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THE FIRE WITHIN chapter 25 . 10/12
Have you ever mentioned whether Mewtwo is left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous? I hope he is left handed or ambidextrous because:

1: Being ambidextrous is awesome.
2: half of cats are left handed.
3: studies have shown that left-handed people are more likely to have IQs over 140. Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Isaac Newton were all left handed.
Zek chapter 9 . 9/22
Having cassandra take out an elf would have been even more epic
Zek chapter 25 . 9/12
I find it highly amusing that Cassandra gave Mewtwo (in the alt) a blowjob. Especcially since tomorrow she basically chews him out.
Meneldur chapter 25 . 9/5
Well, last minute, midnight review, but unlike Cinderella, I don't choke when it comes to balls (okay, that was a horrible attempt at a double entendre, never mind), and better late than never, right? So, review, though it will be shorter than I would like given my weariness, the hour, and the length of the chapters.

Assassin Mewtwo was awesome. Incredibly deadly, too, but awesome.

The story of Mewtwo's training was very interesting. I loved seeing how you wrote him training, every part of it - the psychic pathways was reminiscent of Azula in Baak (by transcednza) in all the best ways, and I really liked the way you described it. The moves Mewtwo learned were also awesome - Cresselia was wonderful, but I especially loved the development of Psystriek from Psyshock. Mewtwo forging his won sword was also really cool. Getting Cresselia's feather and the Twisted Spoon were nice touches as well, though calling an increase of 20% in power is a bit of an understatement.
Yasu's story was also very nice, I quite enjoyed it. Who was his trainer? I suspected Sabrina, but it's unclear if she fits given her age (though given Yasu himself uses vague terms and we don't know how old she is, it could still work). I know I'd really enjoy it if turns out to be Sabrina, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Agatha or some other nameless psychic. Still, given Sabrina's focus on teaching, it would really work if it was her.

Citlai is a real bastard, isn't he? I understand his motivation, but he's still a dick about it. It explains the whole gardevoir thing, though. I wonder whether he'll get his comeuppance any time soon, or whether they need him too much for that.

The Tree of Beginning story really drove that point home, though of course, it also added lots of depth to Citlai and his story, and made his motivation and actions more understandable, if not excusable.

I really enjoyed Mewtwo's slow creeping in, the slow buildup to how he finally breaks into Cassandra's house, resulting in the climax (heh, pun! And a better one, too!). It was fascinating to read and see, especially from both his point of view and the way the others saw it. Sabrina is amazingly skilled, though, if she could see past his cloak to his emotions, not just his presence. I assume she's the startlingly strong psychic he felt.

Michael talking about Mewtwo's cock - absolutely hilarious, especially given how she reacted later when she saw him with his sword, and he was certain she was referring to his cock. I really enjoyed the adult discussion that followed that about their sex lives and so forth, it was an excellent break in the tension and tragedy.

The family dinner was also brilliant that way, letting in some much needed calm and good feeling - even as it expressed the tension, in people talking about whether their families are okay, mentions of the constant attacks on Sabrina's school, and the talk at the end about Mewtwo (though they did not know it was him).

The meeting with Mewtwo was brilliant. I loved everything about it - the shock, the way she attacked him, how everybody stepped in - and how they stepped back out again, and let her handle it, and that they truly reunited at the end, with all the awkwardness and so forth that entailed.

"It was not THAT sword that leapt to mind", I would have written, but then, I have a horrible fondness for double entendres and horrible sexual puns, so...

Also, I liked the alternate version far better - a lot more realistic, a lot funnier, and just as hot. But anyway...

I really enjoyed how you then went out to point out all the flaws in their relationship. Amor Vincit Omnia, yes, but that only means there is much to be conquered, not that love covers for all sins. And I enjoyed your Authors' Note explaining your change of mind and your realization of what is good relationship and what is not. In that sense, I really felt that they had grown - that Cassandra could see what was unhealthy for her, but also recognize their love and the potential they had, and could be willing to give Mewtwo a second (or third) chance. And that Mewtwo could accept Cassandra's claims, could realize she was right, and devote himself to this in the long run, to truly being equal partners.

Nice cliffhanger ending there, tough as you wrote, we've suspected for a while. Can't wait to see the fallout of this, combined with continued fallout from Mewtwo. Excellent as always, and I am so glad I finally got to this. Until your next message, all the best, and enjoy the week, Meneldur.
Zekrom1010101010 chapter 8 . 8/20
I don't know if you know this but Mewtwo can naturally learn Aura Sphere which would be super effective against all of the opposing pokemon, with some of them have x4 weeaknesses to fighting type attacks. Combine that with it never misses, that is very scary to think about if you are a dark/ice or a dark/rock type.
ShiningLily chapter 25 . 6/3
I've been reading this non-stop since I found the recommendation on tvtropes a couple of weeks ago. I've really enjoyed everything you've put out so far and I'm looking forward to the next update.
Ashora chapter 25 . 5/9
Whoa, over 350,000 words now, quite the read. Very much enjoyed it, and it seems like there's still a significant amount left to go, hopefully we'll get there, however long it takes.

I only started reading this about a month or so ago, and would have finished it much sooner if not for lack of time. I very much like the way you write Mewtwo, and judging from your other stories you seem to have an affinity for the character. It's nice to see my favorite pokemon given a faithful representation rather than the unbearableness that makes up 95% of content on this website. I was unsure about the whole OC romance at first, but you've convinced me over the course of the story. I like Cassandra a lot, especially how she rides the line between sappy and snarky at times.

