drinking contest. Nagah is being sexy to those reptiles. Isn’t that the same Zimmy from Summer Diaries? We get to see Rhea, Nagah’s ‘best friend’.

The Amazon Kingdom’s perpetrator reveals to be Medusamon, yes I do remember her. Turns out she is sent by the evil Digimon.

Haha! Yusuke just got slapped by Botan of being pervy. :D This is the introduction of Senshi becoming Valkyries (years later, the Puellas become valkyries as well) and your right, they are stronger than Toguro. :O

(I believe I have a list of songs to show on document when I get the chance)
Ford1114 chapter 12 . 4/21/2015
The beginning shows good details of the Senshi suffering a great loss. Unlike previous villains, Ghidorah is independent and is nothing but irredeemably evil (the first true Complete Monster in the YYGDM franchise) and stronger than Pharaohmon. Just then, a mysterious senshi arrives.

She is Sailor Sedna, that OC you made. This is the eleventh senshi as another plot twist while she defeats the Rajita mooks. The time has come for Pluto to tell the revelations soon.

Aw man, the Spirit Detectives and the others are facing the two Rajita generals. It’s a tough match to face. Holy shit, Keiko, Yukina, Shizuru and Atsuko’s souls are taken!

Afterwards, the Spirit Detectives meet up with the Senshi. Okami is here as well.

Uh oh, Ghidorah disposes his mook. :P

Wait a minute, so Takato’s teacher (Ms. Asagi) is a werewolf?! I didn’t remember this!

The Duelists learns more of the Rajita alongside the Orichalcos by a Lycan. Plus, they learn about the Makai realm.

Back to the Senshi/Spirit Detectives, Pluto introduces herself to the Detectives. Perhaps I can tell that Pluto is a singularity between both timelines (the original/WoP and the main/WoPRedux timelines) since she is the guardian of the Time Gate? Now there is a formal introduction to each Senshi. It is revealed that Okami use to love Queen Serenity. The flashback with their first meeting (it’s a reference to the manga authors of Sailor Moon and YYH married) alongside Ghidorah encounters (which I also remember there’s more to the events than that starting when Belletiger made that gaiden..). Enma’s a dick per say. I learn about the mention of Artemis, which she is indeed the same Greek goddess. Oh yeah, Yoko Kurama is involved.

There’s still tension of trust between Takato. So this is it, the Moon Heart Crystal in revealing the power to become Valkyries! A mythological foreshadowing of what’s to come. :) Another big battle for them and the heroes are powering up in action! The war is just the beginning.

(If I have time, I can show you songs whenever you revise the Rajita chapters.)
Ford1114 chapter 11 . 4/21/2015
The eleventh hour begins with the Spirit Detectives returning to Genkai’s shrine. This is where Yusuke talks about Rando, and Hiei scoffs that he could easily defeat him. The first time Yui and her friends come to this place. Genkai makes an appearance. The YYH change since the Dark Tournament, even though they have two more arcs left (Chapter Black and Three Kings). Yes, Lyn, Max and Sam also appear, I remember you told me of their upcoming Gaiden.

Hypnos is getting suspicious about Kaiba if this project is really worth it, in which it relates to the invasion coming.

Back at Genkai’s shrine, they encounter a powerful demon named Draco. The word ‘Taiyoukai’ is mentioned for the first time, in which you expand the YYH universe magnificently of the first encounter with these ancient demons (it reminds my inner love to the anime when I was young and it’s so big back then). Of course Draco is the weaker Taiyoukai. Lyn is using her ka again.

“MEGA EVOLUTION!” Heh, years later, Pokemon has Mega Evolution. :P

The Invasion of the Rajita has come at last. Green lights are everywhere, and it’s a full scale army instead of the monsters-of-the-week. Haha, the army is obviously no match for the Rajitas. More fights ahead alongside souls being captured.

Meanwhile, Seto is not please when HYPNOS tells him to cancel his project due to the invasion.

Nagah gets to meet the Sailor Senshi. Calling out their attacks in full force makes the fight much challenging. Kuiiza is seen kidnapping these orphaned children alongside Kujiko kidnapping Maya.

Heh, Yui and DarkGabumon biomerge into Lady Lupin and curbstomps Draco.

