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karsofantastic chapter 5 . 5/9/2016
SEDDIEVER chapter 15 . 9/6/2012
This is perfection! :)
so full of lulz chapter 6 . 6/2/2012
Mania Dardeville chapter 15 . 9/2/2009
This is a sweet story. I love pairing Ron/Draco.
Amanda-et-William chapter 15 . 8/12/2009
Well ...was being annoying so I only got to review this chapter...lmao...I loved this story! I am glad you made this sequel! It was perfect. lol! So many great things! I am glad Hermione and Viktor are together...lmao and Harry and Nott..lmao...genius! Great story! I loved Draco's and Ron's love coming together! :D
MonsterMovie chapter 15 . 5/30/2009
I liked this story. It was safe, predictable (no offense) and easy to read.. Just what I needed

Thanks :D
Yenny2206 chapter 10 . 5/8/2008
Nice Story plot, I wish you havent made Ron so much of a wimp, I believe he deserved more then that.
Clulesschic chapter 15 . 3/30/2008
Aww...that was a nice ending to the story.

Harry got Nott...LOL!

That's funny!

It was a very nice story.

You write Ron/Draco very well.

I like a sweet Draco, even if it may seem out of character.

Also, I like it when Draco is taller than Ron.

Everyone always makes Ron the taller one because it seems more reasonable, but hey...I like Draco being the taller one.

Anyways, thanks for writing great Ron/Draco fics.

I am a follower if yours.
Clulesschic chapter 14 . 3/30/2008

This chapter just continued to make we squeal!

It was such a cute chapter!.

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Blink'n chapter 6 . 2/17/2008
Oh damn that was good, you knew something was coming.
Blink'n chapter 5 . 2/17/2008
I like that haven't gone far, very romantic, something sweet about that it's not about sex its about how they feel about each other and it isn't sugary fluff.
Blink'n chapter 4 . 2/17/2008
That was really good, very dramatic. I was totally into this chapter and how Hermione notices everything and figures it out, so believable. Nice job, I enjoyed my self so far.
JaceDamian23 chapter 15 . 9/17/2007
"Well at least I don't wear that hoop on my wand arm, it would've been a right pain to have to learn to do everything again left-handed."

lmfao he always gota joke

So he's the patron saint of headless people is he? Nick will be pleased.


ron turned to Harry with exasperation.

"Am I really that slow or are you not following this either?"


So what you're saying is..." he began.

"What I'm saying Ron is that the message, the viator spell, that wasn't for Harry at all. It was for you."

"They're trying to help you, they know that they're d...damaging you and they're trying to keep you sane," Harry could barely get the words out.

This person, who he had hated so much, really was on their side. They didn't want to hurt Ron, they weren't being careless with him, and they were trying to show them a way to help him hold himself together during the consecutive episodes.

"So how does knowing that this guy didn't go mad help me?" Ron said, the apprehension in his voice clear to the both of them.

Hermione cupped Ron's face in her hands and beamed.

"That's what we're going to find out."

i liked this part. very interesting. glad there trying to get ron and not harry

"Come on before she starts trying to force-feed us."


"Because when you were talking about a never ending spring I pictured a little trickle of water spurting out of the ground not a sixty foot waterfall!" Ron chuckled with amazement.


Well you two have been doing a hell of a lot more than talking behind mine haven't you?"

Ron's ears flushed pink and he turned away to straighten out his sleeping bag on the hard ground.

"Shut up Harry.


