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The Amethyst Eyes chapter 4 . 1/13/2012
You can't just stop a story there whats wrong with you! D: You're killing me! I will use my soceress powers on you! *swings watch back and forth* You will update...You will finish this fic...You will not leave me hanging like this...Please?
The Amethyst Eyes chapter 3 . 1/13/2012
Ha! I knew it was Slade! I feel so proud of myself ;P lol

That begining part in Raven's POV gave me shills(shiverschills)

The Amethyst Eyes chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
Your begining has hooked me! :D
teesy738 chapter 4 . 2/4/2007
When I started reading this I was thinking 'is it Brother Blood who is talking to her?' And then I remember that this is based off of the show, not the comic. Anyways, please write more. I'm a huge fan of Raven x Slade!
Zarola chapter 4 . 9/12/2006
Please update son!
AnnaRinzler chapter 4 . 7/6/2006
Come on! You have to update! Please?
I'll Cover Angel and Collins chapter 4 . 4/10/2006
That was awsome but i really want an update AGAIN! i love updates...I just dont like updating
gracefulraven chapter 4 . 4/10/2006
Another cool chapter. Slade is quite the sadistic bastard isn't he? I enjoyed reading this I hope to read more soon.


gracefulraven chapter 2 . 12/15/2005
Sorry it's taken me so long to review but I've been kind of busy. Your story is good! The spacing is much better, and I bet you found that the story stretched considerably didn't it. (winks) Is Slade suppose to be Raven's husband? It's getting good! I can't wait to find out! On to the next chapter.


VampireSelene chapter 3 . 12/7/2005
Please update very soon!
I'll Cover Angel and Collins chapter 3 . 12/3/2005
Please update this soon possibly longer?...i really like this idea and hopefully a lemon may be in order HOPEFULLY! but please have this updated a.s.a.p. PLEASE i really wanna see the wedding please!
Lia Tsuka chapter 3 . 12/3/2005
This is really good, keep writing. Its an original concept that hasn't fully been explored and the question is will she fall for Slade in the end or someone else...

we shall see.

Slade and the little voices salute you! Go you!
VampireSelene chapter 1 . 11/27/2005
This is really good! Please continue!
I'll Cover Angel and Collins chapter 2 . 10/19/2005
I think im right im not sure im about 97% sure im right raven is going to have to marry slade right? or something like that well I LOVE RAVEN AND SLADE PARRINGS PLEASE UPDATE!
Star Melody chapter 2 . 10/16/2005
Wow this is really good stuff! Isure hope you update again soon!
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