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pdsldl chapter 13 . 1/1/2009
Any chance you'll ever finish this story?
natalie s chapter 12 . 6/26/2006
Another brilliant chapter, i'll be looking forward to reading more.
volley chapter 12 . 6/26/2006
You're doing great! Motivation must be hard to keep at peak level throughout such a long story! Hope it doesn't abandon you altogether...
Hamilyn chapter 12 . 6/26/2006
Very nice update albeit short :) Looking forward to readign where you take this next :)
scarletwitch0 chapter 12 . 6/26/2006
Please continue writing. All great artists have blocks, now and then. We, your fans, will still be here when you post your next update.
Blackn'blue chapter 12 . 6/25/2006
Ok, short and sweet this time. It is tightening down nicely. I can't help wondering what Koss' reaction was to having his wife wandering off alone in the desert with her first bondmate was though...
Blackn'blue chapter 11 . 6/2/2006
Excellent! Like I said before, the Malcolm/Kamea dynamic is wonderful. The thing I like best is that you have kept Malcolm true to life according to the way he was written on the series, while presenting a believable evolution of their relationship. And Kamea is just about exactly the right balance of neurotic genius/hard-headed common sense that I would expect from someone with her background. As far as your defensive remarks at the beginning, I apologize if I pissed you off. You said you wanted feedback and specifically said that criticism was acceptable. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. It was not intended. Your writing skills are superlative, which is what I said before. I just don't like the way some of the characters have developed. Anyway it IS your story, as you pointed out. Go for it and ignore what anyone says. Write to suit yourself. If we don't like it, we just don't have to read it.
natalie s chapter 11 . 6/2/2006
Very nice Kamea and Malcolm moment, but you do like to make that man suffer - he had her alone, in a beautiful setting and he couldn't even kiss her! I agree with you that it all turned out very nicely.

I'm sorry to hear that you're not in the mood for writing, hopefully you'll get motivated soon.
firebirdgirl chapter 10 . 6/1/2006
Dun DUn DUNN! Time to meet Dad time! Great update, I'm glad the muse is back. Happy writing!
Hamilyn chapter 10 . 5/27/2006
Ah what a cliff hanger. Don't keep us waiting for too long. I really love your character Kamea and this series you're writing. Hope you update this soon!
Rigil Kent chapter 10 . 5/18/2006
As much as I'd like to NOT agree with Blackn'blue regarding T'Pol & Trip here, I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with him. As a male reader and very big fan of the TnT dynamic, I have to say that I also don't care for how Tucker is letting T'Pol walk all over him. Yes, he's in love with her but the man is made of sterner stuff than this; as much as I hated the (IMO) unnecessarily drawn out angst of ENT season 4, at least in it, Tucker took action and tried to move on with his life when it became clear that his relationship with T'Pol (or rather, lack thereof) was interfering with his career. And at least the televised version of T'Pol had the benefit of not being aware of the bond as this version is.

I also understand Blackn'blue's gripes and – to a point – agree with him regarding this AU T'Pol. The fact that she KNOWS about the bond with Trip is extremely bothersome to me. Put frankly: it doesn't seem like something that the T'Pol I know would actually do. To me, one of the reasons that Koss released her from the marriage on the show was because he at least suspected that she was bonded to Trip, even if she wasn't yet aware of this fact, and thus realized that there was a previous claim on her katra. This version of T'Pol is acting in an absolutely reprehensible manner ... an ILLOGICAL manner, if you will, by maintaining the bond with Tucker while being “married” to Koss.

Unfortunately, this AU T'Pol's marriage DOES seem to be just about maintaining her family's social status instead of Koss' family providing some form of protection for T'Les from an openly aggressive & hostile government run by Romulan collaborators. As much as I love the T'Pol character (particularly when paired with Trip), I am starting to dislike this incarnation for these very reasons.
scarletwitch0 chapter 10 . 5/18/2006
As always, a great update. I must say, quite a review by Black n'blue. You reaaly do a through review, but before you rip Trip and T'Pol to total shreds, let's just see where the story leads, huh?
volley chapter 10 . 5/16/2006
Wow, great chapter. I really like the way you mix real episodes and your own story together. Very well done. More soon?
Blackn'blue chapter 10 . 5/15/2006
You asked for feedback? Be careful what you wish for :) First off, I can't offer much about the Kamea/Malcolm storyline because you are miles ahead of anything I could say. This is great. The plot and characterization are superb, please keep it up. Only more often of course :) .

About the Trip/T'Pol storyline I want to say up front that I realize a lot of this is not your fault. You can only work with what you are given. The fool producers on the tv series put those characters into an untenable situation and now, since you are picking up from that point in their history with your AU, you have to deal with the mess somehow. I understand this. But I have trouble gagging some of this down. Please bear with me. This has nothing to do with your skill as a writer, which is superior IMO. I just dislike these characters very much now.

Speaking as a male reader, the feeling that the Trip in this story evokes is not sympathy. What I feel when I read about this Trip is mildly contemptuous pity. T'Pol on the other hand is really starting to tick me off. I have come to despise this woman. Why, you ask? Because she has no honor. She has no honor at all.