There are some areas that could use some work, mostly narrative wise. For example, the events of "Mewtwo Strikes Back", the first movie, seem to be mostly ignored beyond a few references. I mean, the dude kind of tried to destroy the world, not something easily glossed over, especially when he's one of the two main characters. On a different note, most of the recently introduced characters, except Sabrina, are sort of uninteresting. I'm not sure how to explain it other than to say I don't really care what happens to Michael, Aurora, Florian, Anastasia, and the others I've forgotten. After having so few characters for so long, you added a lot very quickly, and maybe lost some depth along the way.

But those are minor things, in the end, and I think you've made something truly remarkable in this. I hope you'll continue writing as long as you've got the passion, and I'll be watching for updates. Have a good one.
Omegaprime02 chapter 25 . 3/29
Before I begin with the review proper, I would like to say one thing first: Bravo! You have written the single most engaging fanfiction that I have ever seen, and I like to think that I read a lot of fanfiction…

I will be grading your entire work up to this point in two major categories; Technical and Content with my personal feelings following behind them.

First order of business: Technical 95/100:
You have a great grasp in grammar, better than most people that I have read stuff from, though you have one thing that keeps popping up: Capitalization.

Many times that you use, as well as don’t use, are correct, however every once in a while you slip, somewhere in this mammoth that you have I remember that there is a reference to Lavender Town as lavender, while an honest mistake it can cause someone to reread a sentence a few times (like I did, thirteen times…), otherwise you’re doing fine, just a personal gripe…

Also, I generally feel that Pokémon names should be capitalized, but to the rule, they do not need to be, however when you use Pokémon to refer to the whole of the creatures in the world you need to, that’s in there twice.

Your sentence structure is nearly flawless, I only found a few instances that gave me pause, and in those cases reloading the page showed them as italics… I’d personally recommend using apostrophes to separate them in future works; it seems to work a little better.
Your vocabulary seems quite developed as well, something that I have found quite nice in your story, and a welcome reprise from other, lesser quality works.
Other than that there is nothing noteworthy to bring up from a technical writing standpoint, other than nitpicking.

Secondly: Content 97/100:
I rarely comment on stories that have sex scenes, but those in this story are mature and tasteful. With a little work you could probably T-rate them to be honest.

You have used the source material well, despite your few modifications the final product feels correct.

The relationships in the story feel real, somehow, it’s nothing tangible that I can really convey properly.

Nothing else worthy of noting, you've done almost everything correctly here.

For what I have to say personally, I’d like to put forward the fact that you chose to use the year that Mewtwo worked with Team Rocket as masterful, using scenes from the first movie was even more so, and I have never seen a binding of the source material to a story like this before.

As a closing statement that I am not using lightly:

If I did not already know otherwise I could be easily convinced that this story is canon.
Vinylshadow chapter 25 . 2/5
Hm...only spelling error I found was:
She crossed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his necks. "Then make it us to us - to me."
I take it that first "Us" should be "Up"

*snorts at the alternate scene* Poor Mewtwo, still can't get any action after five years xD
Plus, having your brother float in while you're...ah...relieving stress...probably didn't help

A nice silly chapter; nice to see some bonding between everyone
Mysti Rose chapter 25 . 1/31
I really like the interaction of the characters in this chapter. They way you right them is very engaging and enjoyable. I also love the sprinkling of humor in this chapter, it had me laughing aloud at points!
Leone the Infernal chapter 25 . 1/30
Oh, my. So, the drama has died down, to be replaced by a family life. The only possible problem could be nightmares of the children. Possible signs of a disease? Genetic chimerism is tricky in humans, but in this case it could be worse. Perhaps Dr. Gregory House could show up?
Mai-danishgirl chapter 25 . 1/29
Well well, a certain pink little fellow better stay far far away from Lavender for the next, shall we say centuries?
And poor Mewtwo, having fatherhood thrusted on like this is quite a shock to the system, utter adorable though.

Hmm, and interesting with how you are dealing with the problematic parts of the first chapters, and I quite like your reasoning. In fact, I can only see it as being a benefit to the story. I will admit not to being that interested in romance stories, but a story about two people with a very disturbing past trying to make amends and actually try to make a real adult relationship? Quite engaging in my opinion. Nice part about Mewtwo being similar to Giovanni in certain areas. Thinking of how Mewtwo was raised by Rocket, confronting him with how his worldview is utterly warped in many respects will be interesting. And making his "brother's" betrayal much more painful.

And now I am wondering if Citlali manipulated Mewtwo in the same way as Giovanni by purpose.
Vinylshadow chapter 24 . 1/6

Started reading this a few days ago and found it truly delightful, a breath of fresh air from the countless other fanfiction I've read the past year

A few spelling errors here and there (last one I remember is "thrown" instead of "throne" when Cass is telling her kids an bedtime story; there's plenty of other small ones as well as missing words in some places that I idiotically forgot to mark down, but since I'm not an editor, I don't bother...)

Keep up the great work!
Leone the Infernal chapter 24 . 9/12/2014
O, dear. At first, I thought it was MissingNo. But no. Cresselia might not be happy to know she provided sound sleep to a future mass murderer. This amount of carnage might actually attract Darkrai. Would Dark types carry immunity to Psychic attack as they do in the games?
Mysti Rose chapter 24 . 9/9/2014
I just stumbled upon your story and did a marathon-reading over the least few days...and I have to say that I love it! The characters are all very interesting and I love the overall plot! Can't wait to read what's next!
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