Reviews for Full Metal Magic?
thepkrmgc chapter 1 . 6/17
oh, mustang's going to britain as well? the wizards wont know what hit them!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/10
Ally is spelled Alley
an alley is a physical place whereas an Ally is like a comrade or diplomatic partner
I don't mean to sound condescending D:
Love the story so far though!
namisnakama chapter 34 . 5/8
oh no! its over! what a great story! i knew i was taking a risk seeing when it was last updated, but i was so immersed in the story that i didnt notice the end :s thanks for sharing thougj!
TheTurkeyVulture chapter 34 . 2/16
Though I'm sure this account has been abandoned and it's saying you haven't touched this fic in 6 years, I still wanted to leave a review. I was feeling nostalgic and logged into my old account that I created when I was in high school and decided to go through my old faves to see if they still held up and honestly this is just as good as I remembered it being. I loved seeing the way all of the characters interact and the way you merged alchemy and magic into an easily understood science is really quite incredible. It's a shame to see such a great piece unfinished.
egefried chapter 34 . 2/5
OHHHHHHHH THIS IS INTENSE. WOAH. WHAT WILL HARRY SAY? WHAT WAS THE RED LIGHT? WILL I GET ANOTHER WINDERFUL CHAOTER TO READ? soory for all caps but wow this was nice to read and will be even nicer if I get to know what happens next but MY GOD AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!
ElizabethBathog chapter 34 . 10/13/2016
This story is awesome! Update soon please! :D
Mischief Tea chapter 26 . 9/8/2016
Going to admit that I am reading this as someone who hasn't actually seen the 2003 anime, so... sort of feels like the universe I know got thrown in a blender, but hey, it's a crossover already anyway! Hahaha. I think you explain everything well enough that I'm following it okay regardless. XD

I mean, the important thing is that you're very good about writing everyone in-character and actually taking the time to find a logical mesh of the two universes. That goes a long way for consistency and comprehensibility all by itself!
Mischief Tea chapter 14 . 9/8/2016
Still no luck on that miniskirt army, eh, Mustang?

Al 3
Mischief Tea chapter 13 . 9/8/2016
Wow - I anticipated a story, but I didn't expect him to tell them that much!
Mischief Tea chapter 11 . 9/8/2016
My stomach did a bit of a flip in Transfiguration class. That... could have gone much worse. Thank goodness. I love your description of the lighting through the library scene. Vivid and eerie. Nice.

And oh, Snape. On the whole, he has my sympathies, but he is without a doubt both snarky and vindictive. Not a good angle when ones targets are equally snarky and vindictive. XD
Mischief Tea chapter 7 . 9/8/2016
So he IS bringing Hawkeye! Hahahaha! Figures. XD

And I just had a thought: Ed hasn't named his owls yet! Hmm... sweet girl with swift wings and a big brawny eagle owl with fierce loyalty? (pleasenamethemWinryandAlpleasenamethemWinryandAl)
Mischief Tea chapter 6 . 9/7/2016
Ah, I see they're both beginning to settle in then. Heh. Ed could probably bluff that his regular clothes are the school uniform at Alchemy School if there was a chance Dumbledore wouldn't give him away... If.

Hahahaha - and yes, Mustang. You should have learned by now to ALWAYS bring Hawkeye!
Mischief Tea chapter 5 . 9/7/2016
Detaaaaillls! I think I love your writer brain. I also love that you seem to understand how to write an Edward who actually (oh shock) knows how to exercise self control! -_- Why is this so rare? I can hardly fathom. At any rate it's a breath of fresh air to see both him and Mustang behaving with common sense and dignities (on the whole) intact.
Mischief Tea chapter 4 . 9/7/2016
Oh. Right. Thestrals. Well. Nicely side-stepped that one, didn't you, Dumbledore?
Mischief Tea chapter 3 . 9/7/2016
You're winning my nitpicky little heart here. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your addressing worldbuilding issues and compatability right off the bat! That and your continued faithfulness to writing in-character Ed and Mustang? Oh yes, this makes for a very happy teacup.

Perhaps this is telling to how long it's been since I reviewed the books, Swiftleaf an OC? If he is, then props on the name and whatnot. He fits right in.
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