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zef chapter 1 . 6/14/2017
It's depressing but it's so realistic. Imagining two of them doing what is written in the story gives me chill and I really got depressed with how you ended the story for them. Please write a sequel for this one. Give them a bitter sweet and happy ending. Hehe. By the way you're talented! This one is now one of my fave. Tee-hee :)
AzL chapter 1 . 6/11/2017
I love it! It's kinda sad. Reminds me of song, I feeling this by Blink182. I don't know why. It's amazing! I like it, sad but atleast you don't kill them like I always read from other fanfic. Kidding aside, anyway I love it. You're amazing! I just gave them a happy ending in mind.
Crimson-Hybrid chapter 1 . 6/5/2015
This review is a decade late(or at least, a few months away from one), and how I wish I could have discovered your works sooner.

God, this gave me a handful of feelings. I got depressed, upset, hopeful-it was a nasty mix in my gut, and you are flipping amazing to be able to draw such emotions from your readers. I'm certain you've heard that thousands of times, but it's true.

See, this is why FF8 felt somewhat lacking to me. Not in a plot sense, but more on the elements of the story. They had the antitheses between Squall and Seifer working well: features, attitude, chosen paths... that is, up until the romance. Seifer's and Quistis' relationship, if it were to have happened, would have been more or less like this. Co-dependent, precarious. Square missed the chance to have it as a foil to Squall and Rinoa's sweet, fluffy, quintessential romance.

Anyway, I think I've prattled long enough. Again, extremely tardy review, but I just /really/ had to tell you that your story is amazing(even if a great number of people already did).

Stay exceptional!
infinitemoonlight chapter 1 . 5/7/2013
This is such a beautifully written story even though it's what you call 'nasty' and 'mean'. I really love it.

And the story also reminds me of the song SOS (Anything but love) by Apocalyptica. It describes Quistis' condition in this story very well.

Thanks for writing this. :)
Undeniable Mystique chapter 1 . 10/15/2010
This is very well written. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it, and I love the third person narration you use. The descriptions especially flesh out the entire thing, so that I have no problem imagining everything that you're talking about.

I do feel that you took the characterizations to the extreme though. Yes, Seifer's an asshole, and I can see him being this hateful and impossibly cruel person that you paint him to be. With Quistis, however, I feel that you went too far. In the game, her character is not developed as well as anyone would have liked, but enough of her is shown for me to safely say that she wouldn't resort to this kind of treatment. Although, as you've taken her characteristic of wanting desperately to be loved to the extreme, it works in this story.

I like the dark tone of this, although at the end I kind of wanted to cry lol. But maybe that's what you were trying to accomplish. So bravo.
FrankIeroRules chapter 1 . 11/27/2009
Ahh, I thought this was amazing. Really, great job, I loved it. :)
ally chapter 1 . 10/9/2009
Omg that was brutal and I loved it. I love how you portrayed Seifer, he's not the redeemable person every other writer makes him out to be, he's a bastard and he knows it.

Sick and twisted and more in character and realistic than any mushy romantic seiftis stories.
sissyHIYAH chapter 1 . 1/14/2009
Hot fucking damn.

The first scan of this story had the women's libber side of me wanting to punch you in the nuts.

Really. Like that crazy, pain-in-the gut kind of crotch punch. Yeah. All for you, buddy. *kiss and a wink*

Then, after that...I couldn't decide whether I felt sorrier for Seifer or for Quistis. There is just something about crushed dreams that can really fuck with a person's decency, eh? Odd that the blonde, golden children of Balamb end up as such freaks...well, maybe not, since infant killers are bound to be kind of screwy. After all, the blonde, golden Vikings were fucked up too...kill and conquer, yo ho ho ho.

I'm a firm believer that something savage lurks in the blonde gene.

You've pissed me off in the most beautiful way possible. You write such twisted creatures-the beautiful blonde FF8 antagonist and his beautiful (formerly blonde) instructor.

