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ShePotter chapter 11 . 8/26/2014
Not my favorite story, but a great written story. You are so correcte that this is what would of hapoened if H/Hr had gotten together. I love the fact that Ron became famous, but hated he never found another true love. The blue eyed child, Ron's? Just thinking. Thanks for writing, can't wait for more.
beyondthesea16 chapter 11 . 4/18/2013
this is a sad story about suicide, but this is not a realistic h/hr story. i unserstand you are saying that if they got together this is what would happen to ron. but you are making ron out to be a sorry excuse for a man and making harry and hermione the worst sort of people, this is not canon but au. ron is showing as having a short temper, quick to put someone down and to eat alot (bad traits), good with chess, willingness to help (sometimes), quick to stand with harry against (the snakes), (good traits). i don't see him holding a grudge for that long and then killing himself. (all for love...NOT)
hermione loved both ron and harry, being her friend when she had none. friendship stands for alot you tore that down.
realistic would be more h/hr getting together, ron being highly upset, maybe going out getting drunk or maybe crying his eyes out, maybe lashing out at h/hr at the moment of finding out. then after a reasonable amount of time apart maybe they get together as friends or maybe they don't but everyone moves on. ron dates other people does other things to make him happy while h/hr do things to make them happy, suicide NO.
not tearing you down as a writer or your imagination, just giving my opinion.
Romantic Silence chapter 1 . 4/17/2013
You have a good idea here, and I really did want to see a realistic take on what would happen if Harry and Hermione did get together after the war, but I just felt that you handled the original premise poorly. I love Ron, and I will admit that I am a Harry/Hermione shipper, but I really can't see him hold a grudge for this long nor kill himself over this. Perhaps it's all a matter of how we see the characters acting, but I found this story unbelievable.

Still, I applaud your attempt. Good luck with your other works.
flowers-and-rainbows-123 chapter 11 . 4/14/2013
I don't know what to say apart from wow.
CleverKad chapter 11 . 8/6/2012
It was heartbreaking to read about hermione/harry love and ron's pain yet I read the whole story. This story truly is a very realistic HHr to a very high degree. Well done!
is the Sarah who Ron slept with Oliver's wife? And by so id Oliver's son is actually Ron's son?
TroyWeb chapter 10 . 6/4/2012
This is a tragic, tragic story. This is painful to read. Sorry to see Ron's life go down a death spiral like this.
TheIndianMuggle chapter 11 . 2/6/2011
First of all, I am a HUGE Ron fan! (not a big surprise). And I liked your first epilogue.

RON IS NOT IMMATURE. An immature 11 year boy does not sacrifice himself for a friend of 1 year. An immature boy does not have enough courage to go to the most secret and dangerous place in a castle to rescue his sister. An immature boy does not throws himself between his best friends and so-called most dangerous killer. He does not choose to fight death eaters instead of staying. Don't mess with RON. HE IS KING..
whatweareafreaidof chapter 11 . 4/8/2010
i agree with a lot of what you said, ron would be heart broken, and would never talk to them agian, well maybe he could forgive them but it would take time.

i love ron and hermoine, but i read some harry and hermoine and draco and hermonie. and they are all the same

harry and hermoine, harry goes after hermoine and she fall in love with harry and ron a jerk. and ron to stupid for anythank else.

hermoine and draco, she dating with out telling anybody, ron find out, get mad, hermine yell at him and never talk again, an in a week she does not even miss him again.

there are the ron married to hermoine, and she fall in love with draco, and he so good in bed she can sleep with her housband any more, then after a little bit of time, she find ron cheating on her, she devoice him get the kids, and married draco and lives happy ever after, and ron becouse a drunk, and live alone for ever
Ker-splat chapter 11 . 4/12/2008
All I can say is you tortured poor Ron as bad as Solstice Muse could have.

I agree with you though, you can't write Harry/Hermione without going completely AU. And if you want to do that, well, how can you be using the characters JKR created?
Lampessa chapter 2 . 11/3/2007
I read your warning about read the whole thing before you review it, and I thought to myself I always read the whole thing...

Sorry, I can't make it past Chapter 2. There's no way Hermione would let Ron hang around a hospital room for three days without visiting him once. I don't buy it.
angry penguin chapter 11 . 7/29/2007
A very well done and sad story. I really don't blame Ron for being so upset with Harry and Hermione. Hell, I would've left my family too if they did that to me.
localizy chapter 11 . 6/14/2007
Oh I love thee.

I finally was brave enough to read your non R/Hr story...and I loved it. Poor Ron he seems to get emotionally beat up whenever you write him. Not that I don't mind, but still poor guy. Always is and will be my favorite.

