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Guest chapter 61 . 2/13
Please at least update or tell the story in a short summary. This is utter torture you cannot leave it on a cliffhanger. Please update. I beg you. Please
Guest chapter 61 . 2/13
Plz come back soon I love this fic and can’t wait to see what happens
Niffy chapter 61 . 2/13
Somehow I should have known it would be Ginny. So much Death, so much anguish. Draco and Ginny both, Ron’s injuries. You certainly have proved to have no problem causing pain and angst by killing off main characters. While I don’t want them to die, I love that it’s all plausible and greatly adds to the believability of battle and real life. You stray from the social norm in Fanfiction of not having realistic battles and everyone miraculously survives. I’m not necessarily against those as I do want all of my favorites to survive, but I applaud you for breaking the status quo and keeping us on our toes! The aftermath will certainly be something to see when loose ends are tied up and I am anxious to read about how the rest of the prophecy unfolds. I have greatly enjoyed this story thus far and really look forward to it continuing in the future. Your indefinite hiatus saddens me, but I understand that you need motivation and a muse. Hopefully you continue to write since you are a fantastic writer and I love your ingenuity and the complexity of your story (this story being more angsty then the Parenting Class, which I loved for all of the humorous escapades)! I look forward to when you post again and just hope that it is soon!

shady hoe chapter 61 . 2/12
please don't kill me like this
I beg you
you can't kill Ginny
omg omg omg
please don't kill me like this

and that ladies and gentlemen was my poem
Guest chapter 61 . 2/11
Why you do this to me. You are a cruel cruel person. I am crying rightnow. Please update as soon as you can please. I don't want ginny to die. I am beggig you to just stop the torture by cliffhanger. Please.
Sherlock Harry Winchester chapter 61 . 2/11
What the ! Oh gods. You are awesome you know... I hope you get back soon caz you just dropped us in a cliffhanger! Please get back soon! I love this fic way too much!
LishaChan chapter 61 . 2/11
Hermione is amazing- she is basically dueling Voldemort and actually holding him back. And I hope Ron's hands can be healed!

I cannot believe you ended it there- but what a perfect cliffhanger. Not sure how I'm going to survive until you update again. I do hope you get bit by the Harry Potter bug again so that you can finish this amazing story.
LishaChan chapter 60 . 2/11
Yikes! Voldy blowing through defenses does not bode well for our trio. Any chance Harry can increase his speed so he can enact the spell faster? Hermione and Ron are about to put their dueling skills to the test!

Hoping Dumbledore can finish the duel quickly so he can get Draco to safety!
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 60 . 2/9
Before hiatus? I don’t think I can stand the wait! Draco isn’t dead! By some miracle what a nice twist! Though I am curious to see how both bishops fail now. Any chance there will be a heroic house elf moment? Maybe a Dobby to the rescue somehow? I have loved how Dobby and House elves in general aren’t neglected in this story and I believe Dobby may still have some connection to Draco after caring for him for so long. I believe we are now to the pawn breaking line? Who will that be? Blaise? Surely he must be doing something with his new talents in this battle. I always somewhat imagined Hermione fiercely battling at some point, possibly to stall for Harry, breaking from the perceived plan? Or maybe Blaise attempts to waylay Voldemort in the end, though Dante’s circles of Hell spell would likely block it. Quite ingenious really bringing that into the HP world! Will the next chapter only cover the pawn breaking lines? What about the Jester? I imagine possibly a chapter for the pawn breaking line and possibly the Jester part (I was never quite sure about that part of the prophecy “Jester is only once wrong” quite ominous, I somewhat imagined it referring to Draco with his old Jester costume), a chapter on the Etaonaf spell/seven circles, an aftermath chapter, and possibly an epilogue? Making roughly 4-5 chapters left by my estimation. Hopefully you have a restful hiatus, though know that only you can sate my desire to know what happens next! And so the anxious wait begins
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 59 . 2/9
You killed off Draco! I makes perfect sense for the prophesy though, both shall fail...Dumbledore to protect Draco and Lucius will likely die. In essence both would have failed in the end. Though it does make me incredibly sad that Draco is gone in a realistic battle there must be casualties. Your concept of blood magic and Lucius having vials of blood, hair, etc. of various family members seems entirely plausible and I’m surprised that I have yet to encounter it elsewhere. On a (very) unrelated note I wanted to also give you props for your idea of a court system in Slytherin, it truly does seem like something they would do. I was really hoping to see that reformed Slytherin under Draco though. I realize Vincent and Blaise are unlikely (though I’d like to see Vince have a moment too), but Pansy could definitely lead too with the right mindset. How this affects Hermione, well I guess I will have to wait and see.
NiffytheGoldenNiffler chapter 58 . 2/9
Your Bellatrix rendition is both terrifying and captivating! I love it, it really does seem like her. I have absolutely adored this story and the previous one. It had me absolutely in stitches! I’m sad to hear that you’ve lost some of your Harry Potter muse. I have found this story to be quite the journey and absolutely loved how intricate your prophecy was! I’m excited for the end, but also sad to see it so near. Hopefully. You have a nice epilogue to wrap things up nicely. I was hoping you could do a slight teaser with Ginny and a parenting class or maybe a one shot of some kind or memorable moments? Hermione, Draco, Harry, Ron, Blaise, Pansy, and Neville as cameo babysitters has crossed my mind for sure! Sorry all of this is crammed into one review, but I simply had to review this time.
Hedwig chapter 60 . 2/8
Hiatus as in there will be a sequel? About life after war?
becklenay chapter 34 . 2/8
I do not normally like Draco/Hermione because the author rarely gives a valid reason why they develop feelings for one another. You have done a wonderful job in this regard. Your writing actually reminds me of another author (though some of your ships are different) - WhyDoYouNeedToKnow . Her Danger Granger OC would be right up your alley.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/8
I'm so sad this story is going on hiatus!
Guest chapter 60 . 2/7
I am so excited for the last chapter and sad at the same time this is going to be over. Thank you for writing such a brilliant fic. Update soon. Love anon 3
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