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CrazyKidDeath chapter 20 . 10/16/2008
Nice to see you back :D

Great chapter, very well writen. Like you said though that was a pretty damn horrific way to die, I liked how Toji had been up until now as well *sigh* looking forward to the next chapter
TheLegendaryManHimself chapter 20 . 10/9/2008
holy cow i'm writing a review, something i do less and less these days. anyway as for ur story it's fantastic. there are so few shinji/hikari stories out there and this one is pretty believable. with both shinji and hikari being painfully shy it would take a while for anything to develop between them and u've done a great job of devolping a slow and steady relationship. while it's true by today's standard that they moved pretty fast into sex and all that, one must remember that this is the post 2nd impact world and things are different. although i do enjoy seeing hikari channel her older sister's sex drive or maybe it was their mom's who know. the scene on the train brings that to mind the best. as for rei and asuka yet again they prove to be polar oppisates. rei has openly admitted that she like shinji but will not pursue him...yet, while asuka pursues him but can't even admit to herself that she likes him. and hikari is the perfect mix of them both. i suppose there only thing i don't really like is the lack of a timeline, it's hard to keep track of how much time has really passed, sure ur using a tree that has it's leaves change color but i think something more definitive would be good. also with the death of touji and with the 14th 15th and 16th angels coming i see hikari providing shinji with alot of comfort b/c that poor boy will need it. i'm alos looking foward to see how u have shinji deal with the zeurul since obviously he's not going to quit nerv after the battle with the 13th. will he get absorbed or will something else happen? and if he does get absorbed will rei or asuka tell hikari where he is for the month long period? anyway i look foward to the next chapter
Zoro50 chapter 20 . 10/8/2008
Great chapter, I sm liking the side of Rei that you are showing here. Its still Rei but at the same time a Rei that is not afraid to "explore" things she does not understand. Is there a three-some in the future?

Nice work with Touji too. I like the way you killed him and had Shinji relate the story to Hikari. Keep up the good work!
Mike Kromer chapter 20 . 10/7/2008
Man what a chapter, loving it so far, keep up the good work, wan't another chapter up soon
Despite chapter 20 . 10/7/2008
Whoa...that was a kinda horrific way to see off the Thirteenth, and of course Touji. Which seems appropriate - this particular Angel is by far the most disturbing.

Excellent, as usual. Thankyou for sharing another chapter with us.
Archdruid-Sephiroth chapter 20 . 10/6/2008
Wow... that sucked for Toji. The confrontation in the bathroom between Hikari and Rei was pretty telling. I really love this fic and I'm glad you started to update again. I hope everything between life and the hurricane panned out ok in the end. I'm really looking foward to the next chapter.
Hannyu Arashi chapter 20 . 10/6/2008
Glad to see this one update, i was afraid it had died. Well i will say im sad to see touji go i liked the way you protrayed his character. i think a small cut of a funerial in the next chapter, would be be a fitting way to say goodbye to a good character. personally i would call that a resolution in the rei issue, felt more like a ceissfire or an implied truce (like a conquorer saying "im happy with this half of the world for the moment") i can still see the possiblity of yuri or a threesome out of this. so i'm guessing now that shinji has decide he can fully rely on hikari for emotional support does that mean the leaves have turned red? i look forward to the next chapter

ArmorBlade chapter 20 . 10/6/2008
Talk about opposite sides of the extreme. The Hikari/Rei talks are getting progressive - and then you slam it with character death...different but a welcome reality in terms of pace.

Concerning whether or not you do a H/R - a secret one-on-one between them would be better first before any chances of a 3some.
anon chapter 20 . 10/6/2008
I agree with Tobi, Shinji's and Asuka's life have sucked a lot so they deserve some happiness. Hikari could easyly share shinji with her supposedly "friend", may be she can if she somehow get to know how both of their lives have sucked.
Greydon Creed chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
Good to see a new update for this excellent fic.

Thoughts -

-When Hikari and Rei were having their conversation in the rest room, I could not help but think that there could have been someone else in there overhearing them. After all, if Hikari didn't know Rei was there, there could have been another person to hear and talk about them. This was reinforced when the cell phone went off, and Hikari *knew* it wasn't hers. Luckily, it turned out to be Rei's. And when Rei stated that she was not going to be making a move on Shinji at this time, that doesn't mean that she won't try to provoke a response from him. :)

-I knew that something had drastically changed from NGE canon when Hikari found Shinji sitting in front of her apt. bldg. after the battle with the 13th Angel. I had previously been hoping that Touji had survived, but that apparently did not happen. When Shinji silenced Unit 03 by breaking it's neck, I was fully expecting to have Touji found intact in the Entry Plug but dead of a broken neck. His actual means of death was horrifying, but thankfully Shinji was not in any way a part of it, either by damage from his hand to hand combat with Unit 03 or as a result of the Dummy Plug System being activated. However, Gendo now has a new lever on Shinji and they both know it.

I look forward to more of this first-rate story.
SierraM chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
Welcome back JErosion. You proved once again why I consider this my current favorite story on this site. I loved what you did with Rei's character this chapter. I always thought that Rei could be very dangerous when she decides to embrace her emotion's. I'd say after her recent "awakening", she's about on par with Hikari in terms of perversion. I personally loved the back and forth between Rei and Hikari. Both girls seem to be an even match when it comes to getting the other "hot and bothered". It should be fun to see how Shinji handles being assaulted on all sides with not just Hikari, but Rei and Asuka ready to pounce on him. So in closing, good luck on the new job and keep those chapters coming.
Ject Hayashi chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
As much as I appreciate your work JE, I have to say, I was disappointed with this chapter. This sudden change is Rei is rather much, and there were several grammar and spelling errors litering this new chapter. The fight with the 13th angel was somewhat slow for my taste (as it was in the anime), and Touji dieing was also sudden. I would have expected at least having him die in the hospital after the fight, after maybe saying something to Shinji.

I still love the story, but I do hope your next chapter doesn't disappoint me as much.

~You've just been Jec'd.
dennisud chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
Wow you really nailed Touji's coffin shut this time and IMHo are allowing for not Just a chance for Rei to jion the couple but even Asuka might have a chance later on.

IMH it could take all three's love for him to have this Shinji win in the end...

But what will be the cost?


Damn good yarn you have here!
ATOMIC.SQUIRREL chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
Ah, what joy took a hold of me when I saw there was a new chapter. I avidly re-read the last chapter, and dove in to this new treat that awaited me.

I was pleasantly surprised at the first scene, adding some very nice thingers to the story. Rei was rather intriguing in this scene, and comes off as an actual person. This entire plot point was well done, and I avidly await the next development.

Then came the second scene, and I knew this was gonna be depressing. Shock of Toji being dead aside, (I loved his accent, he will be missed...) that was a very well done action sequence. Overall, the last scene was very well done, and emotional. Give yourself a high five, or just do a normal one in front of a mirror.

Now, I would like to add something else. DO NOT STOP. I don't care if you take a while to publish chapters, do not stop. This is a very good story, and one of the few I keep watching out for. Your readers are all the better from it.

This may sound a bit dramatic, but I let my readers down. Not only was I slow, but my quality was nothing to brag about. You sir, have both. Do not make the same mistakes i did, finish this.

Hmm, this does a feel a bit too melodramatic, no?


Ryousanki chapter 20 . 10/5/2008
So you used the Storyline of the Manga...expect the dissolved body part. Let's hope that Hikari will be able to help Shinji with the mental problems.

Good work, keep it up!

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