My room.” Draco answered. He was busy pulling the sheets down on his bed. “Come here.” Ron moved towards the bed. Ron saw two pairs of silk pajamas on the bed. Draco reached over and pulled Ron’s shirt over his head. He unbuttoned the boy’s pants and pulled them down around his ankles. Ron stood and watched Draco closely, as he was stripped. Draco got Ron’s pants off and turned around and picked up a pair of black silk pants. Ron raised his foot and one leg of the pants was put on then he did the same with the other. Draco pulled the pants up. Draco stood and looked at Ron. Ron wasn’t shaking anymore. Draco smiled and pressed his lips to Ron’s and wrapped his arms around Ron’s lover body. They parted.

aw he's so cute. It really made me happy how draco treated ron.

then they started making out and it got hot haha

“I’m fine.” Draco nodded. He continued to kiss Ron all over. Ron fumbled with the button on Draco’s pants. Draco’s soft kisses kept Ron in comfort. Draco sat up and pulled Ron’s pants back off. Ron gave a chuckle at the fact the pants stayed on for a total of five minutes

lol funny

they entered the room, Ron noticed that the bed was already made and with new sheets. Draco saw his reaction. "Yeah, they do all of that while we're at breakfast. Sit.

wow thats crazey. new ones every night?

I don't know what my mother could possibly want with you." Ron collapsed against the bed, he was ready to listen to Draco's rants. "It just makes no sense. I swear, what is there that my father hasn't already asked you that she needs to know." Draco was throwing his hands in the air and paced back and forth until Ron got too dizzy and rolled over. Draco glared at him. "Don't you ignore me." Draco jumped on his bed and crawled on top of Ron. Draco began tickling Ron beneath him. "I told you not to ignore me." Ron was laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe. Slowly Ron rolled back onto his back and found himself pinned to the bed by Draco. Ron's laughs ceased finally and he wrapped his legs around Draco's waist.

"Don't worry about it. I told you it was fine. I'll still be alive when you get back. Now please would you chill out." Ron reached and kissed Draco. "Now please."

aw how cute. Draco tickeling ron hehhe

"Separate NOW!" Draco turned around to see his father standing in the doorway. Ron's legs dropped to the ground and Draco let go of Ron's wrists and stood up. Ron sat up on the bed and faced the older blonde in the threshold. "We're leaving in 5 minutes, hurry up Draco." He turned his attention to Ron. "And Narcissa wishes to see you in the parlor now." Ron nodded and got up to walk out. Lucius blocked Ron's path at the door with his arm. "Oh and don't think I don't know about the two of you last night. It's no big secret." He put his arm down and Ron stayed put. "Of course the house elf told me this morning, but if you forgot the layout of your own home Draco, I sleep two rooms over." A pink tint rose in Draco's cheeks. Lucius looked over at Ron. "Go." Ron ran out of the room. "3 minutes." He said to Draco and then turned and left

LOL what a jerk. I'd be so scared ehhe

"Would both of you just shut up about my family! I have done nothing to either of you and you still think that you can harass me like I'm not going to say anything! I love Draco and Draco loves me, so the two of you need to get that through you thick skulls and quit trying to break us up!" Ron stomped out of the parlor; leaving Narcissa staring at the door where he'd just left. She hadn't been expecting Ron to explode...hell she wasn't expecting him to say anything.

you go ron. im so proud of you

"As we all no the first couple of days were the rockiest, although it still hasn't gotten much better the situation has improved. Now Narcissa and I have talked it over plenty in the past few days and that's why we haven't asked any more questions, of course thankfully, you two haven't done anything else in your relationship. So we've been talking about your relationship and of course about Weasley." Ron slumped in his chair a little. "I still can't believe you yell at my wife, but it did take a lot of nerve to say what you did to her, it also showed how much you love our son and how much this relationship means to you." Draco looked at his father puzzled. This was a very out of character speech for him. "With that said, we still do not support you relationship, still can't stand you being a Weasley, and still believe that you're not worthy of spending anytime in Malfoy Manor." Draco nearly laughed, now that was the father he knew. "With that, we are happy to get you out of home. Draco we'll see you at summer. Tomorrow the two of you will leave by floo powder and goodnight." Draco's head hit the table. Ron slumped. And the parents left the room.

lmfao things sounded like they were going so well...lmfao and then bam...he was mean again haha

lmfao the pillow fight was cute ehhe

"I think your sister has something up her sleeve for me." Draco said as they passed another floor.

