Reviews for I taught him! I thought I knew him!
riverrat chapter 3 . 5/15/2012
Great follow-up to your other stories. You show everybody in character, especially Minerva. I never was a big fan of Slughorn and your description of him just confirmes it. His name is perfect for him - alway honking his own horn and as slimy as a

I really love your writing. On to the next story!
HVM chapter 2 . 6/1/2008
really intersesting characterisation!
Prieda Solo chapter 3 . 2/28/2007
I will always maintain that slughorn was attempting to breed snape and lilly to produce a perfect potions student ;)

the next one (if i remember rightly) had draco, snape and peter in it. can't wait!
Prieda Solo chapter 2 . 2/28/2007
Goodness this is so depressing. and I'm loving every minute of it. It is so exciting, like a rollercoster ride. thrilling great, especially after an evening wasted not doing chemistry.

Well, Severus, you’ve chosen your master now, and you’d better not have any regrets, there’s no way back for you, there are no third chances, and the Order and the Aurors will hunt you down like a dog if they can.

yeah, its true. oh poor snape. he's screwed now and if rowling makes him evil i will gr.
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
“And Dumbledore believed that?” Remus says incredulously

Argh this bit of the book always frustraits me. it just never seems to occur to anyone to trust dumbledores judgement of snape, noone seems to realise there might have been more to the death than meets the eye.

Why? It's all oh dumbledores dead and snape killed him and he trusted snape and snape always seems to be loyal and NOBODY connects those up in a logical manner. They just all think: conclusion, dumbledore was hoodwinked by snape. they seem to forget that dumbledore was actually rather intellegent.

Ahem. anyway.
Mariag Brie chapter 3 . 2/9/2007
I have to say that the background you'd put to all the characters like McGonagall (as a retired quidditch player) sounds really good. The old Slughorn, he isn't bad, the thing is that he have too much favouritism between the students. He reminds me a literature teacher I had (but Slughorne knows and is competent, unlike that teacher who let their students call her by her nickname). Also I liked his procuress attitude, how it made me laugh!
Agrarrevolution chapter 3 . 8/19/2006
Slughorn is a pleasure to read, he's so sure of himself. Of course does he know Snape, he has taught him! And surely Snape should have prefered his old Head of House and not Dumbledore...

He seems to be pretty clueless as to what happens around him, but I figure he's too self-centered for that. I sincerely hope JKR doesn't make him Head of House in the seventh book.
Agrarrevolution chapter 2 . 8/19/2006
I wonder why obviously nobody ever tried to find out about Snape's parentage. Even if his father really would have been a foreign pureblood refugee, it would still have been possible. And Snape never ever said anything about the parental background of anybody aside from that unfortunate event with Lily Evans.

Remus is a bit a hypocrite thinking that James was too quick in his judgement, when he himself sees Snape's fate doomed back in his first year. But then the situation is quite overwhelming for everyone and Remus isn't known for taking any other side than the mainstream. When he couldn't believe his friend Sirius after the murder of Harry's parents how can he believe his child enemy?
Agrarrevolution chapter 1 . 8/19/2006
Well, not my favourite of your stories, but still a very nice portrait of McGonagall. It's quite interesting that in her eyes the most offensive act of Snape wasn't that he killed Dumbledore, but his betrayal against her.

She seems to accept Snape's guilt readily (especially with Harry's explanation of why Dumbledore trustetd Snape which is highly unlikely), though I wonder what would go on in her head if she were left alone to think. But then one could possibly take rae-sim's "Blame" as the continuation of this chapter.
Derannimer chapter 3 . 7/14/2006
OK, first things first. This is hilarious: "He steps outside the common room door, wards it with numerous powerful spells, Transfigures himself into a suit of armor, and settles down to wait and to hope, to wait until the fight comes to him, and to hope that it never does." I just laugh every time I see that line. And besides being funny, it is utterly IC. Yes. That is exactly how Horace Slughorn spent that fight. It should be canon.

(And the sheer *irony* that, in this act of purest cowardice, he should Transfigure himself into *a suit of armor?* Agh! Brilliant.)

Horace is actually one of my favorite post-GOF characters - how can you not love a man who makes his first appearance as an over-stuffed armchair? And you've done him justice. Besides the general hilarity of his situation here, I love his... how to put it... gossipy perceptiveness? All those marvelous calculations of who'd make a good match - like one of Jane Austen's mothers - and those spot-on analyses of people's feelings. (Ie: he catches that Draco's not really interested in Pansy, and he is, IIRC, the only person besides Dumbledore in your stories who's even caught a whiff of Snape/Lily.)

I also commend you for the decision that Horace should always mentally capitalize Voldemort's pronouns. It seems to be born of a weird combination of horrified fear and *respect* - after all, Tom may have, regrettably, turned out a blackguard, but you can't deny he acquired great power... and Horace seems captivated by power even when it's put to horrific ends. (There's also the suggestion that Slughorn may have the slightest, slightest sympathy with Voldemort - or rather not with Voldemort, but with the old-school Pureblood ethos of which Voldemort is the vilest expression. His utter dismissal of Lupin rings a quiet bell.) Anyway, the caps, and the fact that Horace gives Tom the full, honorary "He Who Must Not Be Named" whenever he thinks of him, struck me as wonderfully revealing of the man's character.

