Reviews for Power the Dark Lord knows not
riverrat chapter 3 . 5/15/2012
Another awesome story. As soon as I'm done with this review I will jump to the next one. I have become quite addicted to

Poor Severus. He's the greatest hero in this whole story and everybody knocks him around. At least Harry has a little bit of compassion - not that Sev want's any.
Vincent Severus Mycroft chapter 3 . 5/15/2009
Great story! There are several unique ideas in here that I really like, such as Snape carrying a firearm, as well as old ideas grown upon, such as Snape not letting *anyone* touch him.

I especially loved the parts in Harry's chapter about how Snape now "belongs" to him & he's not quite sure how to handle his new spy. I've previously thought of going along with a similar idea for a fic, only for McGonagall. I like your idea of Harry better, though. _

Also love how Moody thinks that Snape was one of the worst Death Eaters even all those years ago & how he couldn't get him to talk no matter what. It makes his devotion to Lily seem even greater since it's obvious nobody would have ever been able to force him into betraying the Dark Lord.
Prieda Solo chapter 3 . 2/28/2007
i can't believe this is the last one. Thanks so much. I only hope you enjoyed writting them as much as I enjoyed reading them.
Prieda Solo chapter 2 . 2/28/2007
Um, you know the last chapter? That should have been the first chapter of Deathly Hallows. Really it should.

Muggle Dark Arts

Brillient. And they stay in character. Oh I am falling in love with your stories. And probably doing severe damage to your inbox in the process.
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
Dumbledore knew about this, he knew what Snape was capable of, and not just wizards, Muggles as well, he confessed to killing “countless Muggles”, how could Dumbledore have been fooled?

and they do it again! Argh it is not your fault at all this is what the characters are like. does nobosy think for a second that dumbledore might not have been fooled?

Dumb gryffindors.
Mariag Brie chapter 3 . 2/6/2007
I don't know what to say! This was awesome, as all your stories I've read, but this was the first featuring Harry. And, Lord, Harry acted like (I can't think of a best word to describe it) a hero. When he was about to clean Snape's face with his handkerchief and specially- oh yes!- when he said that he'll destroy Voldemort just for totally wretching Snape's life.

Harry's disposition to let Snape watch his thoughts was kind of weird.

Great, great, great!
Derannimer chapter 3 . 7/20/2006
(OK, because I think I've probably written enough about this story by this point, and because Harry and Snape are the more important perspectives anyway, Moody is gonna get kind of short shrift here.)

Moody is one of my favorite canon characters, although I couldn't quite tell you why. Perhaps it's just the suspicious, rather cynical hard-headedness and gruffness; the sense that, of all the canon characters, he would be most at home in a John Le Carre novel. I enjoy that kind of thing.

You do a very good job with him here. At first I thought he might be a shade too ruthless - but IIRC he supports the use of the Dementors, when we see him in the Pensieve scene in GOF, so now I'm thinking you've probably got him about right. He'll avoid unnecessary brutality, but he won't balk at anything that *is* necessary.

So yes, the ruthlessness is probably right, the constant suspicion and cynicism is right, and the shrewdness is right - I like that he can keep up with, and agrees with, Snape's strategic calculations. (I think I remember you said to me once that an unruined Snape might have turned out a Moody-like tough bastard; I think you're onto something there, the two men do have their similarities.) Also right - and kind of cute/amusing - is his slight sentimentality about "that darling girl" Lily. Seriously, that's right on, the idea that Moody might have the occasional (very occasional) soft spot.
Derannimer chapter 2 . 7/20/2006
As always, your Snape is spot-on. Particularly wonderful things about this chapter:

* The idea that, if Voldemort ever catches Snape, *Crabbe and Goyle* would be the ones to do him in. ::shudders:: It's such an demeaning end for such a brilliant and powerful man, to be beaten to death by thugs, but the indignity is part of what makes it perfect. Yes; this would be by far the most painful way for Snape to go, and this fic is the only place I've ever seen it. Brilliant. And I love how scared he is at the thought of it - I think we've never seen him as frightened as he is in this chapter, and it's because Dumbledore's dead, and that's absolutely IC, and very touching.

