Reviews for Let Me Fall
DickDastardlysgirl chapter 23 . 8/6/2011
It was a fantastic story although I don't know if you read Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows but maybe you have. I'm just saying this because I found some shocking news about Snape and it made me not to hate him anymore. If you read the book you know what I mean. But I guess he does deserv to be bashed at least once so I'll go with that.
CelestialRabbit chapter 23 . 3/15/2008
SQUEE! REMUS! *runs for the lycanthrope* *is choked by leash* Ugh... Well, I must say, I love seeing My lil Draco get bashed. Tis entertaining! *evil grin* But he knows I love him, and he likes getting bash to see his bunny smile. *smooches Malfoy* Well, I'm getting close to caught up! *runs to read #4*
Sarahryoulover4ever chapter 2 . 7/19/2006
when is Dare gonna be taken over by artemis again? as i recall artemis never showed in your last story. are you gonna do harry potter 5 anytime soon? at least i think it's book five? any way good luck with your stories
easilyabused chapter 23 . 6/9/2006
Rainbow Guardian Angel chapter 23 . 6/6/2006
*still wearing cat mask* ah, that was very enjoyable. I can't wait for the next Bash-a-thon!

Mizumi: Hey, that's my cat mask! You stole that out of my closet!

Me: *sighs* here you go. *throws mask as Mizumi chases it like a puppy*

Slifer: *comes into room now back to normal size* His hiss hiss (I didn't get to kill Snape)

Me: Oh, I'm sorry Slifer. I know you would have if Kitty's sister hadn't come in. Here, you can have this Snape shaped cookie. It even has rat hair for his greasy mop of a head.

Slifer: HISS! (YAY!) *eats cookie*

Me: Now, I have a surprise! *pulls out big cake* HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUGI!

Mizumi: *throws confetti* YAY! I love birthdays! How long till mine? *looks at calendar* MONTHS! NO!

Me: well, you guys get to enjoy that cake now! See ya all next fic! You rock!

Mizumi: Bye! *eats frosting*
Blackcat1227 chapter 23 . 6/4/2006
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Yugi! Happy birthday to you! And many more!

Happy birthday Yugi! I wish you the best with you and Kitty send my love to Ryou and Atem.
SGCred chapter 23 . 6/3/2006
Hello My Darlings *grin and wave*

*giggles insanely*

Tis even more funny when posted up here, the brilliance! _ *worships*

All those bashing ideas were awesome, most fun torturing, though would never say so to Emessa. *sweatdrop* Do admire her much in great power of the witch. *bows* Still, the bashings were so perfect, Ferret Malfoy, Rat Rettigrew and Greasy Snape! *thinks* Oh darn it! *pout* We should have washed the dirty Dementors in with him. Oh well, remember for another time.

Glad you liked what I added it. The censor just thought, oh rauchiness, protect the innocent minds! Couldn't save my own, but try to spare others. Contaminating innocence is fun, but then the parents get on with the lawsuits and all this...such a shame.

I couldn't resist, I HAD to put in some fluff and well... we all know well enough what you and Yugi get up to. *wink* Stress the point it's your fault Yugi now has quite a one track mind at times, only when he's around you of course Kitty.

And yeah, I think my dear Melisanne is probably getting some ideas, just let her get a little confidence in herself before she tries them out. Not far enough into ISDE yet, but soon you'll see why she holds insecurities about herself. With a family like hers not surprising.

Also note: in hope that you can make it over here for next Bash-a-thon, Yugi can amuse himself with Drake (who still fears the squirrels) and Mokuba can have fun tormenting Wang (tamper with her make-up, and he'll get really good results. *wink*)

Also loved throwing about hitting malfoy with Angel's drumsticks XD. I figured you'd agree, Malfoy deserved punishment in dissing the greatness of crossdressing, and therefore one of the most wonderful one of them!

Anyway, gotta go for dinner! Loved it, will be reading for new fic or updates on others. Keep an eye out for my updates soon. *wink* Will hope others loved this too. Talk soon!

Love SGCred x x x
Rainbow Guardian Angel chapter 22 . 6/2/2006
Sorry I haven't replied in a while Kitty. I've been busy, you know how people's schedules can get. But I have been reading and catching up, and I must say that his is one of your best stories yet! Although, I personally think it could have used more Yugi. But that's just me.

Mizumi: *humming "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada* (You must listen to the fast version of this song, it is AWESOME!)

Me: Anyway, I must comment on these chapters. AMAZING! This was all like... WOW! And... "OH!" And, "Ah..." Yeah. Oh, and we have ideas for the Bash-a-thon!

