Reviews for Resignation and Rejuvenation
rozzy07 chapter 1 . 10/2/2005
Just loved this one off. It affords a greater insight into how Nick feels internally, before he eventually reacts to Grissom's indifference. He really has got beyond the point of trying to please Grissom, realising that he does not need to be like him but has to remain true to himself. Great stuff. More needed.
diane chapter 1 . 10/1/2005
This is a very nice piece. Extremely well written, character driven, and a great introspective view that lets us dive into Nick's thoughts during this episode. I think it rang true with Nick's character, and I found myself seeing how Nick could very easily have been thinking along these lines.

One aspect I really applaud in this story is how you show us with Nick's thoughts on what he believes the others at the lab are talking about does two things. One, it allows us to see what Nick, perhaps, is thinking or feeling in regards to how he feels he is perceived by Gil (not liked) and how Sara is perceived (either favored or possibly a hint of "special" feelings). Two, it allows us to see how others, particularly the Day shift and the lab techs, view Gil, Sara, their relationship (or non-relationship and all that entails), and Nick.

I thought this was so fantastically done. I can easily see Nick believing most of the rest of the lab sees him as the one Gil doesn't like. After all, Gil treats Catherine as a peer, he's covered for Warrick and gave Warrick the promotion to CSI 3 nearly immediately after the Holly Gibbs fiasco, and "specially" recruited Sara from California...and then there's poor Nicky, who isn't trusted to do DB's alone, and is treated like the baby of the group. He isn't quite trusted, he isn't seen as quite as brilliant or capable, and he isn't quite good enough. *hugs poor Nicky*

Yet, we see in this story, despite how he thinks others see him in relation to Gil and the other "super" CSI's of the Night Shift, he is still very confident in himself and in his abilities. You've captured perfectly the dichotomy of Nick's character: how he can both be insecure of himself, yet completely confident in his abilities. He knows he's a good CSI, he knows he can do his job, yet deep down he believes Gil will never respect him or see him as capable as the others.

Personally, I can see the fallout of this my head, which goes to show how you've totally captured my imagination. Nick, when he gets the promotion (and simultaneously finds out it doesn't go through), most likely never realized Gil gave him the recommendation. Perhaps he'll believe he got the promotion DESPITE Gil's recommendation of Sara. Perhaps he'll believe the other supervisors, perhaps Ecklie specifically since Day Shift seems to favor him over Sara, wrote recommendations for him. Or even the Sheriff, or Brass. Or there was something in Sara's records that was a mark against her.

Then, if we fast forward a few years, we can see how in "Grave Danger", he still believes he's nothing more than a disappoint to Gil. Yes, he's a capable CSI who has proven his worth on the job. But he still apologizes to his mentor, the man he's got a serious case of hero worship, on not being good enough.

*sigh* Like a said, this really was a lovely story, and I think it ties in so nice in how Nick ends up growing as a person throughout the series, yet still retains that thread of insecurity that makes me want to cuddle him and feed him chocolate. You've definitely captured his many layers, which makes him such a lovable character, IMO.
Kristen999 chapter 1 . 10/1/2005
"It was as if in Grissom’s office, during those brief moments, he had severed his dependancy on Grissom’s approval with one fell swoop. Now he was standing on his own with his self-worth no longer relying on the validation given by another person."

Thats the crux of the sotry..Nick coming inot his own, realzing that he is indeed a good CSI and that his emotions are a thing that will cotniune to help and guide him. Poor Nick, Gil still is not fourthcoming with praise, always playing with "tough love" make Nick stronger.

I'd like to see a one shot when Nick reads that letter...what might run through his head...after this wonderfuly insightful peice.

Nice shower scene! thanks-

samsara20 chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
Ah..Poncholives..what the heck you got yourself into..

Excellent. I actually felt that Grissom was being self-depricating when he said, we certainly don't need another me around here. But perhaps maybe Nick would take it that way.
higherbeingfriendsfan chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
I liked this, I'm glad that Nick realised that he didn't need to be like Grissom, but that he was a great CSI the way he was, with his emotional element. I liked this, it was a great post-ep to one of my favourite season 4 episodes!
forensicsfan chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
I loved this. :)