Reviews for The Best of Times
terryquick87 chapter 1 . 6/14
I always wondered how Nabiki thought she would extort money from a guy that is basically broke
Hadeen chapter 4 . 5/13
Reading this just reminds me of how much I hate Ranma. An abused child sold daily and abused and manipulated all the time. His lack of agency and rolling with the situations is funny I guess.
Well written story and funny in bits.
Residenthobo chapter 4 . 3/22/2023
Idunno man, while this is pretty funny, if I were in Ranma's shoes I'd be out for blood, not just pranking someone.
To have actual, definitive proof that one person alone was responsible for literally almost all of the misery he's been through, out of what he can only assume is actual malicious intent... And he's not even aware that she's tried to murder him, has tried to have him retroactively deleted from reality, and has been tormenting him for years now because she couldn't murder him and is feeling petty. Boy I'd be mad. I'd be steaming. I'd be so absolutely incandescent with fury, that I would be going to hurt sailor Pluto. Severely, at that. Maybe permanently. See how she likes being murdered, the witch.
Even a saint only has so much patience, and I'm certainly no saint.

Other than that, it's been a good read so far, but I don't know how much more of it I'll be reading. That's on me though, I'm in a bit of a mood right now and just not in the right headspace to enjoy this story, you've done a good job.
Resurrection99 chapter 11 . 3/22/2022
short but sweet
littleditto chapter 11 . 2/10/2022
This is fantastic
Adrian Jasha Leon Munares chapter 10 . 11/20/2021
Esta fue una historia de 10/10
tarrangar chapter 9 . 5/17/2019
Really hate the ending, the whole fic was building up to Ranma getting revenge on Pluto, and instead he go and marry her, that's just jarring, why do murderers like her, almost never receive their punishment in fiction.

Also really hate you had Ranma get pregnant, I have nothing against transgender people, but being brainwashed is always a nightmare, and Ranma choosing to become pregnant requires brainwashing.
tarrangar chapter 7 . 5/17/2019
I don't particularly like that Ranma decided to bow to Usagi, she's not his Princess, and while he owed an apology to the rest of the Senshi, he absolutely didn't owe one to Pluto.
Hashirama 1710 chapter 5 . 8/9/2018
I just googled who makoto is and
Porpoisepower chapter 1 . 3/20/2018
This story is so damned awesome. Loves it!
dimriver chapter 10 . 1/13/2018
Wow, I never read this epilogue before. It is very good. I've always gone with the comedic one before because it's Ranma. A comedy show, but this time I went the other way and realized I never did before. Thank you for writing.
SomebodyLost chapter 11 . 9/30/2017
Very nice. I admit that my knowledge of Sailor Moon is almost zero and it's been ages since I watched Ranma last, and I didn't even watch 'em all. But! This fic is awesome. It gripped me even when I didn't know much about both series.

You know that the writing is *that* good when you got sucked in without knowing the source materials.

(My only gripe was the endings... feels like some Deux Ex Machina, but eh, what do I know. Also, I dislike the walls of italics. Hurts my eyes.)

Thanks for writing this.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/25/2017
...Okay, still reading through this but I will laugh if it turns out Ranma really is the reincarnation (or descendant) of one of the Elite Guard.
isadorator chapter 11 . 9/10/2017
This fic was AMAZING
Prince Chrom chapter 1 . 4/11/2017
aloud not allowed at the end
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