Reviews for The Nighttime is the Right Time
Pureevil230 chapter 1 . 1/15/2007
this is interesting wonder what happens next.

if jason does get his memory back maybe he finally give spam the shove.

can't wait for more.

journeylover411 chapter 1 . 8/23/2006
Great Job!
dee chapter 1 . 12/13/2005
I have discovered your story and honey let me tell you...its amazing! One chapter and I'm hooked. I'm so excited for thisamazing Journey story..the way i thought the memory loss story should've gone. You should definetely update to make this one fan realy happy!

Lots of Love,

Rheanne chapter 1 . 11/8/2005
“All I’ve wanted since I lost my memory is to feel something. Sam tries her best but all I feel with her is not good enough.” He shook his head. “Right now I’m feeling almost human again.”

Aww...Probably my one of my favorite lines that you have ever written. I like when you step out of the norm and write something a little racy, it's refreshing. I also liked the comment about how Jason divorced Courtney because she couldn't stand his job, but stay with Sam. That was classic. Your portrayal of Courtney, being conflicted but still loving every minute of it was intriguing. I think if GH would just give her a storyline like this, we would see a far more intricate character. All in all, it was great.

Starlet chapter 1 . 9/29/2005
Is there any possible way you can take over for the writers for this crappy show A.S.A.P? B/c God knows I would be a whole lot more interested in it if it was anything like this amazing story I just read. Please tell me this is more than just a one-shot. I need more Journey. Just awesome, as per usual. :)
BreezeBlownBy chapter 1 . 9/27/2005
Awesome Awesome job! i loved the controversy COurtney has with herself over whether to continue the afair or to not. She totally wants to but at the same time you know she has that damn good and honest well give it a shot trait. i think best case scenario honestly is that she left jax for jason but you know...if they arent careful you know she could get pregnant and then you know that would diffenatly have its withdrawals! (well for her cause i would love it if there were to be a journey baby!) Oh and sam introducing court as sonny's siters is a load of shit jasona dn court had a child that died i think that alone qauilifies for little more than just the label "sonny's sister" you know "ex wife" would have done of maybe "love of your life" possibly even "the woman of your dreams" but just "sonny s sister" aint flying cause she is so much more to him but sam is in denial that mabe shes not the best thing since sliced bread (who are wekidding shes not the best of anything well maybe best slut/whore/skank/homewrecker...) ny who awesome awesome job!

~Bright Smiles~

SuzieQ8487 chapter 1 . 9/25/2005
Nicole! E! Just imagine my delight at seeing a new story from you! :)

Oh gosh, I've got so many things to say! First off, the show should have done something like this. Courtney and Jason should have at LEAST run into each other. And you, well your version of Jason's memory loss is just much better isn't it? *Suzie nods and smiles* Oh yes. MUCH better.

I noticed that while they were at Jake's the first time, Courtney didn't tell Jason about the baby. She was honest about their marriage, but maybe she just wasn't ready to tell him yet. Maybe she'll get there. Maybe she doesn't want to hurt him with the knowledge... but wouldn't that make her like Sam? Not telling Jason everything, only telling him what she wants him to know...? Well, guess I'll find out!

Girl, that was some HOT and steamy bathroom scene! Can't complain at all about that! :)

I like that they talk afterwards about things. It's almost like they're friends. And I always thought that was one of the best things about Journey when they were together. The fact that they were friends first, and remained friends throughout their relationship.

Loved when Courtney wrapped the 1500 thread count sheet around her and ran after Jason for just one more kiss! Too cute! Glad she wants to see him again.

The whole last paragraph was great too! "And if tomorrow was not, as Scarlett said, another day, well there was always the night after that and then the night after that. Sooner or later, she’d have to get Jason Morgan out of her system but for now, later was definitely the sweeter choice."

Yes Courtney. Later definetely is. :)

Update soon sweetie! This was great! Not that I expected anything less!

sara415 chapter 1 . 9/25/2005
love it
Splendor734 chapter 1 . 9/24/2005
Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Okay, ready now.

Ahem. Well, it's finally here -and of course, it was everything I expected it to be for you the One Shot Queen. Unlike some people, ahem, you'll never lose your title.

Well, well, well ... sexy Courtney, sassy Courtney, TART COURTNEY! Gotta love her.

"Despite her best efforts, Courtney had fallen prey to the same fate as that of the bored and desperate housewives she herself had often gossiped about in the past."

I LOVED that line. What a perfect way to sum up this entire story -and give a DH shout out. LOL.

As I've said a million times before, I don't get into AU because the characters usually suck but I trust ya and of course, I loved your Jason.

"Fuck him in the dark next time and convince him he did it."

*Sigh* If only ABC was like HBO and GH was like SATC. I'd kill to hear Steve say that line.

But I have to say that while I loved the whole Jason/Courtney going behind Jax and Sam's back, I gotta admit that I love how you had Courtney struggle for a minute there. She isn't completely ruthless, or heartless for that matter.

Amazing as always!

Well, this is usually the part
Leanna R chapter 1 . 9/24/2005
I loved it. I loved the hickey part, that was funny, especially what Jason said about Jax. Jax is so stupid! I hate that guy. Is this a one shot, or do we get more? I would love it if we got more! Please update soon (if it's not a one shot that is).