5 weeks! WOOT!
Luiniliel chapter 11 . 5/16/2007
Awh... I... I have to say that I love this story. It was awfully... re-percussive, in terms of dealing with events.
eliew chapter 11 . 3/14/2007
I like your interpretation of what will happen if Harry and Hermione got together, though I'm a little upset at the way they got together, in that I don't see how Harry would start seeing Hermione behind Ron's back even before Ron and Hermione broke up.

I think you made Harry a little too selfish, when so far Ron was mostly the one to start any problems they had, either with Hermione or Harry. As well as how Harry and Hermione never seem to give Ron his due during any newspaper interviews, unless those are due to certain bug reporter not telling the public the whole truth.

I also feel that you have not given the Weasley twins their due, when you comment that they side with Harry more because he is their investor, unless that was only Ron's narrow mind again. In my opinion, they are more mature than that, and wouldn't have done what they did, unless they truly feels that Ron was in the wrong.

Hermione too had been displayed in a bad light. Again, if it was Ron's point of view or the press fault, then bravo, cause you have written those well, but her reaction to Ron's threat in the alley doesn't feels like what Hermione will do, unless she is only acting, in order to pull the same stunt as she did with Umbridge.

Just one question, is the Sarah who Ron slept with Oliver's wife? If so, is Oliver's kid in fact Ron's son?
silent-voices chapter 11 . 2/20/2007
Hm. I've been debating back and forth with myself over whether I'd review or not, since you already have 60 reviews, ranging from cowardly flames over constructive criticism to mindless praise, and I wasn't sure I had anything to say that hasn't been said before. But then I just figured to tell you how I feel about your story.

When I first started reading, I was so happy that there was someone on this site that was trying to do Harry/Hermione and the trio justice. It doesn't happen often - I've only read three good Harry/Hermione fics where Ron's role wasn't diminished, which I think is really sad. As I progressed, though, that happy feeling faded.

I disagree with a lot of your characterisations, to begin with. I know you've tried to make this a realistic story, but it just doesn't ring true. I know Ron is a proud man, but I SINCERELY doubt he would drive it this far through. I'm not denying there would be huge rows between the trio, should this ever come to happen, but I'm really having a hard time imagining Ron leaving his family over it and killing himself over it. Even after chapters of what I suppose you meant as development, the suicide seemed completely forced and out of character. His overblown tantrums also seem a bit too much. He's a hot-tempered boy, yes, but I'd like to think he'd grow out of that as he reaches adulthood and definitely wouldn't go as far as physically intimidating and almost flat-out abusing Hermione and severely hexing his own brothers.

I also doubt Harry and Hermione would ever do this to their friend. Even if they did fall in love while Ron and Hermione were still together (which I honestly don't see happening, so don't dismiss me as a silly H/Hr shipper), I cannot believe they'd go behind Ron's back. They love him - he's their best friend in the world and they've gone through so much together. The scenario I would think realistic is Harry and Hermione sitting Ron down and telling him, oh so awkwardly and painfully, Hermione in tears when Ron explodes at them, Harry almost stoically undergoing Ron's anger. There'd be pain, and anger of course, but I honestly don't think Harry and Hermione would sneak around the way they've done here. It's, very simply put, out of character.

The Weasleys also seem out of character. They love Harry and Hermione, sure, but they'd never compromise the relationship with their children over them. If anything I think Molly would be absolutely FURIOUS at Harry and Hermione for doing that to Ginny and Ron. (Remember how Hermione got a smaller Easter egg when Molly thought she was playing Harry? Imagine how it would be if she KNEW she was playing, and if it was her own Ron she was hurting?) While I don't disagree they'd try to get Ron to calm down and perhaps over time make amends, I DO disagree that they'd choose Harry and Hermione's side over Ron's. There's no way they'd refer to the situation as 'slightly awkward' or arrange for Harry to stay over without talking about it to Ron and Ginny first, and when they'd object against it, it'd be very simply: Harry would have to stay somewhere else.

Another thing that was really distracting was your grammar. I know a lot of people have told you this, but you really would greatly benefit from it to find a beta for this story. You've said you usually use them, why not now? The repeated comma and verb abuse is distracting and detracts from your otherwise nicely flowing narrative.

Some positive points: I think Ginny was written really well. She had that hot-tempered Weasley feel about her, but it was also obvious she's a great deal less impulsive than Ron. I also thought Rita Skeeter was delightfully in character.

All in all, I think it definitely wasn't what it could have been. It's a wonderful idea, but in my opinion it wasn't handled all that well. I really do salute you for trying, though.

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