"Believe me, she's not the only one." As if on cue the twins hopped onto the staircase blocking the two boys from advancing any further.

"How lovely lckle Ronniekins brought home the amazing bouncing ferret." George said to his twin. Draco sneered at the two older boys; Ron rolled his eyes at his brothers and tried to move further up the staircase.

"Awe, Ickle Ronnie is already trying to get away from us, after leaving us for a week. I feel hurt." Fred joked.

lmfao i so love my twins eheh so cute

"Would you two stop?" He asked his voice strained from his anger. The twins continued to grin and stared at the blonde boy, who just stared back at them with narrowed eyes and pursed lips. Fred turned to George who was already staring at his twin with a goofy smile on his face. Fred leaned over and whispered something in George's ear, George's smile increased immensely. Fred finished his sentence and returned to he seat where he looked over at Ron. It was then George's turn to lean over and whisper something to Fred. This time they both gave a laugh and went back to looked at Draco. "What the bloody hell are you two plotting?" Ron nearly screamed

love that part. its great...feel bad for draco though:(

"I always thought you were the sensible one." Draco said to Ginny. A faint tint appeared in her cheeks. The twins gave another sigh.


Downstairs already seated at the table was Harry and Ginny. They were talking closely but became quiet as Draco entered. The blonde sneered at them and Ron hit him on the arm. Draco turned to find a very disapproving look on Ron’s face.


“Oh alright Ickle Ronnie I’ll play with you.” Fred said. Ron ran up the stairs and fetched his chess set. When he came back down Fred had everything already set up. For a moment everyone stared at Ron’s new chess set in awe. After ten games Ron had won 7 so Fred gave up.

The day passed on rather boringly. No one really spoke; Harry and Draco shot nasty looks at each other occasionally, but no on

7 games? LOL chess is a very long game ahha

“Because he’s my boyfriend.” Harry looked at Draco in astonishment for a moment. “Yeah Potter, I’m not afraid to admit that Ron is my boyfriend. So don’t look so shocked.” Harry slumped in his chair. “So do you like Ron?” Draco asked softly after a moment.


Whatever you say Potter, after all I don’t want you to realize your true feelings and steal him away from me.”

“Then why the hell all the questions?”

“It was amusing to see you blush.”

“Draco, you’re such a git.” Harry stood up and stomped out of the room without another word. Draco smiled to himself, then looked down and tightened his grip on Ron more.


Ron walked over and threw his arms around Draco’s neck. Draco wrapped an arm around Ron’s waist and held him close

i find this very always write that ron throws his arms around draco...and draco only wraps ONE arm around ron. lol

Ronald.” Ron turned around in surprise. Draco never called him by his complete first name. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” Ron blushed and looked over at the single bed.

“It’s going to be awfully cramped.” Ron said softly. “I mean don’t get me wrong I want you to sleep in the same bed as me, but its just it’s such a small bed.”

“Don’t worry about it. I like being close to you.” Ron blushed more and turned scarlet. “Come here.” Draco laid down on Ron’s bed and held out his arms for Ron to join him. Ron walked over to the bed and laid on top of Draco on his bed. “Goodnight Ron.”


aw how cute:)

“I guess not, but that’s still fast Ron.” She paused. “Maybe if the two of you took a small break from each other your relationship would mean more.” Ron sat on his side of the compartment dumbfounded. The one that had really supported his relationship was telling him he needed a break.

how dare her say that

“You’re out way past bedtime.” Draco recognized the voice as Theodore Nott. Theodore dropped the book away from his face and looked at the young blonde. Draco stared at him; Theodore had a smirk on his face as he stared at him. It seemed as if Nott knew something Draco didn’t. “You are a very intriguing boy, Draco Malfoy.” Draco eyed him cautiously, but Nott didn’t say anymore, instead walked into the dorm room. Draco stood confused at the door. Finally he shrugged and followed Nott into the dorm.

hmm he must know

i loved the nott and ron the blackmail and how he kept on backing ron up to the wall

*scoffs* lucius is a bastard. I cant believe him...well yes I can. but how can they do that to draco:(

ohh i cant belive that notts is using ron like that and then told draco that he took ron. gr

"What was that all about?" Ron asked quietly.

