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Ephemeral Stream chapter 56 . 2/8/2014
I always feel inmensely sad when I read this, knowing that even though Chihiro came back to Haku it wouldn't be the same. We were shown just how much Haku loved her and would give up everything for her and I cannot imagine the agony of losing not only her, but her memories of him. I feel so bad for him, I really do. Haku will always sacrifice himself for her and do whatever it takes to make her happy and it is just devastating that she doesn't remember him.
bookmaniac chapter 25 . 1/2/2014
"The three stories Velf has written will take you on a beautiful, heart wrenching, exciting, and mind-blowing journey that will teach readers the real essence of the meaning of the soul itself. Velf, you are blessed with talent."

Beyond Forgetting chapter 58 . 1/1/2014
I JUST WANT TO GET THE CREEPS OUT OF YOU! YOU ARE COMPLETELY EXCELLENT IN WRITING THIS! Just like others, I finished your trilogy in just 3 days! I was not really in the real world, I feel like I'm bound to another world. I'm really happy that I have read this fan fic. You're a genius.


"I still don't remember you, I mean, I don't remember loving you at all .."



I hope you will receive your readers' request. I'm worried because your last update was February 12, 2012. It will be almost two years without going to ff. PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL OR EPILOGUE AND MAKE OUR MINDS IN PEACE AGAIN.

(Sorry for the overflowing emotions. That means, your story really captured my emotions, making your story the best for me, so far.)
horsegirl275 chapter 58 . 12/30/2013
I just don't know what to say...This is truly amazing. You have truly ruined me for all other Spirited Away fanfics. I've grown to love all of these characters, you are an amazing writer, and your plot and ideas are so unique and amazing. It felt like I was reading a published book, not a FF. Indeed, if this was a book, it would be one of my favorites. As it is, this is one of my top FFs. There aren't words to describe this, really. I do hope you write an epilogue someday soon, I feel like there are still some loose ends that need to be tied up. I really hope Chihiro gets her memory back! Maybe just a one shot looking back on everything to answer the last few questions :) Such as Chihiro's memory, parents, Rin, the 2nd mating, her daughter, does her daughter and the Lady's son really mate, how does Haku deal with a bathouse, Chihiro, and his river, Meeka, Yubaba, the rift, and everything else. Truly amazing work, I take my hat off to you :)
archangelBBQ chapter 58 . 12/30/2013
Wow.. all I can say is wow. You are a masterful storyteller! I read your trilogy in the span of a couple days and it has been an exhilarating experience. I am so happy to have reached the end but also sad for the same reason!

One thing I loved about the last installment of the trilogy was Kenshin... for sure he was a complicated villain. I felt sorry for him and agreed with him even when I hated him for tormenting Haku and Chihiro. The strained relationship with his mother was heartbreaking, especially when she grieved him when he died.

The love story between Haku and Chihiro was really beautiful. I didn't empathize with Chihiro much in the first part of the trilogy, but by the end I really loved her. Turning Haku into the new rift God was completely unexpected but terribly fitting! I really loved Meeka/Mika in part II but she didn't have much of a part to play in the end. The Lady and Kisho were also more and more intriguing as you developed the story. Another one of my favorite characters was definitely Linca. We had to wait a while to hear her story though! ;) She really was an amazing character, and her death was so tragic but at the same time a bit joyful, passing along what she had to her beloved sister. Scott and Rin and Nygel as the rest of the travelers were great fun. I really loved the Nygel and his playful attitude. I also kind of like that the ending to the Scott/Rin storyline was left a bit ambiguous.

