Reviews for Virtually Yours
hetawholockvengerstuck chapter 11 . 8/1
I love Seto and Joey's dynamic. The phone call but was great.

Still adore your Weevil. I never knew I needed an adventure centered on these three until I read this fic.
hetawholockvengerstuck chapter 8 . 8/1
Everything about this chapter is great. I freaking love how you write Weevil.
hetawholockvengerstuck chapter 5 . 8/1
This has probably got to be my favorite chapter so far. I had the goofiest grin on my face when Weevil showed up. Literally everything with him involved was great.
FonceeFaerie chapter 2 . 5/5
Your fic convinced me to finally see Monty Python. So funny thank you. I died when that scene happened because I was thinking of this fan fic, I swear it made it even funnier. this is my favorite fan fic
talyak chapter 15 . 11/17/2016
Ahhh great story!
AnnitaNeko-Chan chapter 1 . 6/21/2015
Oh wow! What a wonderful story! Even though in the begginig I was like "OK, it will be a normal story where two characters fall for each other online etc etc" and then BOOM! My world was shuttered! I was so hooked with the story with all its lifts and turns and the PUPPISHIPPING! Really now I was screaming in every little hint! It was so well peppered with humour and I loved the interrations between the characters!
On the whole, I laughed, I bit off my nails, my stomach became a knot, I started fangirling out of nowhere and it was so worth it! I also have to pinpoint how much I love your writing style, vocabulary and language on the whole! These expressions of yours had me scrolling back up to re-read them so I could grasp the true meaning and the corelation you wanted to make! This way I kept reading with rekindled vigour!
Moreover, I was surprised by the choice of sub-characters (yeah I'm talking about Wheevil XD) but I wouldn't change them for the world! And your NPCs are adorable! I loved them! In addition, I liked how your characters were described more 'off the beaten track'. Joey is as you put it "a closet book-worm but a goofball to the world" (which is exactly what I want to believe for this kind of characters), Kaiba has more than two polar opposite sides (heartless vs loving brother) but he is such a well-rounded character (does this even make sense? My English is out of order tonight XD) with various sides, Wheevil is not a boisterous brat but cares and has his own insecurities, Mokeba is not an little brother completel dependent to his brother but can perate and take initiatived on his own to help his brother and so on and so long...
And to finally conclude this essay- err... comment I would like to thank you for this story, keep up the hard but well-appreciated job and I would love to read more YGO stories from you at soe point _
Bye-bye and take care~
AmethystUnarmed chapter 12 . 6/12/2015
You made me like Weevil, Dartz, and Pegasus. I feel so conflicted
Rhyfedd Meddwl chapter 15 . 4/21/2015
I love this story. Im just getting onto the pairing but i couldnt stop reading. The character interactions were extremely entertaining. I almost stopped at chapt 3 if not for glad that didnt happen. Wished it kept going but the story was better finished here...probably.
Nanda chapter 1 . 2/22/2015
This story gives me life. I have read it eleven times and recommended it to every pupshit shipper I know. This is my reason to breath. I thank you for this glorious contribution to the world.
NANBITCH chapter 15 . 2/12/2015
Just reread this for the thousandth time.
I have read every puppyshipping fanfic, and this is still my favourite. I want to die just looking at the title. Seriously. This story is life. I just want a video of these two reading all of this shit together and just...yes..
That is all I want from life.
QueenofRhymes chapter 5 . 1/5/2015
I love it!
Decipher Philosophy chapter 15 . 11/21/2014
Love love love it! This is the first story where I actually read the whole story word for word! I really love it!
EdeatheDemonFox chapter 15 . 5/4/2014
Wow...this was amazing! I loved the whole video game concept. That was unique (because even with Kaiba being a game programmer, no one's ever done something like this before-at least not that I've read) and it was all written out incredibly well.

The dialogue and their personalities...amazing. Seriously, I loved every aspect of this. Their relationship progressing virtually, getting worse realistically, and then getting better altogether. And how you chose to add the gang and especially Weevil. Again, wow. I hate Weevil in the anime but you turned him hilarious and practically likable in this story.

And I loved the creatures. The vampires were great, especially the Dartz one, and I really enjoyed the sphinx. Probably my personal favorite. ;D

So, all in all...WOW. Again, I say wow. This was amazing and such a good read!
The Blonde Beagle chapter 15 . 4/12/2014
Let me just start by saying that antisocial three-legged Dachshund is the best description of a Kaiba ever! its funny AND true lol! I have 4 dachshunds in my family and holy cow they are bad on their own without any issues! Awesome story it was a super fun read!
Sailor Solaris2 chapter 5 . 2/24/2014
Ok, your story takes first place for most creative way of getting Joey and Seto together! Loved Seto's reaction!
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