"You know damn well what it was about." Draco spat back at him, he never took his eyes away from the red head's. "You think you're innocent of this fight?" Ron quickly looked away from Draco. "Don't look away from me when I'm talking to you." Draco said dangerously. Ron looked up apprehensively. "I'll ask again. Do you think you're innocent from this?" Ron shook his head quickly. "Then why ask a stupid ass question like, 'What was that about?'?" Ron shrugged. "You amaze me, you really do." Draco said. "You think of no one but yourself, do you?"

"Me? You're the one thinking of no one but yourself."

"Ron, how many times do I have to tell you I am doing this for the both of us, not just me."

"Really? I don't see it that way, all I see is you dumping me so that you can stay in your family, and-"

"Shut the hell up." Draco said quickly. "Listen to yourself. I mean honestly. Ron, I love you, more than I have ever loved anyone.I wouldn't have gotten into a fight with Nott if I didn't. Ron, I don't want anyone touching you, other than me, butI just can't let my father disown me. As long as I appease him for now I can get my money and a job like his and you will never have to worry about money ever again. Ron, I want to take care of you, now please, let me take care of you." Draco moved closer to Ron and Ron instinctively moved backward. Draco reached out and touched the other boy's cheek softly. "Don't go to the dance with him."

"Draco, I want to go to the dance, and since you're not going to take me..." Draco was looking at him angrily again.

"Ron, just don't go to the dance with him. Go with someone else, somone from your own house." Although Draco had looked mad his voice was soft and compassionate.

"There's no one else. Everyone in my house already has a date."

"I don't trust him." Ron looked up at Draco. Draco looked away without another thing to say. "I'm going to the hosptial wing, get fixed up, I'll see you around.

i loved that part i feel bad for both of them really:( ohh and i love how ron sepereated them:)

"Get in." Ron obliged and sunk into the tub across from Draco. After a few minutes of silence Draco reached up and grabbed his towel and began to dry himself off. He took one last look at Ron then got dressed. "I'll see you tomorrow." Without another word Ron heard the door open and close. He sank further into the bath water just wanting to drown in it.

sure get in a tub with dracos dirty water and then draco leaves a minute later lmfao..though i guess rons used to it haha

*groans* ron's going with harry? gr

and uh oh nots smiled when ron told him he was not going with him...

"You know what I heard?" Both boys jumped at the sound of Hermione's voice. They turned to find her smiling at them. "I heard that if you catch one of the hearts that falls right into your hand it will reveal the name of your true love." Ron looked at her for a moment and then held out his hands hoping to catch one. Harry and Hermione gave a small laugh and then joined him. When they looked around most of the other students were doing the same thing, including Draco. Ron caught one and then ran off to a corner to look at what the name was.

aww what a cute idea

Nott, I went to you earlier today and told you I was fine with you having one dance with him, but I told you not to touch him in any other way." Ron noticed everyone's attention turning towards them.

"You do realize that you're causing a scene, don't you?"

"I don't care. I told you not to touch him." Now everyone was staring at them, the music had stopped. Ron was shifted uncomfortably right behind Draco.

"Is there a reason why I can't touch him, Draco?" Ron looked over Draco's shoulder and saw Theodore looking at Draco amused. Ron heard and felt Draco take a deep breath. Ron looked around again and now everyone was crowded in a tight circle around them, including a few teachers in front just in case a fight broke out. Draco turned and looked at Snape, who raised his eyebrow to the young blonde then returned his cold glare to Theodore.

