Reviews for Their Cross To Bear
The Voodoo Shadowhunter chapter 1 . 2/26/2010
Though I don't know what is going on, I am taking your advice and reading this story. I liked this alot, and how you displayed Phoebe's emotions, and how the sisters dealt with Phoebe's pain. Very good job. Anyways, I hope to read more of the story soon!
Icycheetah01 chapter 36 . 12/6/2009
favourite chapter of this whole fan fiction so far, all three of them :) i love the closing line and the "swallow don't wallow" genius
edwardcullenminesbitch chapter 1 . 5/17/2008
omg how long did it take u do do soo many words in that story
squaredplanet chapter 21 . 4/12/2008
OH MY FRIKIN GAWD! I FRIKIN LUV UR STORY! but srsly! give us a frikin happy ending, ;(

AND PIPER! OMFGAWD! she frikin abandoned them! and pheobe;s dead! HA! Narcom deserved what was coming for him!
squaredplanet chapter 20 . 4/12/2008
WTF! WTEFFINFUDGE! I effin hate you! dat wuz so frikin awesome! YAH! leaving a cliffe! ugh (y am i complaining? i cant just read the next chapter, lol) anyways! FINALLY ! Emma's comming back AND leo too!

i freakin dont know what to write, dis chapter was just so awesome for ur 100th chapter! *sob* ... LOL im not gonna waste my time im reading the next chapter, later XP
squaredplanet chapter 1 . 4/9/2008
lol the-Cheese-Fairy is SO right, you really need to win an award. and the way you portray all the character, namely piper, is SO AWESOMELY PREFECT! man i really REALLY wish that i could write the people In Character as well as you do. :D OMGawd EMMA! YAY!XD

*sigh* i better go on to chapter 2
Monkeywand chapter 42 . 1/11/2008
OMG! That was the probably the best crossover trilogy I have ever read! It took me the better part of the spring and summer but I loved every bit of it! I hope you'll write something more like this soon coz its addictive. I was forever taking up time on the computer, annoying the hell out of my folks just coz I needed to know what was going to happen later on during the story! It really is a well-written story and many thanks for entertaining us with this massive trilogy of the Charmed Ones.


aka Cleo
Phoenixlighter chapter 42 . 10/31/2007
I guess you can consider this a "Happy Halloween" Review that was in the making for a while.

Chapter 42- Set us Free, Part 3 (Until the End of Time)

Wow, so this is it. The last review. Hmm. Exciting mixed with depressing, but "every beginning has it's end" I suppose. I have no doubt that this will top my standards after having read most of it, but as I said in previous reviews, it's even more worth reading now since I'm fully aware of what's going on in this story. I'll do my best to provide a kick ass review along with a kick ass message as a memento to this series.

-Ah, this will be the last time they'll orb into a scene on a fresh chapter. Okay, if I keep doing this, I'll get nowhere. I love their sisterly chat with answering what happened with each sister. So those statues that emitted the Angel's Melody are the ones that speak those words of "" I just remembered reading it and assuming they were past notes. I guess I wasn't as attentive as I thought I was the last time I read this...The Triple Goddess are the original Power of Three. It's cool to think of another base group as the Po3, but these chicks in stone are the original. So when they say spoke their words, does that mean when they say the Power of Three spells? That makes this all the more awesomeness-kick ass chapter. I absolutely love how you handle old characters that speak in that old tongue with wise words. I'm forever impressed. They truly are wise and I love how they suggest they rid the world of Ultimate Powers so they can rebuild a new world.

-OMG! Katrina, Insigil and Vondar! Who would've ever thought? *Slaps cheeks with open palms and gapes!* Okay, so I already knew, but I'm sure I would've been shocked. So Katrina sure spilled the magical beans of their tale as Higher Beings, which was really interesting with how they sealed away their master. I could've sworn that Katrina said in Chapter 40 that they weren't going to tell the CO's about how they engineered and choreographed their every moves and what does he do? He has a full on monologue for it. The way he spoke about the Power of Three being broken made it sound like they had something to do with Prue being blasted through the wall. I can see them giving Phoebe the premonition with Paige being attacked by Shax, but I'm just kinda really looking into this I guess. Insigil's response was good as to why they couldn't just bend over and take it in the ass by the Charmed Ones. It was so intense reading about how the Hollow zoomed over them to the point where they had to take cover as it dove into the Higher Beings...I love the imagery from the battle between Phoebe and Insigil because I just picture him throwing her and watching Phoebe at a close moment from slamming, just lift into the air as if time was kinda reversing. You're really putting her levitation to fantastic use instead of just aerial kicks because I love how she's dodging attacks as if she was a swift angel who had been flying for all her life...Wow, you just made an angel metaphor. I swear mine came first as I'm apparently stopping to review every two sentences...It's so kickass to think of Paige just standing and TKing Katrina around like a ragdoll...this is one hell of a long battle and even without any dialogue, I'm reading it all...It's sickening to think that Katrina just basically broke Paige's arm with a shockwave...Vondar is now dead. Piper sure did a number on him. Phoebe's turn now...whoa, she almost fell off the ledge. Not good (obviously)..I love the Higher Beings' final lines as they begged to be vanquished. It shows that they had some consciousness or control over the Hollow for a few seconds. When you said how Katrina was glad and all to be released of her eternal life, it makes me think about how Leo was saying how people grow tired of their immortal lives since they know that there is a chance they will forever be around...I figured that the destruction they were causing with the Hollow would get to the point where they were just standing on a lil piece of rock and the HOLLOW is GONE! They did it! I knew they would, but watching this battle come together has been amazing.

-(One Year Later) Wyatt and Chris got their own treehouse. I'm glad they kept the same color for the new house. It just wouldn't seem right...Lorna doesn't draw anymore, but Emma is just realizing that a year later? Look alive, Em...I remembered this Pam scene with her cutting her hair, returning and insulting Wyatt's height. I remember a lot from this family scene, but once again, still planning on reading it all again. Ha, I didn't remember the Indian Aura glass and how Wyatt ran off without saying "Thanks" or showing any sign of gratitude..I completely forgot that Paige and Aidan had another child! I remember the Wiccaning, but I don't remember the name either so I'm damn glad.

-Arc Junior! Take care of him, Chris! Limping Phoebe! I love it. That dumb bitch actually got herself completely useless now. I must lay off my Phoebe aggression as I like her more after this series.

