Reviews for Uzumaki Naruto and the Goblet of Fire
RukaHatake75 chapter 6 . 2/16
It's kinda sad that this wasn't continued... this story was actually amazing
LoveMuffins chapter 6 . 10/24/2016
Last updated 2006 *silently cries* ;-;
fxiong89 chapter 6 . 4/21/2014
not bad
rinnegan no neji chapter 1 . 7/16/2013
this story works though i am wondering are they really wizards,or are they ninjas in disguise apart from that this story rocks
Good boy-chan chapter 6 . 9/24/2012
Haha...oh Trelawney. XD

This is so cool! It's so different from the normal Harry Potter/Naruto crossover. I like it. Konoha being a wizarding school? It actually worked. No offense, but I was expecting some sort of confusing explanation, but it WORKED!

Now I can't wait for another chapter. Just...don't let Trelawney read your tea leaves. She'll predict in death in one hundred sixteen different ways.
hello-totoro-ninja chapter 6 . 1/23/2012
This is really funny keep it up!
Drifting Red Snow chapter 6 . 10/5/2011
Ahahaha. Like the 'prediction' Trelawney made XD

Wah. I know it's been years since you updated, but I'll still say it :3 Please update~!
Double-OO Donut chapter 6 . 8/11/2011
waaaaahhh why did you let this story die!

please become a zombie and write more chapters!
Venus914 chapter 6 . 6/9/2011
Unfair...unfair. You should update this because it is so interesting. )
Rivers of Rain chapter 6 . 8/11/2010
you haven't updated this in almost 4 years. Please update soon. I really wish to see who is entering the Tournament. -cough- sakura -cough- :)
Oruzhiye chapter 6 . 2/7/2010
It looks like interesting, i would have to read more, before i can really say i like this story. if you could perhaps add more sasu/saku momments then you defintely have me bought. anyway please update soon, also i have a have a favor to ask, could you please check out my own story and give an honest review, insults are welcome.
gemiinous chapter 6 . 1/5/2010
argh, i love this! but you havent updated in so damn log! this is awesome, really!

oh! oh! if you ever do continue it(please do!) then what would you do for the yule ball? haha, for naruto, i vote luna as his date, i would get a kick out of that!

anywho, please please please come of HIATUS!
Kanda Yuuki chapter 6 . 12/12/2009
Are you going to continue this story?
Flocculate chapter 6 . 9/26/2009
I love this story and it's a shame that it hasn't been updated in many years. Hopefully, the author will someday emerge from whatever cave they've been in.
TurtleNoise chapter 6 . 9/13/2009
Really great story so far. I can't wait for the next chapter, update soon please!n.n
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