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Irshna chapter 34 . 3/27
A cliffhanger! Oh no! But this is a very exciting one as to what Lucius has in mind. My favourite part would be the fact when Neville realized that Slytherins, irregardless of their reputation, can keep a friendship. I don't Know why but I found it very nice. Also, your take on Narcissa was quite weird for me. Because in many fanfictions, I have found Narcissa to be very caring for Draco. Its a bit weird for me but i'll get used to it. Moreover I think it's best for the story if Narcissa's like thiszones out completely from the World. I trust your decision. As for your question, I think Maths should be offered to wizards! Because it's just not fair that we have to suffer maths and wizards just go on living their lives without it. Yeah, Maths, along with algebra and trigonometry and everything maths related, would be good. I'm so sorry that you had to re-write this. I am also sorry that you receive such threatening reviews because I know they can be very disappointing. But I hope our good reviews make you happy!Thanks for the chapter! I'd love to see the next update next week. Till then, thanks and take care! Oh and btw, what's your Hogwarts house?
SLYTHINDOR77 chapter 34 . 3/26
Woah Icy, I'm sorry to hear that those reviews jave been bothering you! If anyone sees this, well STOP IT, not just for her benifit. I am not very comfortable with swear words, idm if they are in fanfiction (not loads tho) but when used on people...Just stop it ok? Besides, Icy writes really well, and if she changes the plot, you can't do anything about it. It's her choice, not yours! How would you feel if I did that to you? If you continue to do it, even after Icy has commented on it, please don't. It's rude and somewhat cowardly.

Thanks for posting, Icy and I'm glad you loved beauty and the beast, I loved it too! Thanks also for telling us more about Neville, he was extinct from the story for a while. Any Dramione story reccomendations?


BTW-Have you ever thought that La la land was basically Dramione, with Mia hermione, Draco sabastian and ron the guy she marries in the end?
Ruhi chapter 34 . 3/26
Awesome storyline keep going! Don't bother about the hateful reviews. We support you!
Physical education class would be funny! Imagine Neville, ron doing the exercise. Cooking would be fun too.
Add some cute dramione scenes like Hermione is sick and Draco cares for her all night.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/26
honestly the best thing to do is ignore the negative comments because they're just so depressing if you let them get to you and since youre a brilliant writer they really don't matter! i cant wait till the next update this is honestly one of my favorite stories ever
rhythmbluesgirl chapter 34 . 3/26
Interesting to learn more about Narcissa. What a depressing life! This chapter was good. I like learning what Lucius thinks about the prophecy.
Sherlock Harry Winchester chapter 34 . 3/26
That was so good! And i am so sorry to hear about the other reviews... I love Hogwarts to have cooking class and everyone else thinking neville might fall while he would have the best dish while others might have spoilt theirs.. XD looking forward for more!
Angela chapter 34 . 3/26
Can't wait for more! I want to know what Lucius is planning!
Guest chapter 34 . 3/26
*Chuckle* one of my favourite moments in the story is when ronald ated 14 apples and numerous trips to the
buffet table, resulting in an very uncomfortable night from an big stomachache from all that food..heh!, heh!.
coffeentoffee chapter 34 . 3/26
Wow, some people are jerks. I'm sorry you had toa ddress that, but it sounds like its been an ongoing issue. Hopefully people can learn to think before they type.
Enjoyed the chapter very much and the little glimpse of normal. I think a gym class would be a blast! The thought of introducing sports like dodgeball or beanbag toss would be hilarious!
Jessielou71605 chapter 34 . 3/26
Do the Death Eaters know for sure that Draco is alive or do they consider that he might be dead? I'm not sure how much they suspect about Blaise's involvement with his rescue (except for his headless elf). I ask because I'm still really concerned about the shunned Slytherins returning to Hogwarts. If the Death Eaters suspect Draco might be dead, he could probably get away with some sort of disguise, since no one would expect a dead Draco to be anywhere. If they know for sure he's alive, it'll only make things worse to send him back because junior Death Eater wannabes, like Theo, will try to kill him and it's likely that Snape's position as spy would be revealed.

It was good to see Neville again. It's nice to have friends who truly understand the circumstances you're going through, and he knows from his own experience what could have happened to Draco when he was tortured. It was also nice to see the group put aside their worries for a little while to just be teenagers.

Lucius is insane! What's he writing to Severus?

My kids and I greet animals too. One of our car trip games is called Horse, Dog, Cat, Wheelbarrow. A horse is worth one point, dog two, cat three, and wheelbarrow four. If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car, you lose five points. We also keep an eye out for other animals, like goats and sheep and chickens. It's always exciting to see those less common critters along the road.

Till next time, I hope all your reviews are at worst constructive and at best make your day. You shouldn't be threatened for something you're writing that's not even real. People take themselves too seriously. I'm glad you're willing to share your talent with us and that you don't let the nasties get you down. Most of us appreciate you!
Onelittlelychee chapter 25 . 3/26
This is sooo good! I can't wait for more chapters, this is a brilliant story that I wish would be made into the next Harry potter book!
Leah chapter 34 . 3/26
Hola Icy!
Uh oh, things dont' look good for Snape now! Hope he manages to get the upper hand on Lucius :D

And omg yes, Beauty and the Beast was amazing! 've already seen it twice and am going back tomorrow on my first day of spring break! My favorite scene is the Gaston song though especially with Lefou bribing everyone to take part and when Gaston lifts them up on his shoulders and Lefou's expression!

See you next week!
Guest chapter 34 . 3/26
So sorry to hear you have being getting some very abusive threats, the same thing happened to an author on fanfiction the other day, when l came across
an anon ask on her tumblr asking when she was updating the story and calling her an *****.
Chin up, don't let them grind you down, we got your back!.
*Chuckle* l could just picture it, ronald volunteering to
be 'The taster* if hogwarts did had cooking classes..and Hermione very 'diligently' the first to complete her essays, as no one has as much to write as she does!.
geowynpnn chapter 34 . 3/26
Ignore all the nastiness dear heart, they are probably jealous because you write so well. This story is progressing beautifully and I am enjoying it immensely, so carry on the way you have been. I will send you warm, friendly thoughts.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/26
I really liked Neville's reactions to everything. I love that you're including him as more of a main character than most. Especially his relationship with Blaise and Pansy.
And wow, Narcissa is a terrible mom. But at least she's honest about it. Kind of sweet and sad at the same time about how Lucius feels about her.
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