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Vote14Caskett chapter 40 . 8/23/2006
what a great story!
givesthemhope chapter 40 . 8/21/2006
First, let me say that I loved this ending. I've never really pictured Kate and Jack getting a real happily ever after. To me that's not how the LOST community works. I almost like not knowing how everyone ended up, so now I can make up my own scenarios of Kate on the run, Jack dealing with it, and what will become of Danielle. (But I will never say no to a sequel)

I liked that you brought Walt's adopted father into the picture, and that Sun was the person her talked to, since she had no one else either.

Sawyer and Rebecca engaged . . . looks to me like they could be in for a world or heartache or a world of happiness. Can't wait to find out which.

As always, excellent writing and I can't wait to read more from you.
hilsfoolishginger chapter 40 . 8/20/2006
congrats! you are a determined and talented writer.. while others come and go, your stories have stayed and grew more inspiring as you keep writing. being a fellow jater, i have to say i was not expecting that ending! but i am glad you took a different route than most. and i am even more glad that you are starting a sequel.. because, as tragically great as the ending was, i don't want to see the end of jack and kate yet! bravo.. keep writing :)

Jate-JoDe chapter 40 . 8/20/2006
Oh WOW that was...I'm literally *speechless*. I can't believe that this is it. Okay I'm having some trouble forming words, which is a huge shock even for me cuz I always have something so say...well about everything ingeneral. I'm so sad that *sniffs* its ended.

*Gets a gripe of herself*, lets start this proparly. I know I've said this like a dussin times before, over and over again, which I mean every single time btw. Thank you so much for sharing this truly amazing and incredibly well written story with us.

Loved the scene with Sawyer and Becca, a little surprised but very happy for them. Sawyers reply 'gett off the damn floor, course I'll marry you'...typical Sawyer. He really has come a long way in changing, for the best.

When you mentioned in your A/N that a surpise ending was a head of us, boy did you meen it. I was shocked, but not that suprised. I knew that Kate woulnd't or couldn't stay around. I felt so bad for Jack, every survivor got a better ending then him. But I guess thats why a sequel is needed, also I'm very pleased with that fact.

I've probably bored you to death by now so I'm gonna make this quick, again thanx so much for sharing with us. You really are an talented and awesome writer. You really should be proud. It really shows in your fics the effort and hard work you put into them, the results are brill. Again can't wait for the sequel. Well done!

CrAzYhOrSeGiRl88 chapter 40 . 8/20/2006
Wow...*sniff* I can't believe its over! It was amazing and I loved it! It had to be the best chapter of the entire series and that certainly says a lot since there's more than a year and a half worth of chapters to choose from. VERY well written, as if I even had to tell you that.

My favorite scene by far was that last one. You're really getting braver w/ Jate and I love that. I especially think that from plots you've been talking about both for the sequel and for other fics altogether. It was a really awesome scene and I love how the counting thing played in. Its like Jate began and ending with counting.

Also, I'm glad you got your Sawyer/Rebecca scene. Very cool and I'm glad he actually said yes. It really shows all the character developement for him and emphasizes how he's made a full circle. He's changed so much from the days when he about killed Jack over him trying to get back Kate's toy airplane. In this last fic, he and Jack were actually allies. That says a lot. And not only did you do such an extreme thing, but you totally made it believable. That's not something most fanfic writers can say.

I've been reading Fated for so long that its really weird to think its over. The early Fated fics were the first ones that every day I'd come home from school just hoping beyond all hope that there would be an update. And very rarely was I let down. That's what I always loved. You'd pull off amazing cliffhangers and then follow them up with something equally amazing.

I just feel like there's so much to say and that I'm leaving something out. Its been a lot of fun helping out with plots. I mean for me, its like getting the chance to manipulate the show itself because I was that into it.

Without a doubt you pulled off an amazing finish, even better than I ever thought. I knew it would be incredible, but somehow this surpassed that. I also know you're not so sure about it, but you should be. Its awesome work and you should definitely be proud of it. You should be proud of this chapter, this fic and most of all the entire series.