* Snape telling Harry that he loved Lily, and that Voldemort offered her to him. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I mean, I knew it'd be painful for him when I read Harry's perspective, but this... it's like being *tortured,* telling Harry this. His reactions are just so perfect: his pain, and his shame, and his reluctance to see Harry's reaction, and his recurring temptation to just lie, and underneath it all, his half-recognition that the thing he must now uncover so shamefully is in itself precious. This line is perfect: "I’m not ashamed of loving Lily, she was one of the few good things in my life." (His need for a cigarette before he can get through it is also perfect.)

* The strange... well, the strange innocence of Snape's real wishes. He's such a thoroughly unpleasant and wretched man, he's stained through and through, and yet what does he really want? "And he remembers a fragment of the Muggle marriage service, with my body I thee worship, and he realises, I wanted to marry Lily, not to violate her." This is one of my favorite lines in all your fics, and it is so poignant, to see so *pure* a desire coming from this ruined man. It just breaks my heart.

The other moment where we get that juxtaposition is Snape's daydream about Widowed!Lily. "and if she could not be in love with him, she might have come to love him, if he was gentle and persistent," that's such an unbearably decent and weirdly chivalrous thing for him to want. And also, so *deluded* - as he himself realizes, it is a million miles from the reality of the life he has made.

As with the final scene of "Well done, Draco, well done," there's this wrenching combination of the beautiful and good with the dark and sordid. I love it, I think you're brilliant.

* Oh, and one more thing, because I can't not mention it: Snape's continuing self-revelations are great. Yes, if nothing else, he can have the truth. Great job.
Derannimer chapter 1 . 7/20/2006
Ok, before I get down to reviewing this as a story qua story, I have to ask you a question about it as a story qua theory: is this what you think will happen in Book 7, what you hope will happen in Book 7, or simply what you wanted to happen in your own series? Normally, I would never ask a writer this question - I would just take the fic as a fic and shrug and not worry about how predictive they meant it to be. But your stories are so carefully true to canon, and contain so many things that are apparently meant to be taken as theories/predictions (ie, Snape loved Lily); and what is more, those theories are normally so spot-on perfect (meaning, they are also my theories), that I really do have to ask you: do you think something like this will happen in Book 7? And when I say "something like this," I don’t mean, obviously, "something like this exact scene," but just "some kind of scene where Harry realizes Snape’s on his side and that he’ll have to work with him." I mean, do you think that the big reveal about Snape’s loyalties is going to come before the final battle; that he will be working for Harry with Harry’s own knowledge?

Because if you do think that, then I will have to say something I bet you don’t often hear: "You’re being too nice with this one!" Or at least, too optimistic. I’m fairly convinced, myself, that while Snape will be giving Harry information about the Horcruxes during Book 7, he’ll be doing so through some pre-arranged proxy (my money is on Aberforth Dumbledore, who has not yet made his promised appearance), and that JKR won’t reveal he’s a good (more or less) guy until the last second, and that Harry will hate him throughout almost the entire book. The reason I think this is basically just that it would be a bit anti-climactic, I think, for Rowling to set up this shocking betrayal at the end of 6 and then almost immediately unmask it; she loves playing her cards close, she loves last-minute surprise endings, and she can get an *awful* lot of mileage out of this setup. I don’t think she’s going to tip her hand here until she absolutely has to. (I also, though I agree Harry’s a good chap, think that the depth of Harry’s hatred will preclude any early recognition of Snape’s real motives.) I know the Dramatic Last Minute Revelation: Snape Dies a Martyr! thing has been done to death, and I feel some aversion to it on that ground... but there’s a reason it’s so popular. It really does have considerable narrative logic (style of fing). And just because it’s done to death doesn’t mean it can’t be done well - I mean, Snape loved Lily is also done to death, but you’ve managed brilliant things with it, and I certainly hope JKR will too.

So, basically, for once, I find myself in disagreement with your premises here - and I do mean "for once," because as intimated above, I agree with nearly all of your theories/predictions/backstories. Much though I would wish it otherwise, I can’t see the last chapter of Snape’s story going anything like this. I would, however, be *fascinated* to hear your reasons why you think it might, and I am amenable to persuasion.