-Aidan's a fire chief and Paige is an achieved artist. I remember the bit about Paige, but can't say the same for Aidan. I'm glad Piper got Thyme, but it came to a point where we didn't really even see it anymore. As for Phoebe becoming a school therapist, I remembered that and I was expecting that that story would unfold throughout the story. I'm actually a lil glad to hear about Jordann helping out Phoebe at the farm up in the country.

-See? Now I know more about this Julie chick after having had experience her death. This is one hell of a Wiccaning...Faith, the new boy, Lorna and Pam...Daniel Parker-Matthews! This was one hell of a family event.

-As I said before in my old review, I love the exchange between Piper and Paige. That's hard to achieve. As I said in my old review as well, I can just picture some big ass Cyclops that just looks so threatening and murmurs, "Home?" or something related...I'm glad they've decided to forever remain wise and in touch.

-Okay, this is all new territory for me. As for Pam, reading in with her scene with Keith, I recognized instantly through the dialogue she was pregnant. Don't go thinking you're predictable, but there's only so many spins you can put on, "...I have something to tell you."

-Lorna's intelligence was definitely obvious as I kinda watched her grow somewhat. I think back to chapter 2 with how impressed I was with how her mind works. That little girl is something else.

-Connor kicks ass! Tyler's ass to be precise. I love how Phoebe offers to teach him to look through his peripheals.

-I thought the deal they made with the Source was that they could attack all demons and the demons couldn't really fight back. I was under this impression that they could drive around the Underworld tossing explosions at anyone and were safe from their attacks. I guess not. Aidan did the right thing though. He'll definitely remain a hero in Daniel's eyes (no pun intended)

-Pamela has the manor now! I'm so excited for her. She's truly taking on her role of the leader of the family and her kids Andrea "Andy" and Peyton.

-I always pictured Wyatt dying of age or by some ultimate demon. Never a mortal death. I can't believe Pam went down though as well. Is that how she really dies as well?

-Chris and Bianca. Nice to see the two...who the hell is Persia? I need an answer to that.

-I sure as hell remember future Faith mocking future Lorna in the early chapters. I guess their bond grows from this moment where Lorna remains silent about Faith's pregnancy.

-So much death is in the future, Ross. Wow. Killing spree. I can't believe it was all of Faith's premonition. That was amazing! This series has been fantastic.

Favorite Quote:

"...As long as there is the world, there will always be the witch.”

(I just love that line.)


Okay, time for my final comments that will remain eternally with this kick ass story. This story was overall impressive and to think you were writing this for 3 years (or more) is amazing because it came far as a crossover. From what I read in this third installment, there never appeared to be any chapters where it seemed like you slacked because you knew it was ending. You definitely always provided shockers, cliffhangers and I was always glad when you let us have some peace at the end of the chapter. Your writing has improved my writing and I hope I still continue to learn and grow from you by all your other works. Now the way you portrayed these characters was magnificent so I want to say a lil something about each of them. Starting off with...

Phoebe: I've always liked Phoebe, but also had a looming hate for her because of how useless she appeared to be in the earlier seasons and even the later seasons. I'm glad to see how strong she was in this story with saving her son in the first chapter and putting up one of her greatest fights in the last. Her fight in the last chapter against Insigil. I pictured her as a levitating witch for most of it and her psionic blasts helped her a great deal. I always liked that power throughout this installment as it was offensive and she actually used it. One of my favorite moments would have to be when she went back into the past and met the classic Mutant X Brennan, told him his future and erased the memory. She was for from an unbearable character and I even love her even more and find myself enjoying reading Phoebe as well as writing her. So I guess you're the reason you restored a better likeness for the character. She had quite the amazing trip this installment with all her Brennan problems. I still can't believe he had a blood test done. Idiot. But still, as for the psychic Charmed One, she was overall great. Nice work.

Piper: You've added one hell of a background for her with all her past lives being murderers. It was truly believable, but it was amazing to see her beat the crap out of that guy. One of her huge highlights would have to be when she opened Thyme. That was just a fantastic chapter. I still remember her getting ready and asking her children for their opinions. She was a hip mom that night. Another element I love was how she was a mother to Lorna. She honestly treated Lorna like one of her own, which Lorna took notice of. Piper was a great mother and witch in this story and it was always fun to read her storylines.

Paige: I can't thank you enough for creating such a great background for Paige. I know there was a lot you did for her especially giving her important storylines. To this day, the majority of my favorite chapters were because it had so much to do with Paige. I loved her wedding, her at the Wiccaning and to see how far she's come as an Art Curator. Im glad her sisterly bond grew with Piper as well by the end and I loved her as a mother. It makes me eager to write her as a mother and I can solely say you've replaced my doubt in doing so, so thanks for that. Her powers were great as usual and I loved all her quirky-Paige lines. Not only was she always in character, but you added so much to her. Thanks for that! I remember loving all her storylines and her trip to the future with Aidan was just fantastic.

Okay, I got the three ladies done, but we know they weren't the only ones that stole the "show". One very special chick who might has well been a Charmed One herself...

Pamela: I never thought I would like a story that had a daughter of Prue after her demise in 3x22. I couldnt get myself not to like her though as she was such an amazing, sarcastic, intelligent and powerful character. I dont want to keep repeating myself so I'll keep this short, but she was a strong character and I loved her Witch Hunter storyline. Those were her best chapters. His disobedience was great too with her kamikaze potion. Another of my favorite moments with her was she journeyed through time after that huge battle at Magic School that nearly resulted in her death, but resulted in everyone's death. To see her say she wants everything reversed was fantastic and she really did Prue honor by being her daughter. She was a fun character to read about though I never really liked her friends. I cared most about her magical experiences as opposed to her mortal ones. My favorite companion of Pam's is none other than ARC! Screw this, he gets his own section,

ARC!: First of all, you're a bastard for killing him, I'll NEVER forgive you for doing that. Why couldn't he just lose a wing or something and still been there to chomp on rocks as Pamela spoke to him. He was very comical and had me "laughing my ass off" several times. Such a great character and I only wish I could've gotten more out of him, but I can't...because you DESTROYED HIM. If there was ever a reason to eternally hate you...Rest in Pieces Arc...

Now moving onto my Favorite Original Character of the Story...And all stories actually.

