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Human Elemental chapter 4 . 11/4/2006
Please review. This story rocks.
Raving Adelaide chapter 1 . 7/7/2003
You have good ideas, but your grammer seriously needs to cleaned up. I'd enjoy it if you continued your story.

If you try going around to different libraries in your area, you'll probably find all of them, but sadly, libraries can be a huge pain. Luckily I own sixteen of them. Giving you a synopsis of each book can be helpful, but you'll be missing MANY details.

#17-The Thing in the Closet: One night as Cindy is trying to sleep a green light shines form her closet. Not knowing what it is, she eventually summons the courage to peek inside only to have the light disapear. The next morning while having breakfast at the local bakery, Cindy expresses her concerns for the glowing green light. The gang (including Tira) go over to Cindy's to inspect the closet only to find nothing wrong. That night, the green light returns and so Cindy calls Adam for help. Cindy is then abducted by a green monster. Meanwhile, Adam shows up, doesn't see Cindy and so calls the rest of the gang except for Tira who Watch calls and they all arrive at Cindy's. Watch figures it's Cindy's fear which brought the light and so they go over to George Sander's house and scare him senseless. A green monster then shows up and Adam, Watch and Sally run after it leaving Bryce, Tira, George and earth behind. While all this is happening, Cindy is saved by an elfish looking boy whose name I can never remember in a strange place with a fixed sky and she follows him to the capital of Centrae. Along the way, she is recaptured by what the boy calls Shadows. This is when the elfish boy and Sally, Watch and Adam meet up and together they rescue Cindy. All of them then go to the capitol to warn the all powerful ruler Furma that they must do something to stop the Shadows. Unfortunately Watch's insught into politics is correct, and Furma is indeed in cahoots with the Shadow to win the war with some province. Cindy finds out elf guy has a gf after being put in jail and she's disapointed, with her (Cleree's) help, they escape and head toward the sky which rests on mountain tops. Furma follows them with his Shadow lackeys but Watch figures out laugter kills the Shadow and so they all laugh and they the Shadows turn to green mush. Furma realizes the error of his ways and they all make it back to Spooksville.

#18-Attack of the Killer Crabs: While at the pier, the gang (including George Sanders and Tira Jones) are attacked by huge crabs. After a struggle, Adam and the pier's fish and chips guy, Mr. Seafish, are captured and taken to an underground city which was once part of Lemuria. There they meet a really angry and bitter little who refuses to let them go home. The rest of gang saves the two after figuring out that the crabs are really robotic, but the expresses to them that she and her people are bitter because their water is being polluted, so the gang blows up a paint factory which is causing the pollution.

This is the last you hear from Tira Jones. She is intuitive from being possessed and is reluctant to talk about being possessed. She's beutiful, she's sweet, she's quiet and even Sally and Cindy like her.

#19-The Night of the Vampires: While playing tennis, a guy named Ted Tane shows up and is in bad shape. He's lost A LOT of and has gashes on his throat. They take him to the hospital and there the doctor tells them Ted has unusual . Watch, Sally and Bryce think he's a vampire, but Adam and Cindy don't believe so. The doctor (Dr. Paine) gives them addresses of two others who were the same as Ted and the gang ends up blowing up an old mattress factory near Ted's and the other two victim's homes since they find vampires in there. They go to the witch and she tells them of Shaetore, the queen of vampires which surely didn't perish in the fire at the factory. After leaving, Cindy tells the gang she's going home when she actually ends up visiting Ted and getting turned into a vampire. After being attacked and going to Cindy's only to find she lied to them, they race to the hospital and find Cindy and the queen. Watch is also bitten, but he actually stunned the queen by injecting himself with serous sleepy before being bitten. Adam tries to save Cindy by giving her his but to no avail. When they are confronted by the queen and her lackeys at the ocean, Adam's kicks in and she kills Shaetore. All those who were vampires turn human again.