"Yeah, I suppose there is." It was then Ron's turn to look over at Snape, who he saw was now watching the scene very closely. "I've told you before that you are not allowed to touch him, of course then you constantly asked if there was a reason why, and you knew the reason, but then you wanted me to exclaim it to the whole school, so you wanted this scene and here it is. Do. Not. Ever. Touch. My. Boyfriend. Again." Draco had put emphasis on every word of his last sentence. Ron was in the middle of a breath when Draco had said boyfriend and was now coughing out of breath. Draco turned around and smiled softly at the red head. He grabbed Ron by the wrist and pulled him closer, then took him in a tight embrace and leaned down and kissed the boy he had been denying for the last week. Ron stood stunned after Draco had finished, Draco turned around to find Theodore thoroughly amused and happy and the rest of the students silenced. Draco smirked and took Ron by the hand and walked his stunned red head off to a corner.

He sat down on a chair and pulled Ron into his lap, and wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and cupped the other's hands in his own. Draco watched for a moment everyone in the Hall and although completely stunned the music did continue and everyone went back to dancing. Ron finally came out of his trance and turned around to look at Draco. "You do realize what you've just done."

"I've made sure no one but me will ever touch you." Draco said looking up softly at his boyfriend. He leaned back in his chair against the table and Ron leaned back on him. Snape walked up to the couple and stared at them for a moment. Ron tried to get up, but Draco held him in place.

"You do realize I have to tell your father about this, right?" Draco nodded, but his facial expression didn't change. Draco sat in his chair confident and happy. Snape nodded and turned away from the pair.

"You're not afraid of your father disowning you anymore?" Ron said looking over at the blonde.

"Not really. My father was rather ignorant and brought me a key to a vault that contained my inheritance. So I have my money." Draco smiled at the red head and turned his attention back to the crowd.

Ron looked over happily at the crowd. "Oh! I nearly forgot." Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and handed it to Draco. Draco looked at him suspiciously.

"What is this?"

"Open it." Ron said getting off Draco's lap. Draco undid the red ribbon and opened the box. It revealed a gleamingsilverchoker withD.M. engraved on theend of a green snakein the middle. Draco stared at it for a moment, then up at Ron. "I've saved up all my money for years and I bought it for you a little after Christmas, and had planned on giving it to you, but we barely saw each other, so I saved it for today. Do you like it?" Ron looked into Draco's normally cold gray eyes and saw them full of warmth.

"I've told you time and time again not to get me anything."

"I know, but I'm not one to just sit back and take and take without giving something in return." Draco smiled softly and pulled the choker out of the box. Draco undid the hook and put it around his neck. Ron smiled down at the blonde.

"Come here." Draco pulled on the front of Ron's robes and pulled the red head down on to his lap. He pressed his lips to the other boy's passionately. He wrapped one arm around the boy's waist and the other tangled itself in the soft red hair. Ron wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and leaned further into the blonde's kiss.

The kiss broke and Ron stared at the blonde for a moment, then remembered something else in his pocket. Draco eyed him again, wondering what else was about to come out of the red head's pocket. Ron pulled out the heart he'd caught earlier and reopened it and the small piece of paper fell out. This time he actually read the paper. Draco pulled his out as well and at the same time they showed the other the paper they had. The one in Ron's trembling hand read Draco Malfoy. Likewise in Draco's steady hand, Ron read his own name. Draco smiled and then pulled the boy down to another kiss.

omfg i loved this part. I loved that draco finally admitted ron was his bf and in front of the school and not caring what snape said to his father...and i love how that part ended. so sappy and cute

“Don’t worry, we’ve only talked and there’s nothing between us and you should know that.” Ron said with a mouthful. He had spit a few chunks of food and blushed when he looked over at the other students who were smiling and rolling their eyes.

lol ew

“Your father came in and blew up my cauldron, and Snape got mad at me and said I would just have to take a fail for the day.” Ron said sitting in a chair across from Draco.

what ass holes

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumbled piece of paper. He unfolded it and handed it to Hermione. Theodore Nott “Are you kidding?” Hermione exclaimed; she then started laughing. “Go figure, the one person that makes out with Ron in front of you is your true love.” They both laughed as they entered the common room.

lmfao funny

i loved how you eneded it with lucius disturbing the class and wanting to talk to ron and then that draco is not disowned but I hated how he could not accept ron...or narissa. its sad:(