Rainbow: I want to bash Malfoy with my Mighty Mallot, (as always) Snape, I want to sick Slifer after him, only Slifer would be the size of the real Dragon!

Slifer (the Snake... Where's he been?): Hiss his his his! (translation: I would eat him, but he probably has too much grease on him)

Mizumi: Ah, Peter Pettigrew... I'm gonna get the scariest cat mask in the world, and chase him while wielding Baby the Flame-Thrower! HA HA HA HA HA!
easilyabused chapter 22 . 5/28/2006
My Gawd have I missed you.

Yes, so, don’t freak out because this is me explaining so I’ve been in and out of the hospital – the fabulous consumption, or tuberculosis if you want to be modern. How did I get it? Yeah, no idea, but my immune system? Notoriously bad at doing its job. But let’s not go into this, because while coughing up blood is admittedly quite sexy, it does get rather old after a while. Just know that if I were born in the olden days like I totally should have been, I’d be dead a few times over by this point in my life. XD

I have about five million things to tell you. Firstly, the Hobbit is an awesome fille. I talk to her pretty much every day yay and she’s gotten me wholly and completely addicted to Fullmetal Alchemist – quite a feat, seeing as anime/manga/anything similar to these things usually makes me shrivel and die and then get up and run away, and all of the others that I’ve seen still do, but. Oh. I’ll be quiet about it. It just makes me very happy. One thing though, she isn’t feeling the Gauntlove. And that’s just. Sad. Because it is such hate I mean love. :(

Omg omg last summer I went with Nicole and some people to the cinema and I totally got you a present that I never gave you. It cost fifty cents. XD She and I squeed over it and were like, “Omg this screams Tory (for you were not yet Torelphie nor my beloved sister as you are now :P)” and it was fun so do not let me forget this…

You still need to listen to Les Mis. Amazing musical, simply fantastic and you’ll love it I totally promise. And Big River is just yay. Huck Finn lurve pls.

Yes, so you need to take chorus second semester, capeesh? Or I will…do something. Probably something scary. I might be in theatre with you. I don’t know. Maybe just the second semester, since I already took the first semester. But I’m taking I think it’s four AP classes so I need some that aren’t so stressy and meegad is theatre simply amazing or what? Nicole and I were famous in that class for being suggestive and decidedly homosexual, hee. It was a lot of fun.

The fiction! Lawdy, you’s finished with it! Well, it gives you Maybe Angels to do over the summer. When you’re not rocking out in California and when I’m not abducting you and driving you around to God-Knows-Where like Panera and fangirling you in general, that is. ;)

Lina and Bakura make me afraid…but I am constantly afraid, I just don’t know it.

Cotton-eye Joe FREAKING LOVE OKAY? My hick roots celebrate. Or, half of them do. But I conveniently forget that my father’s a damn Yank most of the time…(What! I'm not a halfblood, whatever can you mean...?) *whistles even though, you know, she can’t*

Oh wow. The Bashathon. [insert sweatdrop here…] As the resident Slytherin I think it’s best if I don’t say anything except that if you must bash these folks, please to be insanely cracktastic. XD

So like I frigging love you don’t hate me I heart you we’re family remember how’s the baby I adore you?
Blackcat1227 chapter 22 . 5/27/2006
Hi, me again! sorry I didn't reply. Too many projects, one for chem, one for spanish, and one for english. The stress was starting to get to me. Anyways, can't wait for the next fic/book to come out. I'll be checking every day just to be sure. This one's going to be my favorite! With the Yule ball and everything. I have to ask though, do any of the girlfriends (a.k.a. you, kara, melisanna(sp?)) get to go to the ball with the guys? Okay, as for my bash, have malfoy turned into a ferret, transform pettigrew into a rat and have malfoy chase him like he was food. So, thanks. Bye kitty-chan, bye yugi-chan, bye Atem-chan. *glomps him then leaves*
Kyte chapter 22 . 5/27/2006
Ooh... Finally finished the story, eh? ON TO THE GOBLET OF FIRE! HEHE! FIRE! Ahem. Nice title the story, I like it! And Carly was a fox animagi? OMG! One of my friends will love you for LIFE now! Lol, anywho, Ygui, Ferretboy and Greaseface have always been a part of the bash-a-thon... The only newbie is Ratman, and I'm sure we'll all give him a proper initiation. And Kitty, I'm sure we will all welcome Claire with open arms! Now, onto the bashing. Lets put the ferret play a game of 'Tag' with Crookshanks. And Slimeball can swim with Shamu, and hopefully wash his hair! And ratboy should be placed in a little plastic ball, and then it should be placed in a Labyrinth of No Return! /and, finally, what better way to finish them all off, then to douse them all in lighter fluid and set them ablaze! WOOWHO FOR FIRE! Everyone else is more than welcome to join me in the Pyromania! And I will not ask about whatever activities took place between Lina-Chan and 'Kura-Kun...The images are bad enough already...See ya lataz, Kitty and Crue! ~Kyte-Chan
ANAYAS-CREATER chapter 22 . 5/27/2006
Great chapter! Bring on GofF soon! (summons a cloud and sits on it drinking tea and eating a chocolate chip muffin) And now the Bash-a-Thon begins!

