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NieYanMLC chapter 9 . 5/29/2020
MrDrP I don't know if your still there I can only hope so, but this Tory and all the other stories that I've read from you I can confidently say in the years I've read all kinds of stories in all types of genres and styles, this is one of the most interesting/fun/original in terms of how you crafted it/spot on to characterization (not limited to fanfictions) and most of all brought about more child like feelings out of me even before I've read the Bible.
So yeah thank you for making this it's really good. For anyone reading the reviews to see if it's worth the read, yes it is worth it, it's really something that makes sense if it ever happens in real life, sweet, funny, heart wrenching sometimes, and even exciting I love it, one of the few I'll Favorite.
Magis Gaudium chapter 9 . 3/20/2020
Ok, just a heads up this will probably be a pretty long review because I am quite expressive, this is my first review on FF and this happens to be the first KP story I have read here on FF, but I will separate it in sections so that you can easily read that which interests you and skip the rest. Also spoiler alert to others that might not have read the story.

How I stumbled upon your story

So it all begins with some random youtube recommended videos of KP, which I get for some reason and this gives me a sudden craving to rewatch KP which I do. I am not a binge watcher so I know that this is going to take a while and somewhere in the middle of season 1 or the beginning of season 2 my craving for some K/R goodness is quite big, but I know that I wont get it until season 3-4. Then it hits me that I could go and visit FF (have been at FF before and read stories but it is has been infrequent and never any KP stuff before).

I find the subsection for KP stories and notice that it is huge, so I sort the stories according to highest favs to get some good stuff. I am a bit picky with my stories though, since I don’t want to spoil the later episodes of the series which I do remember vaguely and I know how everything ends and such, but I still don’t want to spoil any details and rather enjoy these when I rewatch the episodes instead. I discover a new problem however, all the top stories seems to be KIGO and that is not my cup of tea because I'm all about the K/R. Then I see it, like a beacon of hope, a highly rated K/R romance story that won’t spoil the future episodes, Nacho Boy and the Dragon Lady!

Even before starting to read the story I had a feeling that this might be good, I mean just the title sells it to me. Plot twist I liked it a lot, and therefore I thought that I need to give you a long and fulfilling review, but it is easier to read stuff so I started to read a lot of other KP stories while finishing watching the series. Then when I finally decided to make the review i couldn’t remember all the details of your story, so I read it again and it was an almost equally thrilling experience as the first time. Now finally a couple of weeks after reading it the second time I am finally sitting down to write the review, which manages to take a bit more than a week since other things get in my way.

The main part of the actual review

So now onto the review part which will be mostly praise and my thoughts about details in the story, but I guess that is nice too. So first of I liked the general idea, it is an au but with enough familiarity to ground me in the story. I especially liked what you did with Kim’s and Ron’s personality and how different they turned out without each other (mostly Kim), since it reinforces how important they are to each other. However, their changed personalities also makes me a bit sad, because I think about all the wonderful things they did together in the series like their general friendship and romance which they of course eventually get to experience in your story too, but it feels like they have missed a lot of good years.

Furthermore, the fact that they don’t become team Possible also breaks my heart a little, because it feels like a lost dream and unfulfilled potential. This feeling of lost dreams and missed opportunities also haunted me during the episode homecoming upset, I mean it was a good episode, but there was a lot of good K/R moments that was missed out because of Bonnie (might be a good story for a one-shot). I actually got this feeling from a couple of your stories (like “Just a dream”), but the feeling is worth it because when you finally get to the “happy” parts of the story like when Kim and Ron get together it feels so much better because of the sharp contrast.

Another thing I liked with this story and you stories in general is that you manage to stay in character and make good use of the shows language (like badical, bondigity and no big). The first time I read your story I was a bit confused, because I could vaguely recognize the catchphrases that Kim and Ron used, but I hadn’t realized how often they where used, so after I started to read you story I actively listened for the catchphrases you used later when I watched the show.

Some quick thoughts from every chapter

Chapter 1
Violet parr exciting crossover unexpected
Wedding with Mankey, probably most likely candidate, but shocking to see him as an ashole
Rufus old and dying, you continue to twist the world of KP tugging at my heartstrings. Did actually google how old mole rats can get and it turns out they can get up to 32 years old in captivity, #Rufus died to soon.
Kimzilla, excellent nickname

Chapter 2
Nice to see how Kim and Ron's interactions begin to turn them into their proper selves

Chapter 3
At first I thought Kim was very unstable and uncharacteristically emotional, of course if something would make her cry it would be relationship problems. However when I thought about it it all seems reasonable considering your setting and how Kim is a different person here.

