Reviews for Coming Home
Tom chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Hey Great story. I liek how you set it up while tommy is stil a ranger the first time. should have soem great scenes with kat dealing with what she did. Keep Going.
Luna23 chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Hmm, I'm a Tommy and Kim shipper all the way. It's all I write. I liked your story until you tried the whole Kat Bashing thing.

See, my whole thing is, Kat is not evil, and she is too good of a friend to try and steal Tommy away from Kim (minus the whole her as PC thingy and under Rita's spell)

I am a bit disapointed at where this is going, because it was pretty good at first, I think your grammar and plot is great, UNTIL the whole "I think Kat did it."

Please, don't make Kat a bad person, because she really isn't. She'd be upset that Kim came back, but accept it.

Don't do the whole kat bashing because you won't make a whole lot of fans.

(* Luna
jean chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
please write more soon
What the frack chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Oh joy... I go from one Kat-bashing fic to yet another. Your first reviewer has pretty much said it all, although in more strident terms than I normally do.

Really, think this thing through... One, your story does NOT fit show canon. Two, your characters do NOT fit show canon. Three - what does character bashing ever accomplish? Character bashing NEVER makes for good writing, nor is it ever a showcase for creativity.

The only points I can give you are that you do at least seem to have a grasp on the basic mechanics of writing, which puts you one up on a lot of other authors here. What you need to learn now is the art of storytelling.

The very first thing that is involved in good storytelling is to NOT bash characters. Try again without the Kat hate.
forevercrane chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Great story so far...of course you should continue...UPDATE SOON IF YOU DECIDE TO!
Fan of Common Sense chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
You mean, Tommy, in his Deep and True Love For Kim, never once looked at the postmark in all this time? I call Kat-bashing idiot who can't come up with something actually INTERESTING to write a story about, so resorts to the same old shitty, worn out cliches.

Kat NEVER tried to get Tommy to ask her out. She tried to get him to go out with OTHER PEOPLE, and he asked her out BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. Kat is a damned POWER RANGER, a good person, who only ever hurt ANYONE because she was UNDER A FUCKING SPELL, just like your precious White Knight Tommy was! There was not ONE SINGLE MOMENT she ever hurt ANYONE of her OWN FREE WILL!

So, you want Kim and Tommy back together. Fine, whatever floats your boat. But if the only way you think you can do it is to trash one of their BEST FRIENDS, you have a serious problem. You're showing that you have no creativity, no ability to actually characterize, and the characters are jumping to conclusions. So Kat likes Tommy. Why does that automatically mean she sent the letter? You mean the Machine Empire, Rita, or Zedd couldn't have done it, and be FRAMING one of their best friends? Or someone else from Angel Grove, who wanted Tommy for herself?

It's been nine years. Try to put in some BRAIN CELLS!
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