Of course, if your answer to the question up there way at the beginning of this mess was: "No. I don’t think this is what’s going to happen - I just thought it would be neat to write. What’s wrong with you, you absurdly verbose person?" then you can just ignore the two preceding paragraphs and accept my apologies for all these spilt words. It’s just I so rarely find myself disagreeing with you that I feel weirdly obliged to mention it when I do.

Anyway, though I can’t agree with your premise, I love to death the things you’ve done with it. On to the actual review!

First off, I absolutely adore Muggle!Snape. I know I’ve mentioned it before, how cleverly I think you play with this idea, but I have to say it again because he is so perfect here. Harry and Moody not recognizing him is one of the just plain *coolest* moments in the series, and it is topped by that business with the gun. I apologize for the fangirlishness, but sometimes one just has to say: Sque! The Gun! Just... the thought of Snape knowing how to use a gun, and the fact that Moody doesn’t think to search him for one, and the idea that Harry should start packin’ heat, and that wonderful line about the Muggle Dark Arts... the whole business with the gun is perfect, and if I could lift one thing from your stories and transplant it into Book 7, I think that would be it: Snape tossing a gun onto the table and telling Harry he’ll have to learn to use it. Yowza.

Ahem. Yes. Another wonderful thing about this story is the dynamic between Harry and Snape. Harry offers Snape mercy and Snape isn’t having it. I don’t know - I mean I’m genuinely not sure - whether it is IC at this point for Harry to be merciful *to Snape*... to anyone else, absolutely, but I think he really hates Snape and will thus go out of his way to try and hang on to the belief that Snape’s evil... but this just gets back to my original difficulty with the premise. Whether or not Harry’s mercy is IC, it is *enormously* powerful. (Snape’s refusal to accept it is both powerful and also indubitably IC; Snape’d have to have a lobotomy before he welcomed Harry’s mercy.) Anyway, I greatly enjoy the relationship between the two in this fic - and I do love the idea that Harry can finally see Snape more or less for what he is, and can pity him when he does; I hope Canon!Harry does finally gain some such insight into Snape.

Finally, Harry himself is very well done. I’ve decided, from all the fanfic I’ve read, that it is basically impossible for anyone to write a perfect Harry; we just see too much of him in the books, since he's our POV character. Also, he’s simply not as vivid a personality as many of the secondary characters are - he’s a pretty normal guy - and that makes it harder to get him down. So your Harry isn’t perfect in the way that most of your characters are; but he is excellent. His anger at Snape in the train is wonderful, and I love the idea that he’d be so mad he’d find himself agreeing with Aunt Marge; and also great is his disgust at the idea that Snape and his mom might’ve gone out ("urgh"); and his blend of trepidation and resolution as he waits for Snape at Grimmauld Place is pure Harry. And I really do adore the last line: the idea that Harry would be morally acute enough to recognize Snape as one of Voldemort’s victims, and that he would find Snape’s destruction a cause for vengeance, is immensely satisfying. It's a great ending.

Derannimer, who really does hope that things could go down along these lines

P.S. The Terminator reference is hilarious. Gets me every time.
mentalbaggage chapter 1 . 7/11/2006
This is brilliant. It all makes perfect sense and is very realistic :) You're very talented.
Jobey in Error chapter 3 . 6/9/2006
*Thank you* for not making the mistake that everyone knew what Horcruxes were! You'd think it was obvious, but...

"what Minerva doesn’t know won’t hurt her"

Might hurt the people that ensured that she didn't know it later, of course. *smirks*

Quit edit note: "what can Snape possiblY tell them that will save his skin?" (in the third paragraph)

"He asks him to explain …

Snape is curling his lip, “What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”"

You know what, I HAVE to comment: you were just having fun with that one.

Of course, that's a good thing in fiction. I'm glad you had fun going afield. Even if I didn't entirely like the meadows you chose, there's some vicarious fun in watching another's romp.
Jobey in Error chapter 2 . 6/9/2006
First, I want to assure you that I've taken so long to get on this story NOT because I dropped it out of boredom. I simply haven't gotten online for the past couple of days. Rest assured.

*dryly* Ah, now I remember why I hadn't wanted to stop reading! I love the light opener on this chapter. If Snape had thought up one or two more detailed ways that Voldemort might kill him it might have made the tone just a little dark.