I loved your story alot...though I wish it was longer..especially the christmas break parts...I wish you had them doing more activites and stuff. I love when ron is forced to be at the manor but love when draco is at the weasley house also lol.

i really wish you wrote a third story...cuz there good

JaceDamian23 chapter 6 . 9/17/2007
"Would you stop laughing." Ron tried but couldn't. Draco moved foward. He grabbed Ron's chin and pushed his head against the wall. Ron's laughter died slowly. Draco roughly pressed his lips to Ron's. He grabbed Ron's hip with his free hand and pressed all of Ron's body against the wall, then pressed his own body against Ron's. Draco flicked his tongue out to Ron's lips and traced a line around them. Ron moaned against Draco's mouth. He slipped a hand beneath Ron's shirt and ran up one side of his ribcage, as he slipped his tongue in Ron's parted mouth. Draco moved his other hand down to the other side of Ron's body. That hand slid underneath Ron's shirt as well. As he ran his hands up Ron's body, he pulled the shirt of his head. Draco's kisses moved from Ron's mouth to his neck. He nipped at pieces of flesh he could reach, causing Ron to moan more, then he licked over the swollen areas

soo hot

"Draco," Ron started but was cut off.

"I think you and I need some time apart." Draco said without even looking at Ron. Of course he didn't want the time apart, but he knew that it was necessary to get everyone off of his back about where he was always. He took a deep breath and finally looked up at Ron, who stared at him beyond hurt and on the verge of tears.

"Ron, I just need to get everyone off my back of where I always am, it's not something I want to do." Ron still looked like he was ready to cry. Ron leaned against his table and Draco sighed heavily. He walked down to Ron and grabbed him by the arms. He leaned down and gave Ron a soft kiss. "Just for a little while." Draco walked out of the room.

Tears finally did roll down Ron's cheeks. He rapidly wiped them

aww sad,though ron should understand him

When they walked into the Great Hall Ron's eyes immediately shot to the Slytherin table and right at Draco, who was smiling and laughing about something. Ron was so angry that Draco could easily move on. Ron's anger built up so much, the Slytherin table cracked in two right where Draco was sitting. The Slytherin boys were stunned. Draco looked up from the broken table and his eyes caught Ron's. They both knew it was Ron's anger that had broken the table. Ron stared into Draco's eyes for a moment and then turned and walked over to his own table.


"What are you thinking?"

"Shut up and go away."

"Ron, don't be like this." Draco shot a cautious glance over to the crowd to see if anyone was watching. "I told you, it was only for a little while, I promise you, we'll get back together, just give me a week to get their-"

"Shut-up." Ron kept his eyes on the table, never looking at Draco.

"Look at me, you'll see that I'm not lying." Draco shifted, the crowd's attention was waning. "Ron, just please calm down." Draco noticed Ron had quit shaking. With another look over at the crowd, he returned his attention to Ron. "I love you." He whispered. With that Ron looked up shocked at the blonde boy in front of him and saw he was serious.

"I love you too." The redhead whispered back. Draco smiled, but saw the crowd moving and quickly walked back over to his table without another word. Ron sat back on his stool, noticably calmer. Harry noticed it right away

aw good part...sappy:)

Draco bit Ron's lip. "I love you." He said against Ron's lip. He pressed his lips against the other boy's harder than he ever had before, he ran his hands down the boy's ribcage, and pushed the boy into the bath wall. Finally the kiss broke and shivers convulsed over Ron.

"You said it again." Draco smirked. "So you must really like me, then."

"Shut up, you're spoiling the moment." The bell rang.

"No, that's spoiling the moment."

another HOT scene

Ron wrapped his arms around him. "I'd love to do that. I want to have butterbeer with you. It would be a date?" Draco stood straight up.

"I wasn't thinking of it as a date, honestly Ron, don't take this the wrong way, but we are not dating."

"Well then what do you call us, might I ask?"

