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Dragon Man 180 chapter 12 . 8/7/2006
I have a feeling this meeting will be a bad idea. As for Inuyasha being blamed for Naraku's actions, I bet Kouga and Sesshomaru would love to find who stated those rumors since Naraku caused them so much trouble!
Nelson Bannaba chapter 12 . 8/7/2006
No wonder this chapter gave you trouble, there was a good deal of action/dialogue packed in. Super job of moving the action along quickly. Kagome hitting Inuyasha in the ears was the high-point. Passive-aggressive behavior begins early. She was under a spell, likely story.


What will Inuyasha now that he realizes that most/all youkai think him a monster? I know there have been hints of an uprising against him in earlier chapters, but I didn't really take it seriously until now. He should take care! It's getting suspenseful.

Your descriptions were lovely throughout, as usual. Those little touches always marvelous.

Can't forget my favorite line, can we?

“The only ones who survived came back wounded terribly, and spoke of the terrible Inuyasha, dressed in robes of crimson fire rat, and slaughtering indiscriminately along with a great many insults."

The "great many insults" really got me.
Empatheia chapter 2 . 7/24/2006
This story has a very unusual (and beautiful) tone to it. It feels more like reading a traditional Chinese poetry-novel than a fanfic (in tone, not structure, of course _;;)- I love it! XD
Dark Inu Fan chapter 11 . 7/18/2006
how about inuyasha turning back into his hanyou self before he scares off kagome again? keep up the good work, dark
Fenikkusuken chapter 11 . 7/4/2006
What's not to love? From 'poncy gits' to a hut that's an escapee from a Russian fairy tale!

Worth the wait!
Nelson Bannaba chapter 11 . 7/4/2006
This was unexpected. Walking cottages, sentient forests, wells full of darkness, all very exciting and creative. I especially enjoyed your description of the enchanted forest and grounds, both sinister and fascinating at once.

Favorite lines being:


Nothing happened.


Still nothing happened


Why do curse words never work as they should? Inuyasha's dialogue was terrific all through.

You're in trouble for leaving it there. Is Kagome's head all mixed up? Hurry up with the next!
Wheezambu chapter 11 . 7/4/2006
Bad Noko, you leave me with more questions than answers with every chapter.


Now I'm just going to have to wait and find out what the HELL is going on. Just like Shippou...hee...I cracked up when he suddenly didn't sound so young and it never occured to me that Sango and Miroku didn't know what he'd wished for. Uh...yeah...I think he might have wanted to mention that at some point.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 11 . 7/4/2006
How the heck did Baga Yaga's hut end up in Feudal Japan for a demon to take over? Baga Yaga is from Russia, not Japan!
Dark Inu Fan chapter 10 . 5/16/2006
a demon was in the buddah's head, right? and just perfect that she's caught half-dressed too! keep up the good work, dark
Nelson Bannaba chapter 10 . 5/3/2006
Dear Noko,

Thanks for all the hard work.


Okay, kidding, there's more. I enjoyed the chapter and wanted to squee over my favorite parts. The ending was pretty scary, any face that is 'bloated' popping down on me while half-naked is the stuff of nightmares. Inuyasha had better see fit to pop up and quick. Have already mentioned that I liked seeing Kohaku and Shippou and the 'faintly moist kiss of dirt' line made me want to run out and work barefoot in the garden (heaven forbid, I leave that up to Ed since I'm lazy). Jaken and his gun, too funny. Rin was correct to look down on her nose at him for that but she has her own weaknesses with the whole phone psychic deal and it's looking like a good match between the two (though I'm sure not...or is it) Also can't forget to mention I like Jukuryo, such a sensible youkai. I both like and don't like seeing Sesshoumaru (object of my lust) through his eyes. And Sesshoumaru pining for the calm of Mrs. Higurashi's home seemed significant. I may be alone in this, but am still wondering which gal he'll end up with (if any)

I'm feeling long-winded tonight.
Sharibet chapter 3 . 5/3/2006
“Oh, well that’s different. Why the hell can’t you just come out and say, ‘Inuyasha, I need your help, my fat old drunkard of a teacher is being arrested for his evil life.’ It would save a lot of stupid conversation.”

I can't tell you how many times I've sat in meetings at work, and wondered the same thing! Hee!

I'm finally getting the chance to read this story, and enjoying it very much so far. The contents of Sesshoumaru's pantry...oh my! I can't wait to hear whether he tells Mrs. Higurashi the truth.
Wheezambu chapter 10 . 5/3/2006
No fair! Bad Noko for the cliffie, that's not very nice! Very good chapter, my dear, very good. You paint such vivid pictures with your words, I feel like I'm there in the middle of it...almost felt the cold miso...hahaha. I can really feel the plot starting to come together now, revealing itself piece by piece and falling into place as neatly as a jigsaw puzzle...which I'm lousy at by the way.

As usual, your portrayal of Sesshomaru is superb, you're really nailing his character for this story, I like how you've kept him true to canon and still let him develop his own personality, very realistic and very believable. I'm still not quite sure about Rin, but I love her boots. know you want a pair of black snakeskin books...don't you dare blame the girls. I bet if I looked under your bed I'd see them too. You're just hiding them so they don't get borrowed.

If Sessh finds out Jaken's been wearing his silk socks, there's gonna be hell to pay. He needs to go have a nice long talk with Mama H, they need bonding time. I think it's sweet that Sessh is concerned over Kagome getting herself expelled and his brother's reputation being false. Something is definitely up and it's up to no good.

Hm. Just wondering if past-Sessh is wandering around the warring states right now and how Inuyasha would deal with him.

Great work, as always.
MayonakaReinei chapter 10 . 5/2/2006
A cliffie, how nice! (note the sarcasm) LoL

Another awesome chapter! I'm loving this story, Loved the other 'Dogs In Tokyo' stories as well. You are definately one of my favorite authors by far! Please, please update as soon as you can, I want to read more! lol

Fenikkusuken chapter 10 . 5/2/2006
A patented Noko cliffie...hee!

Loved 'drop the pants'...poor Jaken! Gambling debts, misguided ideals of removing the stain on the family name...a tranquilizer gun with a spotting scope?

Can't wait for the next installment!
Dragon Man 180 chapter 10 . 5/2/2006
Oh geat, a youkai... I wonder how long it will take Inuyasha to shred the pervert peeking on his wife? I loved seeing Rin talk back to Jaken, she's got spunk!
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