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AnonymityIsFun chapter 73 . 2/4
I like the story, it's written fairly well, but your OC is making me take breaks every 50 seconds. I realize this probably won't get read, so I'm going to use this as an excuse to rant. Your OC pisses me off. Sorry, but I want to pull my hair out sometimes. One minute she'll get angry when people ask her if she wants to talk about her problems, and the next she'll be angry because people aren't asking if she wants to talk about her problems. It seems to me like she's stuck in an infinite circle of angst. If this keeps going, I'm not going to be able to continue reading. Overall, I do like the story a fair bit, and you've done a good job giving most of the characters distinct personalities. Good job, one cybernetic 8-bit cookie for you!
b-well1 chapter 108 . 5/24/2017
I get the feeling that she is under the influence of the Hellfire Club and will resurface as a villain. This melancholy interlude would only work as a satisfying novel if the back jacket carried notice of a sequel. As a testimony to true life experience this story touches the cruelty and injustice of it with honesty and pathos. Perhaps the author draws on personal tragedy. Either way I hope that this intimate account has helped them come to terms with that old enemy: loss. It is a noble gift to the world.
Stolid-Scholar chapter 10 . 7/15/2016
This is as far as I got. Not really sure why your version of the xmen are so into tormenting this random teen who is going through a horrible time. Your writing style is way better yhan average for this site, but there's no plot yet to be seen and the characters are all just bullying this one poor girl who is going through serious body horror and physical trauma. The entirity of the danger room fiasco highlights just how insane these characters are. Joining the x-men in the comics is voluntary, in your story this is just random abuse.
Bruce-Man chapter 10 . 2/14/2016
I really like the idea of this fic and I like your OC, but it's really damn hard for me to read because of how she acts and is treated. I'm the kind of guy that if I were in her situation I would just fucking leave. If she doesn't want to be there or do those things like become an x-man or be told to not eat cookies then fucking tell them so in as brusque and insulting a manner as possible and fucking do what you want and screw any mother fucking bastard that tries to tell you no! I understand that she may actually want to be there, or is afraid of the outside world or something like that, but it really just makes me angry reading this story because I want to curse these characters out sometimes for her. Really though, I think that that just shows how good of a writer you are to even make me that emotionally invested in this story so good on you, and I hope that Kerry gets some back bone and tells Scott and Jean and whoever else to fuck themselves she can have a goddamn cookie if she wants to.
SKYSPRITE chapter 90 . 1/29/2016
Chapter 90 is completely messed up. I don't normally say much about bad grammar because it's something most people struggle with, but this chapter is unreadable. It's bad. How it got this way is a mystery to me.
I'm going to have to skip it. Hope there wasn't anything important in this one.
Talk about frustrating.
julamei chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
i love everything about this. for a long time, this was the story that kept drawing me back to , so i'm so thankful that i found it and that you wrote it. you're an amazing author, rui, and this story kicks ass. thank you : )
LeftEyeObsession chapter 108 . 9/5/2015
yes I have resulted in profanity bc what the HELL?
Are you serious? You end the story with everyone in suspense. Like maybe she's alive, maybe she's not.

Lowkey I still love you bc you are a fantastic writer, I'm just super mad at you right now.
LeftEyeObsession chapter 107 . 9/5/2015
No I don't wanna believe it.
Nope I don't believe it.
She is alive somewhere,
Kerry just needs to relax and come home.
She has to.
Omg nooooo I actually have real tears in my eyes. I fell in love with Kerry (not like that) she became a favorite character and you killed her.
You are freaking evil.
LeftEyeObsession chapter 98 . 9/4/2015
Her & Bobby together makes me wanna just scream! They are soooooo freaking cute together OMFGGGGGGG!'
LeftEyeObsession chapter 97 . 9/4/2015
It's been Bobby this WHOLE TIME? No freaking wayyyyyyyyyyyy this explains why Chris hates him so much ugh I honeslty thought it was Adrian ugh I feel so stupid. Now I have to read over all their parts again bc I know it's Bobby now! No forreal you deserve claps for this bc I really didn't think it was him, you kept it a secret and on lock that's amazing, you are an amazing writer for this. I love you & they are the cutest couple everrrrrr OMFG.
Lefteyeobsession chapter 75 . 9/2/2015
Once again didnt feel like logging into a different place so i'll just do this. ANYWHO, let me tell ya'll this, Scott never really appealed to me when i first learned about the X-Men. This is someone who took awhile to grow on me. (About 8 years!) & now looking at this i love Scott so much (still don't like his wife) bc of his leadership/fatherly qualities. This man for fact looks out for his family and that is admirable. Although he is kinda stiff, he is also well respected & i respect him through and through.
LeftEyeObsession chapter 34 . 8/28/2015
Where is my love interest to put chocolate on my bed bc I asked for it? That is so cute like omg, GOALS.
Lefteyeobsession chapter 31 . 8/28/2015
Sorry not by my ipad bc it won't charge -_- but i needed to review this chapter! Okay the bump and grind part had me in tears LMAO like i was really crying bc it was so funny to me. When she said Adrian could dance i was like GET YOURS HUNTY, but she couldnt here me so. But i wish her and Adrian would just get together already like... okay thats it i think. Adrian is literally the cutest thing ever idcidcidc *heart emoji*
LeftEyeObsession chapter 30 . 8/28/2015
YASSSSSSS Adrian keep it a hunnit with shorty LOL I crack myself up.
No you naive child, friends that are boys don't typically look at you with just your underwear on and say that you look pretty good.
She needs Jesus and to grow up a little tbh.
LeftEyeObsession chapter 29 . 8/28/2015
Okay seriously, it's sooooo annoying not knowing who this He kid is! But I think it's Adrian so I'm gonna assume it's Adrian. Anyways I think they would be cute if they got together like seriously awwwwwwww (: but what happened it Sam? Haven't heard from him in awhile /:
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