Finally the big one, Ghidorah appears and confronts Sailor Moon face to face. The female!Superman meets Darkseid in an anime universe. Unlike past Sailor Moon villains, this one is so menacing that shakes the fear to Sailor Moon’s heart. Aw shit!

Crystal Tokyo makes a cameo. Sailor Moon…is killed by Ghidorah. One big ‘wham chapter’ even as I look back. The Senshi are beyond pissed, especially Mars swearing with words. And who is that female figure?
Ford1114 chapter 10 . 4/21/2015
I’m listening to the X song while reviewing the tenth chapter. Good way to kick in the invasion and the reawakening of Atlantis’ dragon knights. To be honest, it’s going to take a long time to revise the chaps for your current writing style since all the chapters are long and other stories to focus, I don’t know…

Ghidorah makes his move to spread the invasion across the globe.

Yusuke tells Yui stories about his time as a spirit detective up till the Dark Tournament. He mentions about Genkai’s death before Yusuke avenge her, thankfully she got better. Genkai and Younger Toguro are Frieza (pre Kai) and Cell. :P
Once again, Kurama meets Maya who she still doesn’t remember.

Rei is thinking about Hiei, who even though he saved her from Pharaohmon, they are still hostile at that time.

More talk about the virtual project, oh look, Henry’s dad is here. Unaware, two of the Rajita generals stand firm.

Well, the Digimon villains only manage to get two god cards. :P

Rei is shown to be a beautiful singer, considering she is now voice by Cristina Vee (who has done the ‘Let it Go’ video with Christine Marie Cabanos). She does have a big role.

The Duelists are so surprise to see Mai Valentine (to which referring to Joey as ‘Joseph’ shows a serious tone). Joey however, is NOT HAPPY to see her and yells at her. One of the biggest tearjerking scenes in your stories.

Then, the groups fight another Rajita mutant. I can see Sailor Uranus and Neptune are distrustful of Takato taking a part on this (with Mars seeing him as a ‘little brother’).

Oh my god, Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba are having back the powers of the Legendary Dragons. Which now in real-life they finally have their official trading cards release.

The end shows Ghidorah wearing his signature Shredder mask, this is a wham shot that he means business.
Ford1114 chapter 9 . 4/21/2015
This is the chapter where 2006 starts..(the year where Code Geass and the anime versions of Death Note/Haruhi Suzumiya aired. To be honest, 2006 is not one of my best years to say..I like 2007 more.) Ah, this is where Digimon Data Squad was aired as the fifth season. Then around 2010 we have Xros Wars, and then this year we finally return to the roots in the Adventure/02 verse with tri coming to full circle. Hmm, by the time Neos United starts, I want to offer to have my notes/voice in your A/N as ‘Beta-Reader II’s Notes:’

The Spirit Detectives alongside the return of Koenma and Botan are connecting the Beast Tamers to the fake Saint Beasts in Maze Castle. They are talking about the real deals in Chinese Mythology with different names in China and Japan, but are still the same deities. They even heard that THE Sailor Moon is here.

Mai begins to understand about Joey’s past and all his struggles, including how he and Tristan once picked on Yugi before they became friends after Yugi saves them from Ushio (known as Trudge in 5Ds, but Trudge is his descendant in your stories).

Rei is training and Usagi is caught up with the situation.

In the Digital World, I see BlackGuilmon and his company planning to steal the Egyptian God Cards to find the Valmarmon pieces (which his name is mention back in Season 1, and Season 3 is where the pieces come to play). Do I remember those Huskymon sisters, haha Totally Spies is mentioned. :P

There’s volleyball in a university and Chameleo appears, this time with Draconian Guardians. Sailor Senshi and heroes fight back.

Aoshi is not happy of people alongside his father seeing his Lycan form. Oh there’s an evil werewolf named Kiba as they fight till Aoshi emerge victorious. Spirit Detectives arrive and Okami mentions his hatred to King Enma. Okami shows his distrust to the Detectives, at first..

Oh shit, the God Cards are stolen again, no wonder they play big roles in the Season Trilogy. :P

Last scene, the Rajita are finally going to prepare their full invasion. Ghidorah is going to step up.
Ford1114 chapter 8 . 4/21/2015
Now do I see Henry talking about how he and the rest of his friends fight on his own alongside their Digimon partners. His older sister appears and remind herself that Ranamon is not originally evil.