If you were trying to get readers to feel for him, though, you got it. Tying in the various modus interfecendi (I can't quite recall if that's orthodox Latin there) with characterization honestly did prevent it from being that side of too much where the reader would have been so punched as to give up empathy for the character itself in favor of simple horror.

*smiles* There were some Snape-lines I liked even better the second time around: “If you must, Potter, use the spell – Tergeo.” and “Don’t think I’m spying on the Dark Lord for you because I’m a nice person, Potter, if I was a nice person I would have been sorted into Hufflepuff. Grow up, boy, you know what I’ve done, what I’ll do again, what I’ll enjoy doing … I’m spying on the Dark Lord because I hate him, and you’re the only one who can destroy him, you’re the Chosen One.” (Gee, sure hope no one's checking out these reviews before they read.)

I love (somewhat sarcastically, here) how Harry just buys Snape's reason for turning. I mean, you know well enough, you wrote it, you look at the sentence or two he uses to explain it, and it's so *bald*.

Sorry for the various sarcasms. My favorite part of the fic, in fact, is probably the Plans for Draco.

That kid has a time of it, doesn't he.
Jobey in Error chapter 1 . 6/5/2006
I didn't buy Harry thinking of Mrs. Weasley as Molly.

Unfavourable note first: Continuation of the last book's plotline right off? Another (however brief) compartment scene showing the whole Trio (and Ginny)? And Harry having to ask Remus on background information from That Generation? Whole recounting in actual dialogue about the last book (surely you could have thought of a more original way!) "The Dark Lord runs no risk of disloyalty among his servants … he is not as *trusting* as Dumbledore was.”? Ugh! Riddled with all the worst of cliches! Only you could make me still read that.

Very favourable note now: But there was then that stunningly original bit. Loved Petunia reacting to the Daily Prophet. It was such a *fun* visual to think of Harry having a scene like that explode in front of him (I mean, it's something you can briefly imagine happening in canon, and wouldn't it cause one of those fun shivers! Two times as much as I got during certain Privet Drive scenes in OotP.) And I'm really glad I left this one till basically the end of my Possum Odyssey, because that revelation about Snape having Crucio-fyed Petunia in jealous overprotectiveness of Lily fit so well with everything else I had been set up for in this universe as well as canon. It was the crowning keystone, really (unless I'm in for any more fun surprises).

Oh - well, I was. The other part I had to grin at was when Snape offered to let Harry rifle through a memory, and Harry brushes aside the offered ones and asks for the "Dumbledore was pretty firm with him" one. That was great - vintage "clever little hero" Harry at his best, doubled by the fun of Snape silently agreeing to give the rack another turn.

" He thinks, oh this is just great, now I’m John Connor, with my very own pet Terminator, my very own pet Death Eater …"

*bursts into giggles* It was funny. Not sure if it worked, though. I'm imagining Dan Radcliffe having Connor's part in that movie, and vice versa. An even funnier juxtaposition was comparing Sarah Connor and Lily Potter!

"Snape says, indifferently, “There are sixty million Muggles in Britain, there’s no reason to be squeamish about two or three less.”"

Oh good. I would hate to have to start wondering where he had gone. (Now he *is* sounding like the Terminator.)

"He’d thought – the cunning, cunning bastard! Snape must have guessed that if the letter had been addressed in his handwriting, it would have been torn to shreds unopened."

Because Snape has girly handwriting.

You've gotten me interested in the idea of Harry now having to "handle" Snape-the-spy in Dumbledore's place, which is more than any other post-canon plot ever has. Kudos.
Catmint chapter 3 . 5/30/2006
This is powerful stuff and fantastically written. Really, REALLY fantastically written. The pace, the style, the characterisation...I like how you repeat certain key things but from the different perspectives and the playing on emotions.

The complexity of the situation epitomises Severus perfectly. This is the sort of thing I honestly believe is likely to happen, that Severus turns out to be Dumbledore's man through and through after all.


Just a couple of minor things: it's "Karkaroff" (no 'v' at the end) and I'm sure it's "Rabastan" not "Rastaban")
Tharin chapter 3 . 5/28/2006
A really well written idea what could happen after HBP. Harry and especially Snape are characterized very well. I really enjoyed this story.
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