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NotHumorless chapter 17 . 12/15
I just want to say that the bit with Harry goading Malfoy about his relationship with Crabbe and Goyle, including calling him a "poofter", was hilarious, and I shouldn't be as surprised as I am that some people got so offended they wrote reviews for the sole purpose of expressing how they now suspect you of being homophobic and they're no longer going to enjoy or follow this story because it's "morally reprehensible". This kind of thing really irritates me because the ideological goal of such humorless snowflakes is to censor the world and crush all nonbelievers as heretics By Any Means Necessary, so let me point out a few facts that should be easy to understand for everyone who isn't insane:

Draco taking offense to the word means HE'S the homophobic one, and Harry using the word means he thought that Draco thought it was bad, not that Harry (and, by extension, the author) thinks it's bad. There's a very significant difference between using “bad” words and actually being a bigot or engaging in discrimination (or ethnic cleansing), but recognizing that would take a level of nuance inaccessible to people who falsely equate words with actions. To paraphrase George Carlin: Words are neutral, it's intent that matters. Harry's intent was to upset Draco and take his focus off of taunting Ginny, not be prejudiced against homosexuals, and nobody in the story other than Draco took offense. [Contrast this with a few minutes later, when Lucius used the term “mudblood” with the clear intent of expressing bigotry (which he has a known history of acting on as a Death Eater), and the difference is obvious. Even more importantly, look at earlier in the chapter when Harry sarcastically referred to their group as “blood-traitors”, which is actually a good way to defang the term so it doesn’t hold any power over them when used with ill intent by blood supremacists. He defended his intent since Hermione was understandably startled, and nobody took offense. Oh, and to preempt anyone who dismisses this by saying blood bigotry is a fictional construct as opposed to homophobia, (1) the ENTIRE STORY is a fictional construct; (2) several of the condemning reviewers cited Harry's opposition to blood bigotry as proof of hypocrisy which, as I've shown, it's not; and (3) set aside everything in brackets, which is focused on blood bigotry, and my analysis is still correct. I included those examples to both directly rebut the reviewers who included them in their condemnation and to illustrate the differences in intent behind "bad" words in the story itself, but they are by no means a necessary component of my argument]. The author making Harry "feel bad about and learn from” something that wasn't prejudiced and caused no offense to anyone not an enemy in the story (and not a hypersensitive emotional child in the audience) would be nothing other than political correctness nonsense messing up a good plot.

I considered using my profile for this reality check, but I'm not interested in having a digital hate mob after me. The point of this review was to add some needed ideological counterweight and let the author and others know that there are still people out there who have a sense of humor and don't buy into the SJW idiocy being promulgated by other reviewers.
Timvast chapter 42 . 12/14
This is very good book
You should be proud
fireworks700 chapter 42 . 12/13
It saddens me to think that such a labor of love will be left unfinished. I have questions that will never be answered, theories that will never be tested. It always leaves a feeling of emptiness when I reach the point where the story ends, but is not finished.
Lunalovedit chapter 42 . 12/9
This is literally everything I love in a story. I don’t know if your planning on continuing, but just what I’ve read had me reading all night (literally) thank you so much for spending the time on writing what is probably one of my favorite stories of all time.
RadiantStarr chapter 42 . 12/9
I've binged this fic in the past few days and I just want to thank you for not giving up on this fic despite the current challenges in your life. It's been a wonderful journey so far and has made fall in love with the original series all over again. I have boomarked your website in order to follow both the progress of your health and the story. That said, please don't push yourself too hard! Your health is much more important than this story no matter how many people are dying for an update. I admire the quality and time you put into your writing and will gladly wait however long it takes for when you are able to publish another quality chapter. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
ajtheforgetful chapter 42 . 12/9
So well written that I had to remind myself these weren't by JKR herself. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you continue this amazing work soon!
Cyclone160 chapter 42 . 12/8
I binge-read the 42 chapters you have in under a week. Took up a lot of my time to do homework but it was so worth it
Anne chapter 24 . 12/8
I usually prefer to read the stories that have Harry and Hermione getting together, but I have been thoroughly captivated by your story. Beautifully written with compelling moments of intensity and dashes of fun humor. I am not sure if you still have time to read your reviews, but thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
rlsa chapter 23 . 12/7
Christmas came a day early! How very wonderful!
nikhil.majumdar chapter 42 . 12/7
I love the story and hope you come back to wrap it up someday!
Brickgirl101 chapter 42 . 12/5
AHHHH! I want to read more! Where did you go!? Why'd you stop? I truly hope this isn't it, and you get back to this story its absolutely one of the best I've ever read!
rlsa chapter 3 . 12/4
I love the snape trivia barrage! That was fun!
rlsa chapter 2 . 12/3
I love the way he’s thinking of things and changing them just a bit for his purposes.
rlsa chapter 1 . 12/3
I love the premise of the story. The detestation sure is horrible to see. Who would want to live in that world. Thanks for sharing your story!
Alankaara chapter 1 . 12/2
Please please continue this story! It's so well written and it's amazing! Please think about your readers!
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