Reviews for The new Future
A fan chapter 1 . 6/4/2007
OMG(osh) that is awemazing hurry up and write more i need to find out if she is Sam's daughter.
Sew cool chapter 1 . 2/22/2007
hurry up and update!
Shellie chapter 2 . 2/22/2007
Savannah chapter 2 . 11/12/2005
That was great. Your going to do another chapter of it-aren't you?
purewanderlust chapter 2 . 11/12/2005
I love the refereneces to the show with thinking that it's cool to call your parents by their first names. (If Sam is Lilith's mom, lol)
The Halfa Wannabe chapter 2 . 11/12/2005
She's definitely a Fenton. Saying it's cool.
Solnushka chapter 2 . 11/12/2005
awsome awsomeawsome! pleaz keep writing!
FantomGhost chapter 1 . 11/3/2005
that was great please continue
Alex chapter 1 . 10/7/2005
Rock on. Reading this was so much better then doing my homework.
eragonus chapter 1 . 10/3/2005
wow... story like
I Brake For Ghosts chapter 1 . 9/27/2005
OH AWESOME-Wait! She said her name was "Lilith", isnt that the name Sam called her flower sack when she was paired up with Tucker for the flour sack thing? Well...this is intriging, KEEP IT UP, WOOT WOOT!
Phantom lister chapter 1 . 9/27/2005
WOw. WAit! WHy does every fanfic about DAnny's Future have DAnny's kid as a girl! Five stars
Christine chapter 1 . 9/26/2005
OMG! THis is good! Danny has a daughter in the future! SHE MIGHT HAVE HIS AND SAM'S TRAITS. UPdate soon!
Onmi Prime chapter 1 . 9/26/2005
Me:WOW! Someone pinch me! OW!


Me:Sis! GET out!

Someone:Sorry Primues I

purewanderlust chapter 1 . 9/25/2005
Yay! I love this story, probably because it's good! hehe. Anyway, good chapter, even though it's short. Has only one misspelling that I see. Bravo! Can't wait for more!
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