More than anything else it is the total disrespect that she displays toward Trip that gets under my skin. She may feel some affection toward him, but you would never be able to tell it from her behavior. If she does care about him, it is the kind of affection that you feel for a dog or a toy, not the mutually respectful love of equal partners. Understandable of course. She whistles, he comes running - tongue out and tail wagging, no matter how many times she kicks him.

I know part of this was done to them before you ever got your hands on them Sugah, so please don't take offense. But look at it. She gets him to admit that Sim was telling the truth about his feelings and then seduces him. Next morning she treats him like a lab rat. She blows up at him over Lorian, ranting about how he is unable to have a purely sexual relationship without getting emotionally involved. She takes him home to meet momma, including getting into a fight with momma about what their kids would be like (not serious huh?) and then forces him to stand there and watch while she marries another man. Does any of this sound like she loves and respects him?

If this is how true love is supposed to go, I don't think anyone anywhere has a practical use for an enemy.

Now we come to the part where you enter in, and this is causing me to become even more embittered toward this AU T'Pol. She bonded Trip without his knowledge of consent. This is the direct cause of some of his emotional and psychological upset, since her emotional distress is bleeding over and adding to his own. Does she offer the courtesy of even notifying him that she has invaded his mind? Nope. I suppose it is none of his business. Not even since Koss is in there too now, and being Vulcan might conceivably be able to use T'Pol's bond to make some kind of connection to Trip through her. Still Trip is not important enough to be treated with the minimal respect of fair warning.

Do you get why I am becoming increasing incensed with this particular Vulcan lady? It is canon that a Vulcan mating bond constitutes a de facto marriage. Trip and T'Pol were bonded before T'Pol married Koss. Therefore by the code of Surak, she committed adultery when she bonded with Koss. Did that bother her? Nope.

She is married to Koss now. Is she willing to let Trip go and live his life? Nope. She wants to hang on and keep him locked down, even though she is committed to Koss. She has no loyalty to her original bondmate (and true husband by the code of Surak) Trip, but she also has no loyalty to her legally wedded husband Koss.

So why is she staying married to Koss? Social status. She wants to maintain her family's social status. She doesn't want her mother to get kicked out of the country club. So she is going to stay married to Koss (and bear his children I believe you said). Not because she loves him. Not because she really believes that it wouldn't work between her and Trip. But because it would make her family look bad and cost them social status if she crossed the color line and married one of those inferior races.

The T'Pol in this story is a social climbing, two timing, back stabbing b*h. It would serve her right if after they got back to the ship the first thing Trip did was make a beeline for Amanda Cole's quarters and offer to switch out the neuropressure for an old fashioned human massage instead. And make T'Pol enjoy every minute of it vicariously through the doggone bond that she was kind enough not to bother telling Trip about.

Sorry if my indignant rant offended anyone. Your writing skills are superb. The Kamea saga is getting better with each episode. I have read them all and love every one. Please keep writing, I implore you. I hope you don't get upset. But this is my honest feedback as a male reader. Take it for what it is worth.

In this last chapter Trip said if they can't be lovers or mates they can be friends? Friendship cuts in both directions. T'Pol in this AU doesn't act like a friend I would trust to hold my wallet while I went swimming, much less guard my back in a fight.

One thing else, a small pet peeve. But this is not specific to you in particular. Many people keep writing as if Vulcans were stronger than superman. What gives? I could buy that Vulcans might be ten percent, or maybe even 20-25 percent stronger than humans. But Vulcan is not Jupiter after all. The gravity is not *that* much higher. Humans can move around without mechanical aids.

Archers knocked out a Vulcan with one punch at P'Jem. He also beat a berserk Vulcan unconscious aboard the Seleya. Archer described Trip as being tough as nails, and Trip is about ten years younger than Archer.

During TOS Kirk fought Spock during his Amok time and even though Spock was imbued with berserk Vulcan rage, Kirk still held his own for quite a while. During other series like Voyager and DS9 there have been episodes where humans have fought and overcome Vulcans and Romulans.

I mean think about it. Trip is a trained soldier who has spent the last year in combat in the Expanse. He has also been taking advanced training in unarmed combat from the MACO's, Earth's finest Special Forces soldiers. Koss is what? An Architect? A Vulcan Architect? A pacifist Vulcan Architect? Puhleze...
helenfw chapter 1 . 5/15/2006
This is the first time I've reviewed ever! i'd just like to say that this is the only Enterprise story on this site that I read, and I think it's wonderful! I love the character of Kamea and think your story-telling is brilliant. Full of depth and interest, and the character thoughts and natures are totally believable at all times. I'm a Trip/T'poler through and through, so I'm enjoying the evolution of their relationship, but the Malcolm/Kamea one is totally fascinating too. Loved the shock ending of this chapter!

Sory to hear that things have been tough for you, but hope the reviews keep you motivated. I've read all this series (have started on Ron/Hermione as well as I'm a big HP fan too)and will keep reading - hope you keep writing!
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