Reviews for Blending Emotions
Guest chapter 6 . 9/5/2016
We'll not bad..

Love the fluff, could've made it longer. I absolutely delight the scenes with Ashley. It feels just so good reading Ashley's jealousy... Hope you write a longer story about May and drew maybe even with pregnancy... We'll I especially thought it was nice because I love pokemon and May and Drew is my favorite couple. 3 stars! ;)
Guest chapter 2 . 9/5/2016
Ha! Scheme... Interesting
Clara761 chapter 6 . 4/1/2016
sweettttttttt!that was incredibly cute I loved it
Clara761 chapter 5 . 4/1/2016
so cuteeeeee n cheesy but undeniably sweet
Clara761 chapter 3 . 4/1/2016
Clara761 chapter 3 . 4/1/2016
bound to*
Clara761 chapter 2 . 4/1/2016
things are**
Clara761 chapter 2 . 4/1/2016
this was so surprising !the contest is cancelled n there a class with may n drew paired up ! tho vs are no d to happen
Clara761 chapter 1 . 4/1/2016
wow this chapter was pretty hilarious
Guest chapter 6 . 12/23/2015
I loved it! Pls do more DrewXMay fanfics (゚ω゚)ノ
ZeldaBFF chapter 6 . 7/28/2015
That was really cute I loved. I would love to read more fanfic a that you make.!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/3/2015
Omg omg omg. Que fofinho! Amei completamente sua história. Parabéns! Ai que fofooo ! ;3 ;3 ;333
Mary chapter 6 . 8/21/2014
Ahhhhhhhh a happy ending... it's soooo beautiful tnks for the creator of these chapters it was awesome eading this
Mary chapter 5 . 8/21/2014
:( this story is happy but it ,makes me sad... I never... I
Mary chapter 4 . 8/21/2014
Awwwwww Drew Why do you have to ruin all the fun... May was enjoying herself with the kids and you ruined all the fun! And you have no idea Why and what's with Ashley
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