Annabelle: Yeah, I loved her so much. I always loved Phoenix Assassins in Charmed (even though it was one episode) and I was so ecstatic to see one so developed in your story. Even though it wasn't always her, Tyola was channeling her to stay in character so that was enough for me. But to comment on the true Annabelle, I loved when she was battling for her life in that ice realm/world place and how she had to actually fight instead of dematerializing otherwise she'd die. Definitely a skilled fighter when she was battling those cloaked figures that appeared like invisible. Her storyline with her husband not being dead and her son being rescued was amazing and the perfect ending for her was becoming the Head Phoenix. I LOVED that so much. Im so glad you didn't kill her off. I also like how she came into her powers with being recruited after being a huge athlete in school and how she stole her Master's powers after slipping him a sleeping potion. Can we still consider that as a fact since Tyola was the one who said it. I assume so since as I said before she was portraying the actual Annabelle and knew that Leo would come back eventually so she could've been confronted if she lied. Her first chapter is what had me hooked with this story, so I guess you can consider "Halloween P3" as the chapter that got me obsessed since I wanted to learn even more about her. Also her choice of weapon being a scythe, I was always a fan of sai daggers, but the scythe proved real effective and even saved Leo's ass as they destroyed the Dark Water Elemental with a combo. She's the perfect character because she works well in numbers as well as by herself. I love Annabelle, she'll forever rock. The way you wrote her brought me back to a place where I want to write my own because you brought so much background to it. Naturally, I'd write my own background, but still, Annabelle and the way you wrote that industry is what inspires me to do so.

Now onto the hubbies...I'll stay in the order I went with the Charmed Ones.

Brennan: Definitely one of my least favorite characters. This guy was a dick and I feel I could've liked him more had he taken more of a role as a mutant. I noticed myself really liking him in the final chapters when he fought along side of Shalimar, Lexa and Jesse. There were times when I was cool with the idea of him being around for mortal moments, but I found him being the less appealing to read. I wish I could've seen you write Phoebe's husband as Coop. Might've made me like the story even more.

Leo: I'm glad you went against the whole "Fall From Grace" as it did Leo justice in this story that would've never been able to accomplish as a mortal. This time he earned being a mortal with his final fight that was very cool to see him fight alone for once and not just side-by-side. It was nice to see this guy forever orbing into the Heavens and getting the endless answers to endless requested questions, but Im glad he got his happy ending with being with the woman he loves and his children.

Aidan: I really like the idea of Henry, but this was a fantastic substitute. The King of Atlantis. I loved his powers and his character overall. He's great for Paige and naturally I feel bad that he goes blind, but he did it being the great father he is, so that makes up for it. He also handles it well in the future. He was always great to help out in demonic battles with his splashing and hydrokinetic powers. Definitely my favorite of the husbands. Him and Paige also went through a lot and he even saved her life once- "Fish Man" - as I believe Paige called him. Great dude, great father, damn good King I would assume as well.

Children. Some will be longer than others ('cause I like them better)

Emma and Melinda- I rightfully called them the "Terrible Two" I simply loved them and as I said in Paige's section, these two give me faith in writing children (after I get pass the baby stage of course.) They have been so comical for as long as I can remember and so mischevious. Im glad they also came into their powers enough to terrorize people. I remember them stealing money in New York and how they terrorized the receptionist in "Matthews Family Values". Im glad they're two-thirds of the new Power of Three.

Lorna- Such a wise little girl, who often got confused as to what she should do between her mother and Piper, but in the end always went to Piper. I still remember when she called Piper a "bad lady". This girl has been forever wise, the daughter that's an old soul born into a new body...she grows up to be pretty powerful too and I love her in "P3 Halloween".

Connor- This kid is packing power. Like Lorna, my favorite chapter with him is "P3 Halloween" when he was Dr. Doom. His powers are cool as well and Im glad he got what he wanted: His father home

Wyatt: I'm so glad he wasn't a power whore here. He had his occassional moments like when he was looking for Leo with Chris and Lorna when they werent supposed to, but still, I'm glad he wasn't the Almighty Wyatt. One of my favorite moments with him was when he protected his brother, "sister" and cousins in "Not So Fun For All The Family" with his thought projection power. It was a perfect touch for that chapter.

Chris: I liked his interest in Harry Potter and how he was working through the harder words by himself.

Faith: She's a baby, what's there to really say? I love her the most in the last chapter where

Daniel: Another kid who was introduced late. The most I get out of him is in Faith's premonition with how his father saves him. Every father loves his son and Daniel must've been really special for Aidan to do what he did for him.

Favorite Chapters with the Kids: "Halloween P3" and "Not So Fun For All the Family" and the latter with a little more favor because that's when the twins used their light and dark blasts. The former because of the costumes and the party at the manor.

Favorite Chapters- They all have personal reviews already and there were certain things in each chapter that made them stand out to me the most.

Halloween P3...A Handfast Getaway...Dark Lights Will Guide You Home Parts 1 and 2...Gate With Death...One Sleepless Night...Thyme of My Life...Flames on the Flesh...Lacer Seorsum...Ultra Violent Parts 1 and 2...Pam Point Perspective...The Killer in Me Parts 1 and 2...Darkness There...And Nothing More...Lay Down Your Charms...Why We Fight...From Above Your It Devours...Fight of the Phoenix...Fools Rush In...Forever...At Journey's End...and Set Us Free Parts 1, 2 and 3!

That's a lot of chapters. I enjoyed them all, but still, they each had something that made them stand out to me. (26 out of 42! Wow)

Extra Stuff- This is just extra stuff that I found myself really impressed with in your story. I'll toss a couple of minor stuff that I really liked in this series along with a major!

-Your spells. There was never a spell that I said sucked or needed improvement. One of the funnier spells would have to be when Emma and Melinda chanted together to reverse a spell to find their dog. Whenever you used a Charmed spell is when I got dissapointed because since you're so good at it, I kinda wish you wrote your own to replace it.

-The way you write Evil beings. When I think of your Source I'm still impressed because he was just downright intimidating as I said in a past review. As repetitive as it may have been, I would've liked to see him battle the Charmed Ones since he looks as if he would've been a little smarter about it. I love how he tricked them though. Sneaky, Sneaky, King of All Demons.

