Reviews for The Ghost of Candlemere
Dark Ninja of Mount Hope chapter 15 . 7/7/2006
But are Erik and christine leagally married? I just a tad confused. But I still like this story! Keep Wriitng!
Dark Ninja of Mount Hope chapter 14 . 7/7/2006
Hmm. I was kinda hoping that Raoul and Christine get together. Maybe it's becuase I don't think Christine is in deserving of the Phantom. Oh well, great chap! keep Writing!
Thai Libre chapter 6 . 7/6/2006
Wow she has real spunk! Much better than the Christine in the movie. i should review more shouldn't I? Oh well! Take this praise! I love this story! Keep Writing!
goodbye1 chapter 16 . 5/13/2006
Please say thats not it!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep very good..what happened to the babe?
EriksGurl chapter 16 . 3/24/2006
i know this may be a little upseting but i didn't really get the storie line. not anything against it i liked the staory but it was hard to follow at the end.
Mominator chapter 16 . 2/8/2006
Well, I must admit to being a bit confused. :) I'm guessing that either the Candlemere part, or the Palais Garnier part is a fantasy/dream/way for Christine's mind (or Erik's?) to cope with events she/he just can't handle?

And such interesting twists - Elissa's remains as the bridal dummy, Philippe as the rival suitor rather than Raoul, "Aurora" Giudecelli, not Carlotta. (So I'll hazard that the "dream" is the opera house.)

Can't wait to find out! :D

Mominator chapter 15 . 2/8/2006
Oh my ... I'd say you've introduced a bit of a complication. ;D

I really liked your description of what Erik's child might look like - "... a face of melting wax, great drooping lumps filled with the redness of a squalling newborn."

Can't wait to see what's up next.

AHealingRenaissance chapter 15 . 2/4/2006
Aw! What's Erik going to do when he finds out?
AHealingRenaissance chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
Um...I think I missed something, b/c it seems that ch. 16 has nothing to do with ch. 15. What happened?
jtbwriter chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
I'm glad you updated-though this is really dark!

Christine's illness and coming back to life was very

believable-but this update is confusing-did it

happen before or after Candlemere?

I'm glad Christine still loves Erik-but how are

they to be reunited? And will Christine be able

to handle having Erik's baby by herself?

Thanks-but now what?:)
invaderoperaghost chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
This is very interesting.
Insomniac Bard chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
Let me get this straight: There are TWO Christines? And Erik fell in love with Christine #1 because she reminded him of Elissa, and then with Christine #2 because she reminded him of Christine #1? I'm so confused...
MyPhoenixLament chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
Morbid indeed, though fascinating nonetheless. It was quite interesting to hear about a bit of Erik's past, especially Cristina and the actress who played Esmerelda. Call me morbid, but it was a nice touch. This is such an excellent plot, with equally as excellent writing to accompany it and bring it to life. Very well done.
MyPhoenixLament chapter 15 . 2/4/2006
Ah, at last you have updated! Very startled, I was, to find not one, but TWO chapters calling out to me to be read. I've now put it on my Story Alert list so that I shall be notified the moment the next bits are released and whatnot.

Ah, a child! That was certainly a surprise! Her dreams were also a tad bit frightening... (Morbid is a more appropriate word, perhaps?) So I'm eager to read the next chapter!
tink20 chapter 16 . 2/4/2006
Well Im glad to see that you came back to us. I was worrying there for a second if you had abandon us. But no fear! You have returned!

These 2 chapters were umm diffrent. Chapter 15, I was some what confused. I couldnt tell if at the end when they were talking if she was still dreaming or not. It was kind of confusing. But she is pregnant right?

And I liked this chapter. Gave us the background of Erik. So he really did go to the opera, fell in love with Cristina...interesting. I dont know maybe it was because of your abscence but Erik seemed diffrent in this one. And these chapters kind of went off in their own story land and didnt have much to do about the story line except talk about Eriks background and how Christine is copeing. Unless you ment it to be that way. I dont know. But Im glad that you updated. And even though Im some what confused in some areas Im looking forward to more! Please upate soon!
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