Dash it, how do you *think* of these touches?

Derannimer, admiring to the point of jealousy!
Derannimer chapter 2 . 7/14/2006
Remus again! The parallel you draw here - and in Malice in his voice - between Remus and Snape works very well. I'm more used to thinking of Sirius and Snape as doubles, but Remus and Snape works just as well: of course, the fact that the two men are both recipients of a similar trust *would* give Remus a different perspective on Snape's apparent betrayal. I like it that his first reaction isn't "you're a fiend, Severus!" but "you’re an idiot, Severus." He's angry not just because Snape's killed Dumbledore, but also because Snape has (apparently) wasted what Remus so values, Dumbledore's trust.

In other notes: I really enjoy the sheer *confusion* in these three chapters; no one has any very clear idea of what's going on: "Draco seems to be mixed up in this in some way, what if Greyback has bitten him, Severus is going to be really angry if Greyback has attacked one of his precious Slytherins." Everyone's just bewildered and slightly panicked, and then the reality turns out to be worse than any of them guessed. It's very realistic.

I love the account of the first staff meeting. Snape as a wolf works very well. And Snape's insight into werewolf politics is also great: "he should have killed Fenrir Greyback by now, he won't get anywhere with the werewolves unless he becomes the leader of the pack." I've got a hunch Snape may be right.
Derannimer chapter 1 . 7/14/2006
Hooray! Another decent person! I love McGonagall here: her fortitude in dealing with the devestation of Dumbledore's loss, and the way she wants to blame herself for Snape's apparent betrayal, and... just her general forthright *decentness.*

The WWII/Grindelwald War memories are great. It's nice to get that broader perspective on magical history, to be able to step back and see that, while the Voldemort wars are *the* showdown in the HP series, the wizarding world's been through a lot worse. And the idea that young Minerva might have fancied young Tom is extremely clever.

Oh, and this is hilarious: "She thinks, and that has been a perennial problem, every year some girl gets a crush on him, some clever sensitive girl who’s read too many fatuous Muggle romances and fancies herself playing Jane Eyre to his Mr Rochester."

I don't know whether you had this in mind - although I suspect you must have done - but this makes me think of all those awful Snape-as-Rochester fanfics. But after all, if some people in the fandom perceive him that way, some people in his world might too; it makes sense. And it's *very* amusing. I love it. Especially because...

/mini rant/

... I've *never* seen the Rochester thing in Snape. I don't even *like* Mr. Rochester! He's dull! I mean, nothing he does is really allowed to be his fault - he basically gets duped into marrying the wretched Bertha, and then all his subsequent excesses are the result of his misery! He never has any really *bad* motives! How *lame!* There's an author who's trying to have her cake and eat it too, if you ask me: trying to have her sexily dangerous and villainous hero without actually making him dangerous or a villain. How is that at all like *Snape?*

Snape as *Heathcliff* is really far more plausible (at least if, like me, you buy Snape Loved Lily). They're both borderline psychos with violent intergenerational grudges on account of not getting their woman! Only, of course, Snape gets a better purpose from Dumbledore, and Heathcliff doesn't... but it's still a *better* comparison.

/mini rant/

Sorry. That was OT. Oh, and because I realize I may not have made it clear above: the mini rant is *definitely* not directed at Possum, but rather at all the Rochester!Snape fics. Among whose number this is, thank heaven, not.

Right. McGonagall. She's great. Seriously, she is; and her bitterness at the end against Snape hits us all the harder because she *is* plainly such a fair-minded person. Good work!

Derannimer, preparing to run from the lynch mob of _Jane Eyre_ fans, and hoping Possum doesn't have a huge crush on Rochester, or anything
Catmint chapter 3 . 5/29/2006
More powerful, heartwrenching, emotion-filled writing. You are without a doubt one of the absolute best Severus writers on This is fantastic fantastic writing in every way. You've captured every emotion involved in these events and more.
Apothecaria chapter 3 . 5/6/2006
Severus is a huge presence even when he's not around, isn't he? I'm thinking he'll be redeemed in book 7, but he'll pay for his crimes with his life. Your take on Severus is much more canon than not; there's certainly more justification for your viewpoint than all those romance fics out there. And I also see him as a smoker: that's why the yellow teeth.
Bagge chapter 3 . 4/12/2006
I like how you describe Slughorn. He has his favourites and he shows a bit more indifference to the students of the other houses then might be expected by a teacher at a time of such as this, but he does not hesitate in protect those in his custody. The suit of armour was a nice touch. Poor Pancy. I think she knew in her heart that Draco was not comming back.

Nice notion about how it is Voldemort that has given Slytherin its bad reputation. One bad apple...

Another good addition to your exposé of Snape's sad life. A nice demonstration of how he has burnt his briges at Hogwarts .
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