-Okay, here's where I was extremeley impressed: The Phoenix Organization. I envy you and how you came across with a "muse" that allowed you to create such a kick ass organization. There was just so much that we learned in "From Above You It Devours" and "Fight of the Phoenix" such as the laws. I always kinda figured that Phoenixes would hold off once pitted against each other, but I love how Annabelle met her husband that way. Also their tattoos, I kinda figured it was blood, but you make it sound so official and created background as to how if it's duplicated, it can burn as it did Tyola. I love how they're responsible for bringing home three payments a month to the family. I also loved how some of them kept their own treasures locked up as their own personal rewards. I also loved how the legend that if the master is killed, everyone would be trapped until the killer was dead. Layana was stupid in confessing that the adamantium blade could set them free. Should've kept her squakin' mouth shut, but no, she didn't and died. It was a cool spell that took her down as real, but back on topic, I can only imagine that Annabelle turned the Phoenix Industry into a more respectable organization. I cant believe they hold banquets for each side, truly proving their neutral-ness. I loved how all the phoenixes were well feared and people obviously the go-to-people. Overall, I ENVY you ability to create such a place. It's an unbearable envy. I'm a sinner.I definitely dont think I'll ever be able to top that. Nice job creating that!

On a final note, Ross, you're to blame as to why I had to place a halt on my own writing "Witchlighter" and my 10.06 episode was so late. Though my own personal writing was delayed, I can't only blame you, but I must thank you for making me better. Your writing was fantastic, so always, great job writing a phoenomenal story.

Phoenixed chapter 41 . 10/17/2007
Set Us Free, Part 2 (The Dark Before Dawn)

-Wow, Phoebe's reflection is a bigger bitch than Shannen Doherty. Though her point is true, it's a lot easier to be able to flick your wrists than launch a potion or burst in song of an explosion spell. Speaking of bitches, Piper's reflection! She called Paige the bastard child! True, but ouch. I love how Piper's reflection brought up how Brennan had a paternity test done. These are all true points, but damn, what a way to be blunt about it. Paige's reflection wasn't as bad as Piper or Phoebe, though like the previous, her points were true as well with Piper prefering Prue and Phoebe being the weakest. That's definitely worth acknowledging...Wow, they are ready to tear each other's throats out. When will they realize that this was all a set up. They really need to relay back to Katrina's words of not fighting with each other and remember how much they love each other. I love how Piper calls Phoebe out on how she supported her ass for three years and plus. Phoebe's attack was better out of the two as she unexpectedly brought Prue into this as the lead of the family. (Should make for an interesting Cnet Poll) I didn't see that one coming. Phoebe does have a point on how she can use her psionic power to make Paige fear her, but if this was the actual Charmed universe, she would've been forced to pout into a corner...Go Paige, you use your Centennial Charmed references to get at them! They attacked each other, I can't believe it. My heart went out for Phoebe as she had to recover from a blast from Piper. Wow, the Hollow is possessing some deadly magic.

-The spirit board broke. I don't remember if it was recovered or not in the final chapter, so looking forward to that. They've had it for a long time...he just punched a hole through PAM! Is this where her kamikaze potion comes into play? It has to be...holy crap, the manor exploded! Pam, that damn kamikaze! And the explosion killed others! Did the Book of Shadows protect itself because it's obvious their bond was broken in the Hollow, so the Book wouldn't really have the power required to stay safe. I'm glad Annabelle got out, being the favorite of the two.

-Thank goodness Piper came to the realization that it wasn't them attacking each other. It was one hell of a fight, but still. So the BoS came to her. Most be because she was making some sense of the situation. I wonder what the passage was...I hate your cliffhanging scenes.

-Nice spell from Brennan. I definitely feel for his fear right now as it's extremely understandable. Jesse got a bad beatdown...Wow, he is messed up! Hallucinating about Phoebe? Maybe it was the spell. I dont think it matters at this point, but luckily Shalimar took down Jupiter. That's two dark elementals down.

-Annabelle saved Leo with her scythe! and Leo went loose on Mercury! I guess knowing his niece was dead was enough to allow him to tap into his powers in a way that didn't even make him weak since he targeted the scythe. Good going for him I suppose. Three Hollow elementals down! Please, don't tell me Annabelle died, please no, please no...

-Hmm, Phoebe sure roundhouse kicked the shit out of Paige...the Mirrors of Mistruth. I love the minor alliteration in the name as well. LOL at Paige bitchin' about how she wasn't getting a monologue because that would've been my complain and then I scrolled down...I love how Paige mentions about how Prue was more than a sister, but a friend, a confidant and the closest thing that Piper and Phoebe had to a mother...Nice Uncle Sam reference with Phoebe, lol. They got elevated powers! This is going to be one hell of a battle. I'm glad I basically forgot the battle scenes so I can read them over and now I'l understand more.

-Wow, Grant got his ass beat so bad that he was sent back to the afterlife? Aidan has the powers of the spirit elemental. He's showing quite a power display. Side note: I noticed a lot of mistakes in this scene. More than usual.

-Pam's back. How though? Nice to see Darryl btw.

-The Mutant X Team are back as well! What the hell is going on?

-Annabelle's back! How the hell are they coming back? Katrina? She's the only one I know to bring back the dead.

-I'm glad Piper took a hold of her sister's hands. Better than the "Follow the Leader" bit...that damn Angel's Melody. I wonder why they dropped so quickly though.

-It said the seven children were there (Wyatt, Chris, Lorna, Melinda, Emma, Faith and Connor) but didn't it say that Faith and Connor were with Brennan's sister?..Ah, it was Aidan who did it. Wow, I'm so slow in making the "Spirit" connection...Piper returned to Victor's? Oh, is this when each sister goes to a certain time? Shut up and read, Adam.

-Phoebe's in the past! The year 19 to be exact. Isn't that a year or so after they gained their powers?

-Blind Aidan. I must continue reading that scene again.

-I love Piper's response to Victor's questions, "Yes, no, I know, I see them and yes." lol...Leo's a little mortal now. I'm with Piper in thinking it all would've been happening after the Hollow was defeated because if they die now, that'll be it. I strongly agree with youe explanation about Leo kinda aging in his Whitelighter years.

-Haha, I remember that Phoebe rant from long ago when she confesses everything and hits him with a psionic blast. Poor Brennan.

-OMG, the Paige and Aidan scene is even more touching now since I know who the hell he is. I kinda reviewed that before on Cnet, but I just love the description of when Aidan felt Paige's face and healed her. Really touching.

Overall great chapter. One more to go. Pretty damn amazing.

Looking forward to rereading that and reading what happens to the future with everyone. Reading was surprisingly clear last time even though I didnt know some of the characters, but now it should be even clearer. Looking forward to rereading it! (I say again)

Great writing, Ross.
Phoenixed chapter 40 . 10/17/2007
Chapter 40- Set us Free, Part 1 (Every Beginning Has an End)

-Wow, so these Higher Beings actually set the path to the Power of Three? Really interesting. I can't believe they planted Melinda with the power and the fear over starting new with Paige. She definitely held her part and reconstituted the infamous bond. And this is all so the Hollow could be defeated. Talk about a plan in the making.