#20-The Dangerous Quest: Watch gets sick and ends up telling them that it has something to do with a book he read called the Emerald Sun. The guy who cursed Watch was seen using the secret path so Sally, Adam and Watch use the secret path to go where the guy did. There Adam and Sally meet their doubles. Apparently THEIR Watch is also sick. So together they head toward a castle in the distance. This book complicates things because it's outright shown to the audience that Sally likes Adam. Meanwhile in Spooksville, Cindy and Bryce to to the mysterious guy's house to try and get the book back from him but after they try stealing it, the guy, Tom, gets kinda angry and so he locks them in his basement. The Cindy/Bryce relationship is also developed. Luckily Bryce photocopied the very short book and together they read it. It's about a princess who's cursed and a Prince who doesn't want to see his Princess die. Apparently the Prince goes out and finds two wise men to bare the Princess' fate since it is the only way to stop the curse from the Princess. Then Bryce tries to burn the door down and they almost die. Tom tries to stop them but realizes it's better to die. He is the shadow of Tomel, the Prince in the book and he decides to show to Tomel that there are some things worth dying for. Meanwhile, Watch and the Adams and Sallys meet Rula who helps them to the castle, by the time they reach there, Watch is near and it is discovered Rula is the Princess. They all go see Tomel and the witch who cursed Rula only to find out there is no hope, someone has to die. Watch ends up convincing the witch to let him and him alone bear the curse and he dies. After transporting his body to the Spooksville cemetary, they bury him beside Madeline Templeton only to have him walk right in during the middle of his own funeral. This is when the gang finds out the Time adventure. Watch fixed things after screwing up time royally, but the thing was that there was two of him at the end and the real Watch, I guess you can say, stayed away until then.

#21-The Living : Watch and Adam are attacked by a skeleton one night. And soon, more of them appear. It doesn't take long to realize that the skeletons are coming for Watch. It appears that the Grim Reaper feels cheated since Watch got to live after dying. So, Ann Templeton gives her life for Watch like her own friend did for her husband (a sad story really). But Ann is not stupid. After trying to avoid the Grim Reaper using the very time machine from #16, Ann ends up back in Spooksville, in the Grim Reaper's backyard no less where she removes the foundation of her promise (actually she removes Watch) that she swears on the body of Watch which then lay in the cemetary that she would give her life for his. Watch and Ann are both saved and Ann's love of Watch and the gang is displayed outright fot the first time in the series. The Cindy/Bryce thing is further developed.

#22-The Creepy Creature: Cindy and Bryce are walking in the forest surrounding Spooksville when they're attacked by a blob of green goo. It ends up eating Bryce and Cindy races back to town to get the gang. Returning to the site where Bryce is eaten, they find him alive and well but he's not acting like himself. It turns out the blob took his form and the Watch, Adam and Cindy end up torching Bryce's house trying to kill the thing. Getting George Patton's flame throwers and Sally, they head for the forest once again. Finding a cave, they go in only to find yet another part of Lermuria underground. Watch is then captured and they meet a named Olos who saves their butt from Rock creatures. It seems there is a war going on. Adam is utterly captured by Olos and she leads them to a building where her all powerful father is. Along the way they run into Watch who keeps promising he's himself but the other aren't sure. When they arrive at the HQ, Bryce is there and Olos' father explains to them he created the blobs to duplicate people in order to fight the rock creatures (Titans). Unfortunately everything has gone wrong and the blob are evil now. Taking Olos with them, the gang escapes the underground place before Olos' father blows the place up to kill everyone. Unfortunately, the gang is attacked by some Titans as they exit and Olos is destroyed-she was a robot all along and Adam is devastated.

They end up burying her in the graveyard, but not before Sally turns on them and tries to kill them-she was a blob all along. But they get her back.

#23-Phone Fear: Bryce receives a call from a guy who calls himself Neernitt. The guy tells him to harm someone or he will be punished. Obviously Bryce doesn't do it and he is hit by a van which breaks his leg. Returning form the hosptial, Adam is also called and of course he doesn't oblige either. This time a young tries to kill Adam with a knife but Sally and Cindy stop her. Her name is Savannah Stranger and apparently she has alluded Neernitt for a long time. Watch actually hypothesizes that Neernitt (an anagram for Internet) is a conscious being who was created in the depths of the Internet by some unknown force. Watch has an idea though, he tells Neernitt he will create him a body to move around in, he understands that Neernitt is bitter because humans can walk around at their own free will. Unfortunately, Watch mentions Olos and Neernitt demands that they use her body to create him one and thus begins Adam's hatred for Watch. Neernitt has everyone including Bryce and Savannah locked up in Watch's house for a week to complete the robot. Adam's hatred grows and he, Sally and Cindy retaliate by threatening the robat that Watch is building. After almost being shot to , they are sent back into the house, it seems that there is no way to escape-Neenitt will be allowed to roam free. It seems that Watch likes the idea of feeling nothing and that is why he is doing it, but Adam doesn't understand. Much to Cindy's horror, Bryce likes Savannah, but that'sokay because Watch ends up her on Neernitt's request. After Neernitt is uploaded on to the robot, he wants Watch to prove his loyalty to robots and dispise for humans so he orders Watch to shoot anyone in the room. He doesn't know Savannah and sp logically kills her. But Watch has trick up his sleeve. He made the robot so that he could destroy it. By pressing a button on a remote control, Watch destroys the robot by short circuiting it or osmething of that sort. And apparently, Savannah is not at all. Watch explains to them that he knew Savannah was actually Neernitt pretty much all along and knew that the rifle had blanks in it. Savannah explains to them she didn't like to feel and wanted to be robot so she created Neernitt, a program, to live through. Bryce is shocked and disapointed but manages to boldly get her number. He still liked her after all she did. I don't know about you all, but I'm so glad we never hear of Savannah again, I d her.