Your writing really made me feel as if I had descended into another world. The level of detail and thought that went into this story is amazing. I was really completely immersed in your story... it will take a couple days I fear to return to the real world. A truly amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
Firerosemon chapter 58 . 12/29/2013
That fic was amazing uwu
I feel a little unsatisfied when it comes to Chihiro and Haku's ending but okay.
Thank you for writing this! It's nearly 3am and wow that was such a journey.
Silverblueroses chapter 58 . 12/27/2013
I just read the whole trilogy and must say that this is the BEST spirited away fanfic I have ever read. I loved every single moment of it. I guess I was kind of disappointed when I finished because I was expecting a little more...
I guess I expected an epilogue of chihiro with Haku and their daughter, just like a family fluff moment. Still a really well written story. I woke up at 5:30 today determined to finished, now two and a half hours later, I have succeeded.
I'll be rereading this someday-multiple times. :)
Guest chapter 58 . 12/24/2013
So... I just spent the last 24 hours reading the entire trilogy. I re-watched the movie yesterday night and recalled I loved a certain author's work and couldn't remember if I had finished reading the story. Decided to search for it again. I read the entire trilogy from the start and boy, I didn't even take a step out of my house today. That was how addictive it was. Thank you for spending years of your life dedicating yourself to this trilogy. I admit I was cursing and swearing in the last few chapters as it became clear there wasn't going to be a clear-cut happy ending where the lovers would embrace with Chi remembering everything and they hug and kiss and all that frilly romantic stuff. These open-ended endings sure leave the fans hanging. I hope to see an epilogue that will hopefully satisfy the fans on that lovey dovey action. :) All the best to your novel too!
Alethiabeth chapter 58 . 12/23/2013
After 3 weeks of reading what was initially a distraction from my final exams, I've finished reading your trilogy. It was great! There were so many moments that I couldn't help but laugh, and I'm pretty sure I smiled through 80% of the story (even the gleefully stressful ones that I should not have taken so much pleasure in haha). Your writing style is beautiful and there was never once a time when I could not vividly see the story taking place in my head as I read. If there was ever a time for a movie sequel( or an entire series of movies) to be made from fanfiction, it would be from your trilogy. The essence and growth of each character was beautifully displayed and interpreted.
Basically I would just like to say, you are an amazing writer and I loved your stories! Thanks so much for dedicating part of your life to this!
megan1805 chapter 58 . 12/13/2013
Will you create a sequel to it because it is seriously incomplete with lots of loopholes
Non Stop Reader chapter 58 . 11/2/2013
I loved the story it was beautiful and carried many emotions *tears in eyes* Please continue the story or do an sequel there are so many questions about Chihiro and Haku's child and Haku's new role in the spirit world. I want to know what happened to Chihiro as she learns to coupe with her new possible new powers and Rin's past confronting her in the future. PLEASE PLEASE! write a another story
Non stop reader chapter 58 . 10/30/2013
I have just recently been getting into spirit away fan fiction and your is on one of the best I have read the story was wonderful please continue the saga.
Ilikedragons chapter 58 . 10/29/2013
Hey :D... I've read ur whole serious and I'm quite new to reading fanfictions but this series/saga (whatever u call it) was amazing and I jet don't want it to end! Please do right a little epilogue or something cause I'd love to see how everything turns out like maybe what chihiro and hakus child/children turn out like and how chihiro masters here magic... Anyway great job, plz right more and I'll probably be reviewing something on the next book u right (:
From: ilikedragons
A fan chapter 58 . 10/27/2013
the story was truly wonderful emotional rollercoaster please PLEASE! write a squeal to this wonderful ending.
Chihiroku chapter 58 . 10/17/2013
Dear Velf,
I finished reading Resilience of the Soul last night and I'm not lying when I say that my heart actually hurt. I almost had to cry myself to sleep! I was full of conflicting emotions- on one hand I was so sad that I no longer had anymore of this story to read, but on the other hand I was so happy to know that Chihiro and Haku could finally live peacefully. I was shocked when Chihiro was stabbed and when Linca died, but that made it all the more realistic because in reality, it's not possible to walk away from something as big as Chihiro's quest without great losses. I'm still sad that Chihiro didn't get all her memories back though.
I came across Courage of the Spirit because someone posted the link in the comments of a YouTube video for the Spirited Away soundtrack. Clicking on that link was the best thing I ever did, and when I found out there were 2 more stories I was ecstatic! I thank you with all my heart for making me love Spirited Away more than I did before, I'll never see it in the same way again!
For about a year I've been kinda depressed and I haven't been doing so great in school. I completely lost interest in everything and I no longer felt inspired to write stories, which I love doing. But reading this series put a spark back in my life and made me feel again- something which I have not done in far too long.
I'm sorry for the longwinded comment, but what I'm basically trying to say is, Thank you.
Thank you for writing these stories and sharing with us your beautiful mind. They will forever be a part of me and I could never thank you enough for it. I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world and I hope you live a long and happy life.

Love, a fellow UK citizen ;)
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