-Four 'o' clock in the morning making spells? Phoebe says she needs something to do, but I'm going to have to label it as obsessive...Wow, she can rant...I like how (wow, I almost called him Coop) BRENNAN helped convince her to sleep and she wasn't pulling any "I'm stubborn" cards.

-Aidan saved Paige from a burning building? (Insert Superman and Dansel in Distress joke here) Rather heroic, but was something wrong with her orbing or did she not really just have a chance? Seven years though. Wow. That's a damn long time. From what I've seen in this installment and read about from the occassional summaries in these stories, they've been through a lot. It's strange thinking about how I only know two years worth...Im still wondering what Aidan's power advancement is.

-haha, Pamela has an imprint on the triquetra on her face. I had noticed you mentioned that the BoS was a good pillow, but I was wondering about the raised symbol on the cover and I'm glad there was an effect to that...Definitely glad that Piper and Pam resolved their problems off-screen. I wasn't in the mood for a huge apology as I want to see how they handle their final hours. This is definitely a great convo coming between the two of them...the spirit board was a nice sentimental value. Too bad nothing came from it.

-Elementals, Civilizations, Allies! Oh my! Powerful Elementals when separate and invincible when united! Oh crap, I can already tell this is a battle to go down in the books. I'm so excited! Can you tell?...The kamikaze potion seemed like a good idea. I can picture Brennan blowing up and a mass surge of electricity bolting around and destroying everything around him...Pam had one left! I could've sworn that was it because the context said "the final potion" and I figured that was actually it.

-Conical hats and black robes. I did not expect that. I hope they don't stay in the fight wearing that... Their first spell. Nice touch.

-Wow, so the Hollow actually has some existence in it. I was expecting the buzzing Hollow around them on some dark plateau, but this should be more interesting as it seems like a playground for the Hollow with possible obstacles...Phoebe tossed the witchy stuff! It's definitely not a good sign that they couldn't hear where it landed...I realize I keep commenting stuff, but wow, the slip-ins about how this is their final battle are amazing..."Death dead...walking corpses" and my favorite, "no going back now" because of the vanishing road. This is intense.

-Piper screams, "Stone Demons" and luckily my favorite witchlighter knew the solution. It was great imagery to think of Phoebe floating into the air and releasing the psionic blasts into the minds of the Golems...Simple, but effective. I liked where Piper's mind is at where her little 'Follow the Leader, Paige in-between and Phoebe being the caboose' of the wiccan train. I admit, I hadn't thought of Paige's healing as the reason of her in the middle, but I definitely thought of orbing.

-ANNABELLE! With her scythe, it's been a while since I've seen her skillfully use it...I'm glad she's sticking around with Pamela...Mars, the Fire Elemental. Not good. It's funny how he's so hot the fire alarm was set off because of him. Annabelle did a great job saving this is how the manor gets destroyed. Who would've ever though that a fire would take down the manor? I expected more of a catacyslmic explosion resulting from a battle of five witches, but that's just me.

-I don't think that's really Piper that's on the sand. She's pretty much supposed to be, idk, fighting the Hollow!..I beat Leo to the punch in thinking that to think Mercury used to be a little girl just seems impossible with what she's become now...kick her ass, Leo! I'm sure the next time I see him, he'll probably be getting that behind WHOOPED!

-Cool, Brennan's with Jesse and Lexa. I expect mention of how they had to leave their daughter behind...and a paragraph later, CatWoman appears! Shalimar is kick ass. Mutant X! I'm glad I have some background on these characters, otherwise I would care less about this scene. Too bad Emma isn't there. Not sure who Gabriel Ashlocke is, but without Brennan saying, I was sure that the Hollow topped it..Adam has Lilly, that's nice and I'm glad to hear that Connor and Faith are safe with Brennan's sisters since we already know that Wyatt, Chris and Lorna are with Victor. I'm assuming the Terrible Two are in Atlantis...Brennan used his jet boosting power! I love it and I can imagine them all just getting out of the way with Shalimar's graceful leap, though I don't fully understand what Lexa did with her light powers. The description for Jupiter was great, though I prefer the ones for Mars and Mercury.

-Wow, the Sylphs are cowards, so good luck Maxwell and Aidan...Skye and Grant! I know I barely know these characters, but this was so unexpected, but a damn happy surprise. I have some familarity with the two of them, but knowing they'll be able to assist in the battle will be effective to their cause. I'm still wondering what the hell Aidan's power advancement is. Did I miss something because I've been damn attentive for this story?..I stand by what I said as I prefer recreating the image of Mars and Mercury because Venus is basically a walking skeleton with some old gear and helmet. The power was mentioned! I wonder why Aidan doesn't want to use it...Oh no, they're trapped.

-I'm impressed with how well you handle the other characters scenes. It's been four scenes since we returned to this one with the Charmed Ones and I haven't been aching to get back to this one as you handle all them greatly. The only time I was anxious was at the end of their first scene, but it quickly flashed past my mind as I just got caught up in the burning manor...I've always loved the idea of scratch marks on concrete since I saw "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" because it doesn't get more vicious than that...a freakin dragon?..they were saved from the dragon, but it was quite amusing to picture a screaming Phoebe! That dragon should've burned the hair of her arms.

-I'm shocked that Pam and Anne (wow, that sounds really similar, doesn't it?) haven't developed asthma and died from it because of all the smoke that must be roaming inside the house...At least now I know why Pam is so stubborn to stay and fight. She wants Mars to go down with it. Why hasn't she attempted any mass ice spells or something? I guess when the manor falls, they'll be able to take the Book of Shadows with them. I guess that was your hint of foreshadowing with saying it wouldn't leave the walls around it. I guess if the walls are down, so is it's magical stubborness. Just a guess.

-Okay, you know I'm not comfortable with cursing, but as extreme as this final battle is, I can't blame Leo but say "Fuck" myself...Something told me that wasn't Wyatt either. Can't Leo just sense whether that's his son or not? Leo losing the strength of his powers isn't good. This is so fucking intense.