Kuzuhamon reappears since the Shadow Tournament and reunites with Inumon, only to be stop by Sakuyamon. Renamon is right, some canines never change.

Ah, I remember seeing that Duelist returning, Mai Valentine. Ever since the Orichalcos arc, she hasn’t been the same for a pedestal who’s broken from her actions. There’s her meeting Serenity, to which Mai wants a place to stay.

Meanwhile, the Duelists see one of the Grandra siblings duel with Weevil and Rex. (AKA: Beavis and Butthead in Abridged, but that’s before Abridged came out a year later) We get to see George Grandra using the Elemental Heroes deck and with good strategy, he manages to easily defeat Weevil/Rex (now themselves as former regional champions are just simply a memory).

Then, Joey duels with another Grandra sibling. I remember the Grandra sibilings came from England (to which where LittleKuriboh resides). I see a Duel Monster named Fenrir (alongside Fenrir the Nordic Wolf years later, both references we’ll see the actual Fenrir of Norse Mythology). Oh I remember Ocean Dragon Lord as one of the early structure decks, she manages to defeat Joey!

Kujiko sends Orcus (not Sailor Orcus! :P), nothing new.

At the shrine, there is a reunion for an unexpected guest…Sailor Moon! That’s right, she officially appears in this season after making cameos back in WoP/Redux! Usagi Tsukino alongside Mamoru are back. It’s old times between Usagi and Rei (at least only the anime version). :P
There is a lot to discuss for Usagi to swallow, especially concerning the Rajita since they are more threatening than the Youma they fought.

Finally, Kaiba appears to duel with the last of the Grandra siblings with 8000 lifepoints! This is the first for the old generation Duelists to see Level monsters. Dragons, there’s BEUD and seeing Red-Eyes Black Chick become grown up. And then the trump card, Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, which special ability powers him up to obliterate Kaiba! Omg :O
I feel bad for Seto, knowing his and Yugi’s generation is over. As I reread the dialogue, it reminds you and your generation of friends wonder of the situation of writing and life in general, which is why I came along to show that both our generations co-exist to refresh ideas and the forthcoming Cross Generations.

Stay tune for Chap 9.
Ford1114 chapter 7 . 4/21/2015
I’m off to read the chapter of gaming. With now we have graphics, DLCs, professional reviewers/theories and current game systems.

Emag Oediv makes his appearance, it’s video game spell backwards and looks like a Looney Tunes character.

Back on earth, we meet Aoshi’s father named Okami, and at the arcade we see the Spirit Detectives playing Mortal Kombat (which now Mortal Kombat X is release). The Senshi are challenging the Spirit Detectives, and then Saya reappears to buttheads with Minako. I remember Time Crisis.

With Emag’s presence, he sends the heroes to the game dimensions to compete in games.

Back in Tokyo Tower, Kaiba negotiates with Yamaki about the virtual merger. It has to work somehow.

There’s Minako racing with Saya. I see Jupiter interacts with Raiden, there’s the mention of Zeus, which she will then use the hammer…Haha, Venus said “Believe it!” to Emag and there’s Looney Tunes reference.

The mention of the Grandra siblings is sure to be interesting.

Ghidorah is not please. Those generals are taking turns to impress the warlord.
Ford1114 chapter 6 . 4/21/2015
Chapter 6. Ah, Takato trains with Sailor Mars.

So this is where we see the main Rajita Generals (Kuiiza, Nagah, Kujiko, and Morpheous) alongside the main Big Bad that takes the name of Kaiser Ghidorah, which it is Kaiser Ghidorah. They remind me of Beryl and her four generals, only that these reptilians are pretty badass evil. No wonder why Ghidorah is one of the few OCs that stand out.

Terriermon just mention a TMNT reference. Haha, Ghidorah is also the Shredder. The Tamers reunite with the Duelists at last, only that Rajita Shinobi appears.

Henbu and Himmako are born. At the end, Aoshi becomes a werewolf, and there’s a blue-haired girl using a BEWD ka. This girl’s name is Lyn Stromberg (who is originally Lazer’s simple OC in a one-shot before deciding to put her in your franchise), what is going on here? I see Ninjadramon makes a cameo by the former Ninetalesuk.
Ford1114 chapter 5 . 4/21/2015
So, it’s Thanksgiving for this chapter I’m rereading.

