Reviews for Two paths to one end
terracannon876 chapter 14 . 7/18/2009
Guh, you have a habit of leaving stories alone right at a crucial point P (Shards was the other one I had read, lol) Are you having ideas of continuing this?

Anyways, this fic. Wow. I think this has to be THE first pokemon fic I've found that I've liked: human characterization, pokemon characterization, no out-of-nowhere pairings... The battle scene was written amazingly (from Guilty and Innocent...sorry, that's in this review too) and I was actually sitting at the edge of my seat on some occasions. Also, I sometimes look for the Giovanni and Ash connection in fics, and this is the only plausible fic I've found that I've read. THANK YOU for writing this T_T It makes me cries tears of joy.

Thanks for the story! Hope you update sometime O
Given Up chapter 14 . 4/11/2009
I've read this story several times since you first wrote it. I have never left a review, because I did not leave reviews back when I first found it. But lately, I keep coming back and hoping that you would finish writing it. It's a good story, filled with good plot and characters. And I have the nagging wish to find out if Giovanni ever learns that Ash is *his* son. Or at least to find out that I am wrong. Would he be proud or annoyed or what? The last chapter you wrote made me wonder if he knew or not. So anyway, I thought I would ask and see i you would ever get back to the story again. I hope you say yes, but I understand if you do not. Thanks for the story either way!
Phillip Clark chapter 10 . 2/23/2007
Please tell me Los Tres Estupidos are going to show up soon. Think about it: Giovanni is getting annoyed enough by Ash and Oak and company, just think how he'll react when his three most irritating employees show up on the scene.
Rowena Raven chapter 1 . 7/6/2006

*kick* No Soup for j00! Shards is Number 8 on your list at present! We Heartzorz the Shards and we watch you closely for updates... Who are we? ...we are teh Kasan Fanclub, and j00, missy... ARE TO FINISH SHARDS OR... no more fanart! :O *dramatic music plays*

~Love Katelin, President of Shard Fancloob.


...Sorry bout that, I let her read Shards and DES...Shes hooked... Anyways, I got an email saying one of your stories got updated... I told her, she spazed out and then I said it was teh pokemon one... She hit me... ;-;

And BY the way KATE! I SUPPLY the fanart, not YOU, so butt out.

Terribly sorry about her...

Hope for an update soon... or She'll keep hitting me like its my fault! Toodles

Saffire Persian chapter 8 . 6/27/2006
Aww, Kasan - I'm really, really sorry about your cat. I can sympathize with you as my cat just got hit by a car a couple weeks ago. (6/6/06). I miss her a lot too, and I was depressed for quite awhile as it was my favorite cat that meant a lot to be - had been with me for eleven years. So I know how you feel. And though it might not be the same, at least you had a lot of good times - as I had with mine.

As for the chapter, the final meeting between Delila and Leo was certainly.. a fiasco. Still, Giovanni's persian rocks, and is one hell of a cat. Just like yours was, I'm sure - he certainly reminds me of mine who was a little spitfire and hated everyone but me.

I hope you'll feel better soon enough. Take it easy, 'k?
Saffire Persian chapter 6 . 3/4/2006
I was wondering when you were going to update this. I loved the beginning in Persian's POV - wonderful! xD Poor Persian though, sopping wet along with Giovanni.. and an interesting talk about Delia here. :S... Leo's outlook on life sure is something he certainly wasn't alive when he was with the Rockets, was he?

I quite like the discussions Oak and Giovanni have, they always prove a bit enlightening... Oh, and almost finished with the old Shards chapter. XD... When I get the chance to take it slow, I do it. _

I'll check out your Zelda fic sometime in the future.
Serrated Darkness chapter 5 . 2/17/2006
LOL, funny chapter. I've read the prequel already, it's great to have decent Geovanni stories for once.
Zoey chapter 5 . 12/22/2005
its funny some points & so stuipd its funny others... I love it! Write more!
undersaffiresky chapter 2 . 11/6/2005
Ah, forgot to leave my other e-mail *though I'm contacting you right now, so maybe it won't matter. It's kjerstiswenson
undersaffiresky chapter 3 . 11/6/2005
Pikachu and his ketchup obsession - no one in the fanfiction community ever seems to bring that up - I'm glad you did though. I loved the scene with Pikachu and Persian, I love how you portray them both.

Ash in a suit 0_o... I can definitely see Giovanni being able to manage that. Heh - Samuel has quite a way in getting him to do it. While I was reading chapter three, I noticed you used "Satoshi" as his middle name, which brings me to the question: Are you using the whole "Giovanni is Ash's father" line? I've seen it done before, no idea whether its official...

Heh.. Delia (Personally, I searched the internet, and there are many spellings of the name, though I personally think it's Delilah) sure has a way with Pokemon... which I found amusing - I'm sure Giovanni couldn't even do that.

Now, to the e-mail thing, sorry it's not working for you... of course, it could be my e-mail.. hotmail is sometimes... unreliable, so I do have another e-mail account, which you are welcome to try and contact me by (I'll contact you through it, too, to see which one works). I'll also send you a g-mail invite for a new e-mail account that you're free to accept or decline - it's certainly better then hotmail, at least.

It'll give you a gigabyte of space, and thus far, has always been reliable. And if the e-mails work, we'll work out the beta-reading thing over it.
Ultraviolet Twilight chapter 1 . 10/20/2005
Howdy there...I was keeping an eye out for your next story. This had an awesome start. Many questions brewed up in my mind but I shall wait for future chapters for the answers! Meaning: write write write! That is, when you have the time of course. _ I'm patient. I'll wait.