-Shalimar's bleeding from her ears! Not surprised since the Angel's Melody must feel like a roaring scream from the strongest banshee times ten to her...OMFG LEXA AND JESSE! This reminded me of HP, not that I care about the similarity, but WOW. How they died was amazing! Lexa's eyes dead open was a terrifying thought, but Jesse being torn to dust? You're sadistic. You're a very bad man.

-Aidan's glasses cut into him? You can be pretty morbid, you know that don't you? He fell into an abyss! Holy crap. Don't expect any S9 comments, but I believe you were the one that came up with, "Plunge into the Abyss" or you made the banner for it, idk, but still...WOW.

Fantastic chapter. I think I wrote enough to speak for that alone. Looking forward to, "Set us Free, Part 2"...Pretty damn close to reading that finale over. I think that's why I find myself a little hesistant to read these final chapters. Don't really want it to end, but hey, you wrote an ending...who am I to ignore it?

As always, great writing.

Favorite Quotes-

“The spirit board?” She questioned cynically, running her hands over the shiny finish, briefly tracing the outline of the triquetra in the centre with her finger, “Are you going to ask it if we’re going to win today?”

“Ha!” Piper smiled ruefully, “I don’t think so. After fourteen years, I’ve learned that the universe doesn’t like to away the punch lines to its big jokes.”

(Funny and a perfect 'lighten the mood' quip.)


“You are such a vulture sometimes.” Phoebe said, shaking her head “This may beat the time you took grimlock eyes to experiment with a protection potion.”

“Hey, that was karmic retribution for those guys.” She replied

(OMG, lol. You give Paige great lines. I bow down to you solely because of that.)


Here's my cocky moment, but don't you just applaud how long my reviews have gotten? I know I gave myself two pats on the back.
Phoenixed chapter 39 . 10/14/2007
28 Pages? Oh man. This may end up being my longest review then. BTW, this is interesting to bring up. Remember my 10 chapters a week? If I read this, this would mean that I've read 19 chapters this week? Can you say, "No life" or/and "anxious reader"...I expect the former.

-Starting off, Tyola is TKing trucks! What the hell? Who said materialize on a street? Dumb b!tch...Paige and Phoebe on their asses! I'm so glad they're keeping up with her and a pretty much vegetable Diam. The potion was great imagery, but too bad they got away before Paige and Phoebe could hit her with another potion. Although I no longer have Annabelle, Tyola still brings me that element of bursting into particles...I'm not surprised to hear that Piper isn't really doing too well with Phoebe moving out of the state. I like how Phoebe called Paige the kooky one. I'm glad Paige made mention of how it doesn't matter where they go since she'll orb.

-Pam's scene was interesting. It was cool to see her throw mist into the air to cool herself off. I was laughing at how she thought that the demon was practically crying out loud with no concern with anyone else. It sounds as if she's planning on an adventure and listening to the final advice we got from Keith-do something for yourself.

-Tyola and Diam are dead magic. Very interesting. It's not going to be much of a battle if she doesn't get on move on with killing other demons. I'm going to act like I don't know who the third servant is so it can all be a surprise to me and I can say "Holy Shit" later on. It's FUNNER that way. (If I'm going to play stupid, I may as well say what stupid people say.)

-So Elemental blood is what's beating the crap out of Tyola and Diam. I love the exchange between Piper and Paige. Paige is definitely coming off as a wise sister, which I love to show she's offering more than just jokes and healing. Her advice is enough to convince me to let Phoebe move away. She's right, win or lose, everything is going to change...The Dark Star? I'd blow up the demon (if I was a chick named Piper with powers) and force him out of the house. Also, the Source requests? Kinda scary. Scratch that...definitely scary.

-I knew they were going to go eventually, but 5 minutes later? Would it have hurt to really give it some more thought or look up this Dark Star? I'm with the sisters though, I doubt he'd invite them so he can chuck fireballs and risk life. That's what makes this so interesting. Wow, all those different demons appearing. If I was Paige (or a fictional character for that matter) that large of a variety would be enough to tap into the panic key of orbing and get the hell out of there. I realize that makes me appear as a wuss, but did you see the demons that were hanging out there?...The Source is one scary dude and he has a "mag-ni-lo-quent" voice. That sounds so scary, I dont even want to look it up...I SWEAR I gasped when all the minions conjured their attacks and threw them, no joke, my heart is still kinda pounding. I hope to replicate that feeling into Tyola and Diam are making their move. Figured. I'm assuming it's mainly Tyola at the moment, but maybe Diam has redeemed enough power to fight for himself now and aid his fellow partner. I'm glad to see the Source concerned with this though. Paige definitely got cocky with this whole Dark Star bit as she was definitely running lip with the Source. Immunity is quite the offer he's laid down. Things must be desperate. This is really heartpounding to read btw. I wish this was strictly Charmed universe with characters like Henry and Coop as this would be my all time Charmed favorite story though I can't seem to think of anything that would top this. Still, it'd be perfect as this would seem like a final season to Charmed with a perfect ending. Aidan and Brennan bring a lot to the plate, hell, Aidan's blood is the key ingredient, isn't it?..Oh crap...The Charmed Children are still at risk! I'm kinda glad though. It's exciting to think about Melinda, Emma, Wyatt, Chris, Lorna, Connor, Faith and Pam fighting side by side...though Pam is a lil more of a loner, she'll be forced to have to play nice with the twins. This concludes my longest review paragraph.

-I have faith in Pam that can she can on the challenge of the Source. It may be one hell of a battle and she'll require Emma and Mel for that whole Power of Three vanquish, but still. This chick has been through a lot and I'm basing this on one story of three...I was laughing at how Brennan said that Aidan was too scared to go into the attic...what the hell is Piper trying to hide in the mail?

-Leo got an 'A'! It was expected that he would succeed in his work, but still. Kudos to the Elder.

-Holy crap. Tyola "pushed the self-destruct button". I loved how Piper called it cheating. Wow though. What the hell happened? Was the light the Hollow?

-So as long as these demons, angels and beings chant the spell, the Hollow will remain bound? If so, what's going to shut them up so it can be released? Then again, how did the Source release it then in S4? Did I miss something in this rulebook? A stipulation or something? Hmm...the girls are going to release the souls themselves. How noble and probably foolish. If only they knew they were just conversing with the enemy...oh yeah, I don't know that yet.

-I instantly recognized that Piper was living this day as if it was her last and I'm glad Leo caught on as well. I wonder what it is he wants to do.