Yes, the full recap of the Duelists time in the Millennium World of Egypt. Seto Kaiba has been an important character in your fanfics. From refusing to believe in magic (english dub) to become open about it, the experiences he sees his past incarnation with Kisara, and want to forget about nostalgia, but maybe there’s more to that for the future.

Today, Kaiba is planning a special project to fuse the Digital and Duel Monsters World. It is going to be a big event, he’s putting a gamble for this.

The Beast Tamers have their lives change with becoming marvel characters. Duelists remember their experiences with Dartz and Orichalcos (which Waking the Dragons arc is one of the ‘better’ filler arcs in anime and how Dartz’s has one of the most BROKEN decks in history). They will see that Orichalcos relates to the Rajita aliens.

Another monster attack, and Rika becomes Seirika to defeat it. Yes, two more awaken Beast Tamers to go.

Even though I don’t know much about him, I’m sorry to hear about that WWE wrestler years ago.
Ford1114 chapter 4 . 4/21/2015
Chapter 4. Takato explains to the others about new powers in wondering they become Marvel characters. Renamon and Inumon show some bonding with the former softens herself up. Yui and Aoshi are looking forward to Genkai.

Haha yes, Kotori’s stories of being a defender against bullies is awesome. Oh right, Himura gaining metal is that he’s Wolverine due to the card he has.

Ah, the Rajita tells more about their connection with the Moon Kingdom. Rajita fight Senshi and Digimon characters. Just then, the card Takato holds is Suzaku, in which they form the bond and somehow connects to Zhuqaiomon. Sailor Mars has senses this.

And so, Suzakato is born and then they stop the Rajita.

Finally, we get to see the Duelists since they come home from Egypt and defeated Yami Bakura/Zorc. Atem would have to wait until they solve this current threat. The Duelists are being called.

Okay, we get it, Seiryuu is a female. :P That’s right, Lazer is the one who help the names of the Tamers’ forms, give him credit upon looking back. Yeah, I remember you use to show the pictures of the Tamers’ beast forms before being removed.
Ford1114 chapter 3 . 4/21/2015
3rd Chapter. You turned 22 10 years ago, I’m around middle school at that time. I’m impress how you balance your stories and college for such a feat. I know I did that too, but my life is obviously different (and me understanding the deconstructed results at such an early age, like me doing a 30,000 chapter is beyond my level and little time to do.). The Beast Cards being Fantastic Four…(this year is that reboot, I don’t know what to say).

Setsuna is hiding something about these Rajita that the Senshi likes to know.

Haha, so Takato has his yugioh card and he’s on fire and naked! Hahaha! Guilmon said he’s like the Human Torch (which in the new movie he’ll be black, so Takato is the Asian human torch :P). Then, Kurama meets his old girlfriend who erases her memories at that time. Aoshi likes to speak in a fast tone. Yui is going to be a future warrior for sure.

The aquarium, this is where Makoto meets Mako Tsunami the first time. Ah, the orca likes Makoto. Another Rajita appears only he’s roasted. It’s like the early chapters have a monster-of-the-week tone.

Yeah, Naruto was good back then before all this filler, most overused flashbacks, and looking back makes us critical..
Ford1114 chapter 2 . 4/21/2015
Chapter 2, the cosplay event and the Beast Cards. Besides Kaibaland and alien lifeforms, 2003 in real-life is also the foundation of Anime Boston that would lead to one of the largest anime conventions today.

We see some costumes including the Ginyu Force (flashforward to Kai and they have their own japanese theme song) and Kazu being the Great Saiyanman. Oh, Kenta being Naruto is okay. Ah, Guardromon is Al from FMA, considering years later in House of Madoka that he’s wearing it again. That’s some reunion with the Tamers. Phillipe (and introducing to the Tamers) is Sora from KH, this at that time is where only the first game is released before subsequent games follow.

This takes us back to the early days of anime conventions, fanart/fics and so…I remember these memories both good and bad.

