Reviews for Heaven Sent
kazorashi chapter 3 . 7/24/2016
The sarcastic nature of Eriol and Tomoyo is so natural and funny. Like, their wits just won't stop, and I love that! Lol. Their comebacks are giving my life. Especially the bathroom interaction where Eriol gave that little jab to Tomoyo whilst talking to Nakuru. My goodness, they're so evil. Lol. And I love Tomoyo's attitude, she is so... idk how to describe it, but it's such a fun story to read.
Sum1 chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
super nice story!

love it!

please update!

i'll be waiting!:)
Mysterious Sapphire Butterfly chapter 3 . 11/6/2007
i love ur story!

u write VERY criticsm for this time as it is really good!

update soon! _
SnowCharms chapter 3 . 10/18/2007
Lol...she probably found her soulmate...hence d reason God made her stay down on earth...update!
cheng chapter 3 . 9/18/2007
cute ;]
gipsy-chan chapter 3 . 8/7/2007
woah, you changed your Author's name. But still I keep loving your stories. I think I read this a long ago; however, I read it over and over again, I love it. Pleeaasse, continue it soon
Shenhui chapter 3 . 9/13/2006
Very nice...

Do continue this story soon ne?

green-mermaid chapter 3 . 8/23/2006
lol! nice one! tomoyo is so much hilarious and attractive! never thought a tomoyo could be someone who retort on everything... keep up the good work! update soon! v
Frosted BlossomZ chapter 3 . 8/22/2006
Bahahaha~! Funny chappie~! Can't wait titll the next chappie~!
asga chapter 3 . 8/21/2006
oh so glad u have finnaly update the story love it so far hehe and I am still waiting for ur other story : the testastment
Story Weaver1 chapter 3 . 8/20/2006
You had me for a second with that dream. It was quite funny to picture that shower scene. Nakuru thinks he's crazy _.
Isis Temptation chapter 3 . 8/20/2006

It was no more than a week ago that I was thinking about that wonderful author that wrote those insane fics I like so much...

"What happened to her?" I wondered.

But now I'm glad you've updated. I had to re-read chapter 2 (not because I had forgotten it, but for the pleasure of it) and then this one.

What can I say now? Well, just that I like this fantastic fic more than ever. This is getting good, don't you think?

Now I have to wonder about other things like... when will you update next time? Will I finish my career before I get to read the whole plot indeed? Ok,maybe not, just babbling...

Anyway, thumbs up and keep going. You're fantastic.
SanzoGirl chapter 3 . 8/20/2006
Very good story so please update son!
JusT LooKing ArounD chapter 3 . 8/20/2006
hihi... that was so cute! update!
Hanaoni chapter 2 . 7/22/2006
Update soon please
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