-WOW. You already know my reaction to Lilian. Holy shit. Wow. To guess something like that? Fan Fic Lotto! Also, cool that Leo was the one that put in the good word for Cole...I love how Leo is informing Lillian of Piper. Really touching.

-Brennan's scene with Adam was kick ass. I'm glad I enjoyed since it's been a while since I watched Mutant X and Brennan hasnt been my favorite of characters. It's nice to see that Adam got a fitting and magical ending. My only problem was I was a little iffy about Magic School being brought to that cave. Did I read right? Or is it that Magic School is being replaced to look like the cave?

-The Satus kids are back! Those kids are aggressive. I love how one spirit speaks through both...Aidan definitely showed how daring he can be under these circumstances. Fantastic scene! I wonder what the power is. It's also kick ass to hear that he denounced his crown so he can just be an elemental. I wasn't aware that his Atlantian side was such conflict before.

-Pam's scene was kickass as well. Im glad she finally restored that place to the beauty it once was. Too bad Arc wasn't restored as well. (Rest in Pieces: Arc) I wonder what Pam meant by her grandmother's offer...Pam was meeting Andy's rather large family. I prefer the first scene over the second though.

-Wow, Piper sure cooked a lot. She should bring some of that food over to Thyme. The good china? Leave it to Pam to call her out on it despite everyone begging for her to let it go...Wow, I felt like Piper was going to punch Pam after the chair was knocked into the dresser and the chocolate poured over. I couldn't even find that comical as the scene was so intense. I feel bad for Pam, but Piper's aggression got the best of her. I'm not surprised they both split ways after that outcome. Pam's eye could've been taken out! And what the hell did the Satus put in Aidan?

-The scene in the kitchen was intense. I didnt even stop to comment anything for once I had to read it through. I must say: I could've done without Paige's tension breaking humor for once. I liked the scene that consisted of Phoebe and Leo reminding Piper of who she is. This is going to be one hell of a battle! I'm glad Piper's up for it now.

A long, but fantastic chapter. One of my favorites. It took a few hours to read with my msn delays, but it was a read that definitely assisted insomnia.

As always, brilliant writing, Ross.

Favorite Quotes-

“Oh, come on. We both know Piper would have had the same reaction if you had given her thirty years to prepare, or if the Source himself had told her.”

(lol nice one, Paige-Ross)


“Alright!” Paige suddenly boomed, flying off the sofa and towards the potion table, “I want you guys to always be at least five feet away from this table. If I make one mistake, I could blow the house up.” She said, beginning to carefully measure out ingredients at an obsessive level.”

Phoebe raised an eyebrow, “If the whole house blows up, how will standing back a few feet help?”

Paige let out a hollow laugh before it ended with a smirk, “It’s the difference between possibly getting killed, and definitely getting vaporized.”

(Lmao. I was going to ask the same thing, but the psychic there beat me to it. Maybe she foresaw that I was going to comment and decided she would save me the time of giving you bad criticism...don't you just hate my useless babble on making a fictional character real?)


“So… it all ends tomorrow, no matter what the outcome.” Pamela said solemnly, finally breaking the silence. She earned a slow nod from Piper at her statement, causing her to roll her eyes, “Figures it would clash with my time of the month.” Six pairs of eyes were suddenly on her, all wide and incredulous, “Oh yeah, because that’s the most horrifying thing here!”



“My family’s in danger. You’re damn right I dare.”

(A powerful line from Aidan.)


“I’m not talking about the soup!” Pamela snapped, her eyes blazing, “I’m talking about you sitting us down for this… twisted Last Supper-esque meal. It’s like you’ve given up before you’ve even slung a punch. What is the matter with you? The fate of the world is in your hands tomorrow, and instead of preparing those hands for that burden, they spent the entire afternoon up a chicken’s ass!”

(Damn, b!tch. Teensy bit harsh.)


“Let’s get to work!”

(I love it because it sets the tone for the next episode.)
Phoenixed chapter 38 . 10/13/2007
-Whoa, as soon as I saw Dan I was like "WTH". Im liking the path this episode is taking already. Why Katie though? Any significant connection?

-Okay, Im loving Pampered Phoebe. This is the definition of a rich b!tch. Im glad to see Jason's old face out of the way.

-Paige with Glen became expected. So far no magic. Im guessing that's what these normal lives are centered around.

-Okay, the key words "hopes" and "dreams" were italicized for more than just the reason of Pam pointing out something. Did they use the Angel's Whisper to send the girls into these fantasty worlds of no magic?

-So Tyola and Diam's plan is pretty much like, "Brain Drain".

-LOL as soon as Phoebe said, "Grease Monkey" I caught onto what was getting on...maybe whenever Diam takes a break, they become reunited with their actual lovers, just under different circumstances.

-The scene with Prue and Patty was cool. It's funny how Piper was tricked into confessing the spell. One down...two to the scene where Piper crashes into the empty attic, she says she doesn't hear past the word "bitch" from Prue about Grams, but then her thoughts carry on to thinking of Grams as a hotshot lawyer, which is something Prue said after "bitch"...Piper punched Fake Prue, lol!

-Pamela...Pammy...Pam...there's no way in hell I expected her to let the demon live.

-I love the paragraph that mentioned what the real Piper did and what the suburban housewife never experienced. Really well written.

-Um, Phoebe can hardly blame Prue for her accusation's having an affair right now! What a stupid b!tch...Piper slapped her. I like to think that Piper slapped her to support what I said...Im a lil shocked Chandra (I hate the name btw) didnt see Brennan.

-That cliched bastard Diam beat me to it..."Two to go." Dun Dun Dun!

-LOL they blamed the text message on a chain letter. The fact that it was coming in through a text was just extremely creative...and Im lost as to what the hell Piper and Phoebe are planning.

-Im picturing Pam giving Aidan slight gentle taps on the face and just swinging her arm back and giving him a smack that could produce a red handprint, lol.

-Whoo hoo, they're out of the dream world!

Great chapter. You're right, it didn't influence my idea so much...(wow, off-topic)...but it was fantastic. Nice to see what could've been.


Favorite Quotes:

“Well, I should hope so. I don’t wanna think of this being my real life. And if it is… Well, I’d rather go back to the dream, wouldn’t you?”

From Phoebe...(it wasn't funny, just brilliant.)


P.S: Nice author's note. Mine's is blue though. Is your's purple?
Phoenixed chapter 37 . 10/13/2007
-Nice spell, I hope to see it finished. I wonder what the hell the demon...evil...enemy is.