Haha, Yusuke is Gon with at that time the first anime ended and years later a second anime will follow (yet the manga is on hiatus many times). Yui dresses as her fav duel monster card.

Holy cow, the Legendary Warriors dress as the Digidestined that they saw on television.

Back at Kaiba-Land we see many cosplayers dress up as characters up to the early 2000s. Even though I haven’t been to the early years of Anime Boston (the first time I went was in 2009 and 2010), I see photos of costumes such as gundam (particularly Wing and SEED), sailor moon, and final fantasy (particularly FF7 back where the craze hits before nowadays fans have mixed opinions of this particular series, no wonder why FF7 has the most amount of fanfics due to being the first FF game to have 3D models.).

Oh right, Minako dresses as Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War (then in House of Madoka shows Saya dressing up as Deedlit with Tsukimaru as Parn. Oh my, Hotaru is Trinity, no wonder she’s a dark badass (and the only senshi that has no love interest). Inumon is Robin Hood.

The four main tamers hear about these four beast cards in a contest. Wow, Minako and Saya fight to see who has the better Sailor Moon merchandise. Contest time with questions! (Looking back, you have a lot of freedom of putting references such as the Frieza saga is originally suppose to be the end before Toriyama continues with the Cell and Buu sagas, and now, we have Battle of Gods and Frieza’s return (with blue hair saiyans become official) :P )

Suddenly, a Rajita appears and the Senshi goes to stop it. Wow, Blitzmon mentions that alien looks like from Halo (I remember putting references even though we’re not much fans of the franchise). Then the Tamers arrive to fight the alien. Fight time over and the Tamers get their Beast Cards.
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 4/21/2015
I reread the second season of YYGDM a few times, but this is my chance to review the first chapter to commence this story’s 10th anniversary.

Yeah, I remember the title change going from ‘YugiohDigimon’ (due to how it starts with just Yugioh and Digimon hence with Pharaohmon and the card tournament, before two more animes are added) to what we have now. Alternatively, I can recently call the franchise ‘The Age of Japan’s Heroes’ for a wider audience.

It starts by reading the monologue by Takato, Takuya, and Rei Hino, the three have their lives change since the Shadow Tournament. It felt great to meet the Duelists, Susanoomon fighting Pharaohmon, Himura & Inumon’s involvement to join the team. Now Phase 2 begins. Looking back I see the bold and underline letters (alongside ‘name-san’ in japanese surnames) that you don’t do anymore.

Ignoring the Tamers’ algebra class, and we have Rei having this particular nightmare that MarshmallowMyotismon mentioned. Who is that dark phoenix? Waking up for her little sister to comfort her.

This is the part where Himura meets Phillipe and his older sister Saya Sagara. Kotori’s wish came true indeed. Cammy just started school with Yui and Aoshi, the three have their bond to be Spirit Detectives’ successors.

Speaking of which. Aw yeah, we get to focus on Yusuke and Kuwabara! Recapping the Dark Tournament, this is a plot changing event in the manga for the Spirit Detectives to heighten their skill and interact with the people there. It is similar to Pharaohmon’s tournament due to putting references.

Haha, Minako (Sailor Venus) screaming like she’s in the airline express.

And look, Kurama is using email and that includes Mizuno. This is before the advent of Facebook and other social media years later. Heck, 2003 is the time where myspace was prominent (a lot of people use it before they switch to the safer Facebook).

Wow, at the Digimon beach with Omegamon and Athenamon have their honeymoon, two digimon are taking a peek, and Athenamon is pissed. Haha.

Oh right, this is the chapter where that woman gave birth to twins that named after Yusuke and Kazuma! Well Impmon and Calumon are having fun with Puu.

HYPNOS, so they just see a large UFO in space. Signs of what’s to come for our main antagonists, but are they sure? Humans are seeing aliens for the first time, and that Takato reference Independence Day. However, Setsuna Meioh knows more about them.

And she’s right, these aliens are the main villains. Seeing how you put the connection of the Orichalcos and Leviathan makes this fanfic better and that they are enemies to the Senshi. This is the first impression of some big moments.

(Yeah, I remember Naruto’s dub shown on Toonami, flash forward to now with the manga ended and the Bolt spinoff, time sure is change)
Taeniaea chapter 28 . 9/9/2012
cool story
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