Reviews for Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past
Min's awesomeness chapter 40 . 14m
I really hope you will continue this. It's been years since the last update, but I still come back and re-read the story from time to time. It is so good!
Misty chapter 42 . 7/13
Oh my gosh, I love this story so much! The plot is so interesting and it’s beautifully written. Please update, I need more! :)
aptteach123 chapter 42 . 7/12
This is such a great story! I notice you haven't updated since 2015, however. I hope you will update this soon. I can't wait to see how this new Harry deals with the TriWizard tournament! Also *gasp* Draco as champion - I definitely envision an interesting year. Fantastic work, keep it up and I hop you will update again soon!
dad chapter 42 . 7/12
where da new chapters
ADisturbed1 chapter 42 . 7/7
definitely needs an update please this is a good story and it's long which is wonderful
Not An AI chapter 42 . 7/5
My guesses on why you haven't updated:
#Death of relative
#You read book seven and loved (Spoilers!) Snape''s reformation.
#You forgot about/stopped caring about/got sick of the story
#You forgot about/stopped caring about/got sick of us
#Writers block
#You gave up
Lives for Fantasy chapter 42 . 7/3
I sincerely hope that you continue this story! I come back to it often and reread my favorite parts. I would love love LOVE to see what comes next! Thanks for everything you do!
Lola Krantz chapter 42 . 6/30
Fantastic novel. Please finish it. Please.
Silver chapter 42 . 6/29
ok... let me just get this straight.
I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY. It is awesome. I love it soooo much. It's bloody fantastic...
so why did u stop? Please continue this if you can. I understand if you know, life gets in the way. (Mine is hectic) If you don't have the time to continue, or have writer's block, please post something to let your adoring fans know. Or give it up for adoption if you like that kind of stuff.
All my love,
HartleySkarsgard chapter 42 . 6/29
Oh man, it's been three years since your last update but I'm praying you'll come back to finish this great read :) I love that the Weasley were so central to this story and that Harry shared the wealth with them.
WildKhaine chapter 42 . 6/28
Really enjoyable story. Pretty much read through the whole thing in a few sittings. Very interesting and I like the way events played out. Rather a shame the story hasn't been updated in so long, more than likely abandoned. Well one can always hope the author will come back and finish some day.
luculescur chapter 4 . 6/28
How did Draco know the summoning charm?
That spell is taught to fourth years from what I know.
Sheelahdog chapter 42 . 6/27
This book has been fantastic. I haven't done anything but read for 3 days. I stayed up late at night, and got up early in the morning, and read while I was eating, and haven't done any other work. I feel badly that I haven't left any comments but I couldn't tear myself away from the book to stop to say anything. I really hope that you continue with the story and I look forward to the next installment.
Sheelahdog chapter 41 . 6/26
I have really enjoyed this book. I haven't done anything else for 3 days but read. I stayed up late at night, I got up early in the morning, I read while I was eating, and I haven't done any other work for 3 days because I couldn't put it down. I sure hope you continue this book
Soapdish290 chapter 42 . 6/26
Well this is absolutely staggering.

The detail and depth is absolutely gorgeous- I really love being able to see quieter character moments inbetween the busyness.

I really love your characters here - there is SO much more to nearly everyone. I'm particularly intrigued by Scrimgeour, who had a short but rather informative segment in a earlier chapter!
You've done wonders with Mr. Weasley's character as well. In fact, near everyone is actually believably competent now, which is wonderful.

This is an absolute powerhouse of a work, and I highly doubt I'm the first person to say so!
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