-Hmm. If I remember correctly, her and Brennan move into the house, which is why Paige and Piper grew so close.

-Adam, Eve, Eden, lol. Too funny. Why the hell are the first two Whitelighters there?

-Wow, Im so glad the whole storyline with the Angels Whisper wasn't forgotten. The AoDeath is being brought into this! Im a lil shocked considering his neutrality, but Im willing to retract my claws at fighting it considering Diam and Tyola cheated the system. I love his "Sorry for your loss" line though.

-Paige is right. It is wierd that spirits are orbing people. Fascinating, but wierd...Never in one moment did I think Cole would appear in this fic. Wow.

-I never know what Pam Im going to get. Either the b!tch or the Pam that's willing to play nice. It's always a fun, but logical surprise...Pam was pretty much throwing a fit and she seemed to give in a little too easily. Read it over to see what I'm talking about.

-Cole's a Charon! Oh crap, that's so cool...Should Piper really be cursing in the afterlife? Kinda inappropriate...Cole actually did help Phoebe whether she realizes it or not. That can be confirmed with his forced, "Thank you."

-Oh man, what the hell is Pam up to now? What spell was that?

-I love your work, you know it by now, but I'm SO impressed with how Adam (shout out to the name!) explained their goddess roles. Mind blowing!

-Oh crap. They got the Angel's Whisper. Um..not good.

-Pam's "Prue Stamp" is showing once again with her summoning the Angel of, he sure told her. Though he may not bring the innocent back, "Ask Death" does have wise words.

-Cole's blessing. Shockingly, it mattered. Will she tell Brennan about the kiss? Back to reading...Guess not. But she has plans to write a book at least!

Favorite Storyline: The Afterlife without a doubt.

Great chapter, as always!
Phoenixed chapter 36 . 10/13/2007
-I like where this story is going. How did Pam get that busted lip?

-Practical Magic was a fantastic movie and all, but pulling your hair out? Pam's heart must've been on seeing that movie.

-I love the confession of Pam about witchcraft, but her way around it was best. That way she can blame the Witch Hunter and Im really interested about learning her plan of what "Safety in numbers."

-Lmao at Billie being shot by a bullet that could possibly give her NO way of revival.

-Wow, the "Scene of the crime" spell was absolutely kick ass. Definitely one of my favorites as it trailed off as a great rhyme.

-OMG Trent! I never liked him, but at least he gives me something to truly recognize him for besides the screw up brother. Wow. What filth. he the Witch Hunter? This guy is always under a hood. Hmm. It would make sense knowing that he'd be doing her a favor by weakening her powers. Then again I could just be off in my own little world and creating alternate storylines...okay, it said the other two Witch Hunters so maybe Im not completely off...Nice to see what happens to Dean when he goes demonic...I'm right, woo hoo!

-Does anyone in NY see the flying gargoyle? And New Yorkers are supposed to be aware of things...shame.

-Wow, I actually freakin' flinched when Pam's arm cracked.

-ARC! I hate you. Gee, why don't we go back a chapter and you can kill Annabelle too! Pam, that dumb bitch. She just had to bring Arc along and get him killed. I know he would've wanted to help her being the great 'pet' he was, but still. I hope to see his dust spread like ashes over the NY streets. I think he would've liked that.

-Pam avenged Arc's death! ...Go Bridget!

-Hey, Mac...see ya later! Dont come back, b!tch! Pam served her ass and I felt a huge "I'm Prue's daughter" stamp was slapped on her forehead after that. I've always gotten that feeling, but it goes to show that even in a time like this, it wouldn't matter as she had to tie up loose ends. Pam's very strong.

Favorite Storyline: I can't say when Pam killed Trent because that's where Arc died and you know my feelings on that. When she went back in time to view what really happened was my favorite scene.

Great chapter, Ross! Bye bye, NY!
Phoenixed chapter 35 . 10/13/2007
-So Keith finally offered Pam to go with him. I wouldnt mind, but I dont think it's going to fly with Pam.

-At least it was pretty much confirmed that Phoenixes are trapped as well.

-I love the revealing information on Phoenixes, it's all well thought out with the legend and the adamantine create the background for Phoenixes that I can't help but find legit. I wish Annabelle had her own fic. God, I love her. Definitely my favorite OC of any fic. No joke. Even if she dies at the end of this chap, it won't matter to me. As for Patrick, I like their background story...So Cameron is the son. Finally I know who the hell he is.

-This is getting even better. Now the family are prey to the


-Nice spell from Brennan and how even magic can wither over time...Nice information about the Source and the athamae. Who the hell was the guy that shot the energy ball?

-Yay, Leo turned his back to Odin, lifted his shirt and showed his backbone! Whoo hoo, go Leo! Mind you, he quickly dropped his shirt, but it was still worthy enough for a comment.

-Wow. So someone screwed with Annabelle and Patrick's mind. Im glad Phoebe is going to fix it...SARAH! Holy crap. I knew there was something more to Sarah being a psychic Phoenix, but it wasnt until Piper walked in with Pam's info that I figured out it was her.

-Please, dont go and get yourself killed, Annabelle! Oh man. This is getting even better. So that kid all along was Cameron. Wow.

-Wow, you're brilliant. I love this dilemma that if Annabelle kills her, than a new shield would rise until Annabelle died! This! So now the question is who would care enough to die. The Charmed Ones said they had a spell to vanquish a Phoenix High Priest and I assume that would work for her as well, but wouldn't they have to be killed then? I must read on. This will be a pleasant surprise...Kick ass spell and a pleasant surprise for Annabelle. It's nice to know that she got a great ending with her family and running the coven!

-Pam sure does have a lot on her plate, but screw Keith, she has responsibilities as a witch and she's aware of them and embracing it.

Fantastic chapter. Pure brilliance to cut it short.

Favorite Storyline: Everything that had to do with Annabelle!

Great writing!

P.S: Im going to miss Annabelle a great deal!

Favorite Quotes-

“Phoebe, lemme ask you something,” Paige turned on her older sister, who was currently groping every object in the room to trigger a premonition, “Has this spell ever unlocked any door?”

(LOL I expected a joke as a reply to the failure of the spell.)


“Wait a minute, oracles only need one ball, why did you say the plural?” Paige asked, her eyes narrowing when a few chuckles escaped from both men. “Oh, I see.” She said with a sigh, “Testicle jokes! What, did you guys lose about thirty years worth of maturity on the way up here?”

(LOL, Paige is on a roll!)
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