Reviews for Love's Game
Brii-Chan14 chapter 13 . 4/17/2013
LivingXDeadXGirl chapter 13 . 2/11/2009
Love this are my new favorite writer.
LivingXDeadXGirl chapter 6 . 2/11/2009
OK,this was another great to leave so many reviews.
LivingXDeadXGirl chapter 4 . 2/11/2009
lmao.I fell off my chair again when I read the line:Tes thank you god trunks isn't gay the brief family name will live on!priceless
LivingXDeadXGirl chapter 2 . 2/11/2009
omfg that was funny.I loved the part about Goten flying like he had never flown before,that made me fall off my .Loved it.
Black Rose Writing chapter 1 . 4/3/2008
GO MARRON CHAN luv ur stories keep going k
Diminished Soul chapter 13 . 1/2/2004
Yay! I can't wait for you to write the sequal to the sequal... *Scratches her head and reads over what she had just written.* Yeah, that makes sense. _;;
Animeangel290 chapter 1 . 4/10/2003
Great Story! I loved every single part of it!
Bra V. Briefs chapter 1 . 2/20/2002
I remember when I first read this I wanted this too be T&M so bad now I want it to be T&P and G&M. Sorry, but it was really good, I enjoyed reading it
Ennah chapter 13 . 11/23/2001
You have to write more!
Ennah chapter 11 . 10/9/2001
I Really liked it!
AnimeFanatic chapter 13 . 9/29/2001
That was so GOOD! I want to read some of your stories with that wedding and that baby with it! Marron and Trunks were a good couple, but I am so used to people saying about Pan and Trunks that it sort of sounds weird to me1 But hey! It's your story, and it was great too! I can't change your story! Right? Well PLEASE keep writing! I am going to read more of your stories! I have to! Well gtg! Hope to hear form you soon!
Jiyoung chapter 12 . 9/26/2001
I couldnt sign the review for the chapter 13 so im going to sign it here! I LOVED YOUR STORY! I LOVE THE ENDING! IT WAS THE BEST FIC I EVER READ! T&M ForEveR! Please write more stories about Trunks and Marron**!
Shiro Petto chapter 13 . 9/26/2001
I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I love Trunks and Marron as a couple! I loved your story! Please write more Trunks and marron stories! This was so GoOD!
MarronChan3 chapter 13 . 9/1/2001
I didn't think it was a sucky ending I thought the WHOLE thing rocked! You're fics are awsome. _
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