Chapter 4
It feels strange (and a bit sad) to see characters like Josh and Ron’s mom be so awful compared to their series version, but it is somewhat of a general theme for some of the characters in the story. Even Bonnie was worse than here series counterpart, but didn’t get the same feeling with Bonnie, since she was already quite despicable.

Chapter 5
Nice of you to bring in Hubble and Reiger in the story, I mean at this point without season 4 out Reiger was a very minor character. Also interesting to see Jim and Tim filling the void left by team possible, but also sad because as mentioned earlier it is Kim’s and Ron’s thing.

Chapter 6
Funny how you used showcased Ron’s excellent ability to listen to Kim while seamingly distracted by something else, but has he done this in the regular series more than once?

Chapter 7
Again thought Kim seemed to cry easily, it works in your story, but first time I read it I was thinking that she would turn mad instead of sad. Also a reminder that Ron is Jewish, easily forgotten because it isn’t very noticeable in the series (of course it doesn’t seem that he cares about it to much in the series). Might have been in an earlier chapter, but you mean to tell me that not not only Rufus is dead but also Ron’s dad, don’t you have any mercy?

Chapter 8
Liked that you made Kim feel jealous and left out, in both your own stories and many stories from other authors it is often Ron that finds himself in these kinds of situations, but we must not forget that Ron secretly is a ladies man :). Also drunk Kim is kinda funny and Ron approaching Sulu reminds me of when he bribed that judge in the dog show and Kim thought he would make a fool out of himself. Lastly, I like how you use the possible motto in your stories. In this story you use it to bring Kim down to earth and in “she can do anything” you really gave me the feels by using it.

Chapter 9 and closing remarks
A very nice conclusion to your story that started out somewhat sad and a little depressing, but it got much better. I liked the touching moment when Ron visited Rufus grave and “talked” with him and Kim’s final speech about how everything probably would have been better if they met earlier, because it shows how they already understand how much better they make each other. Also funny how I didn't notice that they were having part of the wedding at Bueno Nacho until the second time I read the story. All in all a very good read (good enough to read two times in less than a half year) and I would gladly recommend it to people that like romance stories especially if they are K/R shippers.
OldAccountThatIsNotUsed5770 chapter 9 . 11/7/2019
By far the best story I've ever read.

Great work!
Leon R. Peterson chapter 9 . 10/23/2019
OKAY! I am NOT crying. i cried when i got the XII. then i read "Or Blown up" and had to Laugh.

Leon R. Peterson chapter 6 . 10/23/2019
oh my god i'm loving it so far. we've all been there when we meet the parents oh god this can NOT end well xD. MUST KEEP READING XD XD XD XD
Madrigal-in-training chapter 9 . 9/17/2019
This is absolutely wonderful. I love it.
BeforeThePrologue chapter 1 . 6/20/2019
Oh no! But wow, I really love your characterization, it feels spot on what they'd be if they hadn't had each other.
Anonymoose chapter 9 . 12/3/2018
I really need to stop re-reading this... But I can’t help myself. It’s like an itch I just have to scratch and giving in is so satisfying
Richy1991 chapter 9 . 10/2/2018
lo voy a decir simplemente, de tus historias, esta y next generation estan entre mis fanfics favoritos del fandom de kp. como manejas las relacion, las tensiones, el romance y por sobre todo la quimica y dinamica de la relacion de kim y ron. una relacion que es perfectamente impecta, ambos tienen sus defectos pero conocen el del otro y lo aceptan y aman mas por ello. por ello esta relacion es la unica que disfruto del fandom de kp. gracias por escribir tan bella historia
Lostinthought319 chapter 9 . 5/9/2018
This story was super-absorbing. Hooked me from the start. I couldn't stop reading it. I loved how the relationship evolved and that you covered everything that had to be. I also like that Kim didn't do a total 180 and that she still had some slip-ups and pitfalls as well as insecurities. The hostage part had me breathless. I got emotional when Ron visited Rufus' grave. And there were a billion other things I loved that I can't name right now. Anyway, awesome job! You're a great writer!
abandonedaccount47 chapter 8 . 12/21/2016
abandonedaccount47 chapter 2 . 12/21/2016
Actually, naked mole rats can live upwards of 30 years... Poor Rufus should have more time left!
abandonedaccount47 chapter 1 . 12/21/2016
mastersp18 chapter 9 . 12/4/2016
Un muy buen trabajo, me encanto la originalidad y lo "atrapante" de la trama, imposible dejar de leerlo hasta el final, quizá me hubiera gustado leer lo que sucedió después, pero eso a solo mi opinión. 10/10.
howmanyisthat chapter 9 . 8/1/2016
that was great
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