Draco paused. "I don't know, it's just..." He let go of Ron and leaned against the table next to him. "just, I wouldn't consider us "boyfriends"."

"Wouldn't or don't want to?" Draco heard the spite in Ron's voice as the words came out. "Draco you said you loved me twice and now you won't consider us boyfriends, I just don't understand you. I mean a couple of weeks ago you told me we need to take a break so you could get everyone off your back, but then later that day we made out in the prefect bathroom. You've told me you love me, but won't call me your boyfriend. Draco if you don't mind MAKE UP YOUR MIND." Ron stomped out of the classroom without another word.

Draco stood stunned. "What the bloody hell was that about? I never contradict myself." He said arrogantly to no one.

what an asshole. poor ron

"Mr. Malfoy, what are you still doing in my class?"

Draco spun on his heels to see McGonagall standing behind her desk. "Nothing." He walked out of the classroom quickly.

"Theirs is a very peculiar relationship. I wonder why they never notice I'm still in my classroom?" She mused to herself. As watched the last reminants of Draco disappear.


He saw Ron behind his mother and went to turn around, but was caught by a hand grabbing onto his hood. Narcissa turned to see just who was beneath the cloak. She scowled when she saw the flaming red hair in front of her. "DRACO MALFOY!" His mouth said in the lowest scream she could. Draco winced. "Are you going to explain...HIM?" She asked pointing at a very red Ron.

"Mother, please, don't overreact." Draco pleaded. "Not here." He looked around, they were already starting to draw a crowd.

"Fine." She pulled Ron back to his seat, where he took it reluctantly. She sat on the outside of the table and looked from a still vivid Ron to her son who was now pulling off his hood. "So?"

"I don't know what you want me to say. By your face, you already know what this is." He said pointing between himself and Ron. Ron shifted even more in his chair.

"I thought your father and I raised you better than this." She pointed at the redhead and he gave her a very angry look, she disregarded it. "I never would've expected you to go out with a Weasley. I mean I would understand if it was a Slytherin boy, but not only are you dating a Gryffindor, it's a Weasley." Ron's look became even more angered. "You are so much better than he is." Ron was furious by now. Draco gave him a look that said to calm down but Ron was finding that very hard to do.

"Mother, quit saying stuff like that. I realize that it's very unlike me, and very unlike our family, for me to even consider dating a Weasley but Ron's really different than what we've thought, you just have to get to know him."

"Get to know him? Get to know him? You expect your father and I to get to know the spawn of the man that loves mudbloods, that raids our house every other week, I don't think so." Ron was about to say something, but Draco shot him an angered look, that told Ron to shut up. Ron leaned against his chair, he was fuming.

"Mother, you don't have to like his father, but have you ever thought Ron might not be like his father?" Draco suggested. Narcissa stared at her son suspiciously. She looked over at the fuming Ron, who looked out the window trying to avoid her gaze.

"Fine, you want me to give him a shot, then he can come over during the holiday and meet your father at the same time." Ron looked over at Draco scared and paled.

"Mother I don't think his family is going to let him come for holidays." Narcissa gave a wicked smile.

She turned to Ron. "Your family doesn't know either do they?" Ron shook his head. "That's what I thought. Well then, I'll just have to contact Molly Weasley and discuss this with her." Ron blanched even more. Draco had never seen him so pale. Narcissa got out of her seat, she leaned down and kissed Draco on the head and then gave a disgusted look at Ron and left.

"What are we going to do now?" Ron asked frantically.

"There's nothing we can do other than wait for what our parents come up with." Draco said completely slumping in his chair. Ron shifted and shot a glance out the window at the clock.

holy shit...i loved that part...shes a real bitch though
deliciously forbidden chapter 9 . 8/28/2007
oh no Draco don't hit your head on the table lol. was a bit worried by the speach of lucius at the beginning XD but you brought him back very well done, i was a bit expecting the "we're happy at the last dinner because it's the last time we see you and we're happy to throw you out of our home" lol just exactly what the last scene represents.
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