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rebeccaseal chapter 58 . 5/14/2014
Dfhoegranwoenvsnfeabfvosnfoeifnvdfznaiwefmvdife... ! What... but... it can't... what... Can't form complete sentences! I hate finishing a series... and I didn't even find out what their daughter was going to be like! Or if they bond again! Or if Rin and Scott fall in love! Or what happens to Zeniba! You call that an ending? Don't be ridiculous. Yup, that's my review. "Great story, unsatisfactory ending." It's like a giant cliffhanger! I HATE cliffhangers. Can't stand them. Horrible. I can't wait for those one-shots...
rebeccaseal chapter 49 . 5/14/2014
You horrible, horrible person! How could you? It breaks my heart to see that Chihiro doesn't remember Haku or Linca. It's cruelty!
rebeccaseal chapter 8 . 5/11/2014
What?! No more fluff?! *fluff bunny shrivels up and dies* But without fluff... What is a story without fluff? *sobs*
rebeccaseal chapter 6 . 5/11/2014
Oh gods. You are one evil woman. Poor Lady, having her water break during a mating ceremony! I'm just gonna hope that when I'm pregnant I won't be anywhere NEAR a wedding.
rebeccaseal chapter 5 . 5/11/2014
I love snow! Well, probably only 'cause California doesn't get snow except for the mountains, but still! I wouldn't mind shoveling snow! Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow...
rebeccaseal chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
Awwwwww... Now I want a Haku. I'd steal him from Chihiro, but I like her too much to do that. Do you think you could clone him for me?
Tinkering-Lady chapter 58 . 5/3/2014
Wow. This story/saga was incredible. I definitely lost some sleep just to finish this story and it was worth every sleep-depraved second. I probably should have reviewed this much sooner but I was too excited and I really couldn't stop. I love how you captured the personalities of each of the characters within the movie. The plot was well-developed though I wish that you didn't end it so abruptly. I would love to know whether Scott will come back to the spirit world or not and if Chihiro ever gets her memory back. And of course I wanna know what the little dragonlet would look like! She doesn't even have a name yet! Anyways, fantastic story and this should seriously be a movie.
Shigome chapter 58 . 4/17/2014
In the last...week? I can't even remember when I started reading Courage of the Spirit now, but it must have been within a week. I read all three stories. There were times I felt Haku and Chihiro were OOC, but as the story progressed I can understand the way they were represented and felt the happy fangirl within me smile at them when they had their moments. Well done. In comparison to many other fanfic writers, you pulled me in quite strongly and impressed me with such a well-planned, drawn out story and execution of such.

I will not lie, like other reviewers/fans, that the ending left me unsatisfied. I still feel like there are a tad too many loose endings that could be fulfilled in one last installment. I DO understand the artistry in leaving it the way it is. It's very parallel to the ending in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, but I was hoping for more sweet and tender fluff without so much anguish and angst dashed and peppered on top of it.

Clearly (at least I would like to believe) you are hinting Chihiro DOES regain her memories, since more and more slowly seem to be breaking the surface, especially when she has contact with Haku.

I also wasn't sure how to feel about Haku becoming the new Guardian of the Rift. Some say it suits him which, I can come to terms to understand that point of view. Though personally I can't say that am a hundred percent approving of it. Again, if you showed us more of an epilogue of how their relationship and lives progressed, perhaps I would be more settled on the idea.

Gah, so many more things I think I want to say about everything. Your story stirred many emotions within me - don't doubt that. The pain you expressed through Haku was quite palpable. Particularly in Resilience when he realized Chihiro did not remember/no longer know him and let out that despairing howl that Kenshin had heard. That was quite heart wrenching.

I really do wish and YEARN for a continuation/epilogue. I want to see a wrap up of Haku and Chihiro's life, even if it's only a very long, single chapter. I long for the sweet fluff and tender love they had when they finally admitted their love for each other and mated, as well as the tender familial love they will have with their soon-to-be(?) born daughter. We don't even get to really meet her, which is such a crying shame! At least give us a glimpse of their future! You even hinted they would have more children later on (which would not be surprising with those two) from the old man Arron.

If I had known the story would end like this I would have stopped reading after Courage of the Spirit. *sniffs*
I would have had a less tortured heart to deal with! *shakes fist now*
Please, if you do find time, just throw us a bone of an epilogue. Even a small fish bone could do.

I still don't regret reading your trilogy. I have hopes, again, for a final continuation of this story.
- Shigome 3
jazz chapter 27 . 4/5/2014
How far along is she
jazz chapter 23 . 4/5/2014
I'm getting bored each day is the same
DandelionsxFran chapter 58 . 4/2/2014
Hello Velf!
Just like to say that I've reread this entire series at least five times and it still hits me as hard as the first. It's been two years since resilience of the soul ended. I'd die to have a small teeny tiny epilogue of some sort just to give us some more feels and fluff and I'd just really love to know if Chihiro ever got her memory back.
I know I've said this before in other reviews I've left here but I love your characters so much. Linca and the Lady especially. Well obviously Haku and Chihiro too. And Scott. And Rin. And Zeniba. I love what you have done with them and have given them logical storylines. No matter what, this is my favourite Spirited Away fanfic. It always will be!
Even if you never write anything else for Spirited Away I'm still going to reread this forever.

I wish you well,
(DandelionsxFran on twitter)
Jamelia098 chapter 58 . 3/24/2014
It was ok, I liked the first two better :)
angel56277 chapter 58 . 3/14/2014
Words cannot describe how immersed I was in reading all your Spirited Away fan fiction. I believe I'm more upset that I've finished reading it all, and I can't help but associate the movie with the series of stories from now on - I must say, I enjoyed it immensely. I really connected with all the characters and how you portrayed them, along with the plot (of course) from the early beginning to the bitter sweet ending. Absolutely love it
Revellyn chapter 58 . 3/1/2014
It has been a rollercoaster of an epic journey. Equally as evident is the growth in your storytelling abilities. I have enjoyed the adventure, the romance and the growing up of all the characters involved. Although you have tried to tie up as many loose ties as possible, there are still many more and perhaps that is intentional.

Thank you for the effort and the love that you have poured into this saga. Your readers treasure and appreciate it.
jubballama chapter 58 . 2/28/2014
I have managed to get through this trilogy in about a day and a half and I've loved every second of it, you've truly managed capture everything I could ever want in spirited away fan fiction! Youre a tuly amazing writer, and I've never been so engulfed in a story and I'm left feeling a little sad to have gotten to the end so quickly.
I have no idea what do now I feel so attached!
Thank you for this amazing contribution :)
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