I can't wait to see the sequel, especially after hearing all the many plans you've got going. Can't wait to see the start of that and also how the future plans progress. I also can't wait to see what happens w/ your other 2 fics. Thanks again for dedicating the chapter to me. Don't think I deserved it, I mean you were always headed the right way, I just sped along the process. And you should've always been sure of yourself because as long as we've been talking, I never saw a reason for you not to be. Can't tell you how much Fated has meant to me and its so incredible to have seen it all the way through. I hope you post the sequel soon! _
CrAzYhOrSeGiRl88 chapter 39 . 8/19/2006
Wow, that was amazing! I loved it! VERY well written, too. I really loved all of the scene description, really top notch as always. The way you described that last scene w/ Jack and Kate in the hospital room was really cool, probably my favorite, though its hard to choose. I loved how you talked about how everything in the room was meant to have a calming affect and how it really wasn't doing its job.

That first scene, the flashback, was amazing. I knew when we were talking about it earlier that it was gonna be really cool. It was an awesome idea and I'm really glad you didn't pass up doing it. There was so much in it, just like all of this chapter. You always say you don't intend a deeper meaning, yet it always seems like there is one.

The scene with Sawyer was funny. Leave it to him to be that way. It was good that that scene was there because I felt like it really showed just what Jack was feeling. Everything about this chapter did that, but I felt like that scene did that especially well. Sawyer always seems to be able to get to the root of Jack, despite his ability to act like a brainless moron at the same time.

Anyway, incredibly chapter! I can't wait to see more, yet at the same time that isn't true because I know the next chapter means the end of this fic. I know there's a sequel, but there's just something so final about this. I dunno how you handle it. Oh well, update soon anyways. In a lot of ways, it'll be cool to see this as an accomplishment and an amazing one at that. _
Jate-JoDe chapter 39 . 8/17/2006
amazing, beautiful, wonderful, awesome and all those other goodie words. I'm so sad that its soon come to and end *cries*. truly one of the greatest and most well written Jate fics, my own opinion might I add. hope he asks her soon, do it Jack. thanx for sharing with us. can't wait for the final update.

Vote14Caskett chapter 39 . 8/17/2006
loved it!
Jate-JoDe chapter 38 . 8/13/2006
wow a very sad and kinda depressing chapter. very realistic and well written as always. can't wait for more.

CrAzYhOrSeGiRl88 chapter 38 . 8/12/2006
Dun dun dun...Wow! I loved it! Beautifully written, as always. Very depressing, also a common trait of yours. It makes me think of all the bickering we did for you to decide how to end this fic and now that I'm seeing it all fall into place, I'm really glad you decided to take this road.

I loved the scene on the cliff. That was amazingly clear with just a great feel to it. I know you were hesitant about that scene, but it really worked out, just like I told you before. There was a lot of insight in it, though i know you don't exactly think so.

It was really cool to see that first interogation scene because of how long I know you've been planning for it. Its something you've been wanting to do for a while and its really exciting to see it on paper. Or on screen or whatever. It came out great! Very well written. I loved that one line Jack said before he walked out. When he said "she was pregnant..." It was like it brought the scene to a standstill. I loved that.

I also really liked the scene w/ Sarah. Very cool. I'm glad you make her realistic and don't make her out to be some evil woman like a lot of fics do. She is a realistic person w/ realistic issues. The part she played in Jack's life isn't farfetched at all, especially not for Lost. Things like that happen all the time in real life, minus the plane crash surviving part.

Anyway, amazing chapter. This one really turned out to be one of your better chapters. I know I say that everytime, but its true. They just get better with each new addition. I can't wait to see more, so please update soon! _
avenueofthestars chapter 38 . 8/10/2006
I love the story, I havent got a chance to read it all, but I love it.. its so in character, and emotional and intense.
Kate Shephard chapter 38 . 8/9/2006
Is Kate really dead? O.O
Vote14Caskett chapter 38 . 8/9/2006
omg! kates really dead?
AnnPatrick chapter 24 . 7/21/2006
Very fun story, I like how you cover all the characters.
AnnPatrick chapter 13 . 7/21/2006
It's a cute story.

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