(aims wand Malfloy, Snape, and Pettigrew and they suddenly appear in the same outfit when Neville faced the boggart) But the fun doesn't end there. Aaragog! Fresh meat!(Aaragog emerges from forest and chases the crossdressers.)

(Offers a plate of muffins to bystanders) Want one? I made them myself.
SGCred chapter 22 . 5/27/2006
Hello Darling!

*big grin as she stands at the door with her bags waiting to co-host Bashathon*

Well, I can't wait to help you out, will be SO much fun! Just let me know how you want it done, like if we should just talk through email, LJ comments, Xanga comments or something else. Either way, just say so we can start writing, it will be amazing! _

Also, great ending chapter, it made me laugh adn cry! So moving!Shame that they had to say goodbye to Remus and Sirius, but like the title says, it isn't the end, just hope for the future. Was all worht seeing Snape so pissed off! XD And gotta love Dares so fitting comment. *snickers*

Shame for Mokuba missing out the action, maybe next time...

AAHH! I'm sorry about the last comment. I said a lot more but for some reason it got all cut out! Dammit! It was god stuff about Harrys little fear of needles, Mione's annoying religious relative, means of us to do things when you come to the UK next year, and ways to...distract Seto if he got annoyed with the Cotten Eyed Joe song. (which involved Melisanne in a very pretty silk dress and her hair held up in a chinese comb swirlling everywhere. *winks* I think that would content him from being grouchy, maybe we'll see when I come over to write, :D) Damn, oh well. Just will have to write more and more again and again and sure well get up to our old long rants again. _~

Poor Marik though, least he is much better now, and glad Dare has a much better understanding of not going out for revenge, due to it's consequences.

Looking forward to Maybe Angels after the Bashathon! Goblet of Fire is good! Though I must wonder if the guys are going to have to get dates for the Yule Ball even though they have girlfriends? I say the ladies won't be pleased. Or if they'll be allowed to go to Hogwarts with the guys? Hmm, I don't know why, but that would be fun, particularly if Malfoy starts making coments about letting muggles in a magic school. I can see you beating him senseless. D It would be like 'Word of advice Ferret, NEVER mess with and ex-Biker chick!'

Yes, school is such a pain. I had my last exam yesterday, thank goodness! just have to hand stuff in for Art next week then done! Best of luck to you with finals, sure you'll do great. I'm still run off my feet doing overtime for my new job, getting the shop ready to open next Friday, least I don't have school as well now.

All your chappies rock! Just be careful with Snape, he's hanging up that high grease might drip onto the floor. He would be easier to symapthise with if he didn't do such rotten things. Once again though, we must worship Alan Rickman for making his portrayal so great!

Time Turner fab, and yay for closet perviness! XD I take you know much of that stuff, considering you and Yugi spend enough time in their. *smirks*

Just to mention if you can make it next year, you could fly to London, we meet for a lon weekend, then you come back up with us via another plane, or train if it could be managed. Getting a bit ahead, just very hopeful though!

I know, Simba is awesome! When we see each other, I'll let you huggle him for real!

Loved the chappie, will update soon myself! And just email whenever about writing Bashathon! Speak to you soon!

Love SGCred x x x
KellyMonster757 chapter 21 . 5/22/2006
Last I checked, hiding a criminal was a felony... I would know... *Shoves Friend into closet* Ignore him... He snuck out of the state of Georgia to see me and now the cops are after him... No worries! But, yeah... It was kinda sad how Harry saw himself and Dare and not his mum and dad... But, hey, NO FIRST CLASS FOR SNAPE! WOOWHO! Yeah, I can just picture his face... Really good... *Puppy Face* May I have some Teriyaki Chicken? But, yeah... ESCAPE! Nothing like the rush...
ANAYAS-CREATER chapter 21 . 5/22/2006
Not bad. Update soon!
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