#24-The Witches Gift: Ann Templeton is leaving Spooksville for the Pleiades and grants each of the gang a wish. If they say it allowed to someone, even if their wish is obvious, the spell is broken and their wish disapears. Adam wishes to always know what the right thing to do is, the best possible thing to do in all circumstances. The next morning when all their wishes take effect, it's apparent that Sally wished for money because she shows up with makeup and new clothes. Bryce wishes for a spaceship which they take a ride in. Adam leads them to Titan, one of Jupiter's moons on his intuition where they discover an alien race's diabolical scheme to destroy earth. It becomes quite apparent that Watch's wish is to read minds, escpecially when he tells Adam that Bryce, who was seperated from them by the aliens and then returned, isn't Bryce, but a shapeshifting alien. It's also quite apparent that Bryce and Adam suddenly developed strong feelings for Cindy. After gaining control of the alien, the gang splits up, one group to go to the ship, the other to find Bryce which they do and return to the ship also. But something is wrong. Adam just can't put his finger on it. It was too easy to escape and something tells him they have to back. That's when he realizes that one other of them has to be an alien and someone has been left behind. After grabbing a gun, Adam turns it on them and starts questioning them, on pure intuition, Adam shoots Watch, who does indeed end up being the alien. Adam realizes Watch isn't Watch because the new Watch can't read his mind. Anyway, they return to Titan, rescue Watch, blow the aliens up and then head back to earth. They don't kill the one alien which took over Bryce though and they set him free on earth where he promises to behave. Adam soon realizes they can't go on like this, they must give up their wishes seeing as though no one feels right being around Watch and Bryce will spend all his time in his spaceship. So they say each of their wishes aloud. It turns out Sally wished for a platinum creadit card that had a credit line that never needed to be repaid and Cindy wished for the love of the boy she loved. And it is here the series ends.
baileyw1 chapter 1 . 10/29/2002

Miriam G chapter 3 . 8/14/2002
Interesting beginning. I like Spooksville but I cant find all the books in the library and the people in the bookstore have never heard about it. :(

Oh well, keep writing! By the way; Samantha is a good name for a witch. (No offense if youre name is Samantha)
Gothic Guardian chapter 3 . 8/2/2002
riviting story. I request Spooksville For Idiots. I read only like 6 books - I cant seem to find them anywhere
Guest chapter 1 . 7/22/2002
its cool so far. Dont change samantha's name beacuse my name is samantha.I love spooksville but i cant seem to find any more books. i have book 1-8 and book 10-17 and i cant find any more. I started reading spooksville since i was 8 so i wasnt really smart about stacking up on the whole set. anyhow, your doing good so far and you should continue it:)
Bexi chapter 2 . 2/19/2002
Not a bad start. But you need to put more in it I think. Or you could just hurry an finish. I've always liked Spooksvile. An now I can read others fics. But unfortunatly there aren't that many. Maybe I should write my own fic about Spooksvile. What do you think?

Well Adam's my fave character... an I'll request Spooksvile for idiots.
Princess chapter 1 . 1/24/2002
that is sooo neat~! i think u should finish it ...but that is just me...i think u could possibly finish it just think way back when...hehehe... :-p~
pen pencil whatever chapter 2 . 1/1/2002
i request spooksville for idiots! and Watch is the coolest of the group!
Destiny Dreamer chapter 2 . 11/18/2001
Very intresting_ you should continue it. And Spooksville for idiots? me, me, I'll request it_
Me - Harry Potter Dreamer-fic name chapter 2 . 11/9/2001
Wow I am soooooo Glad somebodys started up a Spooksville section. By the way this was good. Include a little more detail and it'll be really good :)

P.S Watch is my Fave
chryssta chapter 1 . 10/21/2001
so totally cool

luv spooksville crap

this just adds to it
chibi113 chapter 1 . 10/21/2001
Anyone who will write spooksville is cool by me pleeeaaasssseeee keeep going i love it already! ;)
Katy chapter 1 . 10/17/2001
It's good. Hey I have an idea, why don't change Samantha to Sabrina. Tira is very shy and mysterious, she can sense things and Watch has a crush on her.
Athena chapter 1 . 10/1/2001
Tira's character doesn't change and so far this fanfic is great! I'm soooo glad I've found someone else who reads this series... was very disappointed when CP stopped writing, I can't seem to find the last book ANYWHERE. :( Thanks for writing the fanfic though D Please continue!
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