Reviews for Scary Movies and Games
The Letter Atrophy chapter 1 . 11/26/2006
Awesome XD The last line was great.
Jen chapter 1 . 10/28/2006
Really really great, PC! I really liked this, because I appreciate that Daisy actually wants to give him a chance. I wish she ACTUALLY had in the show...

Plus, that last line of Mason's? Effing brilliant and SO very Mason! :)

Much love!
S.F. Card chapter 1 . 10/19/2006
Brilliant :D I give you a high five :D
YounamemeArika chapter 1 . 9/7/2006
awsome! update!
Mizz Moony Luver chapter 1 . 6/9/2006
Amazing. The dialogue was perfect, and Mason and Daisy were very IC. I'm blown away, I'm adding this to my favs.

~Mizz Moony Luver
dark angel121 chapter 1 . 3/19/2006
this is seriously realy good. I can hear thier voices in my head. It's a simple plot, but the dialogue is just so...gosh, I ca't think of a word I guess that works.

Mason's explanation of why he loves her is so beautiful and so sweet. With this story you manage to make me laugh, sigh like a hopeles romantic and cause my heart to clench in sadness.

I absolutely adore it. Simple and sweet.
heart shaped box chapter 1 . 12/6/2005
well done good character big fan of dlm love the show the story really caught there character well like masons wiry personality keep up the good work
Kaiya33087 chapter 1 . 10/27/2005
Oh, that was great! And the last line...cute! )
Ladywilde chapter 1 . 10/25/2005
yeah! for Daisy / Mason fics - what a great story!

I really liked Mason in this one ( could he be any cuter?) - I am hoping you update this story - because it is just great - we seem to have a shortage of Daisy/Mason shippers so this was really welcomed...

Wow! that was just awesome - a dozen kudos for you!