Reviews for Serpent Within: Magic Rising
Jade Wyvern chapter 1 . 9/21/2005
Oh my! I loved this! I am a big fan of Harry Potter as well but I, ironically, don't really browse the Harry Potter section of fanfiction. In fact, I don't browse much of fanfiction at all! XD!

Anyways, this was amazing. The descriptiveness was brilliante. I could lay the entire scene out in my head and you gave me enough background information to understand the story completely-where he was all and all that jazz. (Yes, I have read the sixth book.) Also, I found your diction just stunning. I absolutely adored your word choice.

And that ending, that cliffhanger ending, was marvelous. Awesome work. Simply amazing. Yes, I realize I'm using a lot of synonyms. Oh well. I'd just like to comment how much I like this one-shot-which is an awful lot.

I'll see if I can read any of your other stories sometime soon.

Wishing I could read more now,

Alley Cat
The Silver Feathered Raven chapter 1 . 9/21/2005
Very nice insight into the mind of a younge Tom Riddle. I especially liked the end, where he thinks that he will become a lord among men. Lots of very nice foreshadowing. Also, I enjoyed how he still seemed like a young boy. Sometimes it is very hard to keep characters the age that they are supposed to be in your story. Very good writing, as well as plenty of emotion. Excellent.