Reviews for Shattered wings
blazer-6 chapter 1 . 10/15/2005
This might turn out good. You need to fill in more detail this was short. You should read "foxhound" That is a excellent fic to get ideas from.

I hope you do a thorough bashing of the rest of team seven, because they are scum.

sakura is a dead-weight bitch whose only real fight was just her getting the crap beat out of her by sound-nins while everyone ran to protect her. She gave sasuke all the credit for naruto beating Gaara when all she did after running there was get captured and used against them.

Kakashi was a favorite playing jerk who only really payed attention to sasuke. he threw naruto away during the prelims for the third exam with basic training while he gave sasuke his personal attention, a whole taijutsu style he totally stole of lee, the boy with nothing, to give to the boy with everything and his personal assasination technique.

Sasuke is just a prick. He thinks just because other people feel then thier useless. I seriously hope you let Naruto kick his ass later.

Ok thats my bitching, but I seriously think you have something good gooing here, seme-original plot and maybe you could give Naruto a partner. no male/male pairings please!

Update soon.
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