Reviews for Azumanga Game Series: Part One
DOGHERO1925 chapter 4 . 7/21/2009
This is like Anime Celebrity Deathmatch or something! Either way, very nice. The announcers are funny as hell by the way.
Taiyo Seiyuuki chapter 4 . 7/30/2007
awesome, Make Kagura next and make her win! :P
JinjoJess chapter 4 . 10/19/2006

Haha, I liked this one, despite its lack of gory action...the refrences to Yukari's past deeds was enough to make the scene tense and rather uncanny. Really hope you can find time to update soon (from a huge hypocrite).
TheSilverback chapter 4 . 10/9/2006
This is really funny stuff. Kamineko and the gang in the booth just crack me up. The Kagura question and all the little pieces of trivia they share with the audience. The fights have been pretty funny too, and it almost seems like that has taken a backseat to the actual story, which is just as good.

For example, fight 1 1 was the only one that was evenly matched. Every fight since has been quite lopsided, with 1 4 being the extreme, and the gore from fight 1 1 is greater than all the others put together. But it just shows the change of focus of the stories. For example, Tomo's grand entrance to the arena was frickin hilarious.

All in all, very fun stuff. I hope you do another round soon.
TheTrueWolfBrother chapter 4 . 9/26/2006
Now...please update this soon, rather than later P.

This is one of those fics that makes me obsess about them...You just never knows whatll happen next...KaguraVSNyamo would f. example be something...or KimuraVSChiyo or something XD...

Gotta love how well written out it is as well. The comments and miscellaneous info popping up are just as big a part as the fights themselves. With the hatreds between characters (and their fangroups).

And to round it all off theres that little, angsty, tragic feel of it all.
JinjoJess chapter 3 . 7/22/2006
Combining two of my favorite things: Azumanga and BR style violence. The way you depicted the scenes so bloody and dark yet at the same time hilariously funny makes me sad that this won't be updated as much as I'd like. Glad I stumbled on it.
Naoki09 chapter 3 . 3/26/2006
lol internet.

Actually, the sheer violence in this was dumbfounding... I mean seriously! Biting peoples Jugualrs for god sake.

Oohh Idea! AZUMANGA ROYALE! (Starts writing plotsheet)
clover-leaf-smiley chapter 3 . 2/12/2006
So. Awesome. XD

I think this chapter was my favorite so far :D Sure, the fight itself didn't last very long, but it counted. Pitting Tomo against Maya was a nice touch. Of course, she would be more interested in putting on a show than paying attention to her opponent... A dumb, yet typical move on her part.

If the contestants' wounds from the first round carry on into the second, I can't help wondering how Ayumu will do in her second fight. She's got, what, her neck and one of her ankles slashed? Not to mention any internal injuries Kaorin caused.

Anyway, this is great. Keep it up!
TheTrueWolfBrother chapter 3 . 2/12/2006
Well, this was a pleasant surprise :D

Seeing this ressurected brings a ( perhaps sadistic?) warmth to my chest.

Its one of those fics that are unique and entertaining, which just have you waiting for another chapter.

Because you wanna see who wins and whos fighting.

Your descriptions fleshes the story out and provides interesting readings between the gore itself.

I like how you portrayed Tomo, as that is how she would act.

Setting her up against Maya was interesting, if short.

Maya never stood a chance _ I guess a tail can be pretty grabbable and to some extent a small disadvantage.

I cant wait to see who youre setting up the next time :D, there are so many possibilities.

As for the Azu fighting game...its cool _ You need to be pretty good to get somewhere in it, but it is possible to make it through. ( Nyamos a bitch at times .
Lucinda the Maid chapter 2 . 10/9/2005
While violence typically doesn't do anything for me, this fanfic fascinated me before it even started. You write one heck of a summary, you know that? Despite a slight nausea that came upon me as I read a few parts, none can deny that this is very well-written and planned out. It reads like something out of Koushun Takami's "Battle Royale"; it's an excellent book, if you haven't read it.

Nice subtlety on the vendors selling the seven deadly sins. It's very appropriate for the circumstances you set out in your fic. I also really liked the line stating that the crowd lacked the ability to understand; the double-meaning you set up there was simeltaneously evident and suitable.

And, of course, the action itself. First, thank you for not pairing up obvious duos (ex.: Tomo/Yomi) in the first round; it makes for a much more interesting read. I thought Osaka might have been a little *too* venomous, though, but Kaorin was great. She often appears with fangs in the series, so the part where she bit Osaka was a nice tie-in, albeit an odious one. And, again, thanks for not making Osaka out to be a complete bubblehead; I was rooting for her all along, truth be told, and was pleased that she'd set up her final blow.

I could most definetely see Sakaki putting a younger girl out of her misery before she's forced to lose horribly to "The Lone Wolf." I'm uncertain as to how Sakaki could be considered a great fighter; while she'd clearly have no gripes about picking of, say, Mr. Kimura, when forced to battle someone like Kaorin, it's a little surprising to hear that she dealt with her so mercilessly. Her compassionate side did show through in chapter two, though, so I suppose I could let it slide...

A bit more CC: there were a few grammatical squicks that I picked up in chapter one. I don't think there were many in Fight 1.2. Also, the very beginning of the fic, right up to where the battle begins, is written a bit too choppily for my tastes.

So far, all in all, this is very well done. I look forward to reading more.
sparklef0x chapter 1 . 10/9/2005
Wow, it's just wild, and violent, and bloody...I must have some hidden tendencies because those two chapters just made me want to do something bold and ferocious, like barking like mad or eating chocolate until I explode (hidden tendencies -_-").

The way you convey all this violence is very video-game like, the different moves flow like water, it's so pleasant. It was like Ikki Tousen (but without the vulgar side) Mai-HiME (with the violence as a bonus), and Noir for the sophisticated side of the fights. It's great, all of you fics are great,'re great. Your stories are full of pure violence and sarcastic misery, but somehow so human. Thank you for sharing them with us readers, and sorry if my words are awkward and corny, English isn't my native language. Thank you again.
Mad Pierrot Le Fou chapter 2 . 10/9/2005
Dear Teris24,

I normally pay no mind to the authors of most stories, as was the case with this one. When I got half way down, something seemed familiar, maybe it was the sheer violence, the mature content, or maybe there was something else, but I scrolled up, and there you were.

My goodness, this not only sounds like something I would watch, but want to take a part in. Poor Kaorin, she always gets the low end of the stick.

Ayumu was as wonderfully vicious as she was insightful. Unfortunate for Miruchi, I can only imagine the frozen half-grin on her face before and after her neck snapped.

Looking forward to seeing Chiyo fight, and was delighted by Kamineko's 'biting' remark, conjours images of Chiyo knawing Sakaki's legs off to see her eye-to-eye.

Sounds like Tomo's dead, pity, I'd have liked to how Yomi would have disposed of the "Wildcat." Although, I do realize how arbitrary that would seem.

One last question, what exactly are those sins the spectators are buying, the lust, envy, wrath and pride.

I look forward to the next update, though I realize that you must have much on your plate.

Au revoir.


Mad Pierrot Le Fou