Reviews for No Mouth But Some Serpent's
the-cari-moose chapter 30 . 5h
If he's really dying he'll come back yeah? Because iT'S JUST THE HORCRUX RIGht? The Horcrux will die, or HARRY WON'T or SOMETHING.
the-cari-moose chapter 27 . 6h
as I'm beginning to accept Harry's upbringing I'm slapped in the face with something even more ridiculous. I understand where they're coming from and the need to control Harry's magic but the pain that he feels from doubting his oaths to Connor? That's ridiculous. Harry has no free will. He cannot think for himself and although it sounds overt the top - he's been brainwashed. That spell is dark magic, it has to be, to bind Harry's love solely so that he loves Connor the most? So that he is in pain if he begins to think otherwise? No. Harry will love Draco more and what will happen to him then?
the-cari-moose chapter 24 . 8h
Yes that spell ought to be very handy when Rita Skeeter comes along. Speaking of which I wonder which Potter is going to end up I the Tri Wizard Tournament... Voldemort has taken an interest in Harry but it needs to be Connor in the graveyard in order for Voldemort to use his blood so he can touch him..
the-cari-moose chapter 20 . 11h
It looks as though Harry is to be the one to unite the houses.
the-cari-moose chapter 5 . 8/23
What Gryffindor? What sacrifice?
the-cari-moose chapter 2 . 8/23
Well Harry's going to figure out the Chamber of Secrets extremely fast with his pet snake, wait hang on, the Chamber will never be opened now with Ginny nut possessing the book.
The Slytherin Mudblood chapter 5 . 8/2
I am cursing the very existance of Conner, James, Lily, Sirius, Dumbledore, every Gryffindor who is convinced Harry is one of them (except maybe Fred and George), and Harrys own stupid thoughts that keep on saying that he's a Gryffindor. HARRY IS A SLYTHERIN! DEAL WITH IT!
stillinthemaking chapter 33 . 7/15
Hi whoeveryouare
It is now six in the morning, and you have absolutely wrecked me.
I read your story through the night, not able to put it down and go to bed.
Partly because of your compelling writing, partly because I was afraid of nightmares,
which I have never been before, for as far as I can remember.
This does not mean I will stop now. It is like a car wreck, I have to keep looking.
I hate you and I love you.
I hope for some serious healing in book 3.
BTW I am fully aware that I am being too dramatic because I haven't slept all night.
But for right now, I see no purpose in not writing this, because it is true.
caed chapter 22 . 7/1
i like this millicent!
caed chapter 16 . 7/1
this is such a lovely chapter! it's nice to see harry making friends.
bruhitsnaomi149 chapter 1 . 6/20
I'm honestly revolted by the beliefs of this said Lily, who still has the audacity to call herself a mother after encouraging one of her sons that it's okay to sacrifice himself for the other bc he's more precious.
Ivar Hugo chapter 16 . 5/22
Thank you Justin! Thank you Hufflepuff! Praise be to Helga for instilling sense in her students!

That is all. Loved it.
Ivar Hugo chapter 12 . 5/22
I don't think Lily understands what "innocent" means, because-judging from Connor's behaviour-I think she believes it means "ignorance", "prejudice", and "bigotry". This is a complete disaster, and only Snape and Sylarana seems to realize it!

So yeah, if he weren't a kid, I would shed absolutely zero tears if Connor choked to death on his self-righteousness. So instead I'm going to hope that Lily has a comeuppance coming for her. I will even make a little dance of joy.
Ivar Hugo chapter 11 . 5/22
Oh Harry... stupid, stupid Harry...

I'm not sure what your intention is with making Harry this obstinate about not thinking bad things about his brother. It makes me dislike both Harry, for his unreasonable and unhealthy behaviour, and Connor, for his completely unearned aura of saintliness and for his distrust of his brother. Of course, it also makes me hate Lily, because she is responsible in the end. Oh, and Lily's a complete moron if she's surprised in the slightest that Harry ended up in Slytherin, given what she has made him into.

The story is still good, and Snape gives voice to my frustrations excellently, so I'll keep reading.
Strikeman chapter 1 . 5/19
I'm rereading this series. I never got to finish it, so I'm going through it again. And I'm seeing again why I hate Lily so much in this series. Yeah, she feels guilty, but she's still perfectly willing to sacrifice one child over another. It's despicable.
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