Reviews for This Is Forever
Artistic Ane chapter 22 . 6/21/2016
Wait, what? No! That can't be it! This is so close to ending, I can tell, but it's been so long since you've updated! Please continue!
InTermsICanUnderstand chapter 6 . 9/29/2015
The start of th story made me a bit skeptical but I'm really loving it now! :)
arrandiy chapter 21 . 2/22/2015
I just spent a whole day reading this story! I am really anticipating the next chapter! Please update soon!
Kinishra22 chapter 21 . 2/14/2015
Love this story I hope the next chapter will be soon
Lady Kaalia chapter 15 . 1/9/2015
Absolutely loving this story.
Kaotic I. Deas chapter 21 . 1/2/2015
Hmmm… interesting story. I'll be interested in how the plot thickens. Keep the letters flowing! I'll be waiting for your next update.
dancingfingers chapter 21 . 12/24/2014
I can't believe I spend all day to read this. This is really enjoyable and you have way with your words (although there's several mispronounce in both English and Japanese words; I still enjoy it nonetheless.) I have to force myself stopping occasionally to do chores or slowing my reading and just revel in the feelings you've stirred.
I also root for SoujiroxKaoru here.. I almost wish she have them both Lol but she is not that kind of person. I'm sad for Soujiro.. *sniffles*
Please update as soon as possible, and I hope you good luck on real life, as well.
Hkcheesecake chapter 19 . 7/4/2014
Wow, love ur story, can't wait to see kenji :), thanks for ur work!
Guest chapter 19 . 12/9/2013
please write more
Sessha Kenshin chapter 19 . 9/1/2013
Oh noooo! Please continue the story! Sessha wants to find out how the goddess could save her demon!
kyoandyuya chapter 19 . 2/19/2013
Please please please update! :)
Kinishra22 chapter 19 . 1/22/2013
Love this can't wait to seethe ending thanks for continuing
Nadya Lubov chapter 19 . 1/19/2013
That's ok, sometimes life gets in the way, and you lose interest in fanfics for a while. If you're into Kenshin again, you should definitely watch the live action movie, it's AMAZING! You can watch it at with subtitles for free since who knows if it will ever become available in the US (if that's where you live). Anyway, look forward to the next chapter ;)
hitori chapter 5 . 1/13/2012
"Welcome." Yahiko said grudgingly, holding an empty tray. "Is this a party of one or more?"

"Ichi." The man answered, and the boy led him to a single person table, right in front of the strange man eating plan soba, and the swordsman's back was to him. Yahiko handed the redheaded man a menu, and mumbled that the "busu" would be there to serve him soon.


Sorry, I just have this urge to correct something. Instead of "ichi", it's "hitori"
timey-wimey detector chapter 3 . 12/16/2011
I would suggest either using a key at the end for the words in Japanese, or just using English. My head kind of hurts from switching back and forth language wise. Also, a few of the Japanese words were misspelled at some points. It is an interesting story though.
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