Such sad brutality isn't found just anywhere and I thank you for writing it so well. I've not felt a kick in the cunt like this in a long fucking time. Brutal and bloody damn effective. Good stuff.
Tequila Princess chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
That was extremely painful, but it was so well-written and realistic that I just didn't give a damn.:)

Gah, I don't have anything more to say. I'm stunned.
hottfroggy chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
Wow... So sad. This brought me to tears and that takes a lot. This was beautiful. You MUST make a sequel! ...please? :3
Liquor Chugging Knight chapter 1 . 7/8/2008
I remember to check your profile about once a year because I keep hoping you've added something new. I've read this fic before, but I felt like I had to do it again. Probably because I kind of know what it's like to give and give without even thinking anymore. It's a wonderful story. I hope you're getting along with your writing (so, you know, you can post new stories soon). i loved the hymen joke, btw. :)
Spoons1899 chapter 1 . 6/17/2007
Oh my god I loved this. It was one of the best written fics I've read in a long, long time. You took such a creepy, twisted relationshop and described it so well, I understood every bit of it, every thing that was going on in Seifer and Quistis' damaged heads.


Some of my favorites lines were:

If they wanted a monster, he would be one, and she would let him. If he couldn't reshape the world in his image, he could at least reshape her.


Especially not when he had one all his own, one big enough to encompass the world.

But there really wasn't a bad line in the entire thing. I almost feel bad for liking it so much when it was about such an awful thing. But then you just wrote it so beautifully.

Amazing job. Keep up the good work.
irishais chapter 1 . 5/9/2007
Intense, harsh, cruel-a bitter look at what might have been post-game. I've always seen Seifer and Quistis as an unhealthily codependent couple, and this takes that and extrapolates on it a hundred fold. Normally, I would be a bit defensive about abusing Quistis's character, but it IS a possible outlook, and you've done it convincingly enough that I don't mind it.

Well played. This is just so rough and painful that it works so well.
KaleRaven chapter 1 . 4/5/2007
I hate this. It disgusted me so much that I couldn't stop reading and couldn't take my eyes off of it until the bitter end. That grimy, repulsive feeling is all the more nourishing, somehow. Of course, I hate it because you're right, but I've long since known this. I can hardly push myself to read any 'Seiftis' without imagining that long dark tunnel. Is it better with 'Qualls'? Maybe not. But that's a dream, unthinkable, yes? Every one of those is a fairytale, so you can still pretend. Better than this nasty, gritty reality.

Kudos to you. It's quite a story.
Viginti Duo chapter 1 . 3/3/2007
Holy crap that WAS mean o.o And Yet... I find myself adding it to my favorites. I absolutely loved this piece. Honest. Aside from the brilliant writing (I could only hope to get half as good as you are at some point) I found a great deal of valid points in this fic.


It's true; thanks to Squaresoft (yeah, I know they're Enix now but when FF8 came out they were Squaresoft, so there) we'll never truly know of the depth of any character save from Squall and maybe Rinoa, but that's the beauty of FF8 when it comes to fanfiction. There's endless possibilities to explore with the secondary characters. If one just follows the basic characterization to be found in the game, they can create something new and wholesome.


I'll be the first to admit my very first Seiftis was... pretty much the opposite of this XD Far too fluffy for its own good, but hey, as you grow up, you understand a few things a little better. The way I see it now, if Seifer and Quistis had indeed entered a relationship soon after the game, or even much later provided that nothing catclysmic had happened in Seifer's life, he may have very well behaved like this. Seiftis fans sometimes don't want to admit it, but Seifer must be one fucked up little cookie right now. Right now being the end of the game. Despite that smile of his in the ending; I ain't buying that. In order for realistic fluff to even exist between them, a LOT would need to happen.


Okay, so THAT was a lot of needless drivel. I'll keep the rest short and to the point. Great fic. Good characterization for the events you're decribing. Evil Seifer is delicious to witness. In a non-fangirlish point of view, but rather from a writer's point of view. You rawk.
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